Will Fauci be the First Domino to Fall or just the next Oswald?

The NIH confirmed today that Anthony Fauci lied to the US Senate about funding ‘coronavirus gain of function research’ at the Wuhan lab in China, but is he taking the fall for a greater evil?

The NIH is yet another domino to fall against Anthony Fauci regarding his role in the Covid-19 pandemic, more specifically, his direct orders to create a chimera virus that was transmittable between animals and humans. But, when you know Fauci is just a henchman, a pawn in a larger game, would his prosecution really be enough? Or would he be a sacrificial lamb, offered to the people as payment for a betrayal beyond reckoning? My appraisal is, yes.

With Gates’ departure from the scene, Fauci has largely been left to carry the burden of selling their scheme to the American Congress. Only Rand Paul has proven to be of any resistance. Though his voice is largely unheard by the general public, he lays task to his fellow representatives and those, like Anthony Fauci, who feel they are beyond reproach. The only issue is, Paul doesn’t go far enough.

Why Rand Paul only acknowledges the entry level infractions is a question to all of us. He is not a fool, but as we see, time and time again, Republicans fail to attack the real issues, and Paul is no different, but it is in my opinion that Rand Paul believes he can win the the slow game against the globalist deep state. Maybe he’s right, but I believe the People need to act and they need to act now, because the time for reconciliation is passing and humanity’s future hangs in the balance. Fauci has been caught lying time and time again, but will accountability ever reign?

The two party system has failed the People and only the unanimous recognition of this systematic failure by the People, will enable the People to move forward in an honest and morally prudent way. First, and foremost, we must hold criminals like Fauci, Gates and the United Nations accountable for their transgressions against the free people of this world. Second, the people must stand together under the banner of national self governance and universal human rights, based upon the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Without a populous driven government, there can be no freedom. We hold these truths to be self evident. Third, we must require term limits on all representatives and Senators much as we do the President. Fourth, lobbying must be abolished and business must be left to fend for itself, without the helping hand of elected officials.

America is a trailblazer and the time has come for us to stand up in support of the world. This time by saying NO to big business and crony capitalism, the heart of which lies within our own land. We must kill it here first so that we all may reap the benefits. Rest assured, we will kill the snake. And humanity as a whole will prosper because of it.

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Writer, fighter, freedom igniter.

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