Political Brainwash

Born and raised in a country that was once known for oil, and today is known for a Narco-Communist Government. I am talking about Venezuela.

Back in the day, this country located at the north of South America received thousands of immigrants from Europe and America’s continent, giving shelter to those who suffered attacks or poverty in their nations. Venezuela quickly became the home of those who ran from their countries, setting free from the oppression they were living under. Moreover, it is important for me to recognize that hundreds of those people built this nation with hard work, and love. As time passed by, Venezuela’s politics were being threatened by socialist’s movements that were easily indoctrinating many, also the military started to get involved in trafficking channels, making it easier for people to join gangs or cartels that connected as a thread around the continent.
Venezuela, one of the hearts of the Caribbean, started to fade as delinquency grew stronger. Tourism vanished little by little as former President Hugo Chávez dig deeper into the government’s chair. Negative ambition, greed; power to the resented man. Chávez’s friends soon found themselves comfortable applying control into the people, creating a storm like situation. Hugo soon expropriated people’s businesses, started to give poor people money and things for free, including giving some a very small apartment with even smaller windows… a place they do not even pay rent for. Everything in this country turned from colorful to red, and slowly blue started to be seen. Venezuela’s opposition raised, confrontating the government’s rules, speaking loud, but not too loud. Yes, many of them were already sold out to the devil.

Many do wonder, how did a country with so much a rat hole? Well, easy, they turned it into a hole so rats would freely and happily run. Their businesses with trafficking; which are conformed by moving humans and drugs, became their favorite sport to practice. Since honest people’s businesses died, and delinquency was taking people’s lives -even if it was just to get a cellphone from someone’s hands; people decided to run just as the ones their ancestors once received with open arms. Just that for Venezuelans it has been a little different, but that’s not the topic I will talk about.

However, I decided to talk about things that were done in Venezuela as protest, that the people thought were right since the opposition politicians started to use it, and ended up being a subliminal visual and words used as if the People were giving up to their rights.

First, turning your nation’s flag upside down as a protest really means: turning your country upsidedown, which easily translates into more chaos. Second, using images with the fist as resistance; funny that the famous fist has always been used by the socialist and communist, that is like a flag for them. Also, you cannot say to be resisting something bad as it will become more persistent and will remain. Third, I still read people saying they are some kind of ‘patriotic populist‘, do you even know how close populism is to socialism? Fourth, the belief that politicians are doing their work and are doing things right. They are not, otherwise you would not be living the situation you are in your country. Fifth, understand that politicians are attached to the same body; remember right and left are part of the same body.

People may say, then what should I do? Start by not waiting for any politician, political activist or public figure to become your savior. Begin to learn new ways to earn money, as you should be looking forward how to break up with the System. Use any tool to defend yourself and your loved ones when the time comes. Think for yourself, and question everything.

It is time to wake up, to understand how politics really work, and to become braver than ever. 

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Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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