C.R.T.: Critical disgRace Theory sweeps the country.

This article should have to be more than this: ‘Anyone who believes race determines an individuals worth in life, is only worthy of death.’ But, sadly, I need continue. Reverse racism has transgendered into a mutant monster they call CRT, or Critical Race Theory, which literally translates to, ‘Self-Victimizing Inverse Mandatory Primal-bigotry’, or S.I.M.P. S.I.M.P members are highly dedicated and easily provoked. S.I.M.P’s are also known for throwing feces and infecting you with AIDS.

Critical race theory is full of more holes than Tupac and The View. It holds as much value as a Weinstein Co. in 2020. It’s garbage. No one really believes that white people are inherently born evil, do they? Their whiteness makes them inherently evil? That makes about as much sense as Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Have you learned nothing? Race doesn’t determine value, investments do. If you aren’t rich already, you’ll never be rich. You’re one of us. You’re expendable. If you are rich, well, you have a millstone that the poor are waiting to hang on your neck.

Think about race and then think about money. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab aren’t sending me a check. I’m lucky if I can find a job that offers a 401k, not that it’s worth a shit. There are a hundred African princes that have enough money to spam my email once a week, but I can’t get a job without experience. I will spam you if that what it takes, just pay me.

I digress. Anyone who subscribes to C.R.T. is literally shit-for-brains. Most rational people would say you are, ‘human garbage’ or incapable of ‘rational thought’. How completely vacant is it to believe that someone is less than you, simply because they have a different skin color? I mean, that’s like believing someone is different because they have more money, or more lawn equipment, or a higher stake in Halliburton, I mean look at Colin Powell and Barack Obama, they’re sort of black.

Race is literally meaningless, unless you’re a racist, or a comedian. It has no place in political influence or government. Racism belongs in the midden heap of history and commentary like my own, because it is much more effective to judge people on what they can do, rather than who their dad decided to have sex with.

Oh yeah, that critical race bullshit. I don’t hold much stock in that. Black, white, brown, yellow, whatever the color of your skin, you have been screwed. Yes. You have been screwed over. Even if you traversed the underground railroad, you emerged on the other side to find freedom in a system. You are sort of free, but not really. At the end of the day, you’re gonna’ pay too. Welcome to the white slave system. Yeah, it’s voluntary, but also not.

The word Slave comes from Slav, which, yeah, I know, makes sense, but most mouth-breathing idiots assume that only black Americans have been slaves. No. The name literally comes from Slav, who were the defacto, white slaves. They just weren’t as white as everyone else, I guess. Or maybe they were more white, I don’t know. The jury is still out. Either way, white people were as much enslaved as anyone else in those days, as it was the fashion. Did it suck? Yes.

But the systematically racist system seems far fetched when you yourself, supposedly the benefactor of the system, are still poor and unrepresented. It’s unfair and unrealistic. Whitey is equally as broke and bitter as anyone. It’s the wealthy that rule the poor, not the white. Sure, many of them are as white as the driven snow, but it’s not JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE that they rule over us, they are white, wealthy and cousins with a Jew!

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Writer, fighter, freedom igniter.

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