Forecast: Fire

Tempestuous time; shaking the ground and moving the trees, turning the heat on, a prayer to the greatest God, a ceremony for the greatest Goddess.

Rumble sound vibrates from within the earth, speaking louder than the thunders dancing around the thousand clouds. Raspy voice pronouncing words of wisdom of the millions suns moving around further than above, all while dirt and tiny rocks move by the vibration. Round and round, shameless and unafraid, burns the veil as it gets hotter than the blood that running in the veins.

Oh, how hell feels jealous to the beauty of your body, and the way you trace lines widely over ground. You wildly burn trunks and destroy what you see in your way, turning the volume of the orchestra song up, epically resounding in the jungle that soon will be covered by dry tears.

Who are humans to stop the will of the Gods, the will of the Creator and Creation, the will of nature? Who are animals to object the will of the flow of the cycle of life and death? Who is anyone to question the will of the Father and Mother who live within Source?

Burn all that no longer serves, however you may like, turning on the fires of every bonfire ever built on the surface of planet Earth. Shake the grounds letting earthquakes know your violence is not as bad as humankind may it sound. Move, adjusting as you feel comfortable the most; yes, streams of lava running free at a beautiful pace until you reach the waters that surround the volcanoes you are born from.

And so do you, allowing your virtues to come alive, because no matter how dark it may seen or how ashes pour like rain around you; God and Goddess come to you in perfect incredible balance. Know yourself so that you can learn about truths.

f i r e

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Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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