Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain.

The corporate mainstream media has no shame and there is no lie they will not tell. There seems to be no hope for their redemption. No chance that they might pull out the death spiral and give the public the truth. These race pimps, who monger victimization and division peddle their inverted reality into our lives on a daily basis. Feeding us propaganda and discord while sculpting a narrative that would either have our lives in chaos or subjugation. The fourth estate died long ago and what replaced it has grown into not only the fifth column, it has become the front line for the war against our consciousness.

I am reminded of a scene from The Sixth Sense, where a young boy is visited by ghosts and with the help of a child psychologist the boy decides to confront the ghosts that visit him. One such girl tells him that she was killed by her own mother who fed her poisons to keep her ill and thus dependent on her. There is a condition called Munchausen Syndrome in which the person who is “afflicted” by it does injury to him or herself to gain attention and care from others. Or the person feigns illness or disease so as to engender sympathy from others. In Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, the perpetrator inflicts injury on another so as to create a dependency by that person, so that the perpetrator feels needed by the victim. Often the perpetrator comes across as quite caring to hide their own malevolent deeds.

The narratives being pushed by messengers in media, politics, religion and corporate oligarchs have changed over time and incrementally pushed further and further toward the left and through those messengers, a Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy was created in the public consciousness. When we combine that with the what is an apparent ‘pandemic’ induced form of Stockholm Syndrome, we have are approaching tragedy at an alarming rate. When the messengers ring the bell, their little dogs used to drool, now they bite. Learn something by watching this short explanation about Pavlov’s classical conditioning.

I have not forgotten the riots of 2019 and how the CNN referred to them as “Fiery, but mostly peaceful protests.” Like in Kenosha, where several businesses and homes were burnt to ground in the wake of the medias portrayal of a child rapist resisting arrest and attempting draw a weapon on police officers who failed to overwhelm him non-lethally. We were shown those riots in great detail during the sham trial against Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted on all of the absurd counts put against him. Yet, Joe Biden, while running for President called Rittenhouse a “White Supremacist” for defending his father business and property, putting out fires started by rioters, cleaning up the graffiti and other damage done by rioters and after three days of the police doing nothing, some rioters were after blood. They found it, but it was their own.

I use Kenosha as an example because it ties perfectly with the Christmas Parade Killer who, after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, sped through a parade of men women and children killing six with many others in critical condition. He had often posted about committing violence against whites on social media and also admitted that he was a pedophile, which is sensible because he had previously been convicted for human trafficking. There are whispers on MSM. No real coverage about this obvious race driven mass murderer. Imagine if a white man, with a social media account filled with racist trash, had zig zagged his pickup truck through a parade of black children. Do you think the media would mention that in great detail? Do you think that would be in the news cycle for 24 hours or 24 months? The critical race theory, victimized mindset is a symptom of the Munchausen by proxy and when the media swells up a racist narrative when a police officer and a black man have a negative interaction and broadcasts it everywhere 24/7, beating the racist war drum, you get psychopaths who follow those false narratives that snap and feel like they need to commit violence against white people to appease their engendered distress.

It is my opinion that this has been done to amp up racial division to the point of bloody conflict. The world is at war, the people just hasn’t figured it out yet. It’s a psychological and spiritual attack on our consciousness in order to terrify, demoralize and depress us so we just give ourselves up with them having to physically invade us. The UN and the Chinese and corporate consortium of international stakeholders know that Americans will resist foreign occupation, but by collapsing our financial system for decades and our small economies with covid protocol, waging endless wars on our dime and our karma, they have swelled government, shrunk liberty and sent America down the economic latrine, so they can pose as our saviors with a world government and world currency.

How could this happen? How could our own institutions betray us? The answer is simple; we allowed them to. This multigenerational, Bolshevik infiltration and subversion took them time, true, but Communism never sleeps and it was said by Karl Marx that infiltration would be the method used to eventually destroy the United States as a democratic Constitutional Republic from within and they nearly have. The only issue is, with every day that passes, more and more of us are waking up and joining a consciousness of love and compassion and empathy, where we can transcend our physicality and take part in the true spiritual revolution that is happening around the world. The next human renaissance is on the verge of fully manifesting and that is why this tyrannical evil is now pressing it’s advance to curate and divert our renaissance into a system of total control, total surveillance and, in the end, total death for the natural spirit of humanity. A Matrix.

The way we win is by sharing the message and helping people see the 35,000 foot view, so they are able to depattern their minds, reconnect to their true identity and break the system of hypnosis that is blocking them from an eternity in the cosmos and cementing them in the third dimension for perpetuity. Or you can ignore the man behind the curtain and remain focused on the terrifying illusion he offers you.

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