Going ‘small batch’ can be an escape for the unvaccinated.

With authoritarianism sweeping the globe in the wake of covid-19 driven hysteria, we have to ask ourselves if the cost of doing business in a medically regulated society is worth the benefits that society provides. A mask, while mildly offensive and irritating, is one measure of precaution that wouldn’t be too much to ask were they actually effective. However, mandating an emergency authorized treatment with little or no research to support it’s safety and efficacy, is not only unethical, it’s illegal.

I 100% believe that we have a choice, as an individual, to decide what we put in our bodies. If taking the shot seems like a good idea, I would suggest looking into how mRNA treatments work and how they differ from what we would think of as a traditional vaccine. If you have informed yourself and still choose to take the Pfizer or Moderna shots, that is your right as a human being. If you choose not to take any treatment for covid-19, that’s your right as a human being. There is no governing official or agency that posses a legal authority to enforce vaccine mandates. None. But most people don’t know that they have a choice.

So how can we continue on with our normal lives without being subjected to what can only be described as medical tyranny? Many are beginning to talk about alternate societies and an honest, effective counterculture, but in truth, it’s really a return to the foundation of how this country was formed; Hard work, community and self-reliance. Really, it’s about getting back to a small-batch living, disconnecting from the corporate ruled virtual insanity and connecting more with our community, our planet and ourselves.

Countering the corporate-fascist medical takeover won’t be easy and building a legitimate, thriving opposition is going to take time and will certainly face persecution. By now we know that intimidation, threats, coercion, sabotage, are not beyond the megalomaniacs who have launched an attack against democratic systems all over the world. If we are able to thrive at a local level, it will work in our favor and against theirs. If we refuse to do business with anyone demanding you get vaccinated and instead spend that money with local farmers, butchers, etc. Anyone who refuses to cave to the unelected bureaucrats is a friend and ally. That’s where I intend to spend my dollars. (while they still hold value)

Paul and Gwen Belcher offering veggies and flowers at the Midland Community Farmers Market

Start small. Don’t let the idea of a separation process overwhelm you, because it isn’t going to be bad, it’s actually going to be incredibly rewarding in the end. When you know the name of the person who grew your corn, or raised the chicken and eggs you purchased at the farmers market, you are engaging in a symbiotic relationship that creates real growth and stability in the world around you. If you already live this way, the next step is growing your own crops and making your own goods instead of purchasing them from others and so on and so forth. It should be self evident that the more you can do for yourself, the less you need to rely on others. That’s what independence is all about.


It’s going to be a long road home for some of us, but I’m convinced that humanity is up to the challenge. Many of us have already submitted, but nearly 40% of Americans have refused an injection. That’s 165,000,000 people who are most likely not going to submit. I think we’ll be just fine indeed.

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