The Evil Clown Show

Researchers, truth seekers, better known as conspiracy theorists today, those are the ones pushing through the darkest tunnel they have ever crossed in their lives. In every nation around the world, there is at least one brave human being speaking what no one wants to because fear has ate their guts out. But, what causes people to fear this much?

It is no secret for anyone that the past ten years social issues have grown in a great amount world wide, whether this issues are presented by media outlets or not, they are fueled every day by what we have been taught to call “leaders”. Men and women who dress with nice expensive suits, walking around with designer shoes, reading speeches to keep people trapped in their lies. Promises come, promises go, and from all the promises not even half of them are done. But you know, they sound so real, as if they understood what they call “common ordinary people,” because they think the people are so marginal and inferior to them, all while deep down within themselves they know; if people dared to wake up they would be jobless in no time. Politicians, the leaders who are supposed to be a good example to the youth, are so driven by corruption, they do not think it twice when it comes to making easy money, especially if that money is stolen from the people. Why would they care? They need to keep a neat look in front of the cameras that follow them around, including the cameras of people who cross their path. How much they love to have rich lifestyles, as if they were celebrities instead of who they are supposed to be.

As we all know, 2020 was a year in which politicians used the weapon that hits human health; COVID-19. In the past they used a bioweapon too, but back in the day they did not have the technology they have now. All the fear being sowed by media every day and night, all the attacks to the mind and heart. This very well planned “pandemic” has killed more by fear than by the virus, but of course, you will not be told that, because the business does not work by telling anyone the truth. First, as many people die in clinics/hospitals is better, that translates as more money to nurses and doctors and the place they work at. Second, they were able to sell a double message; the vaccine is your personal decision, but now is not so personal. Scientists, doctors and politicians suddenly feel like making more money than past years, and media plays a great part on this too. So, as you know, society has been trapped in the web of lies of fear of a virus that is not as deadly as they have sold it, but the cure is actually the suicidal tool they are giving the people.

Locked down like criminals, wearing a face diaper or human muzzle -well, a face mask, people have been giving their free will up. Governments found the perfect move in their game to destroy economies world wide, by keeping what they call “unessential” workers jobless in their homes, and the “essential” ones in hospitals, grocery stores and pharmacies. What about asking the government how did they decided who are essential and who are not? Because if we are going to roll the dice, mine will always show me politicians are not essential. Moreover, they come to you telling you lies by saying that if you do not follow their mandates you will lose your job. So, how does this work? Is this whole show really about a virus or is it about a vaccine? He, he… EXACTLY.

At this point, I do not even know how to help people to wake up anymore. Everyone seems to be so attached to the idea of believing that Politicians really care for them, and I am talking in general, any side of the coin, either right or left wing of the bird, everyone keeps on thinking politicians are doing what is good for them. Why wouldn’t they think it? Their speeches sell them what they want to listen. But the truth is, they do not care about any of us, they do not care about anyone but themselves. They have no empathy or feelings, they have nothing but evil plans to lead into being developed. They live happily stepping on the people because everyone fears them. You should not fear them. Politicians come and go, spreading words around, preaching, because this is their religion. They need to do what they can to prevent you from realizing that you, the people, are the power; and if it was not for you they would not have a job right now. You voted for the political leader to be in an office because you believed what they said to you during their campaign. You gave each of them a job to have, and you gave them easy platform to do what is supposed to be the good thing for your county, state, and entire nation. They are there to serve you. You are the boss of the politician, so start acting like it.

If today you are feeling rage against your political leaders, your rage is righteous. The moment to wake up, get up and stand up for your rights is NOW. Do not wait until tomorrow, do it now. Start organizing your life, have a survival plan away from the evil agenda; but also have a plan of self-defense. Do not let them take away from you the tools that you can use to protect yourself; beginning with your voice. The time to be a coward is over. Our ancestors fought for us to be set free from oppression, it is time you become the ancestor of future generations who were brave enough to fight for freedom.

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Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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