Arizona audit exposes rampant discrepancies, but does anybody who matters care?

WE ALL KNEW IT. The thing RINO, piss-ant Republicans call the “Big Lie”. The thing they blocked off observers from witnessing on 11/4/21. The thing they claimed got Donald Trump elected in 2016, but refuse to accept in 2020. THE BIG FAT ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM; Voter Fraud. Or more specifically, coordinated vote manufacturing, duplication and switching.

Whether it was the 4am Biden spike in Michigan or the decision to stop counting votes nationwide or the numerous dead voters that mysteriously resurrected in Pennsylvania, most critical thinkers suspected something was up when Joe Biden netted more votes than Barack Obama while losing Florida, Ohio and all but one bellwether. For the first time in history. Witnessing the theft occur in live time, first hand, made many of us realize that the puppet masters will stop at nothing to achieve their goals and it becomes obvious that no fraud is too big, no lie is too big.

The Democrats stole the election and I assure you, Joe Biden, personally, had a small part in that. He’s been a good little lapdog for the N.W.O., but we all can see that Joe just goes through the motions, he is literally nothing but a husk to prop up in front of a teleprompter. Much like Hillary would have been had she been elected 2016. Due to the rise in Nationalism across the world, multi-national corporations, bankers, NGO’s and special interest groups have coordinated an attack on democratic systems and the free people of independent nations, for which they used Covid-19 as a catalyst. Never let a crisis go to waste, especially one that you create.

In the 2020 election more voters than ever took advantage of mail-in ballots and so did Democrats. Knowing that our system largely depends on in-person voting and was woefully unprepared for wide scale mail in votes and Covid-19 provided the perfect cover for engineering a stolen election. The thing most people overlook is that the Uniparty wants us to know they cheated Americans out of their choice for President. They want us to feel powerless. They want these audits to go forth and accomplish nothing, just to hammer the point home, that YOU DO NOT DECIDE THE DIRECTION OF YOUR FUTURE, stakeholders do.

I’m not a pessimist. Honestly, I’m optimistic about things going forward, but the larger picture shows us that a victory for the people, though possible, will take years, if not decades, and will not be achieved without conflict. Like our ancestors, the few will fight for the many. The few will defy tyranny and overcome. The spirit of freedom and independence will deny all traditions of oppression and control. Humanity will overcome.

BUT, in the meantime, do not expect our elected officials to protect us. Do not expect that we will be saved by our elected represenatives. Expect that you will have to do some work. YOU will have to fight for yourself. YOU will have to fight for your family, friends and neighbors. YOU are the thing they have to mute. YOU are the thing they fear the most. YOU are difference between self governance and a caste system of dictatorship in which those that profess themselves to be inherently superior to you are allowed to rule over you. I believe DIVINE RIGHT is what they used to call it.

If you have any intellectual integrity, you can see that the 2020 election has been interfered with. If you have any intellectual integrity, you will admit that the inferred interference played a significant part in deciding the President of the United States. The sad part is, most of Washington does NOT possess intellectual integrity. Most of Washington takes its cues from their largest donors. Most of Washington is immoral and utterly selfish, but, yet, they dictate our lives.

Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, McCarthy; these people are colleagues. They worked together for years. Benefitted together for years. Used their position to accumulate wealth for years. Fed off the American public like parasitic leaches, for years. This is the Uniparty. This is the “two party” establishment. This is the point and counterpoint dictated by a single panel. We know both sides have been rigging local elections for decades, just admit you are a slave to the system and that the only recourse is complete and total rebellion. Both sides are to blame, therefore only a unanimous rejection of engendered Amerika will return control of our central bodies to the populous at large.

So who will champion the fraud? Who will lead the charge into the established Uniparty and New World Order? We will. The little people. The forgotten men and women. The task is on our shoulders and we will succeed because we are the many. But DO NOT expect our representatives to actually represent us, DO NOT expect fair treatment in court or the court of public opinion. That we won’t have. But we will have the truth and the truth is priceless.

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Writer, fighter, freedom igniter.

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