Slicing the Twisted Agenda: part four

Harry Styles, the dude for which Candace Owens was saying last year that men should wear pants because of his photos wearing a dress or skirt, (I really don’t recall which of both were, but the thing is he wasn’t wearing a pant). This guy is being used the same way Lil Nas X is. They are tools to promote the decomposition of the male figure. Yes, it is true that in the past it was common for men to used skirts, the same applies to heeled shoes -which were actually created for the kings. However, coming back to today, the fact that they are being used with the same purpose but one creates more controversy than the other is just truly stupid.

Harry Styles is a man whose skin is white, Lil Nas X is a man whose skin is black. Both wear dresses and pink, they appear in different photoshoots imitating the female figure through the clothing they wear, the colors they use, and other things. Of course each of them transmit the message at a different level; the guy with the white skin has to look a little bit more conservative than the guy with the black skin, so that the narrative of black people being marginals and white people being stylized. They hit different targets of people, and obviously different levels of mindsets. Why are they so admired for doing what they do?
Their agenda is to destroy the family tree as its been since the beginning of times, which is composed by a straight man and a woman. The connection between a man and a woman is the perfect design, only they can procreate, reproduce. Since their plan is to stop people from reproducing, they need homosexuals and lesbians -and now nonbinary people, so that they can be used to sell an image and a message which translates in brains as something like, “the new trend, what is cool, and how things are supposed to be.” Selling messages of confusion, messages of false empowerment, messages of a fake better society. Telling people overpopulation is a thing going on, and abortion should be the new fashion among teens and young adults, of course not telling how AIDS can be contracted through unprotected sex, but a baby is an their solution is to kill the new life coming to Earth. However, besides being lied to, the system has really used their tools and strategies right, and I have to recognize how well these people have developed their agenda.

Furthermore, besides having the two celebrities I mentioned before, they use women to sell a message of sexual liberation, in which they make women think believe it is okay to be showing their butts, boobs, their bodies fully naked to the internet. It is a boost to make a young woman think of owning an account in certain apps, so that they can earn money from their “sexiness” or “beauty.” Also men are inspired to become one of these people, to show their gym bodies, butts and penises. The sex industry, the twisted sex slaves of the internet; the ones who thought porn was impossible to do until they were introduced to making it too in a very easy way. Inciting people to practice things that are not the natural way of doing them. Beyond making you thinking that I may somehow be judging people for doing any of this things, I just want to point out that, there are things that are not natural and they have sold them to you as if they are. Probably they back their messages up by Freud’s teachings.

Until today, all I can feel is more disgusted by how they have been shaping people into abandoning they beautiful dream of having a partner for life and children, a family that belongs to the Natural Law of human beings.

The way they have corrupted everyone into thinking they are better by their own diving into loneliness they sell, or that they are better giving their bodies away to everyone freely, not caring for their self mental and emotional health, is truly terrible. It is pathetic to see how everyone has been set apart from what is beautiful and fulfilling. 

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