Slicing the Twisted Agenda: part five

There are uncountable colors all around us that are the result of many colors mixing creating shapes for our eyes to have a visual, since we were children we have been attracted to different color palettes, mostly to the ones that have intense vivid tones. We learn that colors are categorized, and that there is a chromatic circly we may use to learn how this categories adjust. Primary, secondary, complementary, cold and warm, but we are never told which are the true colors people refer to when they say, “Show your true colors,” or something similar. It is not until we are around our teen or young adult years that we figure this out, and it usually comes with a disappointment caused by someone else’s words or actions.

It has caught my attention how social media continue to find new ways to keep people trapped in an unconscious addiction to it. The new goal is to become famous even if they are doing something really stupid, which just proves how much the Machine ha dumbed them through their messages. The fact that children receive a tablet or smartphone before they even become one year old is ridiculous, how come even an unborn baby has an account in one of the most famous social media platforms? That baby never asked the parents to be exposed since they were in the womb, but who cares, mom and dad are proud to post it anyway. Daily challenges are out with people exposing themselves dancing or even saying silly stuff, talking about themselves as if someone asked them about their personal lives. And do not take me wrong, it takes a lot for a person to go public on personal matters, but at this point I think people is doing it for the likes, follows and to have that post that goes viral. People love this superficial attention, even if it lasts just for a minute, even if it is bad attention, they crave it, so it does not matter what it takes them to hit those likes. The sad true about this is, people follow and like content where children are being exposed in diapers or underwear, in situations that are not funny; for example a baby that looks not older than three years old trying to twerk in front of a table. Everyone laughs and cheers at it, but do the parents of those children, or even the ones finding it cute know what is really going on? Raising the generation of the ones who will stand for degeneration.

The stupid hours people spend scrolling down while they could be doing something more productive are going up with the pass of the days, and that is their idea. The plan is to keep you trapped in there, watch other people’s content, maybe feel like doing what others do, become a slave of social media and go trending. Will this really mean you are learning something? Because while all the most popular content on the internet are meaningless things, the mindful ones are being set a side because what they do is not funny or is not sex related. The so called attention whores appear here and there, and every f@?#! where, and your eyes are exposed to these people’s contents unnecessarily, and just as you as an adult are exposed to it, children and teens are too because not many parents seem to care about parental control or monitoring their children. This generation is being raised by technology, because their parents are either too afraid of taking the lead of teaching their children or are too comfortable being distracted by their TV, computer, tablet or smartphone. Dumb getting dumber to be unable of help their little ones not to end up as dumb as adults are.

The technology they have offered to us is programed to fool us, to make us zombies, to condition us to accept robots replacing humans and to approve transhumanism without protesting about it. They have been working, as with many other things, to manipulate us in their plan. Movies and commercials, all the lies moving in front of our eyes. The perfect hypnosis technique, keeping everyone away from what really matters. Monitoring you, keeping track of each of your moves. Follow their narratives and you will not be censored.

Is ‘showing your true colors’ following trends, exposing yourself as everyone else or selling yourself through social media? Are you really living your life or are you living their lies? You have been falling into a spiral with the color palettes they have adapted you to see. You have been thinking you are being yourself while all you do is following what others tell you is cool through the content you look at every day. Spending hours wasting your day. Allowing children to respect more technology than yourself. When will the madness stop? Are you willing to let them replace you with a bot? I know there is so much more than just social media platforms telling you how to live your life.

Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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