RINO GOPers sign on to Gun Confiscation Bill allowing Federal Judges to disarm those “beholden to US code of Military Justice.”

Any individual beholden to the United States Code of Military Justice could be served a “military court protective order” by a military judge or magistrate, that would effectively make it illegal for them to possess or receive, or even use a firearm. Military court protective orders issued on an emergency basis are exempted from usual due process laws, which provide American citizens with constitutionally-mandated rights. Instead, “notice and opportunity to be heard” must only be provided to the individual following the issuing of the order, which is an egregious overreach of authority and violation of the Second Amendment.

Military courts could soon possess the ability to issue protective orders that enable them to confiscate private firearms through “Red Flag” gun control regulations, under a provision in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act. According to American Military News the bill states: “A military court protective order issued on an ex parte basis shall restrain a person from possessing, receiving, or otherwise accessing a firearm; and a military court protective order issued after the person to be subject to the order has received notice and opportunity to be heard on the order, shall restrain such person from possessing, receiving, or otherwise accessing a firearm in accordance with section 922 of title 18,” SEC. 529 of H.R. 4350.

According to Gun Owners of America (GOA), a gun-rights group, the military gun confiscation orders could be used to provide lawmakers with a precedent to extend the rule to the general population. “Like the proverbial camel’s nose in the tent, allowing this provision to remain in a bill pertaining to the military will eventually work its way into legislation applying to the rest of the population,” GOA wrote. “That’s why we need to raise our voices in unison against these gun confiscation orders.”

“Again, this is just the foot in the door. If Nancy Pelosi gets this into the military code, then it becomes the ‘precedent’ for enforcing gun confiscation against the rest of the population,” the group continued. “Seizing firearms first and ‘getting the Due Process later’ will never constitute sufficient Due Process, no matter how much anti-gunners may pretend it does.”

“The President urges Congress to pass an appropriate national ‘red flag’ law, as well as legislation incentivizing states to pass ‘red flag’ laws of their own. In the interim, the Justice Department’s published model legislation will make it easier for states that want to adopt red flag laws to do,” the White House said in a statement.

At this point there is little recourse for citizens other than to remember the names of the representatives who voted in support of this legislation, apply political pressure and vote them out of office or run against them. It’s time for a grassroots uprising to overwhelm the political system and return political power to the People and for politicians to be held accountable for their actions. Only by ending big, corporate owned government can personal our rights and freedoms be preserved.

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