Round and Round

   Today we know, clocks were not invented with a kind good intention, they were made to keep you trapped in the illusion of time, to keep you enslaved. Human beings have been conditioned to believe time is a thing they cannot waste, but how come something as superficial has turned to be so important. Back in the old days, when our ancestors were on planet Earth time was not an issue to live a good bright life, instead they lived day by day connected to a source of cleaner energy, among nature. Time was not an obstacle nor an illusion. People used to live longer, healthier lives, no vaccines were required, no clocks were hanging on walls. They may had issues, like confrontations because some were crossing borders between lands, but other than that, they used to live a very different life.
   As time has gone by, mankind have found ways to make money out of people’s fears. Fears that have been taught by the Machine. They gave us clocks to look at, making people think that aging is a bad thing to go throught, just to be able to sell ‘anti-aging’ products or to say the idea of body modifications is not that bad since “you should always look young.” Clock’s arrows move; hours, minutes and seconds, all directed to the same direction, so that they can tell you, “you cannot go back in time, so live your life.” What is this good life they have sold to you? Go to school, go to college, go to university, get a job, make money, and teach your children the same as you were taught, don’t break the line because that is too risky for us. You live in a mind trap, a dark mindset, a terrible idea of what life is supposed to be like. They throw bombs at you every moment you look around; music, television, billboards, junk foods, city life ideals, all of this marketing only to keep you trapped in their illusion. At the end of each day, do you wonder what are you living for? Have you ever questioned if what you are doing is really what you should be doing to keep your heart happy? I know, they may have told you the way you are living is how you are supposed to. Turn the television on, watch some fear infused content or probably some twisted show they have made for you to be brainwashed, eat some frozen food, have a shower, fantasize about the people you have seen selling their body on social media, go to bed, and don’t forget to wake up at six in the morning to go to work your nine to five shift, to then go back home do the same routine you did yesterday. It is the time trap illusion they have gave you to live for.

They have created the perfect web of lies to keep you from looking at what surrounds you, even when you are the type of person to love outdoors and be around nature, you have to keep schedule so that you do not get too in love with how amazing it is to be in the wild. The only reason that happens is, they have made you think you need to keep a full or part time job in order to survive, living as your ancestors used to do it is not profitable and you do not deserve that kind of freedom. Oh, and you may day dream as much as you want about living outdoors, but you are too afraid to cut the cords the Machine has placed on you. Maybe today is a good day to consider cutting what keeps you puppet of a broken twisted system. Because at the end of today, the seed of desiring to be truly free is being placed in your heart.

“You can break a clock, but time will not stop moving forward. You can deny growing up, but the bills will not stop showing at your door. You can try to give the good life up, but in the end, you will come back to us.” That is what they have said, that is what they live for, that is what they work hard on. They want to keep humans slave of their time, they want humans to look at the clock every moment in ticks, they want humans to give their dreams up so that they can work for them until the Grim Reaper comes to take each one of us. They know, humans want to go back to the ways our ancestors used to live their lives like, and they fear us leaving their cities behind. Yes, they fear us leaving and giving up to their lies. They fear people finding out how wonderful it is to live in nature; whether it is surrounded by mountains or the sea, they know as soon as contact is made with the Main Source of Life through nature, love is found again within us, and when that happens technology and city life turns meaningless to us.
   The invention of darkness. Every clock was carefully designed to keep a mindset of mental slavery, to keep your heart trapped in lies, to keep your soul away from light. Why would they give you clocks with good intentions when they have none for any of us. If today you are reading this, know that this is a reminder that you should listen to your heart beat, because it is time for you to consider to go back to your roots, to set free and live a beautiful life as your ancestors did. It is never too early, it is never too late. There is no such a thing as wasting time, because every moment is a lesson for you to learn and grow from. Time is a trap, time is an illusion, time is their technique to keep you from evolving and becoming who you are meant to be.

Be brave, and break their chains of lies. Aging is a beautiful thing, especially when you age among nature, living a life connected to light, experiencing real endless love.

Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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