Pointillism: DIY Edition

“The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul.” — Wassily Kandinsky.

If you are the type of person who considers learning a must in life, then you will love to always include new arts and crafts techniques to your list. As an illustrator and designer myself, I am always looking forward to learn new things, especially if the technique will add more value to my artwork. When I was studying I learned many things, and with the years I have been able to experiment with color palettes, tools, textures, mixing different techniques; but if there is one that I connected with from the start, that has to be pointillism (or dotwork). It is been one of the reasons why I have been able to find focus in my life easier, the time I spend with markers and a piece of paper in which I create a piece dot-by-dot has allowed me to unlock levels of patience, but mostly of inner peace. I share this as I have heard countless times, “I do not know how you are able to do that, I begin to commas after the second or third dot.” Which to me is funny, of course. I do also understand why people say that, pointillism is not an easy technique –unless you truly put yourself into doing it, and connect with it. As any other artistic movement, pointillism has its history, and with it artists that were known for their art work pieces.

“Originating with Impressionist masters, pointillism relies on using tiny dots of varying colors to create depth in a work of art. By doing so, the artist is able to create incredibly subtle variations in color that would have appeared otherwise clumsy. Especially popular during the 19th century, the style is considered part of the Post-Impressionist period, a movement that continued many of the ideals of Impressionism – namely the ability of the artist to place what appears in the mind’s eye on canvas for the viewer. Such an emphasis on color comes at a substantial cost in terms of shape and movement. Only a handful of works were able to avoid the appearance of stiltedness, and practically every Pointillist work looks posed, unlike many of the earlier Impressionist works, which seem to capture a moment of life untamed.” – Study.com (source of simplified definition).

Back in the day, pointillism was mostly done with paint and a brush; today we can create pointillism with markers as well. When I learned the technique, I used fine point markers of different sizes. However, I would like to mention, one of the most famous artwork pieces done in pointillism was created by French artist Georges Seurat. It is called, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grande Jatte.” It is by far, the most used example when talking about pointillism. You can appreciate his piece below.

I have honestly never tried to do pointillism using paint and brushes, but it is on my list of things to do and try. I know, you may wonder why am I doing this -Do It Yourself- post then, and I will tell you now. As I mentioned before, when I learned this technique, I was taught how to use different fine point marker’s sizes; and with time I learned how to do it using only one size of fine point markers. These markers are also known as Fineliners. On this tutorial, I am going to show you the process behind making a piece of pointillism artwork. It will be very simple and I will use black ink only. But before we jump into the step by step, I would like to show you fine point markers and the different tip sizes you can find and therefore use.

DIY: The Dot-by-Dot Moth

Get a piece of paper of your preference (this one is half letter sheet of paper size)

Sketch what you would like to do. In case you don’t know how to draw, you can always put your piece of paper on top of the image -or print it- and put it on top of your paper to create the silhouette. I did a moth for this tutorial.

Begin to add dots, putting more where it should be darker (where there are more shadows)

Keep -patiently- going…

…continue until it takes the shape of how you want it to be as you look at your reference image.

Take a look at it from afar to know where you should be adding more dots, and to determine where you need more detail.

When you have it done, you can add something to create a background for it; it could be done in the same pointillism technique or any other way you may desire, also you can use colors if you want.

Enjoy creating beautiful artwork pieces, dot by dot!

“Everything starts from a dot.” – Wassily Kandinsky.


They Make You Believe You Are Their Slave, When in Reality They Are The Real Slaves

Warning: this post contents words that may [greatly] trigger you.

This might be the millionth time I have said, “It is time to break the programming,” and I sincerely mean it any time I say it. Even when I know, I still have to break free from several things I was brainwashed with since I was a child. And let’s be honest, who has not?! We all have been corrupted, programmed, manipulated, mistreated, humiliated, misled, brainwashed, and lied to. Our planet is controlled by the energy of evil, and is led by the orders of the devil. Yet, it seems like every day it gets harder for the common crowd to realize this, and even after two years of a (planned) pandemic people have not been able to see through their lies… at least not the majority of the world wide population. But as I have commented at times before, as long as one person is able to wake up per day, there is hope.

Are you ready to dive into an ocean you have been avoiding to swim in?

«In silence, close your eyes, my beloved child. It is time to go back to your inner roots. Yes, the ones you left forgotten and behind so long ago. Because their clock keeps ticking, and as it does, your essence is being stolen; and as the days go by in their calendar, your purity is being taken away. I know, you have been filled by fear, confusion and desperation. You have been trapped in the system web of lies, you have been tied up to their unseen bones that hang from the ceiling at their mansions. I know, you feel tired and often wander at your own steps at home, trying to figure what tomorrow will bring. And you have forgotten about the greatness of the Main Source of Life… which of course is, where every living being comes from. If you are able to seek within yourself now, know that you are not alone. Everything will turn the way it is supposed to be, only if you are willing to step out of the false comfort zone they have placed you to believe you should be in.»

Everyone has been taught to believe and trust the savior, all while they never tell you the real story about this figure who they turned famous. They talk about him, they write about him, they draw him, they paint him, and they use his name that for centuries has been known to be holy. It is truly interesting, how many religions there exist that mention his name, and preach about him; but never tell you the truth about him. How many names does he have? How many ways has he been called? How often do you question all of this? Why are you feeling upset in your stomach as you read this? I know, I have not written his name, but you know who I am talking about. After all this time, I believe this is all about an absurd and disgusting mockery. Their most valuable weapon to make fun of all of us. Dividing us through hundreds of religions, teaching everyone how to raise their hands to point fingers, telling people to yell nonsense to those who do not share their same belief. It has been a never ending cycle, making you think their circle is armored by some force that until now seems to be stronger than us.

To understand their game we need to go back in time.

Prostitution is said to be the oldest profession, but what if I tell you that it is as old as Preaching is? Because they both are practiced since before the man who was crucified was born. Which is very interesting. The board game was made in ancient times; everyone is involuntarily introduced to it, and nobody realizes it. We are forced to be slaves; mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Slowly losing our free will, and we may say, “Oh, come on! I am not dumb!” But here we are, trying to put the pieces of a huge puzzle together, seeking for ways to figure all this mess out. And the more we dig into different things we decide to know further about, the more we tend to wonder… what is truth? Some may say, truth is what the book their religion holds says. Is it really the truth? Because then, there are thousands of truths, but yet we do not have full access to the greatest truth.

Maybe we do have access to it, but we have not discovered it yet.

Talking about truth, let’s go farther, shall we? So, why is it that every existing religion claims to hold the truth? They never really tell us the truth, they keep the highest wisdom and righteous knowledge for themselves, because they do not want people to find the truth. How does it sound, funny or upsetting? Because you may be a Christian, or a Muslim, probably a Catholic, or even a Satanist; and you happened to click on this post, and now you feel I am being either disrespectful or judgemental of your beliefs. And if I sound like any of those things, I am not sorry because I am writing this to shake you out of the spell you have been living under. At the end of the day… who owns the truth? Which is the real religion? What is the path to follow? How do you know if what you have been believing in are facts and not made up stories? Is your faith where it should be? Are you willing to save yourself?

Read the last question again.

«Do you remember when you were a child? I know you do, because you go back to memories… but when you do, you never seek for the ones that make you smile. Why do you like to torture yourself with negativity? It is true, you walked a path you probably wished you did not, but today is a new day. You have to believe that everything will change for the better, even if the world you have been part of is falling apart. As you can see, my beloved child, perfection is lost among all the flaws society has pointed out to you. They keep distracting you with all of those lies that are only there to prevent you from evolving to become your truest and most real self. I know you desperately breathe, anxiety whispering in your ears, surrounding you with fake bright hopes you read somewhere between technology and printed pages. You think you are ruined, but the truth is that you are not. Look at your reflection, no one is lost until they accept being defeated by an inexistent enemy.»

Enlighten me, preacher. Enlight me the way people feel enlighten by social media prostitutes. That light you preach about every Saturday or Sunday to your crowd, I want to know how you truly found it. Was it fasting and praying, or was it sacrificing a baby? Tell us the secrets of Babylon, so that we can know whether you are connected to the highest light or the one that pretends to be light. How come you can afford mansions and sports cars, when all you do is preaching at church? What was that accusation the child said pointing at you? Look at us in the eyes, tell us all the truth about what happens behind the veils covering your churches as you all hide behind your gods. Is the god you pray to holy, or is your god as unholy as the thoughts crossing your mind? Where did you leave your heart? Why did you sell your soul? You have made your god everything but the Main Source of Life.

Let’s unknot all the knots done to the string that connect us to the Most High. Because the time to do it is now… you know what people say, tomorrow might be too late.

Drugs, alcohol, sex, money, power and fame. It is all being sold by them, it is all being shown to you daily. You cannot run from it, you cannot hide from them. They are here, they are there, they are everywhere. Corrupting and perverting every and each of us. It is their way of justifying themselves, it is how they have always done it. Twisting everything we see and hear, stealing all the good things to make them bad things. Every single thing they touch turns into ashes and dust. They know how to do it, they have been doing it for years, better said decades, honestly it is more like centuries… well okay, it has been like this for ages. They give to you the cocaine, they hand you the bottle, they send you the pornography; they make you an addict. They enjoy destroying you, they enjoy it as much as they love to sell you the redemption gift. After they break your heart, steal your light, disconnect you from your soul, make you poor; they tell you church is a good option to help you recover from the life you have been living. And there you go, walk into this building which was done the way they wanted it. The shape, the colors, the decor, the smell, the people, the fashion, the fake smiles, the messages… now you think, all of your struggles are suddenly gone. Before you can realize it, you are becoming addicted to church. They did not warn you about it, but you will for sure hear the preacher say, “This is not a religion, this is a lifestyle. A lifestyle for the brave,” more than once. You will believe it and hold that thought very close. You will not see how you are stimulating your brain the same way you used to do it when you were trapped in drugs, alcohol, and deprivation. Clicking the same emotions with different messages. And as much as religion can help people to some point, religion can destroy you as well.

All your hard work and money should be given to your church, because if you do not, you may not be able to have the promised afterlife castle they preached about.

Do you know where your money goes? Do you know what makes them powerful? Do you know how they became famous? It is all part of the same cult, they are like an octopus. Well, more like a kraken, with hundreds of tentacles. We still do not know who the real heads are, because they are like a hydra. They are all serving the same god, and no, it is not the one they try to teach you about. How come you carry the book everywhere you go, holding tight to it, not even questioning which version is the purest one? After all, every religious book has been translated and edited several times. Even though the Bible continues to be the book they want everyone to read and tie themselves to, we really do not know until what point it was manipulated for people to seek for it and take it as the absolute truth. Just see how they calculate each of their moves so that it seems like everything is coming true. Yes, look at how the prophecies are happening… although, those prophecies have been happening for decades. Keeping people attached to the idea of the end of times, the second come of Jesus, the end of mankind and the world.

Constantly trapped in fear.

«The monster in the closet, the monster under the bed. You still think demons follow you anytime your time to sleep is coming, and you cover your face so that you can fall asleep. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and scream. You have been blaming it on the medical prescription your doctor gave you, telling you those pills will make you feel better. One pill for anxiety, one pill for depression, one pill for sleep, one pill for this and one pill for that. Drugged to the bones, thinking that will save you from your own thoughts, believing that will keep you away from all of your fears and the hatred you have not healed. The sound of your heart beating goes louder when you enter the medical trip, but it does not give you the effect you wished for. You ask yourself why you cannot feel any type of bliss. You have asked your friends if the cannabis they sow, grow and consume makes them feel what you feel after the tenth pill. And they have honestly told you more than once, cannabis is the tree of life, and it offers more than what people may think of it; because cannabis is sacred and it has helped them see their real selves… as they have been able to unlock Universal truths religious people are prevented from finding.»

What is the order of control kept to this amazing planet’s population? If I type a list out, will you be able to organize it the way it goes? Let’s see…

Economy, religion, politics, entertainment, social movements, science, technology, among so many other things they use. Anything you name shares one thing in common: dividing the population, setting everyone apart from natural law, dehumanizing human beings, confusing people; and their favorite, destroying us until we reach death. It is a mystery how their plans have been able to survive after all this time. We can say that they know how to use their tools well against each of us, but truly, what gives them power over us? You may think the system is impossible to figure out, and it will never be defeated, but the thought comes from what they have made us believe.

See, today is easier to figure them out. They are starving and so thirsty, very desperate. They are showing their real intentions, and with it their true faces and shapes, the colors they worked so hard to hide are now being shown. I know, I started by pointing religions out, forcing you to question your beliefs. Now, I am taking you here, pointing out some more of their very putrid and twisted agenda, the diary of darkness. That is the answer to questioning the religion you have been practicing and dedicating time for so long. It has always been about them, it has always been about stealing your energy and purest essence, it has always been about breaking your connection to your heart, spirit, and soul… it has always been about dragging you away from the Main Source of Life, the Most High, the Creator and Creation; Father and Mother God, the balance of Light and Love, the Divine and Main Purpose of coming to Earth. They have manipulated us all through religions, establishing their imposters in each to be able to corrupt everything. Because everything they touch turns into darkness. They play with us, as if we were dolls; the simulation that keeps us away from the infinite tree of life. They control everything and everyone, and even when I feel free writing this and you feel free reading it; their poison is watching over us… they fear us finding the truth out. Yes, the most valuable truth, which is the Universal Truth.

My truth is not your truth; your truth is not my truth… our truth is the absolute truth.

«The purity that still lives within you can break the chains they have attached you to. Are you willing to take the step? It is your decision, my beloved child. I give you the instructions, hand you the tools, and if it is needed I can give you weapons too. Only if you are willing to set free, only if you are willing to leave your past where it should be, only if you want to live in peace and harmonious balance. Yes, only if you want to give everything they have given you up. I can only guide you and assist you if you want to save yourself from pain, confusion, depression, sorrow, putrid mindsets, anxiety, insomnia, and all of those things that torment you. You have the final word, and you should be the one willingly taking the step. If today you feel like forgiving and healing, then today we will purify your perfectly created and made self. If in silence you can close your eyes, and listen to my voice… then that means you are aware of your connection with your inner self, and soon with your higher self. Let your tears clean the pores of your face, it is okay to feel this. I know you thought you trusted good beings, but now that you are about to know the Universal Truth, you will feel better about everything and all.»

God and Goddess. Yes, the most amazing and perfect balance. Energies that connect to become One, just like the Highest Source, who is Everlasting. Within you, there is a light so pure and divine, it is what most call heart, but it truly is the connector between you and the Most High Energy that creates each of us. Life, it creates life. Light, it creates through light. Love, it creates full of love. A man for a woman, a woman for a man; that is the plan of natural human law. You need no Holy Prophet to understand that the Enlightenment they have told us they found, we can find inside of us as well. We were made to be Light, we were created to be Love.

«Say it out loud, that you are setting free. Let the common enemy humankind has that you are setting free. No more dark agendas to follow; no more false prophets, no more false empowerment. Nature as whole: plants, trees, flowers, mountains, oceans, sand, animals, human beings; all living in harmony and peace just as Creator and Creation said it to be. No more believing in the darkness, because all the lies you heard kept you in fear, but now you are setting free! Embrace pure, divine, sacred everlasting love; feel it vibrating in your heart beat, sense it spreading all over your majestic being. You are evolving, my beloved child, you are becoming Love. And love is who you are meant to be.»

Know that you need no religion to hold to, because the preachings that you truly need are talking to you within your being. Do not give power to the madness, do not give money to their madness. Humans should not be assaulted, therefore we need to claim our divine power, to come together in respect, to become light and love in unity. Do not continue to fear their inversions, because they are the ones living in hatred and fear. You and I, and everyone, were born to live in love and peace. Do not let them fool you in their games, because in the end, they are the real slaves.

Note: I hope you find light, peace, harmony, balance, love and truth within yourself. As you set free by breaking their programming, you will find out that the Most High lives in you. Love will always hold you, the Creator and Creation will never leave you.


Biden Paid MSM To Push Vaccines That FDA Data Shows Have 1,291 Adverse Effects

From Fox News to Newsmax, mainstream media outlets across America (and the world) are taking a sharp turn away from fear mongering Covid and shilling for vaccines, to pushing rhetoric that could have the world poised for the largest conflict since WWII, and they are doing it to cover up what can only be labeled as crimes against humanity.

What Emerald Robinson is referring to is this article posted by The Blaze detailing via a FOIA request that ‘networks including ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as cable TV news stations Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, legacy media publications including the New York Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, digital media companies like BuzzFeed News and Newsmax, and hundreds of local newspapers and TV stations’, were given a billion dollars in tax payer money to sell you the vaccines for the last year. Now that damaging vaccine data is being released, these outlets are desperate to switch the publics focus onto the next shiny object. In this case, it’s the timely invasion of Russia into the globalist stronghold of Ukraine.

So what’s the damaging information worth plunging the globe into a potential nuclear disaster? To start, there is the list of 1,291 side effects caused by Pfizer’s experimental gene therapy that Joe Biden paid the media the coerce you into taking.

The list of Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine adverse effects include: 

Acute kidney injury, acute flaccid myelitis, anti-sperm antibody positive, brain stem embolism, brain stem thrombosis, cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, cardiac ventricular thrombosis, cardiogenic shock, central nervous system vasculitis, death neonatal, deep vein thrombosis, encephalitis brain stem, encephalitis hemorrhagic, frontal lobe epilepsy, foaming at mouth, epileptic psychosis, facial paralysis, fetal distress syndrome, gastrointestinal amyloidosis, generalized tonic-clonic seizure, Hashimoto’s encephalopathy, hepatic vascular thrombosis, herpes zoster reactivation, immune-mediated hepatitis, interstitial lung disease, jugular vein embolism, juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, liver injury, low birth weight, multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, myocarditis, neonatal seizure, pancreatitis, pneumonia, stillbirth, tachycardia, temporal lobe epilepsy, testicular autoimmunity, thrombotic cerebral infarction, Type 1 diabetes mellitus, venous thrombosis neonatal, and vertebral artery thrombosis among 1,246 other medical conditions following vaccination.

Read the adverse event report, that was prepared in APRIL 2021 and ask yourself why these shots are still being administered in February 2022.

Considering Pfizer’s CEO as well as the CEO of Moderna admit they manufacture synthetic viruses and Covid-19 contains genetic material patented by Moderna in 2016, which was then purposefully or neglectfully released on the people of this world. The same bad actors who created the virus, gave us the ‘cure’ and made billions of dollars in the process, greasing the wheels of politicians and media to push big pharmas narrative the entire time. Covid-19 and the mRNA vaccine response has been a grand experiment carried out on the world by a group of corporate and scientific eugenicists to enrich themselves, progress their synthetic genetic research and scrape off a few million useless eaters at the same time. We the People must stand up and demand that those responsible for the crime of the century are brought to justice.


Is Putin Planning To Expose And Destroy The Biden Family?

Earlier this week Wayne Root made the following post on the social media platform Gettr:

While I have trouble believing that destroying the Biden family is the sole purpose for Russia’s invasion, this tactically makes a lot of sense. Wayne Root has been around for a long time and has presented reliable information in the past, which lends credibility to the accuracy of his sources.

The further implication is that in exposing the Biden crime family’s dirt in Ukraine, he will inevitably expose other politicians with ties to Ukrainian gas companies like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Yes, the people constantly railing against Russian collusion and hacking and disinformation, are the very ones involved in criminal corruption. What an opportunity to show what hypocrites our ‘elected’ officials are.

Since the sitting President’s influence on Ukraine has been going on since at least as long ago as when Obama was in office, his administrations championing of Ukraine and widespread war drumming towards Russia makes perfect sense. And now Joe Biden wants to send your kids to war to conceal the criminal activity he and others committed for years and years.

It’s hard not to think of this angle as more wishful thinking with all the let downs we’ve seen over the last two years, but for whatever reason this feels possible. The big question is: What measures will Biden be willing to take in order to protect himself and the other criminals in Washington.

I oppose violent conflict for the sake of conquest and control, but Russia retaking the birthplace of Slavic culture, digging out the political gangsterism and pushing NATO further from his from front door, makes this feel less like a land grab and more like a cultural reunion and a purge of globalist forces and Western corruption. Obviously, the Russian government has its issues, but planting a stake in heart of a globalist stronghold would earn them some renewed credit in a lot of peoples eyes.

We also have to remember that Vladimir Putin is former KGB and has attended Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum, so his actions may be part of a larger coordination within The Great Reset agenda. On the surface level, Putin seems to largely motivated by national security and economic advantage, rather than transhumanism and corporate enslavement, but I wouldn’t rule out anything. Pitting Biden, Putin and Jinping against each other would create the global disaster and collapse of society required for Schwab, or perhaps an even more nefarious actor, to step in and unite the world under a mark of the beast slave system.


Balanced Empowerment

What is that they have told you? Men are better than women, or women and better than men? Talk to me about it, spit their lies while having your expensive coffee, and do not worry, it was brewed by the hands of the Machine that pulls your strings. It is sad to see, and dramatic to walk through it. Sex wars in the city, sex wars in the suburbs, sex wars at the building, sex wars in the farm. All about that hair salon new shampoo that promises you to help your scalp hydrate, but in reality they are brainwashing. Pay with your credit card, money that has no backup in the bank, more fictional than Batman, and worse than any villain ever portrayed in your favorite shows.

Welcome to the club of false empowerment, where you will lose your soul, where your heart will go bankrupt, where your spirit will not feel anymore.

If you ask me, there are no more gracious creatures than men. Yes, they are full of life and strength. What men have to offer humanity is way beyond what they sell as outstanding. Men who are born with male genitalia between their legs, I have to clarify, just in case. They are the only ones who carry the seed of life within themselves. Created by the hands of God, shaping each and every man with great traits, divine characteristics that can only define them. Their will to overcome hard times, their strength to lift any weights, their knowledge and strategies to solve different issues, their kind hearted ways to help others, their efforts to succeed, their ways of caring for their families, their seed they are able to sow in the woman’s womb, among so many other great things.

Men have been mistreated by the System in so many ways, the fact that they live having to fit expectations to please society. Men are told they cannot be empathetic, and they are also taught to become promiscuous at a very young age. Men are told that, “A real man has many women, and can have a relationship with more than one at once,” and they are also told, “You become a man the day you have sex for the first time,” forcing them to lose their virginity at an early age. Men have to face society showing themselves strong at all times, as if they do not have feelings, and they begin to destroy their inner selves little by little to the point all sexism preached to them become their mindsets. Men are introduced to pornography at an early stage of their lives, because older people think it is normal for a male to be exposed to it, since it is “men’s nature” to be focused in sex. Men are set apart from their spiritual side, being shaped to be a rough person as if spirituality and feelings were bad; they get blocked from developing an open inner vibration connected to the Main Source of Life. Men are choked almost all the time, it has become harder for them to freely breathe. They live in anxiety about what is going to happen next, not knowing if they are doing enough to please society’s expectations, they are always under pressure.

All while men are being sold as evil beings who just exist to continue to oppress women, we truly do not realize how painful it could be to many men to be able to find their voices and stand up for themselves. If a man is physically or sexually abused, the moment he speaks about it, he is mocked by others; making it hard for men to express many things. The saddest part is that usually there is no justice done, because men’s rights are nowhere to be seen in most of life’s situations. This obviously breaks the whole “Equal Rights” narrative, which produces me so much disgust, since women’s rights seem to be way more decorated and dedicated to.

A total lack of balance, and of course, false empowerment lines. Women are not as mocked when they express that they were physically or sexually abused, instead, courts blindly believe them even if it is a lie just to destroy the man who apparently did what she said. Justice is forced greatly, and there are no further investigations over the case. It seems that most people have not realized how the boot of the System oppress men more than they have oppressed women in so many things.

Women have been mistreated by the System in so many ways, so lied to and manipulated too. Women have to please society’s expectations, and they are deep in the oceanic swamp, thirsty for approval. Women are told that, “All men are cheaters, and in order to keep them at home you have to cook for him and do everything for him,” they are also told, “You have to accept anything and everything your man says, never express yourself, just follow his lead,” and nowadays they have been told, “Woman, free yourself, you are beautiful and worthy,” as a message of self-care and self-love, yet the message focuses on sexualizing females. Women are being spiritually mislead, in religions and any other spiritual organization, they are being told the wrong messages about embracing their spiritual side, turning it into a sexual narrative. Sexism speeches are the trending propaganda, and women are falling quickly. Being taught to set apart from men, developing hatred towards the male figure. Women are being exposed to pornography in a way that now you do not know which sex consumes more of it, they are also being pressured to get sex toys, since the message is to stop physical contact, a way to excuse that “women’s nature” is to touch themselves at any time of the day from an early age. This has been becoming what is to be in vogue, the false prophets selling this fashion of being a grown independent woman who has lost all senses of how amazing it is to have a partner, (and men fall into this game as well). Terrible, isn’t it?

If you ask me, there are no more majestic creatures than women. Yes, they are full of light and will. What women have to offer to humanity is way beyond what they sell as wonderful. Women who are born with female genitalia between their legs, just to clarify this as well. Women are the only ones who carry the egg for the seed to be sow inside of their wombs. Created by the hands of God, with great care and kindness, filled with amazing traits, such a divine characteristics that can only define them. Their will to be there during hard times, their support when any weight have to be lifted, their kindness and wisdom to add during the solving of any issue, their compassionate ways to help others, their efforts to become better, their ways of caring for their families, their egg they are able to receive man’s seed in the womb, among so many other great things.

Welcome to the club of real balance, where you will find your soul, where your heart will go brighter, where your spirit will overflow in beautiful feelings.

What is that dream you have been protecting? Peace between men and women, daily equal support between men and women? Talk to me about it, spit your points of view while you drink some ginger infusion, and do not worry, it was carefully boiled in Your kitchen. It is joyful to break free, and romantic to find your life match. Harmony will raise between sexes; in the city, in the suburbs, in the building, in the farm. All that about getting rid from all wrong and dark mindsets, to set free from all the lies that were once put within your being. Let them destroy themselves as they have no more lies to tell you, let them see you finding out real love exists, and understanding that men and women can coexist is balanced peace. This is all about men and women empowering each other, living in everlasting love.

“We need to seek within, to set free, to find Universal truth. Men and women are meant to be One fulfilling energy of light and love.”

*Note: ‘Balanced Empowerment’ design will be available as a printable coloring page soon!*


Quick Guide to Perdition: The System’s Soulless Diary to Destroy Women’s Figure

A rib for a heart, from the ashes just like a phoenix. One of the most outstanding and beautiful creatures on planet Earth. Woman, your traits include divine light and overflowing love, the brightest features come from your soul; rich in mercy and kindness. You are everything and all, from the beginning until the end. Your essence is so pure, your scent so sweet. Beloved creation of God, you have been blessed with spectacular glow.

I write this as a woman myself; a female since the seed was sow in the womb. Born and raised surrounded by sexism messages all over the place. I have heard probably everything, from people related to me to people I never crossed path with again. I never understood why words towards women were always so harsh, but I always knew within me, something was wrong in the way the Machine presents the female figure. How come we have been so dragged into a hole, and instead of fighting it we have complied to it. We are attacked daily, by men, but mostly by women. Yes, women attack women greatly, because the programming flows in different levels, and they have also found ways to divide us. By not being interested in the feminist movement, I have seen how I mistreated, just because I do not agree with the ways the false empowerment is presented to women at all ages. I see no competence in women neither in men, I see no obstacle with anyone of any sex. Yet, I see how I am seen as an issue to different circles of society.

See, this is all about how they use the Quick Guide to Perdition, a diary they once found and turned into their strict agenda to follow. It almost feels as if they are following someone’s steps to pollute people’s souls, and it is disgusting to see how hundreds fall into the trap, not knowing what it will bring to their lives, but surely making them feel somehow safe because they are walking the path of females that are portrayed as awesome. This is madness, and this is not okay. Applauding to all of these things is insane.

I have heard it is men’s fault for not giving enough space for women to freely move and have great job positions, but that is of course part of their plans. The confrontation between men and women is absurd, why would women want to be where men are at? Well, it must be because the programming is too strong, women being told they deserve to be the CEO of the world is opening the wound in society bigger. Women were not actually created to be the boss who gives orders, but since women have been taught to manipulate, they have grown to think they should step over everyone to find a place of fake recognition.

Feminism, a movement being sold as a way to empower women, and that has also being said to teach women about women’s rights; has turned females more promiscuous, lesbians, abortion practicers, and haters, than what it has taught them about self love and self care. It is all so twisted. The hatred women has grown against the masculine figure is stupid, they have been so brainwashed that they forgot that if it was not for a man, their mothers would have never got pregnant; and if it was not because their parents -especially the mother- decided not to abort, they would never be here today. The perfect puppets of every form of media has been pulling the strings of women badly. It is not a joke, and it is a horrible game.

Who are the ones to blame on all of this? Is it really men we should be pointing our fingers at, or is it to our own selves? Because after all this time, I have realized that many things would not be happening if it was not for women complying to it all. Yes, women, you all have been the ones allowing the worst to happen. Should I set some examples on the table? Even if your answer is no, I will do it.

First, women’s right are not really rights. These so-called rights are just excuses to take adventage of men. If a woman gives birth to child, she can easily get a monthly check from the father of the child, the law decides how much she is getting, and that could take more than eighteen years. So, imagine how much a woman does only by receiving a check, this has turned many promiscuous; having children only for that money. Then, we have the women’s health lie about abortion, and women deciding to abort whether the father of the child agrees or not, and they get a cash for it at certain times. Becoming murderers for money. Another case that makes noise in my head is, when women criticize men for cheating, forgetting that a man will not cheat if a woman is not willing to be with him, and in most cases the woman knows that man is in a relationship. So women point the finger at men, and forget about the other woman involved. Funny, right? Here is another example, how media has sold this false empowerment of the female figure. Showing that if they openly present their sexual energy, they are proving how divine they are. Twisting the divine feminine energy honest concept to justify their perverted actions. Also, the hatred to patriarchy, which is stupid since the real meaning of patriarchy and matriarchy is referred to the father and mother figure. The lack of balance in society is so huge that people cannot see beyond what they are told through television.

I am honestly tired of seeing how sexualized the woman figure is, I am disgusted by it. I think it is so gross the way women has allowed the System to turn them into sexual objects. If it was not for women accepting this, men would not be continuing to try to see women as an object of pleasure. But the programming is so deep, that women think being desired by both sexes makes them holier. The way sensual and delicate is no longer there, the way they have turned women into porn stars is ridiculous. The fact that women has allowed all of this is pathetic.

Yes, you can have your own business, but it will only be successful if you understand that you are not a victim and you are not less. You can have your happy life, only if you are willing to accept that you are not a victim and you are not a slave. You can be beautiful and sexy, you do not need to sell yourself cheap posting photos and videos in lingerie or naked. You are much more than what they have told you to be, and men are not the evil they have told you to believe he is.

In silence, you can listen to your heart beat, and within your being you can seek for the answers you need. It is in you, it is in me, it is in everyone; both men and women. Discernment, it was given to each and all of us with the purpose of helping us take decisions and showing us truths, it is what we call the feeling in out gut. You do not need to be approved by a fake society that has been lied to for so long. Men and women were created to be together and become one, each have a place on Earth and it has nothing to do with what they have said. We are supposed to support each other, to be in balance and harmony with one another. No one is superior to the other, and only together we will achieve so much. Women are the compliment of men, and men are the compliment of women.

They took women outside of the house only to break the family union and the real meaning of love. If you know how beautiful it can be to accept and respect one another, then you understand how important it is for a woman and a man to be equals. Women are much more powerful when they see men as their connection to higher energies, and vice versa. Men were brainwashed too against women at certain levels, but the brainwash is stronger in women.

Seek today within yourself, and break free from all the lies you were told. Women and Men are not sexual objects like pornography shows. Women and Men are not enemies of one another. Women and Men are not superior than anyone. Women and Men are not competition. Know that Women and Men ARE amazing creatures, created by the Creator for one another. Find your one, become one, and live love as one.


Drug Addict, Let It Go

Racing at the speed of light, you can hear the sound of gravity hitting hard, the motors glorifying the simulation, feeding with their stimulation. Come here quickly, make noise, it is an uncontrollable party. Crash with all of your cash, collide with the ecstasy of this fast engine in life. Listen to your heartbeat in your head, the drum that matches the heaviest rock song. Playing techno music out loud, the popular lyrics of living life to the extreme, sing along and conquer the risky message. Tomorrow might be already gone, so move, run with the rush of the crowd, float around with the smoke pollution, and do not forget to flow with the poisoned river next to the road. We are going up, highway to nowhere, because if you happen to die tonight… you do not know what awaits you.

It comes at you like an insane desire, sold to you as sanity and liberty. Consuming every bit of your spirit as you consume every crumb thrown to you. Try this, try that, have some more. It is never enough, it will never be enough. Risk your life for the sake of the thousand likes, go viral like the ‘rona; because it is all fake in the end. Twisting your wrists, slicing your dreams, destroying your will, this is all about the reality they have sold you to believe. Vroom, vroom; close the door, push the accelerator, feel the venom filling your lungs. Speeding faster than all the ones who left you once behind, you want more, you want to pass through them and prove you are cooler than them all. Collecting faces, embracing strangers touch, sleeping with everyone and probably all. It is all about this mad show they have told you is good. They promised you fame, so it is okay.

Creating content for the lost, because you are already lost. Money, money to your account, followers and likes, dance naked in front of your webcam. Social media platforms, prostituting for some new pair of shoes. Line after line, traveling from your nostrils until your brain goes boom, beating louder than your heart. L to S, S to D, it is all about the party going on in the living room of your new house. The crib where everyone grinds, standing there, sitting next to them, laying in your neighbor’s bed. Swinging, strangers, addicted to the monster now living inside of yourself. Corruption, they are way older than you, but you lied to your body saying it feels good. Pedo, excuse me, Pedro, how many kilograms did you bring? King of Narco, just like Pablo, pouring pills like it ain’t a big deal. Boys and girls, they all come to you, thinking this makes them so cool.

Countertop, check the kitchen, all the bills above. How much money did you make this week? Is it enough to get you the living you deserve, or are you too busy becoming someone else? Allowing them to destroy nature, you thought it was nice to receive a check in the building of death. Abortion after abortion, it does not causes you any type of emotion. Addicted to work, alcohol is not even enough anymore. Absolutely absorbed by the mob, crowds of people as lost as you are. No clue of where you are going, but they said it is the way to be. Spent so many years receiving education by perverted people. The crossdressed professor, the drag queen story teller, the pedophile principal, the mature gym teacher, the one teacher who grabbed your butt while looking at your breasts, the teacher who squeezed your nuts; and all the classmates who opened the doors to perverting you too. Leave alone the story of how you graduated college, your parents will never be ready to know you slept with many. Do not tell mom and dad how you got promoted at work, they already saw your knees. Today we are going to see how much they turned you to be like if you were in one television show or movie they have presented to you; but this is so real, you do not know when you became so attached to their films.

How many braincells do you have left? After all the brainwash you have been consuming. Dopamine levels that fade away so quickly, moving faster than adrenaline, and the serotonin crawling heavily. Your lungs filled with dust, pain, ashes and illnesses you are yet to know. MK like MJ, poor Michael knew how Ultra stole his being, but it was too late to rescue himself… Are you going to wait until is too late for you as well? All this main points of attraction, mainstream media, boutiques of sorrow, lustful distractions. Manipulated like a rag doll, pulling your strings like a hopeless puppet. Fly, mornach, spread your wings and fly, unless you are too stuck in the state of mind. Purring, kitten programmed, the furless submitted to the commander. Do you like going fast, traveling in the yacht that you do not know if will ever go back? Elderly, but too deep into consuming the magic pill, poles in the middle of the room, if you dance on him, he will pay you more.

Furious, euphoria, screaming so loud and breathing so hard. Tomorrow you will not remember about today, you do not know what the future has in store. Lifestyle of the rich, the famous, the elitist, the twisted, the perverted. You said all in at the poker game, but your hand was too far and away. Be afraid, the cartel knows where you stay. Planning a romantic end, Titanic storyline in the palm of your hand. Romeo, Romeo! Where have you left your head? Traps, trapped in a spider web, black widows gossiping about the feast they are going to have later today. Lions stomachs are empty, the System took their food away so they could obey at the zoo in the heart of the city. The story says that if you are not afraid and you trust God, the lions will not open their mouths… but at this point, I do not think the Gods will hear your prayers.

Bottles broken on the floor, minors running naked in the garden trying to set free. Can you believe it? Just as they movie they showed you on the streaming application, what a coincidence! This is like a movie, isn’t it? Virgins are not longer trending, sell yourself cheap, let the line in through your nostrils, put that acid on your tongue, smoke the cigarette and hold the cocktail with your other hand, record yourself and post the video, share the photos and become viral. Go for it, do it now, extreme and tell yourself about how righteous you feel to be. May your grandma pray for you, may the priest feel for you, may the pastor shout out a word, may the nun sacrifice the dove for you, and all the satanists may rejoice at your loss.

Nine-one-one, emergency, the towers falling down. That was so long ago, you do not recall, but the ambulance is coming, do not worry. Rehab, baby, rehabilitation center, trying to help you survive. Cleaning you will take longer than the moon meeting the sun in our planet’s sky. Drugged from the moment you came out of the womb. Poisoned to the bones, your heart drops a different beat, the rhythm of evil, come and check this out… your vital organs dying slowly to the dance of devil’s songs. Oh my dear, breathe again, fight once more. Survive, become a warrior, or is it already too late?

This is their agenda, this has always been their plan. A brave new world, an animal farm, a nineteen eighty four, a never ending war. Battlefields are always built right in front of us. The chasm never closes. If you are courageous, you will break the programming and set free before is too late. Suicidal thoughts may come at you, but the force of light with be stronger. Within you lives and vibrates the highest frequency, open yourself to embrace it. Love is greater than any mindsets ever constructed in your being. Take it as a healing weapon, take it as the only weapon to defeat them. Love will always conquer it all.

Love is not what they have said to be, love is much more and it is our essence of life.


Swing to Hit the Ball

The weather changes quickly mixing all of the seasons, like an undesirable cocktail. Closing the ninth inning; you are on the mound and ready to hit, the bases are loaded, two outs have been called. The sun’s rays are pointing straight to your eyes, rain drops turn into hail, and soon hail turns into snow flakes just as they hit the field’s ground. You know, the game depends on you. The pitcher knows how to throw the ball, the trick is in the glove that is now holding the ball in. A hundred five miles per hour, the ball comes fast at you, maybe too fast for you to be able to hit it. All the distraction going on, from the weather to the crowd that surrounds you, and then to the billboards standing in the stadium. What is it going to be now?

Can you feel the pressure? The distractions coming and going, the way the crowds change pace falling quickly into different narratives. The role you play, the character you are. Pressure on top of pressure, yes, you are always under pressure. Look at the genital you have between your legs, your skin color; are you perfect? Look at your ancestors, your heritage; do you have the fault? Look at your orientation, your career; are you being enough? Look at your body shape, your diet; what is it going to be now? All superficial, so materialistic and unrealistic. Barbie dolls meeting Ken dolls, stereotypes have to be filled, because they say there is a slot for everyone, and you should be filling the spot to please everybody.

Television, internet, billboards, flyers, social media platforms, streaming applications, news outlets, radio, music, runaways; the entertainment industry surrounds you with their evil message until the poison you. Where do you draw the line? Double meaning messages, extreme sexism, false female empowerment, false male empowerment, homosexuality, depravation, pornography, transgender agenda, heavy drugs and alcohol, printed unworthy money; the never ending puppet show. How will you fight it? Fake pandemic, lockdowns, face masks, lockdowns, social distance, vaccination, an evil narrative to divide and set the people apart, another page of their agenda. When will it be enough to piss you off? Abortion, human trafficking, organs trafficking, drug trafficking, child abuse, caged minors, pizza and pasta parties, clown show activities; the soulless celebrations. What is going to take for you to speak out loud? Lie after lie, will you ever realize? Propaganda campaigns, politicians slicing society in different languages, so many cuts, how are we going to be brought together once more?

They sell you tempting things all the time, and after you buy their depraved ways, they begin to sell you the solutions for it. Seven deadly sins, what about seven daily dreams? Yes, their promise of pleasure and salvation, both in the same realization. How come? Become greedy for lust and forget about love? That has to be one of their favorite mottos, along with the very famous, “You Only Live Once,” and also the, “Live While You Are Young,” later matched with, “You Only Have This Life, So Life Like There’s No Tomorrow.” And everyone sticks to it, and blindly applaud to it, muted of course, because you have to pretend to be cool so your friends keep labeling you as awesome. It is how the youth has been perverted. As real as it is that we only have this life to live, they are not giving anyone ways to prevent dying too young. Instead, they give you all the tools you may need to kill yourself, and many dream to joint their idols in the ‘Twenty-Seven Club’, why not? How many celebrity legends are in there, right?

Evil laughter, they think they are our masters, they have done and continue to do whatever they can to avoid your awakening and breakthrough. They have made people forget politicians are their employees and not their bosses; just to set an easy example. And here we are today, wondering… How are you going to swing? Are you going to miss the ball, or are you going to hit it, or are you going to become a disgusting swinger? What is it going to be, fellow human being? Are you willing to save yourself from hell? Because as truth as it is that God saves you, if you are not willing to fight and save yourself, you are never going to be safe.

Allow me to advice you something…


Destroy the brainwash, break the programming, set free today, and hit a home run. Because the right and perfect moment is now.


Watch: Ottawa City Officials, Police Label Trucker Convoy As ‘Terrorist Insurrection’

As we could expect city officials in Ottawa have claimed that the capital is “under siege” and that the trucker convoy protesting vaccine mandates constitutes a “nation-wide insurrection”, with one council woman even calling the movement “terrorism.” Where have we heard this inciteful rhetoric before?

As the mayor of Ottawa declared a state of emergency, Ottawa City Council member Diane Deans stated “We are on day eight of this occupation. Our city is under siege.” She added, “What we’re seeing is bigger than just a City of Ottawa problem. This is a nationwide insurrection. This is madness. We need a concrete plan to put an end to this.”

She also declared that the truckers are “terrorising” residents, “torturing them” by honking their horns, and are a “threat to democracy.” As you would imagine with Canadians, the trucker convoy has been one of the most peaceful and impactful protests against the illegal vaccination mandates. The movement reached over 10 million dollars, until GoFundMe froze their acquired assets, effectively stealing all the funds donated by people all over the world.

We commend the trucker convoy for its continued occupation of Ottawa and pray that they can hold fast in the face of what is to come. Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly has already stated that there may not be ‘police solution’ to the peaceful protest. Whether that means a military intervention may be possible or no intervention at all, we can only postulate.

Sloly also stated that local law enforcement was “never intended to deal with a city under siege,” adding that police do not have the resources or the legal authority to disperse the protesters. Deans then questioned if officials are able to declare the protest an ‘unlawful assembly’ and a ‘riot’, so that police can make mass arrests, rather than going after “one criminal charge at a time.”

One of the protest leaders, Benjamin Dichter, noted that those unhappy with the gatherings should persuade Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to scrap COVID-19 mandates. “To anybody who is annoyed, we apologize. Please call Justin Trudeau, his office, and get these mandates lifted, and we’re out of here,” Dichter said at a press conference Sunday.

Watch the full zoom meeting here:


Break the Programming Installed in Your Brain. Replace it with Truth, Love and Freedom

Questioning things about life and how society works, I have come to conclude that we have been so conditioned to normalize certain things; and among those things exists the possibilities that pedophilia could turn out to be more than what we have been taught it to be. This is again, one of my very own thoughts, and a controversial thing to share, that us for sure.

We have learned that pedophilia has been going on for decades, ages, and who knows that if it was even practiced before Jesus came to Earth. But truly, pedophilia has come to be a thing that the Machine has been slowly normalizing. Let’s remember that in some cultures, it is normal for men to pay parents to get married to underaged girls, as young as eight years old; which is very horrible to know and see it continues to happen. And it is incredible how some people justify that act of assault to the mind and heart, and the fact of the physical and sexual abuse; saying it is normal because it is part of that culture. Which is pretty much accepting pedophilia. We also have doctors who say pedophilia cannot be fixed because it’s a mental illness, and well, it is hard for people to let that go… Horrible, isn’t it? But now, let’s be more open about this. Have you ever asked yourself if it is actually okay for an eighteen years old to be dating a twenty-five or more years old? Isn’t it similar to pedophilia? To me, it is.

Yes, I believe that it is an act of abuse to have someone young dating someone who is ten or more years older. Why do I have this way of thinking? It’s simple. I think someone who is older will always take advantage of the youngest of the relationship, the older the worst. There is no way to fit something like this as normal in my brain. The fact that I have heard and seen people talking about being with someone younger because they find it extremely arousing to be with someone who knows little, is just ad depraved as the mindset pedophiles have. And to me, being on legal age does not mean knowing where you are standing at the moment. If it takes us years to find out what we want to do with our lives, and to understand ourselves, imagine knowing who you want to truly date and share you body with. No matter if it’s a man or a woman, when it’s too older than the other person, they know better, especially when they have experimented and experienced more than the youngest.

How the System has normalized this actions is truly disgusting. They show us celebrities who are fifteen or more years older than the partner dating, they sell their relationship as real love, when the truly do not even know what brightful love is. For obvious reasons; becoming a celebrity takes a lot of their natural essence away. So, people grow up thinking this type of relationships are okay, and they teach the youth about sleeping with anyone -not even caring how many years of difference there are between one another. These type of teachings are also what open doors to other depraved things, like giving in into pornographic fantasies and using sex toys, selling themselves through internet’s platforms and many other things. The new generations are being taught terrible things, even worse than what we were exposed to when we were teenagers. It is not as much as drugs and alcohol as it is about selling their most sacred energy, to sleep with someone for one night, and then cash some money at the end of the hour. It’s the newest way to enter prostitution and it’s been sold as something normal.

I was never an extrovert, and I have been told that is why I do not find this kind of behavior normal. But honestly, I think it has absolutely nothing to do with that, I think it is more about me understanding how assault and abuse really work. It comes from me breaking free from the so called cultural and social mindsets in which we are pushed to accept things are clearly not normal. As we all know, the System always finds the way to make their twisted and putrid things a to-do trend.

We have been told that when people come to a legal age they are free of choosing whatever they want to do with their lives and bodies; and even when that is true, becoming eighteen does not mean we know anything at all. Truth is, we know too little about life, whether we went through hardships before reaching legal age or not. We can be affected by different things; depending on how we were raised, what we were taught, what we used to see or hear growing up. All of that mixed with the content we were exposed to while going through our childhood and teenage years.

Let’s be total and completely honest, most of us were exposed to bad things such as porno, whether it was soft or not for our eyes, our brains took it differently. And guess what? Porno does not only comes from seeing images or listening to it, it also comes from someone assaulting us. If someone forced a kiss or a touch, if someone forced you to be involved in any type of sexual activity, if someone talked to you about topics like masturbation or intercourse; know that is being assaulted and therefore being exposed to pornography somehow. Sexual abuse usually comes from someone who experienced it; and it can be done through words and actions. This has a lot to do with their horrible programming.

The fact that they have normalized relationships between people who have ten years or more of difference is terrible, that has been their first step to normalize pedophilia. Thinking about it, probably not even at sixteen to twenty you are really consenting having sex with anyone, much of it happening comes from social pressure. Men feel the pressure of being manly through what they have been taught; listening to people saying that, “A real man has sex with many, it is okay if you have sex when you are between fourteen to nineteen, because that makes you a real man.” And that honestly is a lie. Same lies are told to women, when people say things like, “Become empowered, having sex is natural, so it is okay if you begin to have sex after you got your first period. You will turn to be a real woman after you have sex.” It is all so twisted, because sex is supposed to be practiced when you are actually ready for it, not when your hormones are yelling at you. It is supposed to happen when you fall in love deeply, and you know you are ready to be with that person. They have told us that virginity is a social and religious mindset, and that virginity should not be as important. And that is very wrong to say, because the purest you are the better. But as always, social pressure comes to pop-up.

We are living in a world in which women feel empowered and truly proud about watching pornography and masturbating, is not about men being this way anymore. They have turned people to be sexual objects, using each other for a temporal pleasure instead of being patient and wait until either find their love partner who they will spend their lives with. People have turned their backs to real love, to what is natural and beautiful; they have exchanged it to collect people in a journal and experiences they somehow feel proud of later in life. They seem to never regret knowing they wasted so much of their sacred energy, and opened holes in their spiritual selves, just for a moment that they will not have back, just to feel cooler than someone else.

The normalization of relationships between people very young with someone very old has been a depravation they have sold as something good, as something that makes you better, and something to brag about. What is it going to be tomorrow? The normalization of pedophilia by saying it is okay to have a relationship with a minor because well, “Love is love.” I will never accept this, and will never support these actions. I will never say yes to people to become into a relationship with someone who is ten years or more older than the other, because the cracks that can be caused mentally and emotionally could probably be never fixed.

Your inner child must heal, your inner teen must heal, your inner young adult must heal; if you were ever exposed to assault of the mind and the heart, if you were ever exposed to sexual abuse. Because truth is, when someone takes advantage of you, the one who knows more and thinks knows better is going to always be older than you. Whether if there were not so many years of difference between you and that person, they knew what they were doing by breaking a part of you. If we want to fix this world, we need to begin by accepting facts and understanding what is normal and what will never be.

Note: I do know there are relationships that work when people are together and one is older than the other, when there is no poison within either involved, it works. But funny enough, I have never seen a relationship working when one is ten or more years older than the other. So, keep that in mind.

Break free from lies, learn, heal, grow.


Devices vs. Human Contact

Did you know that children get electronic devices when they have not even come out of the womb yet? Parents say it is okay, because that way they have their own device to watch their cartoons and movies. And they get them smartphones at a very young age. Also, did you know that there are parents who get sex toys for their children starting by the age of seven? They use as an excuse that girls begin to masturbate at a young age, and it is better if they do it with a toy. There are doctors who back this action up, by saying that it is okay, as long as children are taught about hygiene and how to properly use the toy. Interesting, right?

Well, I did a quick research before writing this post, and the more I read articles, the wider my eyes got and my concern about the youth grew bigger as well. I did not checked more than five articles, and I did not even finished reading the last one because I felt like throwing up. My heart felt hurt, and my mind could not take it anymore. It is terrible how these things are being sold as normal and totally okay, and how these things are becoming a good thing. I am sad to see how are parents nowadays, and also concerned about future generations.

The craziness above the craziness, the selfishness on top of more selfishness, the misinformation misleading parents is beyond the borders of this planet where we live. Technology is eating people alive; and it will continue to have a feast if we keep allowing madness to run the show. I have known for so long that parents get smartphones and tablets for their children to watch different types of content that is labeled as safe for children, while we know the deep meaning behind the messages they sell to the newest generations. Although, it used to be more subliminal decades ago, now they just simply show the horrifying images and sounds to brainwash our children. However, what is even more concerning is how parents allow their children to own a sex toy. I am truly shocked about it, and to many it may seem normal and okay, or even as an old new; but to me this will never be normal nor okay, and I don’t care for how long it’s been happening. Just knowing that it happens terrifies me.

When I wrote the title I thought of doing a little bit of research, it never crossed my mind what I found. I just thought, “Devices vs. Human Contact,” was a good title to represent talking about how sex toys have been taking over humans being together. Because everyday it gets more and more pushed to the youth; both women and men, to own a sex toy, because it is supposed to give more pleasure. It’s been also been sold as a great thing to add during intercourse between a loving couple. They obviously think a man and a woman are not good enough to give each other pure pleasure through their divine connection in blissful harmony. And that of course comes from all the pornography they have sold for decades, and also all those messages sold in television shows and movies. You know, more of the same putrid things they offer us as chocolate chip cookies.

You may wonder why I am so against sex toys, and truth is: I have always thought of them as a disgusting waste of materials. To me sex toys mean; replacing a human figure to feed your ego. Yes, it is all you do by masturbating or using a sex toy. The waste of your sacred energy. They sell it to you as a way to know yourself and find what things you may like or not, but the truth is, those devices only exist to prevent you from having human contact. Why do I believe this? Simple: they tell you it’s promised to have multiple orgasms with it, they tell you it helps you avoid infections or undesired pregnancy, among many other things. Sex toys are more popular than they ever were, and even men are now super into them. Because, why not telling men to use a sex toy instead of being with someone?

They have used the plandemic season as an excuse to sell sex toys, you know lockdowns and all of that. It is ideal to own a sex toy, they have made millions these past years, just as the people selling their content on that “OF” platform. Easy come, easy go. The money, of course. People spend hundreds and even thousands on these things made of different materials, there are even influencers who make reviews about them, (GROSS!). And well, we obviously have all of these minors being exposed to this content. There are celebrities even talking about that stuff, so no wonder why a eleven or twelve year old is asking to own one. Parents do consent to get them the thing, and they later wonder why their children are so desperate to have intercourse, or even why they ger pregnant before turning eighteen.

Again, this is something I have been against to my whole entire life. I will never understand how can people accept a fake thing to give them “pleasure.” It is all about that false empowerment, especially in women. The fake self-love and self-care message. Masturbation is not even something you should be practicing, it is an act that makes you waste your energy, the sacred energy. And no, I am not judging you, I am reminding you that the Source gave you sexual energy in order to share it with one person only for life. You are supposed to be intertwining your energy with your partner, your lover, your spouse; not to be giving it away through an act of selfishness, neither to be using a device in which you wasted your money on.

Human contact is so important, and wish those parents buying tablets, smartphones and sex toys to their children could understand this. I wish parents could teach their children from the heart and not from the superficial things they were taught and grew with. I wish parents could explain to their children why do they feel the need of touching themselves instead of buying them a piece of plastic and a lubricant. And even more, I wish parents asked their children why are they touching, since masturbation at an age of seven to nine years old usually happens after the child has been exposed to assault/abuse. I wish doctors wouldn’t recommend parents to say yes and teach their children about sex toys.

The fact that women say to feel empowered by the fact that they own sex toys and know how to “rock them,” (as I’ve read), is truly disgusting. The fact that men are now also bragging about making use of sex toys is truly disgusting, (and I’m talking about straight males). I honestly don’t know when this became such a great trend to follow, people don’t even hide it anymore, I suppose they feel exquisite about this. I found crazy to read in one of the articles that around 60% of couples bring sex toys to be part of their intercourse, and even now it is somehow normal for women to wear strap-on to be with her male partner. I seriously cannot take that as something “normal,” because that is not normal, and it obviously has to come from consuming too much pornography. I believe all of this madness about sex toys and being so open about it comes from the amount of pornography people has been brainwashed with. I doubt a healthy couple who understands how the act of sex truly works would want to bring sex toys into their intimate session.

True love understands the importance of human contact, a couple involved in the energy of light and real love practices things as Source made it for. The natural ways; skin to skin, love to love. Which is exactly what they want to avoid the beautiful human creation from practicing.

What are we going to teach future generations? Are we going to continue to follow the wrong footsteps? Or are we going to break the pattern of lies and evilness of the Machine? Our children need guidance; they need to be heard and understood, they need to receive love. Children need their parents to be kind and loving, and to help them grow in the light of our Main Source of Life, the Creator, God…

The moment you accept their putrid narratives, is the moment their poison begins to take over your life. Do not let them fool you, and use you as their tool. Instead, become light and love, be courageous and have kindness in you.

Stop this madness before it is too late…


Breaking Point: How the Machine Wants to Prevent Us from Love. Their Plan, Against God’s Plan. Real Everlasting Love vs. One Night Stand

When did we let division and confusion become part of us? How did we let dark mindsets control us? When did we let social pressure manipulate us? Why have we not done something to stop this madness? Have we been so misled that somehow we have accepted the corrupted narrative that takes over our lives? Are we ready to jump out the train to set free as we see it vanishing away? Oh, dear Lord, what do we have to do to take the lead back? Can our ancestors come to offer us a helping hand? Because we are clearly away from where we are supposed to be.

To anyone, growing up always brings thousands of questions, especially when you are developing different things in your body. For example: Males grow facial hair, their voice tone changes, they get hair on their chest, and other things begin to happen more often between their legs. Females see their breasts growing, they get their first period, and other things begin to happen more often between their legs as well. Both share the hair growing in the private parts, and of course, the hormones attack. This hormone attack is clearly fueled by the entertainment industry through music, series and movies; in which we are shown ways to do things. The so-called “PG-13” motions, introductory imagery and sounds that prevent us from growing in a more unique way. It is no secret, they want us all to become crazy to be french kissed, touched, undressed, and hooking up with as many as possible from a young age. So whether you are careful in giving your children home education and values, they are always exposed to things you don’t think they should be practicing.

Let’s face it, most of us met someone back in the day; who was either our age, two years younger or three years older, who knew more than us. They introduced us to things we had no idea about, what could have been? Kissing, or the hot photographs of an adult magazine, a television show we were not allowed to watch at home, the porno movie someone left thrown around in the house, touching your private parts, listening to words you never heard about before, or who knows what else. The thing is, we were exposed to things through someone else, and those people were exposed to it before us as well. Meaning that assault has been passing down through generations, and we should be the ones now to stop this madness.

“Our souls, they want us to set free. Our spirits want to be like the bees, and our hearts want to beat with the trees. Our minds want to shine like tulip’s petals, and of course… Our minds want to be wide like nature. Intertwining beautifully with the one who was chosen to be with you forever and much more. Yes, tangling in harmonious ways, to become one in perfect union with the Main Source of life. Just as it is supposed to be, a song written with the most outstanding poetry, creating a majestic masterpiece. Procreating along with the Creator and Creation, breeding with the purest energy of light, reproducing like an endless symphony of everlasting love.”

For decades, the teaching has been to divide men from women, and that is how they have won so much ground in society. The teachings of being single is better because everyone cheats, or to become a workaholic so that you can get all the expensive things they sell you, giving you easy access to birth control pills while at the same time selling you the idea of getting pregnant to later abort and get some cash -or just to later ask for a monthly check on court by the father of your newborn. The teachings of two are better than one, the group circle who shares this one and later that one, the wear a condom but wait have you tried without it they say to feel better. The teachings of go out to party hard, find someone at the bar, hook up with just anyone, one night stands, the single wild life is better than commiting to just one. See, they want to prevent us from finding our one and only, from being with just one partner forever in harmony and love, from procreating and having a beautiful family. They say that is too old school and even boring, but it is because they have been saying the planet is overpopulated and they want to stop reproduction from happening. That is also why they are pushing the twisted agenda of LGTB and transgenders so badly, but that is another topic. Although, we can totally point out how the continue to push the pedophile lifestyle as if it was good and okay, selling it in weird ways. Like, they say that if an underaged teen consents to have sex with an older person it is okay.

Talking about having sex with older people, even when you are on legal age. Have it ever crossed your mind that someone ten or plus years older will always take advantage of the youngest??? Because it is like that. Even when you are still on your teens or first years of your twenties, someone two or plus years older than you can take advantage of you, easily. That is where dark times happen, and could also bring trauma, a mark in your life that you have to later deal with until you fully heal.

However, this topic has many ways to be approached, mostly because it has many things to be talked about. Now, I am about to point out something in a deep way. Your mind has to be open, and your heart will speak to you wisdom.

Sex is the most sacred action, and only a straight man and a straight woman can fully experience this action in alignment and connection with the highest existing energies. I once read that the energy produced when a couple reach climax in harmony is stronger than a nuclear explosion. Just imagine how spectacular and amazing that is, how human beings were created with such a detail that we can overcome and pass through anything the Machine has done to destroy us. The sacredness that exists in the moment of intercourse is beyond anything we have seen in our lives. How two people who love each other can come together to unite, exchanging their purest energies, giving and receiving in great balance; how two people can tangle and be there, intertwined by heart, spirit, mind, body and soul. The simple fact of love energy exchange naturally effects everything else in the moment, and that is where pleasure actually comes from. It is not only for the obvious reasons, it is more about the love energy that is created between the two involved. How the Creator and the Creation become one within us so that we can become one with the person we love the most. And this action which is filled with divinity and pureness is exactly what they have been against of for so long.

They fear us finding out how connecting with your partner for life is better than all the superficial and material things they sell us. They do not want us to find love, they do not want us to reproduce. They want us to be their slaves. This is what we must fight, because the Main Source of Life want us to be free, to be love and be in love, to spend our lives with the one who was created for us, to reproduce, to have a family, to live in peace and harmony. If you are brave enough, you can take away from your life all the wrong messages and understand it’s been all about them this whole time, because they do not care about you. Unfaithful people exist because of the message that has been told for decades, both men and women are being manipulated to set apart from what is the real plan of life, light and love. We need to be able to set free and to go to where our souls and hearts feel the happiest and more blessed at.

Love is the highest frequency, and that is where we should vibrate always. Find your path home, because someone is waiting for you as much as you have been waiting for that person. The time to break their pattern has come. Find love, and love fearlessly, understand the sacredness of sex, be mindful and soulful, become grateful and you will receive the most outstanding blessings ever. One night stands may be sell as fun, but every night with your one and only is more than fun, and it is a great gift from God. Set free, and become one with your one. There is a wonderful blessing waiting for you.

“I know, the road may not be easy at times, but once you find your one, life becomes brighter. Strength is found in respect and love. Love is where your heart feels like home. Home is where you are with the one who loves you as you love back. Life is about light and love, and you are everlasting, just as your love for lives. Do not be afraid, and set yourself to be with your forever.”

The time to defeat the Evil System is NOW. Stop letting them trying to replace us with fake babies, fake humans. Transhumanism is not a joke, and they are using all of their putrid power to eliminate us so that they can turn society into robot slaves for them. This is our planet, and this is our home. We need to take a stand and stop following their corrupted twisted agenda. Stop spreading your energy everywhere, there is one for one to become a brightful one.

Go against their teachings. Fall in love, get married, have children, and grow.


SHOCKING: Evidence Found That US Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccine.

Greg Reese delivers another enlightening report at banned.video

Perhaps of the most underrated reporters in our time, Greg Reese, of the oft demonized Infowars staff, has released another bombshell video (above). His video explains how former Pfizer Vice President, Dr. Michael Yeadon, discovered through reverse-engineering VAERs data that some batches of the COVID vaccine are far deadlier than others. About 0.5% of the vaccines were found to be “highly toxic”, and result in hospitalization, disabilities, and even death within days or weeks of the injection. However, many of the batches appear to be harmless placebos.

But the data reveals something more disturbing: coordinated deployments of the harmless and toxic batches by Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen to monitor the vaccine’s effects on the public in an experimental setting. This mode of deployment allows governments the ability to direct deadly batches of the vaccine into specific populations — such as red states, you know, the Patriot, Pro-America homeland.

In fact, the VAERs data reveals that red states have seen a much higher number of vaccine deaths per capita than blue states. Researcher Craig Paardekooper, found the reason for this discrepancy is that red states have been delivered double the amount of lethal batches that blue states received. This is nothing short of a Nazi social engineering test carried out by globalist totalitarians to measure the mRNA vaccine’s “maximum tolerated dose” among the populace while simultaneously killing off the Lefts political opposition.

I’m not sure that Biden personally has anything to do with it, he seems pretty far gone, but this is no doubt a coordinated effort by the US Government, Pfizer, Moderna, etc., to research toxicity effects of an experimental therapy in real time on an unknowing population, specifically targeting conservative states. The greatest crime in human history is taking place in the light of day and it’s time for the People to wake up and hold the responsible parties accountable. .5 percent of the Americans who took this shot were given deaths sentences, the rest were either given a less toxic lot, which certainly has created severe side effects, or given nothing but saline solution. Not medicine. Not a vaccine. Crimes against humanity.


Sex Wars in the City

The history of the world has been built around thousands of happenings, that are yet to be proven truth or not, becausr knowing how they have managed information we should recognize how misinformed we have been hundreds of times; especially those who are too lazy to research, digging into different topics. Now, let’s focus our attention on something that no one can deny; and it is the fact that society has been divided through sex for ages, probably even before Jesus even thought of existing. Time after time, we have seen how religions and politics uses this branch of division for their benefit, it is a smart tool, one that its been the weapon of propaganda, and media has a very easy way to push certain campaigns serving to brainwash people of all ages.

Sexism is the tool of the broken, the insecure, the evil and soulless, it is the speech of major division in humans. The false waves of female empowerment, better known as feminism; fighting against the false male empowerment, better known as masculinism. These are nothing more that propaganda and lies, a never ending web of distraction to keep people trapped in the system. Campaigns of women’s rights are horribly mislead as a platform for hate speech, the normalization of misandry; using the silent campaign of men’s rights that have used their hate speech, normalizing misogyny. All of these verbal exchange has brought up waves of violent actions in which both, women and men, are reacting to each other in a negative way. This is a war that is been happening for so many decades, and the battlefield is in your mind and heart. And it has been taken to physical action as well.

Extremes are bad, we have always hear that, and it is very obvious why. Balance is required to be able to conquer things in a harmonious and positive way. By creating this division, they have been able to sell the LGTB agenda, causing confusion in people’s minds, destroying the natural human ways, and also smashing the beautiful idea of the family. I have heard before, that if it was not for the first wave of feminism I would not be able to do many things in my life; and people seem to forget that by allowing women to get jobs the family system cracked. This crack gave women a sense of false empowerment, and nowadays thus crack is even wider and women are more manipulated to step even farther from men. All while, men are being shown ways to become more independent and are also told why would you have children if the hook life is more fun; and this obviously connects to the wrong message being sold to women. It is all about a fake successful life; work to get your clothes, sell yourself to get new shoes, explode your body in a clinic or the gym to get more attention, among many other things. Superficial and materialistic. Interesting how all of these messages being shown through media always takes us back to sex, right? It is a circle, more like a roulette, where you throw a little ball and will do whatever it may fall. Do as they say.

Setting apart from universal truth, cutting the cords with your higher self, breaking up with your inner self, walking a path with no light and no love. It is all about the spider who lives because your energy is being drained every day. Successful people understand the importance of balance, and the beauty of human union. The moment anyone accepts their road to success speech, they are giving up to their most real and purest success. These false empowerments are the reason why men and women keep on fighting instead of unifying. The family unit depends on the union of a straight male and a straight female, and reproduction is being threaten every day, anytime a woman takes a birth control pill, and anytime a man wastes his seed by masturbating. Following the instructions of the false prophets of the media, the gurus who continue to sell wrong messages.

Religions have been fueling this, by mistreating women, and no religion is safe from being pointed on this. Politicians use this as their great weapon, by telling women to step on men giving them big spots in the government. And those are two extreme examples to be given, of the million of examples I could give. Like this one coming up…

The New Age movement, from which people label themselves as spiritual and awake, and many other silly things; have been earning a bigger platform every day on social media and other places. These people continue to preach about divine feminine and divine masculine energies, twisting it by adapting each to feminism and masculinism, excusing their speeches by the very famous soul contracts and also the fact that both should be empowered by… Using the same messages the machine uses. Funny, right?! Let me move further on this. Truth is, divine feminine and divine masculine energies do exist, and guess what? They are energies, let me say it again, energies. You cannot see the energies, but you can totally sense them. These energies have absolutely nothing to do with the way you dress, or how you speak, because they are energies. So if you are a woman and decided to wear lingerie, that has nothing to do with the divine feminine energy, because what you decide to wear is not fully defined by it. Also, if you are a man and decided to go lift heavy weights, that has nothing to do with the divine masculine energy, because what you decide to do with your body is not fully defined by it. Is this being understood? I hope so, because we are about to scale this quickly now.

The Machine, this system that has been fighting for years to control and manipulate us all, are the greatest liars ever existed on planet Earth. These people are totally twisted, crazy, and freaking insane. They have no limit to their plans, and they love a good speech or campaign to keep you handled and trapped. They also are great experts on spiritual topic, which is no surprise, they control churches as they control everything else. So, they have been intelligent enough to grab the divine feminine and divine masculine definitions by using it through the entertainment industry. How fun! They spend millions of money investing in movies, television shows, cartoons, music, among other things to sell you this. Female empowerment has become the trend of going from flirty to sexual in the blink of the eyes, and now women think pornography is okay so let’s watch it… or even “better,” make it. Male empowerment is not behind, it is also the trend of going from flirty to sexual in a second, and obviously men think pornography is a yes, yes… let’s sell this together! Promoting not only sleeping with as many as you can and also going viral if possible, but also sending the message of homosexuality and lesbianism as a to-go thing, because “you have to try everything.” The practices turning as twisted as the ones who pull the strings outside.

Sex Wars have so many sides, so many ways, and so many things. The war against the mind and heart, the war against your soul, the war against your values, the war against self-respect, the war against self-love, the war… Oh, the wars!

People are born into a society full of confusion and disfuctional, and this is fueled more by the second, and it seems to be the brand new fashion. Their plan is to keep everyone single, to make people go crazy, to separate women from men, to end with reproduction, to kill love and the beauty of growing with someone to expand generations and live a life in freedom and peace with nature. They destroy to tell you how not to destroy, the kill to tell you how not to kill, they divide you to prevent you from evolving as our ancestors did.

The truth is females would not exist if there were no males around; just as males would not exist if there were no females around. Women empowerment is absolutely nothing without men; men empowerment is absolutely nothing without women.

Is this war going to continue? Or are we brave enough to recognize our places on Earth? Knowing that no one is superior to anyone. Men are not more and women are not less; women are not more and men are not less. That has always been part of their plan. Truth is right in front of us, and that is the clear need of the family unit where a man and a woman can live and grow together in harmony and love, in balance and peace. That has always been the plan of the Creator, the Main Source of Life, the God is Father and Mother, and we should stick to it. By doing it, we defeat our common enemy. Fall in love fearlessly, marry the love of your life, have children, and success together as one.

Fun fact: their twisted agenda focus a lot on destroying straight people, and the union of a man and a woman. They fear us more than they would ever fear climate change or COVID.

Note: I find important to point out that the act of sex is not bad, what is bad and totally wrong are the ways they have been selling it. They have been giving the terrible message of showing women as if they are empowered by having sex with just anyone, just as they have been showing it on men for a longer time. It is not okay to sell this message, especially to the youth. The act of sex is more than what they have sold it or shown it to be through all the branches of the entertainment industry.


Escaping The Mental Matrix

Every failure, every success, every choice we make, right down to the most mundane, is crafting our experience on this planet and forming our interpretation of reality. This is how two people look at the same situation and perceive it differently, despite inarguable facts. I’ve heard people refer to this phenomenon as being “their truth” or “their reality” which, to me, is a denial of reality and an admission of psychosis.

The majority of individuals on this planet live a reactionary life, something happens and they react to it. This concept seems pretty normal, but it’s not ideal. A better method would be to respond rather than react. The major difference between the two methods being that a response requires forethought and at least some mild calculation, where as a reaction is simply a conditioned or subconscious response that one makes instinctively. I believe this engrained condition stems from our hunter gatherer roots when we needed to make snap decisions in an instant and our only focus was survival.

Another consideration for conditioned responses is learned stereotypes. Stereotypes in general have a negative air surrounding them, but really that’s just a term for how our brains catalogue things due to the amount of information we are constantly absorbing. Our minds use stereotypes to quickly assess and store information so that we are easily able to recall it later. Again, a normal function of the brain, but in this case, one that makes us more comfortable in a high stimulus world.

The modern human mind functions at a higher level than our ancient ancestors, but there has been a concerted effort to return humanity to the former. Depending on your lifestyle, you are likely being bombarded by low vibration stimuli day in and day out. Constant exposure to this stimuli, whether you realize it or not, will eventually skew your perception and alter your minds natural understanding of reality and therefore, your preconditioned responses.

White leftist plebs leading signaling to save the poor helpless black people.

Unfortunately, since the days of Mad Men, the media married marketing and marketing at it’s core is manipulation. You as an individual are lumped into a demographic that’s based on marketing data so that you can be sold one thing or another. The psychological tactics employed are as ancient and simplistic as what Aristotle explained in Ethos, Pathos, Logos, which tells us Ethics, Emotion and Logic are the pressure points for persuasion. Trust me, the modern methods of persuasion would make Aristotle kick off his sandals, hike up his toga and dance a jig.

The hysteria surrounding Covid-19 is a perfect example of utilizing all three of Aristotles approaches of persuasion, with a side order of Edward Bernays and Sidney Gottlieb. The British government admitted they used “military-level” psychological operations against the public to scare people into “doing the right thing”. They call it nudging or some whitewashed term, but it is coercion through behavioral science. It is safe to assume that the same tactics were utilized here in the United States and anyone paying attention can see that hyping up the plandemic was a success, as half of America is double or triple injected, still wearing a mask and still getting sick. Ah, the power of suggestion.

Have you ever been driving a long distance and sort of went on autopilot and allowed your subconscious mind to take over? A lot of people are living their lives in this same manner, unaware that they are simply going through the motions of their programming. Sure, they have normal lives and personal interactions for the most part, but they are trapped in a thought matrix, just like those of us who have awoken are still trapped in the banking matrix.

The way out is a personal process. No amount of information will open a persons mind without their willingness open it and some people grow comfortable in the matrix. Much like the character, Cypher, who betrayed Neo and the other freed humans in the 1999 film, The Matrix, some of us can’t handle the prospect of reality, especially when, on the surface level, it appears so very dark.

For myself, understanding the nature of reality came in stages over a long period of time, but it began with a simple curiosity about life. The more questions I asked, the more I wanted to know and the more I started digging. I always had an interest in the paranormal and unexplainable events that occur around the world, so when I came across material that would be called conspiracy theories, I approached them with interest and skepticism, due to the sheer amount of nonsense evidence surrounding UFO’s, Bigfoot and other would be urban legends. One of the first conspiracies that intrigued me was the JFK assassination and deep diving that blew the facade of history, society and culture to pieces. From then on I questioned everything and I found there were a lot of other people seeking answers and others still, who, in hindsight, had them.

The largest part of reconnecting to your true and higher self, is connecting with God and creation in the most energized way you can. By opening yourself up to the flow of your life plan and actively participating in the animated contest of life, you engage in the next level of awakening. You go beyond recognizing the problem and begin taking part in changing not only your world, but also the world around you. Your power is unimaginable if you only embrace it.


“America’s Food Supply Fertilized With Human Remains And Coated With Nanoparticles” via Alkaline Hydrolysis.

Greg Reese delivers another excellent report via banned.video

Buckle up. They do not have our best interests at heart.

Video via Greg Reese.



Formerly divine.

Now a reusable source of energy.

Metaphysical cattle.

Dissolved with lye.

Dumped into the sewer.

Used as fertilizer in mega farms.

Fed to other humans.


Will we fight back?

Or will we just keep eating ourselves?


Tear the Veil, Breakthrough is Calling

Here comes the storm. Post after post, living for the temporary high dopamine levels, adrenaline of false hopes, a fame that will soon be under the carpet of the living room; roaches follow into it very quick, they love to keep misery company. False feminism empowerment leads to fake pretty much everything. You alter your body with so much anxiety; plastic surgeries for your breasts and also for your butt, some filling on your face and the botox cannot be ignored, eyelashes to the extreme of brushing your eyebrows, and do not forget the hair extensions that will make you look so unique, before changing the topic show your fake nails with pride imitating the look of demon’s claws. How you came to this point of believing this is all about enhancing your beauty? When you gave up to your natural essence long ago, excusing your actions to avoid depression somehow, but after all this time… What would happen if you were not able to post on social media anymore? Who would you be if you never crossed with the brainwash of the machine that has made you believe you are better if you give up to your natural being? Where would you be today if you were not following trends from television shows and fashion magazines? Oh, how much they have destroyed you.

Here comes the pain. Like after like, a slave of the dopamine release, yes you are also part of it. The very false male empowerment of a fitness strange status. Heavy weights lifter, the one who is supposed to look like Hercules, the lost member of the three hundred cast, the same one who thinks stripper looks are healthy and a to-go thing. Walk around the gym, pretending to be building muscles, showing your fake smile off. Media came and smashed your real dreams, you should look more like the photoshopped man of the health magazine cover, a person who lives on steroids and does not even recall what spending time with real friends is like. Go to the internet and present yourself as a healthy and fit role model, instant likes from thousands of women; hundreds falling at your feet offering you sweet nothings… Those are probably the same ones who lifted their breasts in a clinic and then tattooed freckles on their faces. The ones who take photos of their butt cheeks to send to you privately, hoping they get lucky and win a date with the man who fights anxiety daily while lifting many weights. Man of steel, they have shown you to be a comic book character; eight pack and round butt cheeks, just like the peach emoji you are hoping to have later tonight. Because they have told you that is what women like. And so goes on, the brainwash, the anti-depressive antidote the machine has sold to you as they have sold it to your neighbor too. What happened to the child who wanted to save the world from evil and wrongs? Where are your dreams being destroyed at? Have you lost your heart in the run to compete against the one who lifts next to you? Who are you going to be the day the nice looks do not work anymore? Oh, they have been eating you alive.

Here comes the thunder. Follow after follow, “Come to me, come to me!” That is what they say, desperate, a drug that leads to harder drugs. The world wide web, the big tech, the media that replaced social life, the artificial intelligence, the machine that pulls your strings. No matter how many good things you could find through the black entertaining mirror, darkness will always come to vanish it. How can you fight it? You might say, and truth is, the fight never ends… Day after day, you are being attacked by the enemy who opposes truth, light, life and love; the great master of the daily bread: your brain filled with confusion and sometimes it drives you to pain. How easy it has been for the system to divide us instantly, if you do not follow the trend or you do not share the lies mainstream media says; you are not good enough. If you do not want to modify your body shape or fill your body with strange liquids, you are not cool. You are labeled as a weirdo or misfit if you are not spending money in unnecessary things, or if you are not into pornography; you are called an idiot if you are not masturbating in front of a mirror and sending the video out to be seen by millions. How come everyone has fallen into it so easily? What is going on in your brain, besides the dopamine fading away? Since when is mental and emotional assault fine? When did physically and sexually assaulting someone is fun? Why have you let society tell you stealing kisses and touching anyone’s private parts is a sign of love interest? Do you want to eat meat? Then go get a piece in the grocery, instead of forcing someone to be sexually involved with you. It is common sense, it is part of self respect. Your brain has been filled with the famous phrase, “Single and ready to mingle,” so much that you have forgotten the meaning of real love. Friends with benefits movies, no strings attached series, sex mixed messages songs. Sell your body, sell your mind, sell your heart, and soon after run to sell your soul.

Can anyone please open their eyes and see?! They have been turning everyone into monsters, turning each into slaves of a fake physical with spiritual alignment. It is not what they say it is, you are not becoming more who you are supposed to be. You are obsessed with the way you look, superficial and materialistic lifestyle. How much longer your soul have to scream? Why is your spirit feeling in such a need to be set free? Porn stars are everywhere, the youth turning into zombies, energy vampires and the workers of darkness. Technology has told you that is okay, society has told you it is fine, your friends have said it is fun, your family have said it is approved. Deep within, I know you can see how you compare yourself every hour of every day. Who has bigger breasts, whose booty looks best, who has better muscles, who got the best Rolex on the wrist. And what about tomorrow, when you wake up? Are you going to be satisfied to wake up with a couple of females on your bed, will the cigarette you light up with those men taste better? Dating anyone, maybe trying luck, spreading all of your holy energy around, not caring too much; not wearing a condom sounds so tempting and abortion is supposed to be women’s health. They have told you love hurts and forget about it, do not even try it… In the end, it is all a trap; that is what they say. Sending pictures back and forward with everyone, figuring it out who likes what, who deserves the video no one has seen yet, but pay before receiving it, do not forget. Because self care and self love has been sold as cheap as some dollars added in your bank account, while you show your most precious intimate ways to everyone around. It is a cycle of anxious depression living for the moment with certain pressure. New age slavery, the savior is behind the screen sending verses to see if you find something better. But no, you are too deep in the dense energy that flows underground.

Misunderstood, those are the ones who do not care about the trends. Following only what leads to light, posting only what opens the third eye, liking only what obligates self to stay awake and aware. The weirdos, the misfits, the nerds, the stupid ones of the group, the mystical, the sheep who shaved their wool to give it to someone in need, the same who grew sheepdog hair after that, the rebel, the ones with high hopes and bright dreams, those are who become the brave ones. Always the judged and rejected, just because she did not want to get a breasts surgery and he did not want to become muscle buildier. Often seeing fingers pointed at, and guess what? Those are the same ones who grow so wild and unafraid of breaking through to find freedom, the ones who cut the system’s strings and cannot longer be controlled or manipulated.

No more fear, you are ready, take the chance and jump out and away from the misery’s train. It is time to wake up, to reconcile with your most natural essence of light, love and life.

Here comes the one who was once broken, hopeless and lost. Speaking their mind out, sharing their thoughts. Because at the end of the road light meets love, and life becomes meaningful. It is the cycle of wisdom showing truth within silence, understanding knowledge in higher levels. Mindful and soulful, an unstoppable love revolution. From inside out, turning the world upside down. Untie the knots, break the chains, do not compare yourself to anyone else. Social media is a battlefield, and so is the internet. Stand on strong grounds, turn them fertile, sow seeds of all the good that comes from the Main Source of Life, and see how your fruits are the most outstanding blessings you were always dreaming about. Shine your light brighter, fearless and freely, become one with your inner and higher selves. Tell demons to go away. Your time to become who you are really meant to be is… NOW.

And so blessings will fall like pouring rain, holier than ever before. A sense of spectacular divine love overflowing from your own. A feeling of sacredness that is born in your majestic heart. An everlasting experience of freedom, salvation among creation leading to procreation. And so you will recall harmonious peace, and beautiful bliss.


Powerful like Truth, Everlasting as One

Who stands inside of the fire and walks barefoot on a spiked path? No other than someone who is unafraid of facing the demons spinning around like triumphant smokey clouds, until the brave one becomes a fighter, the one who masters light and turns into a fearless warrior. Powerful like truth, righteous like the Gods, and pure like Source. That is the definition of those who stand inside fires and walk on spiked paths; because this being knows that no matter the circumstance, the battle against evil is already won. That who swims the deepest oceans and holds love within will never suffer sorrow nor will experience betrayal once the perfect match comes to merge in the path; to overcome and break free together.

I see you reflecting the most epic light my eye have ever seen, the aurora borealis coming from within your being. Your spiritual light body made out of the strongest wood of the forest, spreading the freshest smell of pine and mint. I sense you evolving into the most powerful version of yourself, the most outstanding feeling my heart has ever caught. You stand still, looking at the great horizon and your eyes mirror the perfection of the sunset, the colors of courage, purity, freedom, power and love. I come to you as I am, and you take my hands never questioning anything, just allowing me into your being.

“Have you ever been in love?” I curiously ask you, to which you reply with a thin smile on your face, “Yes, I have and I am.” I look around trying to find the one you have been in love with and you tenderly put your hand on my face, “She is the most beautiful, powerful and spectacular woman I have ever seen and met in my life. Her light shines so bright, and I wish for her to embrace every part of her.” You look into my eyes, the deepest sacred energy touches my being swimming in my veins, and I wonder what this energy might be. “That is the feeling of love, sweet angel. You are the woman I have been in love with, the one I will always love unconditionally.” You say to me, sweet voice coming from your being, giving me peace and making me feel safe; a feeling I once thought I would never feel, but here I am overflowing with you. “So now, you tell me, have you ever been in love?” You ask me seeing how the sun goes down reflecting on top of the lake waters its last rays of the day. “Me? Well…” I stop for a moment, “Truth is, sweet soul, I have only been in love with one man in this life, and surprisingly to many; he is the same man I have been in love with in other lives,” I reply to you with a smile on my face. “He is the strongest warrior, the kindest King, a man whose heart beats so amazingly, courageous, divine, full of power and the most loving ever.” I put my hand on top of yours holding my face, placing the other on your face, “You are the man I have always been in love with, and the only one I will ever love in this life and all the others to come.” The wind blows softly touching our skins, as the sun says good night and leaves to sleep.

“Can you see the future standing in front of me?” You ask me while you looks into my eyes, light overflowing. I smile at you holding you close to my body, “I can feel the future as I wrap him with my arms as tight as I can. My future is bright, pure, divine, sacred, majestic, caring, protective, loving. He is amazing bliss, powerful like truth, sweet wildness, tender love, treasure and overflowing blessings.” I reply to you kissing your lips softly, and you smile at me with your hands on my hips. “Now, tell me, sweetheart, can you see the future standing in front of me?” I ask you and laugh with you as you brush my hair with your fingers. “My future? I love my future! She is the most amazing woman alive, her pureness and innocence drives me crazy, the way she expresses herself and how she has no fear.” You pause for a moment and kiss my forehead, “She is the kindest and most caring, loving and protective. The strongest warrior, powerful like truth, a shield maiden at heart, everlasting tender love. I see her, wearing the rings I gave her, and using the necklace I put around her neck, and she dances even under the rain showing me how beautiful the sundress fits her.” I smile the biggest smile my face can fit as I listen to you lovingly speaking. “My best friend, my girlfriend, my partner in everything, my ride or die, my light, my woman, my Queen. You are my future, and I love you endlessly.” You kiss my lips so sweet and lovingly, and we dive into each other easily. Knowing that we will always have each other, forever.

“Isn’t our present as magical as the first time we met lives ago?” I ask you, and you quickly reply, “Our present is brighter and even more magical, as in this life we are able to fulfill so much we could not before. And even more amazing, we are tangled in every realm beautifully.” You hold me close to you, and I look up to your face meeting your eyes, locking in divinity. “Our present, at this moment says; we are infinity and majesty, and also that we will never set apart.” You pick me up and wrap my legs around your waist, you hold me and we sense as our energies dance in balance, perfectly drawing lines of light in our frequency. We close our eyes and let our romance overflow in sacred union with the geometry of creation.

You see me reflecting the most epic light your eye have ever seen, the aurora borealis coming from within my being. My spiritual light body made out of the softest stem of the forest, spreading the sweetest smell of cinnamon and honey. You sense me evolving into the most powerful version of myself, the most outstanding feeling your heart has ever caught. I stand still, looking at the great horizon and my eyes mirror the perfection of the starry night, the colors of courage, purity, freedom, power and love. You come to me as You are, and I take your hands never questioning anything, just allowing you into my being.

Only the brave ones, those who hold courage and kindness in their hearts, are able to find their soul match; the heart of their heart, their everything and all. Everlasting as one, just as the symphony plays, the song of a man and a woman, the chorus of colorful melodies, the immense pleasure of sacred and divine love. Just like You and I; brave warriors and strong lovers, always placed to be together, for lifetimes and much more.


Whispers of Procreation, a Poem of Natural Law

At the center of the chest exists the vibration of the highest frequency, the harmonious sound of a peaceful drum, companied by the brightest and purest energy. It dances along with the toroidal light mesh which holds the most vital organ in place, an outstanding rhythm, unique as the palettes of color both Creator and Creation have made special for each creature. Surrounded by the most spectacular witnesses, sparkling drops of the purest light there is among the wide and endless Universe, protected by the wings of special guardians.

The story of the birds and bees that pose and kiss flowers beautifully, along with the story of a man and a woman who hold and kiss amazingly, these make a perfect balance of how nature shows its greatness through different forms of creation. Naturally flowing under the same sun during daylight and under the same moon during night time, spontaneous yet righteous, majestic and divine. Just as natural law is written on Source’s life book; male and female union is the embrace of the sacred movement of light, an action that leads lovers to combine themselves in order to procreate.

Some call it a blessing, and others have called it a curse, but either way it maybe called; it is still the most powerful and incredible that could happen in any lifetime. Songs are yet to be written, about how extraordinary this is always going to be. Sacred and even holy, a trace of symmetrical geometry enhanced by the feeling of extreme bliss.

They come to love each other, burning desire of connecting their light bodies in the physical realm, to proceed to become one flawless light. As they grow closer they get stronger together, they come to understand more about their purpose as whole in life, knowing they will leave a legacy with love any time they decide to consume their fires uniting the streams of their magical fluids. Evaporating any low vibrational energy so that they can conquer fearlessly the goal of natural law through their lives.

Time becomes timeless when they touch their physical beings with complete alignment with their hearts, showing their most real selves through their spirits, and soon intertwining their souls in a total state of blessed bliss and tender love. Experiencing every part of themselves, just as they have been doing it in higher realms. An exquisite intimacy, only known and practiced by them, the elixir of the highest Gods overflowing from each of their pores, covering their skins naturally as they dance to their personal symphony. Delicious taste of freedom and everlasting love, shining from within their beings, a movement of sweet melodies.

That is how marvelous their union is.

Their bodies embrace their natural instincts, a calling of each of their hearts, the delicate desire of human nature. Powering power with their power, fueling love with their love, the noise of thunders filling the whole space while outstanding clouds spin around covering their bare bodies. Joyful lust in the rightful movement of affection, divinity and love. They make an explosion, the greatest light sphere; making thunders go quiet and clouds vanish.

Fertilized fertile seed being planted on fertile soil. His spectacular liquid fills her spectacular hole; they are becoming legends of humanity’s salvation as they reproduce. His seed belongs to her ground, just as her ground belongs to his seed; both so precious, their fertility is their treasure. Created for each other, the most perfect match, made for one another. Finding themselves over and over again, to unite and become one. The offspring of royalty; King and Queen of their incomparable and undeniable kingdom, an extraordinary breed. Adorable and loveable descendants of the most majestic lady and gentleman, blessed by the highest energies of the main Source of Life.

You and I, yes, Me and You. We are the most powerful and blessed, forever One.


Silver Sealing Twenty Twenty-one

Time has a weird work flow, sometimes you feel as it goes faster than a racing car and other times you feel it goes slower than a turtle in the middle of a rush. However it may feel, there is an undeniable truth; we are constantly learning minute by minute. As time goes and we learn, things happen to us and in our environment. How many blessings can you count in three hundred sixty five days?

When we first met our connection was so true, so pure and so real, something many could sense. The feeling of breakthrough, freedom, healing, happiness, kindness, acceptance, patience, respect, unstoppable daydreaming, tickle in the stomach, the body warmth, tingle in other zones of the body, the precious energy around and within; the lust for spiritual freedom and setting hanity free, the stimulation of the consciousness, and obviously the most outstanding unconditional love. Just as dreamed once, just as wanted once. All the brightest and purest feels vibrating together, surrounding each of us. Something some people may have wished we never found, and some people may have worked low frequencies towards for a reason or another; but it is something no one will ever be able to take from us.

As warriors and fighters, as builders and creators, as intellectuals and lovers; we started to defeat evil together once more. Another chance to meet, a new and better chance to love. Renewing the energy of natural human law, putting the message out there for everyone to see, for everyone to wake up. Let’s go back to the ways of our ancestors, living all in harmonious balance and peace, helping one another, and most importantly loving each other. Just as it should be, a man and a woman should come together; to make a life together, have a family with wonderful children, sow seeds of what you can harvest later for you and your neighbor, among so many other wonderful things. And there is truly no one else I would like to work to lift the frequency of light and love on Earth, because You are everything no one else could ever be.

This year revealed more about who we are as human beings, even exposing the division among the people of this planet; we continue to see how the machine wants us to divide and die, but as they work hard on their twisted agenda… We work harder on exposing them and telling people to wake up to the universal truth. We will never rest on doing good, and we will never give up our hopes of seeing humanity setting free from the chains of mental and emotional slavery. Chains that are soon to be broken one by one, as people begin to realize they were created for much more than a nine to five to try to stay alive. We are more than the rainbow movement, and more than the transhumanism plans; we are more than politics, and more than the movement of women trying to step on men. We are more than the pedophilies movement that hides behind a thin veil, and more than the racial division fence. We are more than any of the system’s lies, and we will always be more than any dark entity. We are more, and we are the brave ones who stand up and fight, who speak up their minds and tell truth all the time.

Fears have no place, insecurities are running away, doubts are vanishing, once and forever.

I am posting this as a short open letter, as a message to inspire positively whoever reads it, and a reminder to the man I love more and the most. Thank you for teaching me so much, for reminding me how amazing is to live, and for never giving up on me. My partner in everything, and the warrior I will always go to battles with. I am blessed to have you, and I bless you and the day you were born forever. We will win this battle to help humanity seek for light and love. I love you, always and forever.

If twenty twenty-one taught me something is to love fearlessly and endlessly, to share my thoughts freely, and to never give up on who you love and on the goal of helping others find all the greatness of the Creator and Creation within self and around. Every second is a blessing, be grateful in your heart, and your blessings will beautifully multiply.

Be Bright and Be Blessed, V.


Operation Warp Speed: Trump’s Tainted Legacy

Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Berkshire-Hathaway, Apple, Google, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, to name a few. How are these companies and multi-national conglomerates connected? They all made a fortune after Donald Trump took office in 2016 and many are intricately connected to Operation Warp Speed and the response to Covid-19. Guess who has millions invested in them all? You favorite stable genius, Donald J. Trump.

There is no debate that Trump, who apparently ran this country for a brief period between Barack Obama and Anthony Fauci, holds a hefty stock portfolio. This is often why he always equated the strength of the economy to the strength of the stock market, not conceptualizing that waitresses and dish washers and a lot of other average people, probably aren’t invested in the Fortune 500. They are invested in staying alive and, in many cares, are living paycheck to paycheck. Average people are invested in a small, community economy where patronage often determines livelihoods and Trump destroyed many of those lives with the lockdowns he allowed to happen. In my opinion, that was Trumps first obvious disconnect from reality and the will of the people.

Despite campaigning to take on big business and Wall Street, Trump remained heavily invested in both throughout his time in office, often attacking corporations or individuals verbally, while maintaining investments in their company and even courting them to his cabinet. Famously, Trump called on all of us to boycott Apple after they refused to assist the FBI’s investigation of the Terror Attack that occurred in San Bernardino, CA, in 2016, even though his millions of dollars remained firmly rooted in the Communist Chinese partnered company.

But it’s not all about Trump’s investments, it also about his debts. In 2016, he had amassed multiple nine figure debts owed to both German lender Deutsche Bank and China’s state-controlled Bank of China, which probably explains part of the reason Trump was so standoffish with countries he was obviously in debt to personally. Not because he cared what they were doing to the average American, it feels more likely he was doing it out personal spite after he got hustled by the respective parties. Granted his policies and stance towards China are valid and who didn’t enjoy watching him smugly dismiss Angela Merkel and the other Euro-Fascists during numerous interactions oversees. Very entertaining and moderately effective at producing results, but it’s not Trumps personal affairs or boisterous speeches or even his financial agendas and connections that concern me, it’s Operation Warp Speed.

Trump measures everything in dollars, cents and popularity. He believes Operation Warp Speed; aka the fake vaccines, are successful and good because: A. Initially, a lot of people wanted a vaccine after being terrified by Fauci’s media for a year. B. The vaccine would “open up the country”, which never should have been closed to begin with. C. Now that Trump is out of office, ie. the spotlight, and the news media is pushing vaccines like they were pushing Russiagate, he has clung to Warp Speed like a man floating in the ocean clings to a piece of driftwood so that Orange Man can stay at the center of attention. But in reality, these particular vaccines do MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD and even the CDC admits in VAERS reports that Trumps vaccines killed over 10,000 people in the first year of use and that’s just what they cypher out of the numerous qualifiers for what they call a “fully vaccinated” death. The numbers are far higher, I’m afraid.

We know Trump understands business, marketing and money. We have learned that he does not understand the larger geopolitical structure, tech or pharma. He has often compared Operation Warp Speed to the Manhattan Project, which is a fair comparison because both of them have caused or will cause mass death and long term side effects. So, I can’t help but to try and understand his rationale in continuing to promote the jabs and even boosters now. And then I thought of Trumps love for Big Macs. Why would anyone with any sense have such a love for Big Macs and McDonalds period? Trump sees McDonalds as hugely successful, which it is. He also sees the Big Mac as a great deal, because Big Macs are cheap and, I admit, Big Macs do sort of taste good. Most importantly, the Big Mac has an image. It’s iconic. It’s the original American burger. So Trump loves it, despite the fact that that the consumption of red slime and sodium is neither wise nor healthy. The situation with the vaccines is no different and whether he understands it or not, Donald Trump has performed like a low end stakeholder in the Great Reset and has acted as the catalyst for fast tracking deadly mRNA treatments, which only qualified as a vaccine after the CDC literally REDEFINED the term.

Tinglong Dai, an associate professor of Operations Management and Business Analytics at Johns Hopkins University, said, “Without Operation Warp Speed, there would be no Moderna vaccine”. Why is that significant? Because Moderna, like Facebook, Twitter and numerous other upstarts, has been juiced up by DARPA. Yes, the military industrial complex itself. Gracias, El’ Presidente Trump! Another marvelously ignorant choice or precise calculation, it’s hard to say really. But how does the sausage get made? Surely, there’s a paper trail?

Operation Warp Speed issued billions of dollars’ worth of coronavirus vaccine contracts to companies through a nongovernment intermediary, bypassing the regulatory oversight and transparency of traditional federal contracting mechanisms. Instead of entering into contracts directly with vaccine makers, more than $6 billion in Operation Warp Speed funding has been routed through a defense contract management firm called Advanced Technologies International, Inc.  ATI then awarded contracts to companies working on COVID-19 vaccines. As a result, the contracts between the pharmaceutical companies and ATI will not be available through public records requests, and additional documents are exempt from public disclosure for five years.

Most government contracts are governed by a set of rules called the Federal Acquisition Regulation, or FAR. Recently, the government has been turning to an alternative mechanism, called an Other Transaction Agreement, or OTA. These agreements got their start in the late 1950s, when NASA was created. (See Operation Paperclip) The goal was to “streamline” the contracting process and attract newer, smaller companies and inventors to work with the government that otherwise might not have the resources or willingness to do so. In other words, groups like DARPA invest heavily in small firms or companies, fund their research and expand their reach until they inevitably take complete control as a majority stakeholder.

Analysts warn that along with the potential benefits come significant risks, including potentially diminished oversight and exemption from laws and regulations designed to protect government and taxpayer interests,” the Congressional Research Service wrote in a 2019 report about the rising use of OTAs by the Department of Defense. The report also noted that it was unclear whether OTAs are faster than traditional government contracts, because the Department of Defense hasn’t tracked that information. Furthermore, the contracts appear to be largely unobtainable by the general public, even under the Freedom of Information Act. This is how DOD deep state operatives have been doing business without public oversight or accountability for years.

Who is ATI? ATI is a nonprofit company that organizes a consortium of public, private, and academic organizations that perform research and development (R&D) on behalf of the US government. ATI mostly manages R&D consortia for the DOD for things like weapons manufacturing, metal casting and forging, ship production, and technology aimed at countering so-called weapons of mass destruction. ATI currently manages two consortia that have any relationship to health care, the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium and the Medical CBRN Defense Consortium. The MTEC, operating on behalf of the US Army Medical Research and Development Command, aims to “accelerate the development of revolutionary medical solutions,” which include gene editing, nanotechnology and ‘telehealth solutions’. So lovely that we would turn to the cutting edge of the transhumanism agenda for our vaccine development.

Operation Warp Speed was a miscarriage of medical and governmental policy and will no doubt lead to public backlash and hopefully an investigation into Warp Speed and all those who took park in manufacturing the virus and the fake vaccines, including Donald Trump.

Whatever his motivations, the Donald has seemingly turned his back on a large percent of his base, joining establishment clowns like Bill O’Reilly instead of the hundreds of medical professionals, physicians, scientists and even the inventor of mRNA technology, speaking out about the dangers of using the Moderna and Pfizer injections. With forced inoculations kicking off in Europe this February and hundreds of millions of doses on hand, who’s to say Operation Warp Speed won’t usher the same fate to our doors. If that day comes and it’s explained to the people, that dear old, uncle Trump signed away our right to choose, the reaction is going to be yuge. Sometimes I feel like he was just listening to this guy too much:

I am writing this as one of Donald Trumps most ardent supporters, formerly, it seems. And I admit since it’s conception, Operation Warp Speed has been concerning. I should have said more sooner, but I really didn’t care about the vaccine, so long as there was no mandate for me to take it. But now that we have seen the results of rushing a largely untested, spike protein producing nanotech injection past safety trials and distributing it to not only adults, but children, in the name of a manufactured emergency, is not only criminal, it’s categorically evil. The only way for any of these people to even begin to redeem themselves, is to confess everything and expose everyone and even then, they may never find true redemption.


Healing Trauma 101

… when you close your eyes, what do you see?

For the past decade or so, people have been turning around to have a more spiritual life, searching for truth and also to set free. It has caught my attention that many call themselves “Spiritual Coach” or “Life Coach” at such a young age, when clearly at your twenties you are pretty much still figuring out who you really are. And do not take me wrong, I am not saying that a young person cannot know about life, especially when the person has gone through hardships and have lived rough experiences; but from a life lesson to call yourself a coach there is a huge difference. We cannot expect ourselves to be helpful when we are in the middle of the process of helping our own selves to heal and grow from something.

… when you look back to your past, what do you think?

Religions and other spiritual movements or beliefs teach people to think their trauma was something God, Source, the Creator (however you may call it) used for you to go through so that you can achieve your life purpose, or that you signed for it on your soul contract before coming to planet Earth. How come the greatest energy where the purest love is born from, the one who is supposed to take care of us the most allows horrible things to happen to us? Religions and cults say; Satan thinks is destroying our lives, but in reality God is using it to shape us. The “turning curse into blessing” kind of weird belief. Yes, it is weird, and somehow, pretty twisted too. Which is not surprising, to know this teaching can be twisted, as the evil hands of the so called elites touches everything that is meant to be good, bright and even holy. So, people create this mindset of accepting the traumatic experience justifying it by, “God used this so that I could become better and help others,” or the nowadays trendy phrase, “It was on my soul contract.” I need someone to explain to me as if I was five years old, how is it possible that anyone signed to be sexually abused by a family member or a very close friend of the family, or how anyone signed to be sacrificed in a blood ritual in a lodge when not even reaching one year old. How is it possible that anyone signed to be kidnapped and trafficked before turning nine years old, or how come anyone signed to die in the hands of a gangster at seven years old while playing in the front yard of their house? I would like someone to explain to me how does this makes sense, but I have already heard all type of explanations and the logic of everyone seems to be the se exact thing the preacher said at church on Sunday service, and what the spiritual influencer said on the video: God used that moment to help you grow from it, it was on your soul contract.

… when you are in silence, what can you hear?

A therapist will ask you many times the same question in different ways, just to see how to use reverse psychology; and that only could work if you are unsure of yourself. When it comes to healing trauma, you are unsure about many things, and you are the one who wants to ask the questions. Let’s begin with, why me and why that thing? It probably was not written before you came to Earth, and the Creator surely did not wanted that to happen to you; but someone else knew better than you did, and that person took advantage of your being and… yes, what happened was bad, but now it is time to grow from it. Does that sounds like a more helpful answer? Because we all have experienced trauma of some kind; mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, those are the more common and could happen at any time of your life after you leave the womb.

I understand, people searching for answers by joining a religion or spiritual group, or by going to a psychologist. It is of the first things that come into someone’s mind when needing help to heal from something, whatever it may be, and it tends to be a good tool at the beginning. But if you are too weak in your mind or heart, it could turn to be worse than it used to be before you stepped foot in whatever building you go to. The fact is this, most of these people take adventage of those who are going through a hard time; when thoughts and emotions are at risk, the ones who say to want to help you think it is a good time for you to give your essence away… and your money too. Which ends up by either the person becoming full time obsessed with the belief or upset about not finding what was being looked for.

… when you put your hands on your heart, what does your beat says to you?

I often wonder, why is it so hard for people to willingly help without asking for anything in exchange? I love to be a helping hand to humans, to give tools that have worked for me in the past and continue to be of great use. Because that is what humanity is, to give light energies to your fellow humans. How come healing trauma has become such a business to many? I wish everyone to set free from their traumas, to breakthrough, to finally heal those things tormenting the mind and turturing the heart. We all were created by the greatest and purest energy of the highest frequency that exists, which we call love, and the Most High only want us to be free spirits living in peaceful harmony, joy and gracious love.

Seeing people taking advantage of others while they struggling to heal life’s wounds is disgusting, and I wish people were able to help without expecting anything in exchange. Life is about showing others it is worth living, it is worth fighting, and it is definitely worth healing to live what we have been made for: divine sacred love.

… when you inhale and exhale slowly, what do you feel?


The XXX Era: part three

The cycle of the enemy, recycling beings from one to a hundred times; only to keep absorbing energy and stealing the natural essence. Vampires, that is who they are, and they may not be drinking your blood, but they are slowly vanishing you away. Distracted to cause distraction, twisting brains to cause damage, medicating to destroy every body’s system. They love to turture you, it is their favorite sport, to pervert you, to make you a piece that destroys everything.

Parental control, a tool they created to help parents’ prevent children from not crossing content they freely allow in the internet, a tool that is apparently out of service today. The internet has websites where children and teens are taught how to “hack” parental control, showing them step-by-step tutorials on how to easily trick what their parents have blocked them from being exposed to. Isn’t it interesting? How come children and teens are looking in the internet how to kick their parents’ authority. I suppose they cannot deal with how their classmates or friends may bully them for not being allowed to see the same kind of content they freely look at, or maybe they feel the pressure to be “cool” and be part of something as everyone else. The influence some kids can have on your children which is only caused by the influencers they follow can take your teen to places filled with dark entities waiting to corrupt anyone coming. They are like the security guard at the door, just that they do not stop minors from entering websites full of bullshit. Because, in the end, you are using parental controls to prevent your children to find pornography or any type of sexual content. But you are not counting with your children or teens to search for tutorials on how to turn parental control off. So, what is the real issue? Is it you having authority or your kids feeling overprotected because everyone at school can search whatever they want?

The actual issue is in front of you right now, it is called technology, and it comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. The issue is called internet too, and is also called social media. These issues all lead to one thing in different ways, because at the end of the road they all connect and all they want is to lead your toddler with the tablet, your child with the smartphone, your teen with the computer, and yourself with the television, to the same place; the porno industry. As easy as clicking, putting the finger on the screen, and changing the channel.

Their main goal is to corrupt your mind, heart and soul. Where are demons found easily? Yes, pornography. The death of your natural sex thoughts, the poison of your natural sex feelings, the corruption of your natural sex interest. Taught to see sex as if it was just something to have with anyone else, not mentioning you how your energy and essence are being distributed any time someone connects sexually with you. Taught to understand sex as domination and humiliation, not mentioning you that sex should be shared only with someone you love dearly and loves you back. Taught to try to experiment having threesomes or group sex, not telling you that you are becoming as twisted as they are. Taught to determine what you like through the images and sounds you are exposed to on the screen with speakers, not telling you that all of it is based on horrifying lust, exploitation, abuse, and even rape. Yes, that is the gateway drug millions are exposed to every second of every day, sold as a normal thing, making you believe it is a normal behavior. Go to bed with anyone, have sex as many times as you want, share your body with one or two or even three and then four, give yourself away because that is normal. Got someone filling you? Do not worry, they say you can take the after day pill or you can abort later if you want. It is all going to be okay! Go full time on birth control, because condoms are for people who do not know how to have fun. You know better than the love of your parents or closest loved ones; so break the rules and hack the parental control.

Is it the solution to keep children and teens safe to use parental control? Or is it the solution to develop good communication skills with your children or teens? Or is it both things balanced? Well, you know, I think the solution begins by adults understanding that a baby, toddler, or child do not need a smartphone or tablet, and your teen should not own either until fifteen or plus. The less they are exposed to darkness the better. I know, it sounds too radical and their friends could show them things, but by having a good trust relationship you can achieve so much. It is not about over control or not control at all, is it about a balance where education and values can help your children understand what they are being told is the best for them. Rebellion comes when there is no balance nor trust.

So, is parental control out of service on this xxx era or not?


Purifying, Crystalline, Everlasting

I love how we do not rush time, when we hush and listen to our hearts beating, like when we are asleep and awake at the same time. I love how we stop time, when we breathe the same air kissing slowly, like when we are dreaming and living at the same time. I love how we move with our perfect time, when we share harmonious passion pleasing our hearts desire, like when we are dancing and creating at the same time.

We flow intensely into each other, swimming slowly into our oceans, united as one channel of light, perfectly balancing one another. We grow strongly with each other, purifying softly our beings, sharing the same space in harmony, incredibly connected to one another. We evolve beautifully next to each other, breathing and living together under the same roof, raising higher than the sun, our energies intertwined with one another.

We teach and learn, equally, as we walk barefoot in a land of our own, just as it used to be in lives before. We dance and spin, carefully, as we shower in the waterfall at the end of the road, just as it used to be in higher realms. We embrace and kiss, tenderly, as we connect our naked skins, just as it used to be in our dreams.

You hold me so sweet and passionate, lovingly, rough and wild. I hug you so softly and passionate, lovingly, erotic and wild. We keep each other warm and calm, lovingly, romantic and divine.

As we walk, we grow; as we float, we glow; as we swim, we flow. I tell you all of my secrets, you tell me all of your secrets. We know everything, we share anything. As we pour drops of water on each other, watering our everlasting love; the fire within keeps us warm, purifying every part; the air we breathe is so fresh, and sweet as the love we share. Sowing seeds on our perfect piece of earth; as fertile as your seed which is sow in my fertile ground.

You love how we do not run, when we hold each other’s hands, like when we explore very far away. You love how we do not scream, when we are playing hide and seek, like when we let our inner children glow. You love how we do not turn around, when we are talking silently loud, like when we go in a mission to fight evil.

You and I, my beloved, we are not just lucky. You and I, my sweetness, we are beyond blessed. How purifying our love is, crystalline as the cave of quartz where we have been at, everlasting as Source’s energy flowing within us keeping our peaceful luminous union.


The Persecution Of Julian Assange: A Blueprint For The Post-Truth Era.

Julian Assange is not a Saint. He is as imperfect as the rest of us, but what has been done to him over the last decade is just short of the persecution of Christ. I do not presume to equate Assange’s works to that of our great instructor, I would only indulge that the demonization and torture Assange has suffered at the hands of the State is as close to a modern crucifixion as you can get.

In early 2021 a British judge ruled that Assange, after nearly decade of being kept in isolation, should not face extradition to the United States on Espionage charges for his role in releasing classified military and diplomatic cables. U.S. authorities have recently succeeded in convincing two senior British judges to overturn the ruling and now Assange is again facing extradition to the United States.

According to court documents, the US won its appeal to extradite Assange due to “four assurances” sent in a Diplomatic Note dated February 5, 2021. These assurances were that Assange would not be made the subject of “special administrative measures”; nor would he be held at a maximum security prison before or after trial. In addition, the US would “consent” to an application by Assange to be transferred to Australia to serve his sentence, if convicted; and while in custody in the US, Assange would receive “appropriate clinical and psychological treatment.”

The judges ordered that the case should now be returned to Westminster Magistrates’ Court, with a direction that a district judge send the case to the UK Home Secretary, who will decide whether Assange should be extradited to the US. During an appeal hearing in October, Assange suffered a stroke and his family has often spoken out against the extradition, citing the journalists’ declining mental and physical health. So, there is still hope for Assange to remain where he is, but there is little hope for Assange’s condition.

Let’s back up a little. How Assange got to this point is almost more important than what he faces ahead. We will start at the beginning of his plight. In 2010, Wikileaks released video footage and written documentation that was exceptionally damning to the United States Military Industrial Complex. These leaks included the Baghdad airstrike Collateral Murder video, the Afghanistan war logs, the Iraq war logs, and Cablegate. After these leaks, the United States government launched a criminal investigation into WikiLeaks.

After the release of Cablegate, in November 2010, Sweden issued an international arrest warrant for Assange over allegations of sexual misconduct. Assange said the allegations were a pretext for his extradition from Sweden to the United States over his role in the publication of secret American documents. After losing his battle against extradition to Sweden, he breached bail and took refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in London in June 2012. He was then granted asylum by Ecuador in August 2012 on the grounds of political persecution, with the presumption that if he were extradited to Sweden, he would be eventually extradited to the US.  Swedish prosecutors dropped their investigation in 2019, saying their evidence had “weakened considerably due to the long period of time that has elapsed since the events in question.” The truth is, there never was any evidence. It was what Assange or Wikileaks did in 2016, that really pissed off those with secrets they would rather keep in the shadows.

During the 2016 U.S. election campaign, WikiLeaks published a litany of “confidential” Democratic Party emails, showing that the party’s national committee favored Hillary Clinton over her rival Bernie Sanders in the primaries. They also released John Podesta’s personal emails which held several creepy associations and revelations, including Hillary Clinton emailing Podesta that she would be “sacrificing a chicken”, and Podesta’s association with Satanic Representative Marina Abramovic. Hillary would probably blame this, in some part, on her loss in the 2016 Presidential Election to Donald Trump. And we all know what happens to people on that woman’s shit list.

On April 11th 2019, Assange’s asylum was withdrawn after a series of disputes with Ecuadorian authorities. The police were invited into the embassy and he was arrested. He was found guilty of breaching the Bail Act and sentenced to 50 weeks in prison. The United States government unsealed an indictment against Assange, related to the leaks provided by Manning. On 23 May 2019, the United States government further charged Assange with violating the Espionage Act of 1917. Assange has been confined in Belmarsh maximum-security prison in London since April 2019.

The real kicker of his story is Bradley Edward Manning. Manning is a former United States Army soldier who was convicted by court-martial in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses, after disclosing to WikiLeaks nearly 750,000 classified, or unclassified but sensitive, military and diplomatic documents. It was also in 2013, that Bradley Manning declared he would now be called Chelsea Manning, which is sort of odd timing. Manning was imprisoned from 2010 until 2017 when the 35 year sentence was commuted by Barack Obama. In 2018, Manning ran for Senate in their home state of Maryland and received 5.8% of the vote.  From March 8, 2019, to March 12, 2020, Manning was jailed for contempt and fined $256,000 for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. She now makes a living from “paid speaking engagements”.

I will explain the hypocrisy in case you haven’t grasped it: The person who actually committed the crime, who stole the verboten information, was released four years into a 35 year sentence. They were then allowed to make a living doing speaking engagements, ran for Senate and were only imprisoned again, briefly, after refusing to testify about the journalist who published the information this person illegally obtained. Now she’s labeled a whistleblower by the media. Meanwhile, Julian Assange is being slowly executed.

It’s quite obvious that the United States Government is more interested in setting the pretext to destroy the life of a journalist who published a small glimpse of the evil truth about Iraq, the inner workings of Washington and the Democratic Party, than to punish the person who physically stole their data. This is not only shooting the messenger, this is shooting the First Amendment and humanity’s right to know the truth of this world. If Assange can be crucified for telling the truth, so can we.

Free Assange.


The XXX Era: part two

We are all corrupted. Yes, my dear, you read that right. We all have been corrupted, and corruption keeps us trapped until we decide to take the risk to break free from the corrupt’s black magic spells. Breakthrough is only for the brave, for the ones who are tired of lies, the ones who are tired of mental slavery, the ones who are tired of living as if they owed something to the ones sitting giving orders to keep society falling over and over again in the same trap hole to continue their corrupted status.

Trafficking drugs, humans, organs, golden and black gold; just to earn a little bit more of money, because for them it is never enough. But that is all you know about corruption, it is all they have allowed you to know and understand. So let me ask you something, do you know why we all are corrupt if we are not part of any of their “secret” businesses? What if I tell you that our corruption is not fully attached to any type of underground move, and that they have been working hard to keep everyone trapped in their hypnotizing black and white spiral? Because it is just like that, it is there and everywhere.

The corruption of our thoughts, the corruption of our hearts, the corruption of our souls. Our spirits are constantly under attack, the battle against mindsets that have been taught to us through the years from our closest family members to our closest friends, from the person you thought you could trust the most when you were a child to the person you thought to be your best friend when you were a teen; from the person who you trusted your dreams to and the person who you thought for a moment it was okay to date. But, in reality, who have been the ones who have not betrayed you, and the ones who never dared to say a word or show you a thing that could corrupt you? Because this is all about how we all have been assaulted somehow; through images and sounds, through radio and television, through your parent and the preacher at church, through news mediums and your boss, through your president and your lawyer, through the athlete selling a disgusting vaccine and the celebrity you thought to be so cool. Everyone has exposed you to some kind of deep horrible thing, whether the person did it knowingly or not, you have seen and heard things that have led you to do some other things. Are you proud of it, or are you regretting it? If I am not wrong, the last time you questioned yourself was before you were about to make the same mistake for a second or third time, or probably when you started to live with the consequences of your past wrong decisions. And what about it, did you learn something from asking yourself certain questions?

I hope you did get clarity, because now I am asking you to question if you are willing to set free. Yes, to break free. Because it is time for a breakthrough. Is your time of being a corrupted corrupt of a corruption ring over?

Propagandas, campaigns, speeches, commercials, marketing, fake agenda of empowerment, false prophets, twisted thoughts; and lies. Body modifications, social media popularity, reality shows, songs about sexual lust, sex orientation confusion, hundreds of sex genders; and lies. Gym addicts, false veganism, horrifying criticism, celebrities tearing minds apart, politicians selling fake hopes; and lies. Religions, division, cultures, divorce, threesomes, orgies, pedophilia, incest, wrong psychology application, false philosophy being sold; and lies. Fights, domestic abuse, transgenders teaching in school, drag queens reading books for five year old, sexual abuse, insults, humiliation; and lies. Music industry, movie industry, television industry, influencer industry, entertainment industry; and lies. Cheaters of elections, cheaters of games, cheaters of the Internet, cheaters in relationships; and lies. Feminism movements, racial movements, political movements, abortion movements, LGTB movements, equal rights movements; and lies. The magazine you read, the newspaper you read, the news you watch, the show you watch, the ‘NSFW’ content you watch, the song you listen to, the caption of the famous you read, the billboard you see; and lies. It is all about carefully built lies to corrupt you, to pervert you, to twist you, to damage you, to break you, to turn you into one of them. It has all been about the same scary idiology invented by soulless beings, lie after lie creating a pattern worse than any spider web. Can you see it?

They silence the ones who dare to speak, they suspend the ones who dare to communicate, the ban the ones who dare to challenge their narrative, the kill the ones who dare to expose their businesses; they tear society slowly turning each human into an artificial intelligence test. They explode us as if we were the bad ones; they are willing to destroy our planet, nature and humanity, because they cannot explore real emotions, and they cannot feel the highest frequency [love]…

As you read, can you listen to your inner voice telling you to wake up and help others to wake up? Your soul screaming, “Oh, my dear, please break free, breakthrough!” All while your consciousness connects dots, and the question comes up; is there a solution to this madness? Will we be able to go back to live in harmony and peace? We are already here, so why not trying to break the old dark patterns to stablish light again on Earth? Humankind needs more courageous people, and probably you just found out that you are a brave one too.

They fear us more than we would ever fear them. They fear parents caring for their children more than we would ever fear their plans. They fear children breaking free from their mental and emotional control more than children would ever fear the monster under the bed. They fear losing control over us, because they know in unity there is power.


Grand, Divine, Sublime

Light particles forming a sphere, as tiny as sand grains. Mystical yet majestic. Rays of a unique sun, sparkling of a brighter star, illuminating stronger than any moon. Frequencies unifying, creating a new form of life, a seed made out of the purest love energy, being sowed in a spectacular fertile soil.

You and I, we both know, we were chosen for being the strongest of them all. Right above, higher than where clouds stay on, solid as tree trunks and soft as petals glow. Creators who were created to create too, a righteous call as our souls. Shouting to the wind the most honest words, lyrics of a sacred secret song. You and I, we both were made for everlasting love.

A lust for freedom, a great desire of our spirits, how supernatural. Wizards, wisdom from the holy throne. Floating, feeling alive, fertilizing the seed of love. Tender rhythm, slow dance with the Source of our creation.

Fate, responding to our wants and needs. Blessings, opening our road, united as one. Odds, all in our favor, declaring endless love and life. When You and I touch, the smell of tulips and minty pine fill our lungs. Caressing softly our luminous crystalline bodies. You and I, we carefully lay on the grass of our silver cloud. Breathing our sweetness, in and out.

Explosions, sparks jump all around. Nuclear bombs envy us. You and I, we sing to the infinity, sweet melodies play as we pronounce our divine chorus. Your fertile seed planted in My fertile soil, proving the enemy wrong about every of their curses. We breakthrough, creating along with creation, believing our truth, trusting our call. Eternity holding us together, an embrace that will never end. Salvation comes from grace, our faithful extravagant dance. You and I, we know the beauty of our love, the connection of our souls. As we spin around tracing tender lines in outer space, elevating our evolutive vibration.

You and I; we are grand, incredible and divine, a sublime union, reaching heights farther than nirvana, perfect prana of life. You are my strength, and I am yours. Created to create along with creation a wonderful wholeness of procreation. Land of our own, a place we call home, where new souls are born.

Humans will have humanity once more, as our destiny is fulfilled with the Gods protection. It is written in the infinity of the sacred geometry we create, building harmony log by log. Wood and crystals decorate our door, and little footsteps walk their way inside our home. The bark of the protector and the song of the owl, all coming together to connect every dot.

You and I, we water the seed until it grows, becoming a new being wandering lands with us. The fighter, the warrior, the farmer, the dreamer, the righteous, the creative, the philosopher, the one who is sent to share knowledge as we teach some we already know. The new female and the new male, the new borns who will save this world. You and I, we were chosen for much more than sharing wisdom and love.

Evolving as one, creating as one, bringing life as one, watering seeds and plants as one, growing as one, shining as one, loving endlessly… as ONE.


The XXX Era: part one

Self introduction as a revolutionary sound of pride standing in front of a society that may or may not appreciate anyone, but still standing saluting the flag and a crowd of people soon to realize are a bunch of idiots; but idiots you will learn from while you also teach some. People who probably have been sold the same messages as you have, people who will want to break the rules given at home and also the ones taught at school, and yes, the ones governments make in order to keep track of you. However it may go for you, for your sibling, your neighbor, your classmate or friend, your professor, your boss; you have been eating the same bread you can get at the store, watching the same news, reading the same magazine in the waiting line to pay for the pills to ease your headache, sneaking to watch the same video your parents prohibited your to watch, listen to the same song about drugs and alcohol on the radio, and who knows what more. The battle of the mind, the battle of home values against what propaganda has been selling you. Whatever shoes you may choose to wear, the battlefield is constantly reproducing in your brain.

Decades ago, when technology was just a silly dream, families were shaped a little differently; lies were told by the printed newspaper and not everyone had access to it, so brainwashing occurred from mouth to mouth. You know, someone who read the news told another person, and that one went somewhere and repeated the news adding something else, when the new final got to you it had more words than the original headline and what the article said. Later on, the radio came, the electrical table piece people got to be able to listen to the news and some other things too, news was shared around and as always… words were added too. And as that old song says, ‘Video killed the radio star’, as television came to occupy unnecessary space in everyone’s homes; with the passing of years it turned to be the great companion of many. Some time after that, computers came out, and with them the internet began to pop up. Communication started to change, and obviously people adapted to the changes so quickly and easily. Rumors, propaganda, lies, double messages, social media platforms being installed on the web, and many other things.

As technology evolves, people create new habits. Back in the day, most parents taught their children great values, they took their time to educate their children at home; teaching them from basic communication manners to how to do basic things at home. It was important to raise children knowing how to be kind, polite, and to know a thing or two of survival skills; just in case something may happen. Time passed by, and children suddenly thought they are above their parents and rules are made by them, all while some parents allow this, (because there might still be parents who keep authority). However, when we look at how this is working, the psychological war of corrupted thoughts into parent’s minds crash with the subliminal messages children are exposed to daily when they watch television or listen to music, and mostly when they log in the internet. And how come children are allowed on the internet? Don’t they have some type of control on social media platforms where they state from which age people are allowed to make use of them? Well, yes, they do, but that is just for show. Children have been taught by their parents to lie on their ages so that they can have easy access to become either a bully or a false popular being around the internet, or a young person who will just spend stupid hours looking and liking content too. Wait, did I say parents teach children to lie?! Ah, yes! I did say it, because that is a fact. Parents do it after they spend probably seven years telling their children that lying is bad and wrong, but since it is easier to give the smartphone, computer or tablet to the boy or girl, just lie about your age… it will not be harmful, they say.

I wonder if these parents playing cool with their children forgot that time in which they lied to their parents and got their face slapped, or got grounded for days during the summer, or were told they would not play with their favorite toy or video game because they broke a rule at home… because I will never forget when that happened to me, and how upset and terrible I felt for the consequences of my words or actions, things that taught me something even when at the moment there was anger within. Silly, many would think. How school, to be thinking to teach your children like that or to keep track of what they follow, like or watch, right? Some think children need privacy, and I think children need to keep an eye on; teens are another thing. Two different stages of life require different ways of dealing with the person. Also, privacy does not mean complete and total freedom. To many, parental control sounds too radical and a bad thing to do, because that may make your children or teens feel you do not trust them. Well, trusting your children is not trusting the vulgar content they may be exposed to on the internet. Do not forget you allowed your children to lie on their age to enter social media, which means that they could be scrolling down a feed and suddenly find the photo or video of a couple being fully naked practicing intercourse; content that adults can see if they decide to, but your children or teens do not need that kind of assault. Not because you were exposed to it when you were a minor that means your kids are okay if exposed to it too.

Educate your children to know sex is not a bad thing, it is instead a beautiful thing to practice between a man and a woman in a balance of respect, kindness, and most importantly: love. Tell your children how sex is the act of procreation, and how divine and sacred it is, as the purest energies of both (man and woman) come together to connect their bodies and unify themselves in love. Teach them sex is supposed to happen when the brain is mature enough to understand the action, and the heart is ready to flow with someone else’s heart. Keep them on track of what it really is and what it actually means.

Reprehend if necessary, yes, do it. Your children may hang out with others who are not being raised the way you raise them, this has always happened. There is always going to be one who will sow the evil negative seed in your child, and surely you do not want your kid to be the one sowing that seed. At this point, when children are not under parental control when making use of their devices, they can be exposed to sexual content easily. The so called “models” wandering around every single social media platforms, the females posting photos or videos of their butts covering the hole with something, covering their breast’s nipples to make sure they are not censored, the males covering their members a little, same sex couples also showing off their so called attributes of how perverted they are, and… pedophiles pretending to be underaged teens, just as the children who tricked lying about their age to get into log in the internet social places. See, this is a war against purity, against what is natural human law, against innocence, against reproduction, and especially against love. You can repeat their popular phrase, ‘Love is Love’, as much as you want, but deep within you, you know real love brings desire of reproduction, not of promiscuity and sharing your body with as many as you can count with your two hands.

Mainstream media, magazines, television, streaming applications, radio, and any other thing you may use and allow your children or teens to have access to; all of it has been corrupted to corrupt you deeply too.


Turning the Programming Off, a Moment of Breakthrough

A superficial statement has been sow in your head; a testament full of lies, prophecies spoken by false prophets, an ideology of self hate, infectious magnets attracting confusion and fear. You have been told the opposite of truth your hole life; by your parents and loved ones, by your professors, by your friends, by religious leaders, by politicians, by celebrities, by media, by social media, by everyone and everything. A structure of destruction; it came to you as words, images and sounds, it came to you and made your being its home. You have come a long way, and you have reached this point, the moment to breakthrough has arrived to you. A web created by a system for a system to sustain their ideals and plans; transformation of the mankind, it has all been their biggest lie. They live for it, and they have made you a slave of it as well. Is it today that you will burn all that has destroyed you for years as they shaped you to be as depraved as they are? It could be today, but yesterday was maybe already too late.

Horrific as their poisonous voice tones, the bite of the snake, the kick of the boot. Somewhere in the planet a child has born, cries so loud that all the city can hear the sound of new life. There are new males and females coming to Earth, they all are born as Natural Law says, each carrying the right genitalia between their legs. Just as the Creator and Creation has always said, no evil shall bother them… but, what if the evil has already doors open at their now human homes? The story always begins at home, as adults are the ones teaching what they think to be right and wrong. Radicalism may exist, prohibition will remain, technology will be handed, twisted messages will be sold. A Bible will be read, maybe a Quran, or even a Book of Mormon, you never know if the child was born in a home where the holy book is the Bhagavad-Gita; whichever book, whatever religion, a system of beliefs will be sow as a seed that will reach their heart. For children, religion can turn into a fantasy storyline to play, so keep your eyes open as you never know how your teenager will water the seed later on. The great movement of fear exchange, that is how we have been raised, an enormous amount of fearful energy has always moved around us. First, religion and then, yes, all the technicolors of media. The enchanted black box, the speaker through the black mirror, the imagery through the screen of fake dreams, the innovation that has stopped humans from evolving into better and more conscious beings. How consistent this has been, subliminal but not sublime. There is no essence in anything, and no matter how much they try to make it look pretty and innocent, it will always be demonic and scary to the soul.

Characters are created with traits that give them personality, it’s what we will later call characteristics as we realize who they really and what inspire each. The seven deadly sins are represented in every cartoon ever presented in television or streaming applications, both significantly keeping you trapped in slavery. Even the most innocent cartoon has a damaging message that will trigger different kinds of things in the brain; from turning you homosexual to shaping you into a serial killer. Yes, this is serious. No one is born a killer, no one comes to Earth in the wrong body. Love comes in different forms, but Natural Human Law knows how real love works, and divine love is a sacred energy, the highest frequency; and it exists to procreate. However, the message that is sold for children is different, and very superficial and depraved. They show us sex since we come out of the womb, and I am not saying sex is bad, but the way it’s being sold and shown is wrong. How twisted are most creators of children books and cartoons; the most famous ones are always in trouble between being pedophiles and liking to practice other type of disgusting things through what is meant to be sacred since the beginning. As time goes by, children are more exposed to new mindsets believing that body modification is a good thing; change your breast size, change your butt size, inject your lips, spend stupid hours in the gym building a six pack, change your body look from male to female or from female to male, it is okay the box says so. And that is how we have been caught in an illusion, the grid of lies that trapped us, the system that has turned us humans into soulless beings like them. Because in the end, are they even humans?

It was first sold as something that could be fun, campaigns inviting people to break the rules they made, contradicting themselves from a billboard to the other. Propaganda, lies, corruption, twisting your being, creating knots cutting your connection to the Main Source of Life; their fun game. A game that has been going on for decades and continue to sharpen every second that goes by, a game that has replaced the Monopoly board in so many levels. They have turned humans into who they are, slaves of an evil energy that produces anxiety and depression, insecurities, and of course doubt and self rejection, along with many other things. Teaching you how to become a sex addict turning you promiscuous, little by little through the entertainment industry; it is in every movie and show, it is in every song. They use the imagery that will trigger different parts of you, they use the sounds that will break the line of your alignment to light. It is all a sick dirty game in which darkness keeps pushing and fighting to prevail. Dark entities in churches and spiritual movements, they come along to change the narrative so that you get infected with depravation; dark entities that know your struggles and present to you the things you have been trying to set free from, they plan perfect traps, and light ends up using them to see if you are ready to pass through it to leave unaffected. It could turn to be a cycle, until you open your three eyes and understand what is going on and what is about to happen in your life.

The feeling of regret may come; questioning yourself how did you allowed your parents, the priest or pastor, the governor or president, your friends, your professors and media lie to you so badly. Anger? Yes, why not? You should be upset about growing up surrounded by propaganda that maybe made you modificate your body more than once, and the ways you were taught to dislike or even hate your neighbor for having a different skin color or having a different belief, and how you stopped talking to many for not having the same political ideology. How did you let it all flow through you and never fixed it before? Why did you raised your child the same way you were instead of changing the ways to a better place? Or is that because you made horrific mistakes you think your offspring deserves to walk the same path you did? At this point in life, are you even sure the superficial statement that is much more than a mindset is beautiful? All the ways you have been lied to, and manipulated. People’s egos, the selfishness of everyone else, keeping your programming untouched as the ones around you have been like you. Do you think the pedophile transgender in the kindergarten who dresses as a teacher is someone to trust leaving your children with? Do you think teen females entering a male bathroom is safe, or that teen males in a female changing room is okay, excusing themselves as that day they woke up feeling that sex? Or do you think that an adult with assault or sex abuse charges is the right person to stand in a classroom to teach your children how communism, being a racist or practicing group sex is great? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself any of these questions before, or are you keeping up with materialism and fake self love, or too busy buying the lies news talk to you about? Maybe you spend money in false beauty magazines and those who tell you which sex position is good to try because you do as you are told? Probably the money you spend in the gym could pay off after you pick someone at the night club, you never know.

It is been them all this time; sowing putrid seeds into mankind. Your unconscious, subconscious and consciousness, every part of your heart, your spirit trapped and dragged to stay kneeling along with your body over dry grounds. The evilness behind the veils of entertainment; teaching how to turn your family disfuctional, showing you how to be unfaithful, telling you how single life could be better because you do not have to worry about raising children. Oh, how much have they destroyed society! False women’s rights; saying abortion is a health right, showing you how to kill a being that has a soul since the moment planted in the womb. The fake feminism, telling you empowerment is to step on men, to treat them like shit. And let’s talk about the preaching of telling men it is okay to have many partners, because two is better than one, and three is a charm, and the more the merrier. Explaining men how to treat women right, even when what is shown is totally wrong. Superficial men and women, forgetting about their feelings and emotions, poisoned by the opposite to what is sacred and divine. Your soul has been screaming to quit living a twisted putrid life, but your head is so attached to the old ways of devil, so in love with darkness; willingly giving up to your purest essence. The so called selfie, the so called challenges of the internet, the platforms that easily drive you into becoming everything you were not created for. You have been giving your light away, your will and dreams. Slowly becoming who they keep shaping you to be as they never rest sculping you into a demon, just like them.

All about the money, all about the false social class, all about the economy that has been broken for years. Designers clothing, expensive shoes, the bag that costed more than the bread scrubs you eat as they feed you like a stinky square’s pigeon. No matter how much you try, for them it will never be enough, because every day they come up with something new. And it may happen, that some famous people come out to speak, to complain about how sad they feel about the body shame they experience or how they have been mentally, emotionally, physically or sexually abused; no social movement will do a thing other than say a pretty speech and march for a day. They are paid actors and actresses, but you are not, and if any of those horrible things happen to you; not many will care to do a thing… the brainwash was already done and those are people’s daily strings. Puppets and rag dolls, broken hopes and dreams, they have turned you intolerant to anyone who stands for truth, light and love.

Master, Master. That is how they call it, and maybe you continue to call it. The great Machine who controls your thinking and feelings, the manipulation of the System. The ones who once said would never sell their soul to the devil now live slave to it, worshiping it through cartoons, television shows, movies, music, a self fake agenda, social media, pornography, homosexuality, depraved sex practices that were first practiced at lodges. Supporting the lies, everything for nothing, all for something, who knows… you live trapped in an illusion, the Matrix grid absorbing your purest energy. Where are the brave ones, those who will set themselves free, beings desiring a huge breakthrough because they are exhausted of living a false empowerment. Are you are a wild one willing to turn the programming off?

We, the brave and wild ones, we do not care how much crap they spread to try to silence us or eliminate us; because we are protected and anointed by the Gods who are connected to the Main Source of Life. We will fight until the end, we will repeat our messages as many times as we can, we will remark important topics no one talks about publicly because they are afraid to be rejected. We are unafraid, we are fearless and we will speak truth out loud, and we will write it everywhere we can. Until light reaches those who are ready like pouring rain, until real love hugs those who need it the most like savaltion, until truth is the only thing those who accept it start to share. We are not alone. We are together in the fight against the evil system, against the putrid machine. We are stronger, and we will win.


Christmas Cancelled as Krampus Plans To Deliver Mandatory Gene Therapy to Australians, Austrians and European Union.

Ho, ho, ho, the protein goes, into your DNA! Sing it loud and sing it proud as the unholy sacks of filth in the E.U. prepare to militarize their brain dead ranks against the dreaded anti-vaxers. Or those who should more rationally be called, people who aren’t buying their shit.

Ah, that’s crazy talk. You’re a conspiracy theorist. Those F.D.A stats aren’t real. Those studies aren’t real. That’s not true. Fauci didn’t murder babies with HIV drugs and bury them in a mass grave in New York. That’s CRAZY. He never ordered that puppies have their vocal cords removed before being devoured by flesh eating flies. That’s INSANE! He didn’t fund gain of function research in North Carolina and then transfer the research to Wuhan, China. That’s a CONSPIRACY THEORY! Covid-19 wasn’t game planned as “Event 201” under the direction of Bill Gates. HE MADE COMPUTERS! Our response to this pandemic hasn’t been engineered and projected by ELITE SCUM like the David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Klaus Schwab for years in literature, in media, in education, in government, NO! THAT NEVER HAPPENED! THIS ISN’T REAL! EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN TOLD IS TRUE!!!

Fast forward, now YOU are the puppy with its voice cut and its life being slowly devoured by thousands of tiny bites. Banned from social media? Forced to wear a mask? Forced to submit to a medical treatment? Coerced? Threatened? Ridiculed? Yep, this is the new religion. And it’s metaphysical poison.

Smug Level: Supreme Emperor

The unelected skag who oversees the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, (above) announced last week that it is time for the E.U. to consider ‘mandatory vaccination‘ for each and every citizen, sparing only those in special places of power. Austria has announced that as of February 1st vaccination will become mandatory for everyone. German Fuhrer, Angela Merkel, has spoken out in support of compulsory vaccinations as well. It appears Western Europe is sliding back into the classic authoritarianism they know so well. Many are predicting an exodus of unvaccinated ‘refugees’ into UK, but Bobo Johnson has already begun posturing for a jab mandate and proof of submission to medical tyranny is required to enter many public venues. There will be no running away from vaccine mandates, they only way to overcome unjust dictations is to engage them head on.

Federal judges having been slapping down the Biden Administrations business vaccination mandates one after another, the final one on Tuesday December 7th. Unfortunately, it is hard to imagine it will end in such a flat tone. The rhetorical ramp up by Oberstgruppenführer, Fauci and others suggests that the push for mandated inoculations, forever, is inevitable. The only questions are, how and when will it appear? They didn’t create this world ID, social credit, climate tax, vaccine passport system to not implement it.

In an interview with NZHerald Focus, New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern, admits she is implementing a system designed to create two classes of people via the mandatory vaccination program and vaccine passport system. Essentially, a smiling admission of Jim Crow style segregation, where those deemed to be unclean by the State are no longer permitted to take part in society. Hear it from the witch’s own mouth:

PM Jacinda Ardern details GASLIGHT System

All smiles and psychopathy as this globalist butt plug unfailingly commits to coercing and intimidating her citizens into receiving a medical procedure. Just because Bill Gates smiles looks giddy as he tells you about a “bioterror attack, nightmare scenario,” involving smallpox, doesn’t mean he isn’t holding a weapon to our heads. New Zealand and Australia have experienced some the strictest lockdown measures and been subjected to harsh penalties for civil disobedience. Australia has recently been running into issues maintaining their ‘new normal’ as three teenagers escaped from a Covid quarantine facility as covered by The Guardian. Have no fear, the teens were arrested and returned to their cells. You must be saying to yourself, Wow, they must have a really serious outbreak for these types of measures to be necessary. WRONG. Buried at the bottom of that article from The Guardian it is revealed that “As of Tuesday, there were 58 cases of Covid-19 in the NT. “Fifty eight. 5 – 8. Australia is using quarantine camps over fifty eight Covid-1984 cases. (5+8=13, just saying.)

An inside look at Australia’s comfy, Covid quarantine camp.

Well, I don’t see any ovens, but I do see goose-steeping fascists. Sixty years ago the United States may have intervened and denounced such radical mistreatment of allegedly free humans, but in 2021 we are preparing to model ourselves after our friends down under. The United States has plenty of prisons and F.E.M.A. camps, so the infrastructure certainly exists and there has been a litany of nefarious organizations and agendas that have sprouted up post WWII, after the Nazi’s (their scientists anyway) weren’t really defeated as much as they were absorbed in the United States public and private sectors. Thus broadening the preexisting eugenics agenda and creating a policy of ethically questionable scientific research, much of it lying in rocketry, chemical weapons, chemical reaction technology and medicine.

Those at the very top of the Covid-1984 pyramid know that large numbers of people are not going to reject not only their ideological preferences, but also their incorporated systems of control. That’s why those power structures have weaponized the mainstream media, our medical and educational agencies, as well as the rank and file of Washington D.C. against the people, to control the narrative and move the agenda forward without alerting the smooth brained consumers of trained propagandists like Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon and Joy Reid. Who, at this point, have been foaming at the mouth about Trump and Covid for six years now. They’re committed. The cognitive dissonance it would cause for them to turn back now is more than they can take, so they won’t. They will dig a whole, climb inside and shoot themselves in the head.

This holiday season it is more important than ever to bring up the uncomfortable subjects and lovingly try to express the severity of our global situation while you drink eggnog and unwrap your gifts that were made in China and almost certainly ordered from Amazon. It’s okay! Tell them what is happening overseas and make them understand that we can never allow that to happen here. Humanity can still recover and bring these bastards to justice, while saving our souls at the same time, but in order to do that, we must to commit to the truth, to God and to each other that we are NEVER going to accept the forced inoculation of ourselves or our children, ever.

A virus was the perfect lever to pry freedom from the hands of those who never knew how to wield it.” – Spencer Thurston


Spread Light, Joy and Infinite Love!

Winter Solstice, Christmas, Yule; no matter how you may call it, the most wonderful time of the year is approaching. Whether December celebrations are your favorite or not, you have to admit they are great to get together with your family, closest friends, your loved ones. The warmth energy that can be felt during these days is truly beautiful when seen from the heartfelt point of view; because no matter how materialistic or commercial they have been making it, it is still a beautiful time to give and receive joy and love!

This year New World Journal started this great journey, in which we decided to post articles talking about points that are either banned on social media platforms or no one cares much to talk about, also poetry and thoughts that flow in our beings. Today, I am writing this post to invite you all to be cheerful and kind, to be your purest and brightest self, to be fearless and courageous, to be truth and love. I want to wish anyone who reads this the most amazing light, hoping that our work has been helpful and continue to be in the days to come. Thank you for being part of our Journal!

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Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Blessed Yule! Be Bright and Be Blessed!


Forecast: Water

Hush, hush. Stop and listen, do not rush. Knowledge and wise words, gentle sigh and rough call. Mythical creatures outflow naturally; an unknown dimension does overflow in our planet… How come you do not know?

Millions within billions of streams rapidly move tenderly touching the ground, cleansing the surface before you decide to explore the beauty of the waving oceans. There are rivers uniting sweet and salty waters; the lake of illusions and the seas of dreams. Somewhere between your consciousness and your heart mermaids swim, singing songs of everlasting devotion to the Gods who bless the water springs for you to be able to feel.

Drops fall from above; some call them thr tears of cherubs, but we will call them the blessings of angels. Droplets jump as they touch the stones as water falls and as waves hit the rocks. How lovely it is to be touched from head to toe by the grace of Creation.

Pirates sailed through wide waters not knowing what they might find, wild tides and dancing serenity. Looking at the tiniest fishes but also enormous ones, wondering what their names were, but experiencing it all… Just as you are today. In silence, you can hear the voices of magical beings living in perfect harmony, the way humans should live. Constantly swimming, the lesson of not getting stuck in one place; move forward and fear may end.

Thunders may announce rain, big waves may announce swells; but water tells you to flow and live in peace even when storms may cause discomfort. Today, your drops should be of gratefulness.

w a t e r

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In Wake Of Moronic, ‘Omicron’ Strain, Rand Paul Calls For New Vaccines.

Rand Paul responded to Anthony Fauci’s claim that he is “science”, but what he said felt like cold shit in a warm bed.

In a statement today on Fox News, Rand Paul offered a rebuke to Anthony Fauci’s self-proclaimed position of the “embodiment of science”, stating,”…almost nothing that man does works to slow down the spread of a virus. The vaccine works. And natural immunity.” Paul later goes on to call for NEW VACCINES, like the ones already being announced for an impending “small pox attack”, Bill Gates referred to as Pandemic 2.

In other words:

So now we know that Rand Paul is either a complete and utter imbecile, controlled opposition or he thinks the people are too stupid to handle the truth. Either way, he is no longer of any use to us. Only those who will sacrifice everything to wake the masses can be trusted. WE CANNOT RELY ON OUR REPRESENTATIVES TO REPRESENT US.

At least we know where we stand. Our best men and women in Washington either won’t or can’t do a thing. Our voting system is, and has been, compromised. Every institution we have constructed has been infiltrated by ideological tyrants. The Federal Reserve has devalued our (U.S) currency by 98% since it was created. Every major political effort since 1776 has been programmed the Anglo-American establishment to guide the rouge American colonies, into collapse and eventual submission. Yet, we resist.

As shocked as I am by Rand Paul calling for new vaccines, it’s only as shocked as I was when President Trump called for Operation Warp Speed. The somewhat out of character reactions from both men made me see they valued their own lives and the lives of their family, over the lives of humanity at large. The sad truth is, in the end, they will burn upon the very coals of the men and women they led to slaughter. A fitting end for those anxious enough to submit, and a bitter, grisly end for those who thought to resist. No matter, I know what side I am on and I sleep well.

Stay strong, Pureblood. Ours is a seed that will sow a new world and reap a harvest of great bounty. All truths will be revealed and we will know the face of our creator and therein rejoice within its warmth. This existence is but a bridge to the next and those that have awoken will be curators of the old, but not forgotten wisdom. The source will reclaim us.

I believe in You. I believe in Us.

We must ALL believe in ourselves.


Forecast: Air

Whispers blowing, touching your eardrums so gently; but suddenly beating your body with force.

Seasons change as the wind blows, companied by storms or by the easy rhythm of fresh calm. Remembering to keep you calm but to become wild if needed. Flowing so magically, showing all the colors of destruction and salvation.

Ringing like bird chirps, beating like drum sounds; peaceful and violent, all done by the same. Clouds being formed as vapors rise higher than the moon and sun. Gossip of leaves that fly crossing the river to the other side. Songs of freedom mixing with the smell of fresh pine trees that dance along with mint in the vanilla streams created by the wind.

It can affect you positively or negatively, depending on how you really feel. Showing you tears of joy or sorrow, depending on how you flow. Who knows, what airs can do to your being but your own self.

Public appearance, every day and night, telling you secrets only revealed to you, touching your skin so harmoniously… Teaching you how to stand without falling, and how to raise back up when the ground shakes you down. You glow just as the breeze that shines through floating so easily around natura, and the city of the lost. Elevate as it does, and remember not to fear its flow.

a i r

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Forecast: Fire

Tempestuous time; shaking the ground and moving the trees, turning the heat on, a prayer to the greatest God, a ceremony for the greatest Goddess.

Rumble sound vibrates from within the earth, speaking louder than the thunders dancing around the thousand clouds. Raspy voice pronouncing words of wisdom of the millions suns moving around further than above, all while dirt and tiny rocks move by the vibration. Round and round, shameless and unafraid, burns the veil as it gets hotter than the blood that running in the veins.

Oh, how hell feels jealous to the beauty of your body, and the way you trace lines widely over ground. You wildly burn trunks and destroy what you see in your way, turning the volume of the orchestra song up, epically resounding in the jungle that soon will be covered by dry tears.

Who are humans to stop the will of the Gods, the will of the Creator and Creation, the will of nature? Who are animals to object the will of the flow of the cycle of life and death? Who is anyone to question the will of the Father and Mother who live within Source?

Burn all that no longer serves, however you may like, turning on the fires of every bonfire ever built on the surface of planet Earth. Shake the grounds letting earthquakes know your violence is not as bad as humankind may it sound. Move, adjusting as you feel comfortable the most; yes, streams of lava running free at a beautiful pace until you reach the waters that surround the volcanoes you are born from.

And so do you, allowing your virtues to come alive, because no matter how dark it may seen or how ashes pour like rain around you; God and Goddess come to you in perfect incredible balance. Know yourself so that you can learn about truths.

f i r e

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Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain.

The corporate mainstream media has no shame and there is no lie they will not tell. There seems to be no hope for their redemption. No chance that they might pull out the death spiral and give the public the truth. These race pimps, who monger victimization and division peddle their inverted reality into our lives on a daily basis. Feeding us propaganda and discord while sculpting a narrative that would either have our lives in chaos or subjugation. The fourth estate died long ago and what replaced it has grown into not only the fifth column, it has become the front line for the war against our consciousness.

I am reminded of a scene from The Sixth Sense, where a young boy is visited by ghosts and with the help of a child psychologist the boy decides to confront the ghosts that visit him. One such girl tells him that she was killed by her own mother who fed her poisons to keep her ill and thus dependent on her. There is a condition called Munchausen Syndrome in which the person who is “afflicted” by it does injury to him or herself to gain attention and care from others. Or the person feigns illness or disease so as to engender sympathy from others. In Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, the perpetrator inflicts injury on another so as to create a dependency by that person, so that the perpetrator feels needed by the victim. Often the perpetrator comes across as quite caring to hide their own malevolent deeds.

The narratives being pushed by messengers in media, politics, religion and corporate oligarchs have changed over time and incrementally pushed further and further toward the left and through those messengers, a Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy was created in the public consciousness. When we combine that with the what is an apparent ‘pandemic’ induced form of Stockholm Syndrome, we have are approaching tragedy at an alarming rate. When the messengers ring the bell, their little dogs used to drool, now they bite. Learn something by watching this short explanation about Pavlov’s classical conditioning.

I have not forgotten the riots of 2019 and how the CNN referred to them as “Fiery, but mostly peaceful protests.” Like in Kenosha, where several businesses and homes were burnt to ground in the wake of the medias portrayal of a child rapist resisting arrest and attempting draw a weapon on police officers who failed to overwhelm him non-lethally. We were shown those riots in great detail during the sham trial against Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted on all of the absurd counts put against him. Yet, Joe Biden, while running for President called Rittenhouse a “White Supremacist” for defending his father business and property, putting out fires started by rioters, cleaning up the graffiti and other damage done by rioters and after three days of the police doing nothing, some rioters were after blood. They found it, but it was their own.

I use Kenosha as an example because it ties perfectly with the Christmas Parade Killer who, after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, sped through a parade of men women and children killing six with many others in critical condition. He had often posted about committing violence against whites on social media and also admitted that he was a pedophile, which is sensible because he had previously been convicted for human trafficking. There are whispers on MSM. No real coverage about this obvious race driven mass murderer. Imagine if a white man, with a social media account filled with racist trash, had zig zagged his pickup truck through a parade of black children. Do you think the media would mention that in great detail? Do you think that would be in the news cycle for 24 hours or 24 months? The critical race theory, victimized mindset is a symptom of the Munchausen by proxy and when the media swells up a racist narrative when a police officer and a black man have a negative interaction and broadcasts it everywhere 24/7, beating the racist war drum, you get psychopaths who follow those false narratives that snap and feel like they need to commit violence against white people to appease their engendered distress.

It is my opinion that this has been done to amp up racial division to the point of bloody conflict. The world is at war, the people just hasn’t figured it out yet. It’s a psychological and spiritual attack on our consciousness in order to terrify, demoralize and depress us so we just give ourselves up with them having to physically invade us. The UN and the Chinese and corporate consortium of international stakeholders know that Americans will resist foreign occupation, but by collapsing our financial system for decades and our small economies with covid protocol, waging endless wars on our dime and our karma, they have swelled government, shrunk liberty and sent America down the economic latrine, so they can pose as our saviors with a world government and world currency.

How could this happen? How could our own institutions betray us? The answer is simple; we allowed them to. This multigenerational, Bolshevik infiltration and subversion took them time, true, but Communism never sleeps and it was said by Karl Marx that infiltration would be the method used to eventually destroy the United States as a democratic Constitutional Republic from within and they nearly have. The only issue is, with every day that passes, more and more of us are waking up and joining a consciousness of love and compassion and empathy, where we can transcend our physicality and take part in the true spiritual revolution that is happening around the world. The next human renaissance is on the verge of fully manifesting and that is why this tyrannical evil is now pressing it’s advance to curate and divert our renaissance into a system of total control, total surveillance and, in the end, total death for the natural spirit of humanity. A Matrix.

The way we win is by sharing the message and helping people see the 35,000 foot view, so they are able to depattern their minds, reconnect to their true identity and break the system of hypnosis that is blocking them from an eternity in the cosmos and cementing them in the third dimension for perpetuity. Or you can ignore the man behind the curtain and remain focused on the terrifying illusion he offers you.


Forecast: Earth

As dawn dances among creation, you can hear the loud scream pronounced by the parrots majestically posing on the palm trees.

The golden man levitates aboveground, showing all of his glory at the pace of the beat of the rhythm of the song played by the great chorus of colorful feathered beings, the same ones who fly high trying to reach his height. The palettes of vibrations intonating a guttural sound that is born in the throat of the golden man, he says the words only the Mother and the Father can understand, but makes the ground softly shake. Frequency of freedom moving the bright sand as waves carefully caress seashore, foam covering harmoniously until more water comes slowly dancing.

As morning passes the baton to mid-day, a spectacular creature walks around the jungle’s trees, incredible and wild –often called beast, but it’s heart roars beautifully in kindness.

The sound of the waterfall resonates as an echo reaching up, lifting the veils of lies, cleansing the energies that no longer serve the wide open space, gently mixing with the wind fueled by the freshest air. The golden man listens to their song, rejoicing, gratitude filling his whole being as he knows everything is about to become better than it was seconds ago. Father and Mother, both come walking barefoot speaking words of truth.

As noon almost touches evening, bees cross path with butterflies, flowers bloom and trees grow at the speed of light, incredibly connected to the main Source of life.

Fields filled with millions and billions of amazing colors, one brighter than the other. Body shapes so unique, skins so soft and green, and others look some type of brown; just like copper looks before and after water. The visit of the great couple, Mother and Father, making every petal glow blooming flowers as their stems look beautiful, just as the big leafy trees that grow fruits as they flow with the highest energies.

As dusk arrives, the most interesting beings come out to be ready when the young lady comes out.

The golden hour of the golden man just passed by a few minutes ago, he brings corn and bread to welcome the young lady. As the bright pretty silver lady comes out, revealing herself to the crowds, the starts shine the brightest light, and she receives the blessing from the Mother and the Father. She dances with the clouds as they come to kiss her hand greeting her wonderfully made shape and light.

As you come to embrace who you are; Father will give you the wisdom that you need, Mother will give you the blessing of fertility. They will bless you endlessly, just as they bless beautiful nature, as one. Creator and Creation.

e a r t h

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Slicing the Twisted Agenda: part five

There are uncountable colors all around us that are the result of many colors mixing creating shapes for our eyes to have a visual, since we were children we have been attracted to different color palettes, mostly to the ones that have intense vivid tones. We learn that colors are categorized, and that there is a chromatic circly we may use to learn how this categories adjust. Primary, secondary, complementary, cold and warm, but we are never told which are the true colors people refer to when they say, “Show your true colors,” or something similar. It is not until we are around our teen or young adult years that we figure this out, and it usually comes with a disappointment caused by someone else’s words or actions.

It has caught my attention how social media continue to find new ways to keep people trapped in an unconscious addiction to it. The new goal is to become famous even if they are doing something really stupid, which just proves how much the Machine ha dumbed them through their messages. The fact that children receive a tablet or smartphone before they even become one year old is ridiculous, how come even an unborn baby has an account in one of the most famous social media platforms? That baby never asked the parents to be exposed since they were in the womb, but who cares, mom and dad are proud to post it anyway. Daily challenges are out with people exposing themselves dancing or even saying silly stuff, talking about themselves as if someone asked them about their personal lives. And do not take me wrong, it takes a lot for a person to go public on personal matters, but at this point I think people is doing it for the likes, follows and to have that post that goes viral. People love this superficial attention, even if it lasts just for a minute, even if it is bad attention, they crave it, so it does not matter what it takes them to hit those likes. The sad true about this is, people follow and like content where children are being exposed in diapers or underwear, in situations that are not funny; for example a baby that looks not older than three years old trying to twerk in front of a table. Everyone laughs and cheers at it, but do the parents of those children, or even the ones finding it cute know what is really going on? Raising the generation of the ones who will stand for degeneration.

The stupid hours people spend scrolling down while they could be doing something more productive are going up with the pass of the days, and that is their idea. The plan is to keep you trapped in there, watch other people’s content, maybe feel like doing what others do, become a slave of social media and go trending. Will this really mean you are learning something? Because while all the most popular content on the internet are meaningless things, the mindful ones are being set a side because what they do is not funny or is not sex related. The so called attention whores appear here and there, and every f@?#! where, and your eyes are exposed to these people’s contents unnecessarily, and just as you as an adult are exposed to it, children and teens are too because not many parents seem to care about parental control or monitoring their children. This generation is being raised by technology, because their parents are either too afraid of taking the lead of teaching their children or are too comfortable being distracted by their TV, computer, tablet or smartphone. Dumb getting dumber to be unable of help their little ones not to end up as dumb as adults are.

The technology they have offered to us is programed to fool us, to make us zombies, to condition us to accept robots replacing humans and to approve transhumanism without protesting about it. They have been working, as with many other things, to manipulate us in their plan. Movies and commercials, all the lies moving in front of our eyes. The perfect hypnosis technique, keeping everyone away from what really matters. Monitoring you, keeping track of each of your moves. Follow their narratives and you will not be censored.

Is ‘showing your true colors’ following trends, exposing yourself as everyone else or selling yourself through social media? Are you really living your life or are you living their lies? You have been falling into a spiral with the color palettes they have adapted you to see. You have been thinking you are being yourself while all you do is following what others tell you is cool through the content you look at every day. Spending hours wasting your day. Allowing children to respect more technology than yourself. When will the madness stop? Are you willing to let them replace you with a bot? I know there is so much more than just social media platforms telling you how to live your life.


Will Fauci be the First Domino to Fall or just the next Oswald?

The NIH confirmed today that Anthony Fauci lied to the US Senate about funding ‘coronavirus gain of function research’ at the Wuhan lab in China, but is he taking the fall for a greater evil?

The NIH is yet another domino to fall against Anthony Fauci regarding his role in the Covid-19 pandemic, more specifically, his direct orders to create a chimera virus that was transmittable between animals and humans. But, when you know Fauci is just a henchman, a pawn in a larger game, would his prosecution really be enough? Or would he be a sacrificial lamb, offered to the people as payment for a betrayal beyond reckoning? My appraisal is, yes.

With Gates’ departure from the scene, Fauci has largely been left to carry the burden of selling their scheme to the American Congress. Only Rand Paul has proven to be of any resistance. Though his voice is largely unheard by the general public, he lays task to his fellow representatives and those, like Anthony Fauci, who feel they are beyond reproach. The only issue is, Paul doesn’t go far enough.

Why Rand Paul only acknowledges the entry level infractions is a question to all of us. He is not a fool, but as we see, time and time again, Republicans fail to attack the real issues, and Paul is no different, but it is in my opinion that Rand Paul believes he can win the the slow game against the globalist deep state. Maybe he’s right, but I believe the People need to act and they need to act now, because the time for reconciliation is passing and humanity’s future hangs in the balance. Fauci has been caught lying time and time again, but will accountability ever reign?

The two party system has failed the People and only the unanimous recognition of this systematic failure by the People, will enable the People to move forward in an honest and morally prudent way. First, and foremost, we must hold criminals like Fauci, Gates and the United Nations accountable for their transgressions against the free people of this world. Second, the people must stand together under the banner of national self governance and universal human rights, based upon the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Without a populous driven government, there can be no freedom. We hold these truths to be self evident. Third, we must require term limits on all representatives and Senators much as we do the President. Fourth, lobbying must be abolished and business must be left to fend for itself, without the helping hand of elected officials.

America is a trailblazer and the time has come for us to stand up in support of the world. This time by saying NO to big business and crony capitalism, the heart of which lies within our own land. We must kill it here first so that we all may reap the benefits. Rest assured, we will kill the snake. And humanity as a whole will prosper because of it.


The Putrid Mentality of the Left Handed Path

The Kraken is wide awake, sound schemes created by the Machine to keep it up. Ashes flying through the winds that travel from south to north, west to east, in the heart of the ocean lava shakes as it’s called to join their theme soundtrack. Voices invoking Mister Grim, as Lady Death dresses her best outfit. The transaction among them; exchanging soul for money and gold, empty satisfaction of a false recognition. Desiring to find love by only practicing lust. All of their dreams smashed turning into dust, as the clock ticks, their skins are covered with dirt.

From the beginning of times, you and I along with all humankind have been attacked in our spirits, hearts and minds. Kingdoms, Kings and Queens, Jesters, Hitmen, Prostitutes, and all the ones in between. War after war, slavery, rapists taking whoever they wanted, silenced and murdered, set falsely free. Money, money in the bags, cashing coins in the bank, printed paper and checks, bogus economy. Pollution of your whole being, as their chemtrails trace lines above people’s heads. One by one, they never seem to be near their fall, anytime someone challenges their authority, they find a new way to bewitch everyone again. The spells of the devil pronounced by religious and political leaders and some celebrities, they dance with darkness as they dress expensive clothes. Fabrics cover the bodies of their sacrifice after they slay the innocent ones.

The introduction of body modifications, reshaping natural to what they believe female and male bodies should look like. Fake breasts, fake butts, fake faces, fake abdominals, fake lips, fake body sizes. The transmutation of their laboratories into operation rooms with licensed surgeons, their small experiments applied on the population. Look at how easy they all are falling, propaganda through television and magazines, the song they played on the radio about how proud a woman should feel about having fake body fillings, that is what men like, they say. Empty are the messages in the lyrics they sing along in every song. Men being taught how delicious it is to be with multiple women, it is not about love what they are learning, is about how superior they would be if practicing sex with two women or more. Nothing is filling the blanks in people’s hearts, their brains filled with everything that goes against natural human law.

Look at them, walking those designer shoes, as they step on the streets they feel like the famous ones. Some say they skipped meals to be able to afford those. As the sun goes down, people were taught to feel braver, so that they could do all the things they have seen in pornography and have read in the magazines. Find someone in the club, the one next to you in the bar, grab the person and do the dirty dance on them tonight. Later do not complain if aids now live in your system, that would be stupid to do, after all unprotected with the stranger will make you look better in your circle. And don’t worry, if you happen to now carry a baby, the machine says you can kill it because after all, there is no life there even when it already breathes energy from above. The man who slept with the several ladies that night will not remember who carries his seed now, he was too busy becoming what he has learned from the marketing and propaganda he has been exposed to since he was a young boy.

People confusing ego for self-love, thinking they are so superior and above in society. Someone hit the follow, spammed with likes, commented some hearts, sent a direct message; perversion confused as attraction that could turn into love. Every move so measured, the programming of the mind to lose connection with your heart making you forget about your soul. Designed to be a free spirit, ended giving their free will up. Oh my dear, you have been tricked into the web of lies, trapped in a fictional room of loneliness while the universe is waiting for you to set free. When will you realize you have been lied to?

New Era they say, New Age they say, New World Order they have planned. In your head, you know why you cannot sleep at night. In your heart, you know why you cannot rest when you are supposed to. In your soul, you know why you cannot run away easily from the illusional grid. Storm covered labyrinth, thunders breaking dry trees, the ground shaking, and your feet running feeling fear. They shaped you through their programming propaganda, turning you as soulless as they are. Fake empathy teachings, fake bravery shown though screens, acid flavored demonic tears. A jar filled with the bullshit they feed you with. Double meaning messages, their double standard shown, a mountain of empty stolen dreams, your hopes disappearing as you give yourself fully to your unseen master.

Threesome here, threesome there, group sex, one man with many women, one woman with many men, nonconsensual sex, pedophilia. But hey, that is okay, it is what they sell. Go around wearing your nice new dress as you hold the hand of the suited man, or maybe start holding hands with another woman; or maybe mister will start holding hands with a man. That is okay, it is what they sell. Poly relationships, poly sex. Pan, pan, spread some shit on top of the bread. Remember children, aberrations are accepted and applauded, the more you practice their programming, the better society will look at you. Men are allowed to dress like women; women are allowed to dress like men. Women are stepped on with the same heels men feel being pushed on their throats. It is the sex wars of the century, inject yourself with some botox, get the jab, lift some weights. Forget about yourself, become a machine’s branded Barbie doll hanging out with Ken dolls. They turned you into someone really dumb.

As the broken old toys found in the garbage can, converting you into a piece of old dirty fabric. They throw all of their toxic waste on you, you eat their crap and enjoy it. They have made you have a putrid mentality just like them. They pull your strings as if you were a brainless, empty hearted and soulless puppet, because you have never seen how amazing and divine you are. Their distraction and twisted ways of being have worked perfectly in you. The more you give into it, the less of your pure natural essence exists in you.


False Prophets, Vaccination Segregation and Global Corporate Governance. Are we walking into a Mark of the Beast system?

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.” Revelation 13:16-18

For almost two years the world has been living in a state of media induced hysteria led by the false prophet, Fauci. The constant trumpeting of fear for a virus that has a 98%+ survival rate is beyond ludicrous, it’s offensive. Currently, hundreds of millions of people have been told they are unclean and therefore unable to participate in society without submitting to what appears to be an endless mandate of vaccines, boosters and daily medications. The most disturbing aspect is that a majority of people are willingly submitting to something they don’t understand and, frankly, are ignorant, uninformed and easy to rule.

When you look around the world and see what countries are falling under the harshest restrictions and most abusive behavior by their governments, they are largely countries founded under a western ethos of of human liberty. The most glaring example is Australia, but others like UK, France, Canada and Germany have also stared down the Corporatism Marxist Machine that has introduced itself in the form of Covid-19 protocol. From stay at home orders, the crushing of small businesses, facemasks, the unprecedented quarantining of healthy people and currently vaccine mandates are rolling out in leftist states across the nation.

Globally, ‘Vaccine Passports’ though nearly impossible enforce, for now, are being pushed by everything from diners to airlines. The Biden Administration has announced vaccine mandates for federal works and, allegedly, businesses with 100 or more employees in an executive order signed on September 9, 2021. Based on the fact that the ‘covid vaccine’ skipped human trials and is there fore ‘experimental’, this mandate is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code.

It is bad enough for them to force an experimental treatment on what they have determined to be ‘high risk workers’, (who are actually just workers with natural immunity), but to then extend that to the general public is criminal. Denying citizens the right to purchase food is the resurrection of Jim Crow segregation and demanding vaccination is beyond the pale. Those citing ancient Supreme Court rulings from the much despised ‘eugenics era’ of federal legislation are utterly flawed in their logic and bankrupt in their morality.

Vaccine Passports are just a doorway into tyranny. The founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, former head of the Bilderberg Group and author of, Covid-19 The Great Reset, has publicly claimed the W.E.F. is ‘targeting democracies’ in order to set up a ‘stakeholder’ based government, where corporate boards decide policy for citizens and elected officials will operate as ceremonial figureheads. Individual votes will count for nothing. Only the CEO will decide the direction of our world.

If that weren’t bad enough, Klaus, a known transhumanist, has other ideas in mind for humanity, such as a implanted microchip which would merge our physical, biological and digital selves:

We all want to point fingers at Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci and rightfully so, but Schwab is another head of the same beast. Vaccine mandates are the first step into a digital, social registration or credit score and medical qualification for individual participation in the economy. In other words, you cannot buy or sell unless you have received a qualification from the government, effectively creating what the Christian Bible has described as a Mark of the Beast system.


There are many interpretations of the book of Revelation or the Apocalypse of John. Many scholars agree that Revelation is not simply an abstract spiritual allegory divorced from historical events, nor merely a prophecy concerning the final upheaval at the end of the world, couched in obscure language. Rather, it deals with a contemporary crisis of faith, probably brought on by Roman persecutions. The thing is, Rome never died. A small example is the Club of Rome , which is one of the roundtables that have long been quarterbacking the assault against the American Republic and the western world at large and, as we all know, the Romans also crucified Jesus, yet, Rome, more specifically, the Vatican, is arguably the central authority of Christianity, or at the very least Catholicism, the original gatekeeper of Christianity.

If you have followed my writing or the few who have accurately blueprinted the road before us, than you know that NGO’s, religious institutions, medical institutions, banking institutions, bureaucratic administrators, CEO’s from big tech and big pharma and, of course, our loyal representatives in government have coordinated and orchestrated the Rockefeller Foundations, Operation Lockstep in response to the China virus, Covid-19 pandemic. The results of those actions created the largest transfer of wealth and power in history.

So where does the physical mark on the head or hand come into play? Some scholars say the mark is an allegory for a person who’s mind and actions are devoted to the beast and the mark is really a submission to it’s power and will. However there is overwhelming evidence that supports the idea of a physical mark in order to buy or sell, such Microsoft patent WO2020060606 introduced and implantable blockchain cryptocurrency system that basically monitors your physical movement while completing a task to mine cryptocurrency and based on certain parameters, will award the user with cryptocurrency. When the dollar is finally destroyed and a global currency introduced, you can rest assured that it will be crypto.

Another glaring example is an implantable quantum dot vaccine delivery system being developed by Bill Gates and MIT:

Mark of the Beast?
Quantum Dots
Luciferase Enzyme

Supposedly, the system would not only store your personal biometrics, but would also work as a vaccine delivery system through the implanted microneedle glass and nanotechnology. The key enzyme being named after Lucifer, is strictly coincidental. At the end of the day, the mark may be as simple as a QR code branded into your forehead! Never underestimate the unostentatious methods of evil.

Covid-19 was created to be highly contagious and impossible to cure, much like the flu, but the added gain of function and merging of multiple viruses make Covid-19 something the world has never seen and something our Malthusian overlords have been waiting for. But how is it possible for all of these ‘independent’ entities to coordinate something this nefarious and on such a grand scale? Follow the money.

At a glance it’s easy to identify that Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street are financing not only the vaccine, but all the major social media outlets as well, not to mention Military Industrial Complex puppets like Halliburton. These three stakeholder groups are collectively worth over $15 TRILLION. It should be no surprise that the boards of these companies are filled with former Monsanto CEO’s, major chemical company heads and are a virtual who’s who of the global corporate elite. Elizabeth Warren referred to the trio as ‘too big to fail’ and that specific mentality is what leads to a different set of rules being created to curry the success of a specific groups, institutions and corporations. Remember Obama’s nearly $17T ‘commitment’ to Wall Street in 2008? Or the $23B gifted to the UAW in 2009 so the Chrysler and GM didn’t have to declare themselves bankrupt, because they were ‘too big to fail’. Apparently, to the Washington elite, the only thing not too big to fail are the American people.

As the downward spiral continues, I urge all of you to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. But mark my words, the day when the remaining free people of this world will have to stand their ground is drawing near. There is no greater mountain to die on then that of your own personal liberty, but let’s face it, the majority of the western world has become soft in the middle, morally and intellectually complacent and utterly helpless without the assistance of talking points distributed by the corporate owned media. In 2021, the average American is dependent on convenience, deficient in independence, and soon they will have neither. In 2030, unless we change the course of events, America will cease to exist and the last beacon of freedom in this world will blink out forever.

TBC…this is only the tip of the iceberg.


Slicing the Twisted Agenda: part four

Harry Styles, the dude for which Candace Owens was saying last year that men should wear pants because of his photos wearing a dress or skirt, (I really don’t recall which of both were, but the thing is he wasn’t wearing a pant). This guy is being used the same way Lil Nas X is. They are tools to promote the decomposition of the male figure. Yes, it is true that in the past it was common for men to used skirts, the same applies to heeled shoes -which were actually created for the kings. However, coming back to today, the fact that they are being used with the same purpose but one creates more controversy than the other is just truly stupid.

Harry Styles is a man whose skin is white, Lil Nas X is a man whose skin is black. Both wear dresses and pink, they appear in different photoshoots imitating the female figure through the clothing they wear, the colors they use, and other things. Of course each of them transmit the message at a different level; the guy with the white skin has to look a little bit more conservative than the guy with the black skin, so that the narrative of black people being marginals and white people being stylized. They hit different targets of people, and obviously different levels of mindsets. Why are they so admired for doing what they do?
Their agenda is to destroy the family tree as its been since the beginning of times, which is composed by a straight man and a woman. The connection between a man and a woman is the perfect design, only they can procreate, reproduce. Since their plan is to stop people from reproducing, they need homosexuals and lesbians -and now nonbinary people, so that they can be used to sell an image and a message which translates in brains as something like, “the new trend, what is cool, and how things are supposed to be.” Selling messages of confusion, messages of false empowerment, messages of a fake better society. Telling people overpopulation is a thing going on, and abortion should be the new fashion among teens and young adults, of course not telling how AIDS can be contracted through unprotected sex, but a baby is an their solution is to kill the new life coming to Earth. However, besides being lied to, the system has really used their tools and strategies right, and I have to recognize how well these people have developed their agenda.

Furthermore, besides having the two celebrities I mentioned before, they use women to sell a message of sexual liberation, in which they make women think believe it is okay to be showing their butts, boobs, their bodies fully naked to the internet. It is a boost to make a young woman think of owning an account in certain apps, so that they can earn money from their “sexiness” or “beauty.” Also men are inspired to become one of these people, to show their gym bodies, butts and penises. The sex industry, the twisted sex slaves of the internet; the ones who thought porn was impossible to do until they were introduced to making it too in a very easy way. Inciting people to practice things that are not the natural way of doing them. Beyond making you thinking that I may somehow be judging people for doing any of this things, I just want to point out that, there are things that are not natural and they have sold them to you as if they are. Probably they back their messages up by Freud’s teachings.

Until today, all I can feel is more disgusted by how they have been shaping people into abandoning they beautiful dream of having a partner for life and children, a family that belongs to the Natural Law of human beings.

The way they have corrupted everyone into thinking they are better by their own diving into loneliness they sell, or that they are better giving their bodies away to everyone freely, not caring for their self mental and emotional health, is truly terrible. It is pathetic to see how everyone has been set apart from what is beautiful and fulfilling. 


Mandala Making

Mandalas are a geometric construction that end up shaping some type of symbol. There are spiritual traditions that use mandalas as a tool to practice focusing their attention, used as guidance to establish a sacred space so that you can enhance a better flow into meditation.

The word mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit language of Hinduism and Buddhism. In their tradition, the geometric design or pattern of mandalas represent the connection with their deities or the cosmos in different heavenly or holy words.

Mandalas also symbolize a person’s spiritual journey, shown through layers, from outside to the inner core. Mandalas are a good exercise to calm your thoughts and find inner peace.

Mandalas are based on a circle, meaning that they all start from that geometrical shape. They may vary depending on culture and religious significance. Mandala designs can be different, it all depends on the person or group of people working on it; the shapes created and colors used can vary too.

Hinduism and Buddhism practitioners create mandalas out of sands of different colors. They work on the creation of it, pantiently building it, when it is finished they either clean it or allow the wind to vanish it.

I personally think that it is a beautiful way to teach your ego there are attachments not as sane as they may seen at times, and also a kind of way to train yourself into finding inner peace.

How to Create a Mandala Step by Step

Materials: white sheet of paper, ruler, pencil, eraser, color pencils, markers, scissor or cacti (optional).

Step One: Make a perfect square on your paper, mine was 7,8 inch x 7,8 inch (20 cm x 20cm). Trace a cross to mark the center of it, and also an ‘x’ from corner to corner if wanted.

Step Two: Using your compass, create as many circles or create shapes with it as you want.

Step Three: Begin to add color as you desire; whether it is from inside out, or from outside in. It depends on how you feel better working on it.

Step Four: Flow into it, focusing your energy, allow yourself you inhale and exhale slowly as if you were entering a meditation state.

Step Five: Erase the pencil lines, and cut your paper if you want to.

Note: Remember you can use any geometrical shape you feel like, you can fill with color using color pencils or markers, or using both as I did here. Use as many colors as you want and add all the details you feel like too.

I hope you enjoy this DIY! Have fun finding yourself, relaxing, finding inner peace through Mandala Making.


Political Brainwash

Born and raised in a country that was once known for oil, and today is known for a Narco-Communist Government. I am talking about Venezuela.

Back in the day, this country located at the north of South America received thousands of immigrants from Europe and America’s continent, giving shelter to those who suffered attacks or poverty in their nations. Venezuela quickly became the home of those who ran from their countries, setting free from the oppression they were living under. Moreover, it is important for me to recognize that hundreds of those people built this nation with hard work, and love. As time passed by, Venezuela’s politics were being threatened by socialist’s movements that were easily indoctrinating many, also the military started to get involved in trafficking channels, making it easier for people to join gangs or cartels that connected as a thread around the continent.
Venezuela, one of the hearts of the Caribbean, started to fade as delinquency grew stronger. Tourism vanished little by little as former President Hugo Chávez dig deeper into the government’s chair. Negative ambition, greed; power to the resented man. Chávez’s friends soon found themselves comfortable applying control into the people, creating a storm like situation. Hugo soon expropriated people’s businesses, started to give poor people money and things for free, including giving some a very small apartment with even smaller windows… a place they do not even pay rent for. Everything in this country turned from colorful to red, and slowly blue started to be seen. Venezuela’s opposition raised, confrontating the government’s rules, speaking loud, but not too loud. Yes, many of them were already sold out to the devil.

Many do wonder, how did a country with so much a rat hole? Well, easy, they turned it into a hole so rats would freely and happily run. Their businesses with trafficking; which are conformed by moving humans and drugs, became their favorite sport to practice. Since honest people’s businesses died, and delinquency was taking people’s lives -even if it was just to get a cellphone from someone’s hands; people decided to run just as the ones their ancestors once received with open arms. Just that for Venezuelans it has been a little different, but that’s not the topic I will talk about.

However, I decided to talk about things that were done in Venezuela as protest, that the people thought were right since the opposition politicians started to use it, and ended up being a subliminal visual and words used as if the People were giving up to their rights.

First, turning your nation’s flag upside down as a protest really means: turning your country upsidedown, which easily translates into more chaos. Second, using images with the fist as resistance; funny that the famous fist has always been used by the socialist and communist, that is like a flag for them. Also, you cannot say to be resisting something bad as it will become more persistent and will remain. Third, I still read people saying they are some kind of ‘patriotic populist‘, do you even know how close populism is to socialism? Fourth, the belief that politicians are doing their work and are doing things right. They are not, otherwise you would not be living the situation you are in your country. Fifth, understand that politicians are attached to the same body; remember right and left are part of the same body.

People may say, then what should I do? Start by not waiting for any politician, political activist or public figure to become your savior. Begin to learn new ways to earn money, as you should be looking forward how to break up with the System. Use any tool to defend yourself and your loved ones when the time comes. Think for yourself, and question everything.

It is time to wake up, to understand how politics really work, and to become braver than ever. 


C.R.T.: Critical disgRace Theory sweeps the country.

This article should have to be more than this: ‘Anyone who believes race determines an individuals worth in life, is only worthy of death.’ But, sadly, I need continue. Reverse racism has transgendered into a mutant monster they call CRT, or Critical Race Theory, which literally translates to, ‘Self-Victimizing Inverse Mandatory Primal-bigotry’, or S.I.M.P. S.I.M.P members are highly dedicated and easily provoked. S.I.M.P’s are also known for throwing feces and infecting you with AIDS.

Critical race theory is full of more holes than Tupac and The View. It holds as much value as a Weinstein Co. in 2020. It’s garbage. No one really believes that white people are inherently born evil, do they? Their whiteness makes them inherently evil? That makes about as much sense as Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Have you learned nothing? Race doesn’t determine value, investments do. If you aren’t rich already, you’ll never be rich. You’re one of us. You’re expendable. If you are rich, well, you have a millstone that the poor are waiting to hang on your neck.

Think about race and then think about money. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab aren’t sending me a check. I’m lucky if I can find a job that offers a 401k, not that it’s worth a shit. There are a hundred African princes that have enough money to spam my email once a week, but I can’t get a job without experience. I will spam you if that what it takes, just pay me.

I digress. Anyone who subscribes to C.R.T. is literally shit-for-brains. Most rational people would say you are, ‘human garbage’ or incapable of ‘rational thought’. How completely vacant is it to believe that someone is less than you, simply because they have a different skin color? I mean, that’s like believing someone is different because they have more money, or more lawn equipment, or a higher stake in Halliburton, I mean look at Colin Powell and Barack Obama, they’re sort of black.

Race is literally meaningless, unless you’re a racist, or a comedian. It has no place in political influence or government. Racism belongs in the midden heap of history and commentary like my own, because it is much more effective to judge people on what they can do, rather than who their dad decided to have sex with.

Oh yeah, that critical race bullshit. I don’t hold much stock in that. Black, white, brown, yellow, whatever the color of your skin, you have been screwed. Yes. You have been screwed over. Even if you traversed the underground railroad, you emerged on the other side to find freedom in a system. You are sort of free, but not really. At the end of the day, you’re gonna’ pay too. Welcome to the white slave system. Yeah, it’s voluntary, but also not.

The word Slave comes from Slav, which, yeah, I know, makes sense, but most mouth-breathing idiots assume that only black Americans have been slaves. No. The name literally comes from Slav, who were the defacto, white slaves. They just weren’t as white as everyone else, I guess. Or maybe they were more white, I don’t know. The jury is still out. Either way, white people were as much enslaved as anyone else in those days, as it was the fashion. Did it suck? Yes.

But the systematically racist system seems far fetched when you yourself, supposedly the benefactor of the system, are still poor and unrepresented. It’s unfair and unrealistic. Whitey is equally as broke and bitter as anyone. It’s the wealthy that rule the poor, not the white. Sure, many of them are as white as the driven snow, but it’s not JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE that they rule over us, they are white, wealthy and cousins with a Jew!


Researchers find Quercetin Induces Autophagy against Protein Aggregations. May treat Alcoholic liver disease and Alzheimer’s.

Researchers from Osaka University in Japan, have recently discovered that quercetin, a component of the traditional Chinese herbal medicine tartary buckwheat extract, can induce autophagy and aggrephagy in skin and liver cells. These findings may have implications for the treatment of diseases associated with protein aggregation, such as alcoholic liver disease and Alzheimer’s.

Oddly enough, quercetin, is also a part of Dr. Zilenko’s recommended regiment. Seeds like quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat that have been used for centuries in traditional cuisine are having a trendy moment in culinary circles as alternatives to wheat and other grains.

In a study published last month in Antioxidants, researchers from Osaka University revealed that an ingredient in Chinese buckwheat liquor, which contains various herbal medicine extracts, can induce autophagy, a process that cells use to clean up proteins that are damaged or no longer needed.

Autophagy plays an important role in diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, so finding a way to encourage this process is a topic of considerable interest. Herbal substances are an intriguing potential source of compounds that could be used in this type of treatment.

“We already knew that tartary buckwheat liquor, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine, can decrease antioxidants in mice, and that it has some antibacterial effects,” explains lead author of the study Sumiko Ikari. “What we wanted to find out in this study is whether it also affects autophagy.” To explore this possibility, the researchers treated epithelial (skin) cells and liver cells with tartary buckwheat extract and looked at how different fluorescent markers of autophagy responded.

“The results clearly showed that tartary buckwheat induces autophagy in epithelial cells,” states Takeshi Noda, senior author. “We found that treating cells with the extract stimulated the formation of autophagasomes, specialized cellular structures that carry out autophagy, and altered the location of proteins involved in regulating autophagy.”

Upon examining specific components of tartary buckwheat extract, the researchers found that one component, quercetin, had the same effects as the extract. What’s more, both tartary buckwheat extract and quercetin prompted liver cells to clean up protein aggregates through a process known as aggrephagy.

“Our findings suggest that tartary buckwheat extract and quercetin induce not only autophagy, but also aggrephagy,” says Ikari. Given that protein aggregates in liver cells are closely linked to alcoholic liver disease, these findings suggest that quercetin could be a useful treatment for patients with this condition. It may also hold promise for treatment of other diseases associated with protein aggregation, such as Alzheimer’s and Covid-19.

Natural sources of quercetin include:

  • grapes
  • berries
  • cherries
  • apples
  • citrus fruits
  • onions
  • buckwheat
  • broccoli
  • kale
  • tomatoes
  • red wine
  • black tea

Quercetin is also present in herbal remedies, such as ginkgo biloba and St John’s wort and is available in powder and pill supplement form.


A Pandemic of the Vaccinated?

‘Science Denier’ has become the most popular slur to used by the State to gaslight people hesitant to take a experimental treatment for an experimental virus. That or ‘Anti-Vaxer’ or ‘Super Spreader’ or any number of things, some less savory than others. Nonetheless, nearly every media outlet has parroted this hateful rhetoric via news, talk shows, late shows, radio broadcasts, podcasts, sporting events, supermarkets, and so on and so on. All of this this promotion is meant to accomplish one thing; Pressure the unvaccinated into getting vaccinated.

If the vaccine (gene therapy) were actually needed as an effective and sought out lifesaving treatment, the powers that be wouldn’t have to market it so strongly for people to take it. If Covid-19 were the Black Plague, I don’t think you would have a hard time convincing the population to accept any treatment available. Unfortunately, the narrative sold on television and what your own senses reveal to us are not adding up.

In several cases we have seen infection rates raise in correlation with vaccination rates. Take Gibraltar, who as on June 1st 2021, were 99% vaccinated, within a four weeks the amount of cases doubled. Within six weeks they had risen by more than ten times.

Israel (above) has much of the same trouble. As one of the most vaccinated countries against Covid-19, you would think they would have the lowest rates of infection and death, right? Isn’t that what an effective vaccine does? Prevent someone from dying or spreading the disease? Or at least one of the two? These vaccines do neither and a case can be made that they actually do the opposite.

CDC admits breakthrough infections occur. 07/30/2021

In an interview posted on cleavelandclinic.org, Dr. Lyssette Cardona, MD, when asked if the vaccinated could still spread Covid-19 she said “While it is possible that the ability to transmit COVID-19 may occur at a lower rate. This could also be a reality for people who don’t have a good immune response to vaccines.” Which is as close to an admission as you could hope, but there are better sources.

NPR reported in late July that the C.D.C. admitted that vaccinated could spread the ‘delta variant’, supposedly the worst of all variants. Reports are reports, but it’s a good thing the psychopaths have shown us exactly what they are doing to achieve this ‘vaccine shedding’.

The vaccine produces many trillions of particles of spike proteins in the recipient. Patients who are vaccinated can shed some of these (spike protein) particles to close contacts. The particles have the ability to create inflammation and disease in these contacts. In other words, the spike proteins are pathogenic (“disease causing”) just like the full virus. What is most worrisome is that a person’s body is being suddenly flooded with 13 trillion of these particles and the spike proteins bind more tightly than the fully intact virus. Because of the biomimicry (similarity) on the spike, shedding appears to be causing wide variety of autoimmune disease (where the body attacks its own tissue) in some persons. Worldwide cases of pericarditis, shingles, pneumonia, blood clots in the extremities and brain, Bell’s Palsy, vaginal bleeding and miscarriages have been reported in persons who are near persons who have been vaccinated. In addition, we know the spike proteins can cross the blood brain barrier, unlike traditional vaccines.

That’s why mRna vaccines are different and why it matters that there have been no long term trials. The arrogance of science has no limits. Or politicians, Gavin Newsom has now made the Covid-19 lethal injection mandatory for grades K-12 in California, despite evidence of extreme cardiovascular issues, even death, in children and teen’s who have received the vaccine. Keep in mind, any adverse reactions that occur within 14 days of receiving a jab do not count as happening to a vaccinated individual. The statistical misinformation cycle can’t keep a cork on this one for long; The vaccinated are prolonging, strengthening and perpetuating the spread of Covid-19, not the unvaccinated.

Natural immunity is superior to gene therapy and as we approach a potentially dark winter, remember that you are a sovereign human being and have unlimited potential in your natural state. Do not give into fear or subversion. You will survive and you will thrive.


Slicing the Twisted Agenda: part three

During the past months, we have been attacked as a society by misinformation about how our health should be managed. The Machine has been doing everything in their power to keep people separated from having a more natural lifestyle. First by spreading a virus to be able to lock people in their houses, keeping them apart from outdoors and human contact. Then by selling the idea of an injection as a cure that is deadlier than the virus they let out the laboratory. It is honestly despicable and evil to do this to humankind. As the days go by, they continue to ban and suspend from social media platforms anyone who dares to speak against their narrative, even if it is just by mentioning something like; ‘immune system’. It makes you wonder, what is so threatening about talking about something as self-care and health? Demonizing the good intentions of some, they have fueled a fearful message to trap some others into lies. That is their only way to take people to death easily.

What is the Immune System? The immune system is your biological process which work is to protect your organism from getting diseases. Your immune system is separated in three parts which are: innate, adaptive, and passive. The innate immunity system is the body’s first line of defense against germs entering in your body. The adaptive immunity system is also known as acquired immunity or specific immunity; this immunity is found in vertebrates only, it responds to specific presented pathogens; also its response is meant to attack non-self pathogens. The passive immunity system is provided when a person is given antibodies to a disease instead of being produced by a person’s own immune system; a baby gets passive immunity from the mother’s placenta. The immune system is composed by seven parts, five major and two minor, these are: white blood cells, antibodies, the complement system, the lymphatic system, the spleen, the thymus and the bone marrow. In case you do not know what each of this things are or what they are responsible of, I will hand you some basics about it. Your white blood cells help your body to fight infections and other diseases; the types of white blood cells are granulocytes, monocytes and lymphocytes. Your antibodies are known as immunoglobulin too, it is a large “Y” shaped protein the immune system uses to identify and neutralize foreign things like bacteria and viruses. Your complement system is called complement cascade too, is a part of the immune system that enhances the ability of antibodies and phagocytic cells to clear microbes and damaged cells from an organism. Your lymphatic system is a network of tissues, vessels and organs that work together to move a colorless, watery fluid called lymph back into your circulatory system. Your spleen is a fist-sized organ in the upper left side of your abdomen, next to your stomach, behind your left ribs; it is an important part of your immune system. Your thymus, which is a gland, is in your chest between your lungs; it creates white blood cells to help your immune system fight infections. Your bone marrow is a spongy substance located in the center of your bones; it makes bone marrow stem cells and other substances that produce blood cells. Furthermore, your immune system has three major functions. First, it fights diseases; causing germs like bacteria, viruses or parasites to remove them from the body. Second, it recognizes and neutralizes harmful substances from the environment you could be exposed to. Third, it fights diseases, causing changes in the body; example: cancer cells.

Now, do you think the Machine would use their tools to teach you all of this correctly to help you improve your immune system naturally?

As you may have seen until today, they would not dare to show you any good or positive thing, they cannot risk losing their pharmaceutical business. Your immune system is boosted by vitamins such as vitamin a, vitamin b, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin e, vitamin k, also magnesium, potassium and zinc. You can help your immune system by providing these vitamins through meat, vegetables and fruits; and if you are either a vegetarian or vegan, just skip the meats from the list that I am going to provide you here. If you want to begin to be healthier to keep your immune system on top, keep this advice near you. Foods that contain vitamins, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Vitamin A: Broccoli, Butternut squash, Cantaloupe, Carrots, Lettuce, Pink grapefruit, Red bell pepper, Spinach, Sweet potato, Tuna. Vitamin B: Avocado, Banana, Beef, Lean chicken breast, Lean pork chops, Pistachio nuts, Potato, Salmon, Sweet potato. Vitamin C: Bell pepper, Broccoli, Guava, Kale, Kiwi, Orange, Papaya, Snow peas, Strawberry, Tomato. Vitamin D: Cereal, Crimini mushroom, Egg, Milk, Orange, Pork chops, Yogurt. Vitamin E: Almond, Avocado, Broccoli, Butternut squash, Kiwi, Olive oil, Shrimp, Spinach, Sunflower seeds, Trout. Vitamin K: Asparagus, Broccoli, Brussel sprout, Cabbage, Green beans, Kale, Kiwi, Lettuce, Okra, Pickled cucumber. Magnesium: Almond, Avocado, Banana, Brown rice, Dark chocolate, Lima beans, Pumpkin seeds, Spinach, Squash, Tuna, Yogurt. Potassium: Acorn squash, Avocado, Banana, Beet greens, Large white beans, Milk, Potato, Salmon, Tomato, White button mushroom. Zinc: Beef, Chicken leg, Hemp seeds, Lean pork chops, Lentils, Oatmeal, Oyster, Shiitake mushroom, Yogurt.

Besides having a good and healthy diet, you can practice activities such as going outdoors, receiving direct contact of sun rays, spend time with loved ones, practice a sport or yoga, meditation, keeping a journal, sleeping enough, laugh often, develop a hobby. Focus on creating new healthy habits, keep your self-esteem boosted by applying repeating positive affirmations, clean your mind and heart from things that no longer serve you, and also stay away from people who do not add positivism in your life. Your immune system is backed not only by all the things I have mentioned on this post, remember it is also feed by your emotions and the way you flow each day. Be mindful and kind to your being as much as possible.

Remember, they do not want you healthy, but your soul and spirit does want you to live a healthy life. I hope the information here serves you good and helps you become a Twisted Agenda’s Slicer too! 


Inner Seasons

There is an endless ocean that flows from within your being, at the center, right there where everlasting love is born and sets free.

Fields of flowers and plants that grow as light touches your heart, sun rays illuminating the trees in the forest of knowledge.

Hues of unknown colors that only you third eye have seen.

Hope dances to the beat of your soul.

Orchestras have never played such a good song before, unique sounds that only can be heard through your spirit.

A crown that only fits your head, crystal petals surrounding it.

The gift of breathing, the blessing of self healing.

Leaves changing colors, stronger tree trunks.

Snow flakes refreshing the summer breeze, enchanting nature as it only knows how to.

Creatures growing out of Creation the natural law of the Creator.

Vivid emotions from living each of your dreams.

Watering earth with fire hearted air.

Metallic glow in the unknown fantastic landscape where your being wanders in higher realms.

Peaceful silence that calms any storm.

You were made with love, for love, in love, to be love.


Disconnect to Connect

Sip, sip of your coffee mug, that sweet taste that fills your being with bliss. Light it, hit it, the smoke that goes up and helps you flow free. Disconnect for a moment, leave your worries behind, dive deep into this travel that allows you to feel yourself again. Inhale, slowly, hold it, and exhale, connecting to the water falls of divinity. Turn your inner light on, shine as bright as you let your being overflow into the dynamic of pureness. High vibrations surrounding you, the tender touch of creation setting you free from low frequencies. There you go, closing your eyes to feel the beat of your heart, breathing so easily. Feel the breeze coming from the mountains, touching your skin pores. Listen to the oven waves, cleansing your being. Color palettes of freedom, harmony and love hugging you from the Universe. All the hues and sounds from the Creator touching your mind, your heart and your soul. The greatest feeling, becoming a better version of yourself, as you let go what used to haunt you. Fears being destroyed, just as the crystal glass you dropped once. Your ego, you cannot listen because you are gone to evolving and becoming a brighter star. And so it goes, as all things go, your renewed being elevating getting closer to freedom away from the noise of negativity. As you open your eyes again, you know it, you will never be the same.