Slicing the Twisted Agenda: part two

When you were planted on Earth, sown in the most perfect soil; your mother’s womb. The purest energies formed you, forming you little by little until the time arrived; your mother gave birth a wonderful human being. Your birth was celebrated equally on Higher Realms and planet Earth, your presence as bright and especial as you still are today. Some may say, “My life was not celebrated as you say,” or maybe, “I was abandoned or given in adoption,” well guess what, you were still celebrated by the ones who have been loving you for ages. Your life on this planet is as important as any other life, we are all equally cared for and loved by the Main Source of Life. Why wouldn’t you be loved? You are amazing the way you are.

For decades, the Machine has used every tool possible to create division among human beings, and each day that goes by they find new ways to continue to do so. Divided by race, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, social stratum, profession, diseases, vaccines, vegans, carnivores, tall, short, fat, skinny, fashion, cultural thinking, religious doctrine, political parties, social movements, among many other things; and also the newest one vaccinated versus unvaccinated. The tree of media run by the Machine bombs people every day with divisional content, and it seems that no matter how awake someone says to be, they fall into the game of division infused content, allowing ego to trap them in believing they are superior to someone else. Social media platforms have become war zones in which people feel safe enough to humiliate others, typing hatred filled messages that I think are worse than what they say to be bad. It has become the most practiced sport: being a digital soldier of an unknown army who goes to battle every day against their brothers and sisters. The interaction you get with any side turns out to be always the same; a senseless conversation in which someone gets offended and an ego gets hurt.

This agenda within the Twisted Agenda is called: Racism. What is a racism? Simple, it is a disease that infects spirit, heart, soul and mind, it is worst than COVID-19, Cancer, HIV, or any other terrible illness, you can name it, and it’s worse. Racism next to Pedophilia, is one of those things that I wish could vanish from Earth once and for all. The skin and color and race useless narrative have turned to be really useful for the Machine. How come people have so easily fallen for such a degenerate thing? The damage racism has caused for decades on Earth is incredible, starting by mentioning the fact that slaves were brought from nations where natives have dark skin color. Brought by who? By people whose skin were lighter than them, of course. The idea of people with White skin being superior to people with Black skin comes from several years ago. So, are these light skin color people really better than those with dark skin color people? I don’t think so. In fact, I think these people who are part of the so-called Elites are afraid of allowing Black People to find their incredible potential out, because they are more capable of many things than White People. That is a fact. Probably the mindset of a race being better than the other comes from the ones we like to call Reptilians. The race that lack of feelings, the race that envy human race because we are capable of feeling and becoming much better than them. As you know, we were created and placed on Earth for a reason, and there is no doubt each one of us have something special.

No matter where you were born at, or who your ancestors may have been; you are here to find out that we were all made with the same love, and that love is what can lead us to respect each other, also to live in peace with one another. That is exactly what the Machine does not want you to know about, because if you find this truth out and you start practicing loving your brothers and sisters, their plans will fall like bricks hit by a wrecking ball. Imagine how wonderful it would be for people to find out that all of these movements they have created to divide people by their race and skin color are all founded and fueled by lies. All the propaganda they proudly put out there, only to keep people distracted so that no one finds the truth out. And yes, it is sad to see how much they invest in manipulating sides to continue to confront each other over a thing that exists to feed their empty soulless beings, a senseless satisfaction they have been living for. The great division they celebrate only because people on every side buy their message as a real thing.

Are you tired of division by race and skin color? Do you want to break free and finally celebrate diversity as it should be? Can you imagine living in peace with your brothers and sisters? Because of your bravery you will be rewarded with the love of the Creator and Creation through all the things you deserve. Respect is a product of love, and that is what should be put into practice. It does not really matter, whether you were born Black or White, whether you were born with different racial characteristics. African, American, Antarctican, Australian, European; your nationality, your race, your culture, your religion, your sex, your sexual orientation, your skin color, your social status, none of it matters, because we are all unique the way we are, and that is exactly what makes each of us important, worthy and special. May you find truth within yourself and be able to find truth out so that you can start living a better life.

Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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