Mandala Making

Mandalas are a geometric construction that end up shaping some type of symbol. There are spiritual traditions that use mandalas as a tool to practice focusing their attention, used as guidance to establish a sacred space so that you can enhance a better flow into meditation.

The word mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit language of Hinduism and Buddhism. In their tradition, the geometric design or pattern of mandalas represent the connection with their deities or the cosmos in different heavenly or holy words.

Mandalas also symbolize a person’s spiritual journey, shown through layers, from outside to the inner core. Mandalas are a good exercise to calm your thoughts and find inner peace.

Mandalas are based on a circle, meaning that they all start from that geometrical shape. They may vary depending on culture and religious significance. Mandala designs can be different, it all depends on the person or group of people working on it; the shapes created and colors used can vary too.

Hinduism and Buddhism practitioners create mandalas out of sands of different colors. They work on the creation of it, pantiently building it, when it is finished they either clean it or allow the wind to vanish it.

I personally think that it is a beautiful way to teach your ego there are attachments not as sane as they may seen at times, and also a kind of way to train yourself into finding inner peace.

How to Create a Mandala Step by Step

Materials: white sheet of paper, ruler, pencil, eraser, color pencils, markers, scissor or cacti (optional).

Step One: Make a perfect square on your paper, mine was 7,8 inch x 7,8 inch (20 cm x 20cm). Trace a cross to mark the center of it, and also an ‘x’ from corner to corner if wanted.

Step Two: Using your compass, create as many circles or create shapes with it as you want.

Step Three: Begin to add color as you desire; whether it is from inside out, or from outside in. It depends on how you feel better working on it.

Step Four: Flow into it, focusing your energy, allow yourself you inhale and exhale slowly as if you were entering a meditation state.

Step Five: Erase the pencil lines, and cut your paper if you want to.

Note: Remember you can use any geometrical shape you feel like, you can fill with color using color pencils or markers, or using both as I did here. Use as many colors as you want and add all the details you feel like too.

I hope you enjoy this DIY! Have fun finding yourself, relaxing, finding inner peace through Mandala Making.

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