Inner Seasons

There is an endless ocean that flows from within your being, at the center, right there where everlasting love is born and sets free.

Fields of flowers and plants that grow as light touches your heart, sun rays illuminating the trees in the forest of knowledge.

Hues of unknown colors that only you third eye have seen.

Hope dances to the beat of your soul.

Orchestras have never played such a good song before, unique sounds that only can be heard through your spirit.

A crown that only fits your head, crystal petals surrounding it.

The gift of breathing, the blessing of self healing.

Leaves changing colors, stronger tree trunks.

Snow flakes refreshing the summer breeze, enchanting nature as it only knows how to.

Creatures growing out of Creation the natural law of the Creator.

Vivid emotions from living each of your dreams.

Watering earth with fire hearted air.

Metallic glow in the unknown fantastic landscape where your being wanders in higher realms.

Peaceful silence that calms any storm.

You were made with love, for love, in love, to be love.

Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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