Forecast: Earth

As dawn dances among creation, you can hear the loud scream pronounced by the parrots majestically posing on the palm trees.

The golden man levitates aboveground, showing all of his glory at the pace of the beat of the rhythm of the song played by the great chorus of colorful feathered beings, the same ones who fly high trying to reach his height. The palettes of vibrations intonating a guttural sound that is born in the throat of the golden man, he says the words only the Mother and the Father can understand, but makes the ground softly shake. Frequency of freedom moving the bright sand as waves carefully caress seashore, foam covering harmoniously until more water comes slowly dancing.

As morning passes the baton to mid-day, a spectacular creature walks around the jungle’s trees, incredible and wild –often called beast, but it’s heart roars beautifully in kindness.

The sound of the waterfall resonates as an echo reaching up, lifting the veils of lies, cleansing the energies that no longer serve the wide open space, gently mixing with the wind fueled by the freshest air. The golden man listens to their song, rejoicing, gratitude filling his whole being as he knows everything is about to become better than it was seconds ago. Father and Mother, both come walking barefoot speaking words of truth.

As noon almost touches evening, bees cross path with butterflies, flowers bloom and trees grow at the speed of light, incredibly connected to the main Source of life.

Fields filled with millions and billions of amazing colors, one brighter than the other. Body shapes so unique, skins so soft and green, and others look some type of brown; just like copper looks before and after water. The visit of the great couple, Mother and Father, making every petal glow blooming flowers as their stems look beautiful, just as the big leafy trees that grow fruits as they flow with the highest energies.

As dusk arrives, the most interesting beings come out to be ready when the young lady comes out.

The golden hour of the golden man just passed by a few minutes ago, he brings corn and bread to welcome the young lady. As the bright pretty silver lady comes out, revealing herself to the crowds, the starts shine the brightest light, and she receives the blessing from the Mother and the Father. She dances with the clouds as they come to kiss her hand greeting her wonderfully made shape and light.

As you come to embrace who you are; Father will give you the wisdom that you need, Mother will give you the blessing of fertility. They will bless you endlessly, just as they bless beautiful nature, as one. Creator and Creation.

e a r t h

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Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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