Setting Free

The nostalgia of old days raises within your being. As you watch the daily news your hopes disappear. Energies that feed through your sadness and fears. What is it going to take for you to decide to be happy? Memories of empty satisfactions from your youth, they pop-up in your brain like popcorn. How much did it costed you to give up to your childhood dreams? It was probably worthless in the end. Pleasing your parents, family and friends, signing up for a life that now you regret. As you may see, slavery never ended. You have been keeping up to their strategies, a game of cards with a deck filled with traps. Trying to build the perfect life, keeping an appearance you do not feel identify with. Maybe it is too embarrassing for you to show who you really want to be.

Mindsets created by the wild washing machine, that one you turn on every day when you get home. Who do you run to when you want to feel safe? The enslaving speech sounds on your television, then on Sundays when you step in Church. Is this life really what you imagined and hoped for when you were a child and then a teen? Oh, all your dreams are vanishing as time goes by. Do you still have some of that careless energy you used to have when you were younger? The vibrations that used to make you feel free and capable of doing whatever you wanted. What if you go back to feeling like that? It will be okay, just as an adventure plan, to check if you can set free from doctrines you wer forced into when you were a child.

Break the chains that keep you entertained, attached to mental and emotional slavery. Dare to cut the cords that keep you puppet to a society that does not serves you. Burn the bridges that connect you to the illusional grid, go far away from the lifestyle that does not feed your heart. Set free from the handlers, from those evil forces that smash your dreams. Take your shoes off, run barefoot in nature, reconnect with the Main Source of Life. Kill your fears, leave them behind. Shut your ego, tell it is time for it to stay silent. Feel your heart beat, listen your soul. Become the fearless and wildest you have ever been. Be courageous, be kind, be the most loving. Open your eyes, look at the skies, feel the breeze, breathe freedom in. That is all it takes for you to understand, life is worth living the way your heart says. Trust your instincts, believe in your inner voice. There is nothing greater than love. Shake negativity out.

Reunited with your inner and higher selves, and go back to natural law. It is the Creator, Creation and you with your loved ones. All that matters is freedom in love.

Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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