Biden installed CDC Director Overrules Agency Panel and Recommends Pfizer-BioNTech Boosters for Workers at Risk.

Only in Covidland could a newly installed executor overrule a panel of seasoned experts and physicians to recommend expanded use of a dangerous, experimental, emergency authorized gene therapy. The C.D.C.’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices already recommended the boosters for a wide range of Americans, including tens of millions of older adults and younger people at high risk for the disease. But that wasn’t enough for Dr. Rochelle Walensky, C.D.C. Director since January 20 2021, who moved to align the bureau’s official protocol with that of the FDA.

The C.D.C. advisory committee’s initial recommendation failed to include health care workers, teachers and others whose jobs put them at risk. By overruling this recommendation, Walensky added unwavering authority to The Biden Administration’s campaign to pressure a broad segment of Americans into submitting to boosters. This highly unusual decision will likely be criticized with minimal zeal by mainstream sources, but it’s obvious that politics continue to play a part in Biden’s mishandling of covid-19.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, C.D.C. director

On Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration authorized booster shots for certain frontline workers. But the C.D.C.’s advisers disagreed that the doses were needed by so many healthy people. Experts expect millions are expected to seek out booster shots. In one recent poll, about three-quarters of vaccinated Americans said they would opt for a booster if the doses were available.

Several experts on the C.D.C. panel nevertheless urged a mix-and-match strategy, saying that they could see little reason not to offer a Pfizer-BioNTech booster to someone who qualified but had received, for example, the J. & J. vaccine, despite many experts claiming this can be extremely dangerous. Some members also warned that delivering multiple rounds of booster shots would tax an already burdened health care system.

Only Americans who have already received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine will qualify for booster shots. The panel was not asked to judge whether people who received the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines should receive the additional doses, which have not been authorized by the F.D.A.

Screenshot via Forbes

The C.D.C.’s advisers acted on what they described as scant research, mulling over conflicting data points that seldom pointed in one direction. In the end, admittedly knowing nothing, the panel unanimously endorsed booster shots for adults over 65 and for residents of long-term care facilities

Some members of the committee said there was little evidence to suggest that vaccinated teachers and health care workers were even at risk of repeated exposure to the virus. The decision reflected fears that such a broad recommendation would effectively throw the doors open to an all-adults booster campaign.

Advisers also grappled with a lack of clarity on the goal of the vaccines: Should it be to prevent all infections, or to forestall severe illness and hospitalization? It wasn’t that long ag that the definition of a vaccine was very clear, but over the years, the C.D.C. has redefined the term vaccine, more than once, each time making it sound more and more like a tarot card reading. The truth is, most of the so-called experts don’t really know what they’re doing and the one’s who do have questionable motivations.

Screenshot via CNBC

Many global health experts have criticized the Biden administration for pushing booster shots when much of the world has yet to receive a first dose. But analysts noted that even if the United States distributes booster shots, there should still be considerable excess vaccine supply this year, and they urged the government to begin sending the extra doses abroad.

Considering that the majority of Americans who are unvaccinated will remain that way, sending it abroad is fine with me, although I wouldn’t suggest anyone who hasn’t taken the injection should. Why worry? You made it this far. Besides, the nanoparticle shedding will ensure your infection. Until then, amp up the Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc. If you get infected, seek alternative treatments. The “vaccines” ARE NOT SAFE.

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