Slicing the Twisted Agenda: part one

Year after year, they have come to find new ways to corrupt the innocent child; creating a shield of low vibrational energies, waves that are constantly being sent by television, music, cultural practices, religious beliefs, popular culture, among many other things. The ones who have been comfortably sitting at the top of the pyramid continue to pass the baton to each other, while the ones who are under them live as slaves. How come no one has done anything to prevent this from happening, and instead we have millions following whatever they may say? Are human beings somehow becoming cowards instead of brave men and women? Is everyone too busy following the narrative and agenda that they have not realized how much they have given up to their pure essence? Are really the ones on the top of the pyramid the only ones who have sold their souls to darkness?

The investment of time in marketing and propaganda by the Machine to create new campaigns to alter and twist the Natural Law of human beings is outstanding, I can imagine the amount of money they keep flushing down the toilet only to be able to break the flow of human reproduction.

The LGTB agenda seems to be rapidly expanding like weed with thorns in the field of the peaceful. The so-called Children of Light are being attacked by schools, television shows, music, and adults around them. Why are we allowing this to happen? The ones running the show think they are powerful only because we are not doing enough to let them know they are not that special. They are pushing their agenda confusing people from a very young age, they are not hiding their message, subliminal is not a thing anymore. They are mocking the feminine figure using homosexual men through it; they dress them as women, they make them look pregnant, they make them pretend to be women as much as they can. They invite men to think becoming a Drag Queen is okay, even worse, they bring these homosexual drag queens into kindergartens to read children story books that were written by beings whose minds are very twisted. They have been breaking the natural family structure, and they are not afraid of doing it.

The sad fact that governments are allowing all of this madness to happen is proof that the ones on top do not care about anyone but their pockets being filled with endless money, the more it flows the worse things can get.

Is it possible that we have somehow unconsciously given up part of our natural essence of life and that is why it has been easier for the Machine to develop their plans? They find new ways to enter our homes and plant seeds of confusion in our brains. They are the ones who control technology after all. Children’s television shows are not what they used to be, cartoons have turned more into adult like content by the way they have been mentally and emotionally twisting the knife of their agenda. Teens are even more exposed to brainwashing content through series and movies on each streaming applications. Adults seem to have lost control of their children, they seem to fear teaching manners and values; so this pops a question up, is it possible that adults are the ones keeping the door open to madness?Not long ago, they were campaigning about allowing children and teens in schools to be able to enter their opposite sex bathroom, because the agenda says that, “If a girl feels like a boy, you should treat that female born like a boy. If a boy feels like a girl, you should treat that male born like a girl.” Even writing that was a little confusing, and it is the exact confusion they are selling to our youth. The agenda also proudly states that transgender treatments should be allowed in children. So, does that means that a kid who does not even know how to shower right does know if they want to change their sex gender? No, they do not know, but cartoons and several television shows they are exposed to know this, because those things have been created with the lower frequencies to allow dark messages to become mindsets. The preset of the agenda started centuries ago, and it will become worse every day, every week, every month, every year; just because they need to keep the programming in each bring who have fallen for it. Always remember, there is no such a thing as being born in the wrong body.

I do not care what your system of beliefs is, whether you were raised in a religious doctrine or not, I need you to forget about it for a moment so that you practice what it is like to see things from a neutral point of view. Yes, I am asking you to cut the Judge position for a little bit.
Let’s say that you happen to be surrounded by homosexuals and lesbians, you get to be around them often. You see how they project themselves through their actions and words, what offends them and what excites them, at some point you will notice a few things you will not feel comfortable with. I am not talking about their ‘sexual orientation’, I am pointing to the fact that they are too afraid to be their real selves because that could break part of their mindsets, their programming is at risk if they become true to themselves. What else can you notice about them? How highly attracted to women homosexual men are, and how highly attracted to men lesbian women are. Yes, they are actually highly attracted to their opposite sex. They develop the attraction through trying to imitate it in their bodies, whether they like it to be told or not, there is always a male and female energy in a gay relationship. Moreover, a great amount of gay people turn out to become gay with time, just after being sexually abused by someone of their same sex; sometimes it can be by someone of the opposite sex too, but it is not the common ground. Interesting enough, it is really hard to see a gay person saying something against pedophilia.

The LGTB agenda is about this: tell this human he or she was born in the wrong body, that the Creator was wrong by giving him a male body or by giving her a female body. Tell the human that it is fine to break the Natural Law cycle by becoming homosexual or lesbian, or even to become a transgender. Tell the human through music, television, movies, and any other medium of media that it is okay and they are loved for being who they are. Tell the human that the abuse they suffered when they were a child will be healed, but also tell them that if they ever want to become the abuser that is good too. Tell the human that their favorite celebrities are like them, they love to be involved in multiple sex relationships because one day they feel male and the other female, and since they are famous, if they do it he or she can do it too. Tell the human that any type of twisted practice is wonderful, that no matter how bad someone may look at it, it is okay.
There is truly not such a thing as causality or coincidence when it comes to their moves and how they put the agenda into practice. All of these sex war situations from which they create movements only to get money moving are exactly the fuel to their plans. They do not only divide people by race or skin color, they do it by sex too, which pretty much means that duality is damaged because they know what happens when two great beings unity… Procreation. So, the more divided, the better for them. They cannot risk allowing reproduction to keep happening, remember, overpopulation is their theme song. Talking about songs, have you heard any good one in the past five years? A song that does not talk about the whole description of a sexual encounter, or that does not mention any type of twisted thing? Right, me neither. The reason why we have not been able to listen to something good in a long time is because they need to keep the programming running, they need to invest on keeping the people -mostly the youth, brainwashed and distracted. There is no way they would risk their plans from not happening.

You may be wondering, where am I going with all of this? I am coming to place the point that many have fought telling me how controversial I am, or that I am not emphatic enough, or even that I need to be diplomatic/political when expressing myself. You see, the LGBT community is the most hypocrite movement I have seen next to the Neo-Feminist movement. It is an agenda that obviously creates division, and it creates such a division that is terribly divided within. They cannot even come to terms with themselves, if you are part of it and you do not like what one practices, then you are not nice. Yes, they do not even know what they want, because they do not know who they really are. At some point I have wondered if they are all just a simulation, part of the illusion’s grid, that they are there just to show you how breaking the Luminous Pattern of Natural Law and Creation looks like, and why wouldn’t they show us how it is? They have been showing us everything since the beginning, and they will continue to do so… more obvious every day. The agenda of the broken, the plan of the resented, the moves of darkness, the plantation of evil. They are all trapped in the same web of lies, and they are too afraid of breaking it. They are there to play victim but also to play brainwasher.
Celebrities and Politicians will continue to push this movement as much as they can, they will continue to try to tear your children’s minds and hearts creating confusion and trauma in them. They will do anything and everything in their power to make your child someone as twisted as each of them are. They are not afraid of doing it, and that is why you should not be afraid of protecting your loved one.

They have made people think that they are powerful, that no one can shake them and make them fall, and that is a lie. They are weak and they feed on people’s fears. They may look comfortable at the top of the pyramid but they are not, they just made you believe they are so that you back up. I think they can be removed, and I am not referring to the hand of God as many would say, I am talking about people becoming brave enough to protect the most vulnerable: the children.
You may have taken the decision of keeping your opinion silent; maybe because you do not want to be rejected or to be called crazy, probably because media has made you think your opinion can offend many or hurt people’s feelings. Is your voice as weak as they have made you believe? Or are you as brave as you need to be in order to defend the ones who need it the most? The time to shake the ground and burn the agenda is now.

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