In Wake Of Moronic, ‘Omicron’ Strain, Rand Paul Calls For New Vaccines.

Rand Paul responded to Anthony Fauci’s claim that he is “science”, but what he said felt like cold shit in a warm bed.

In a statement today on Fox News, Rand Paul offered a rebuke to Anthony Fauci’s self-proclaimed position of the “embodiment of science”, stating,”…almost nothing that man does works to slow down the spread of a virus. The vaccine works. And natural immunity.” Paul later goes on to call for NEW VACCINES, like the ones already being announced for an impending “small pox attack”, Bill Gates referred to as Pandemic 2.

In other words:

So now we know that Rand Paul is either a complete and utter imbecile, controlled opposition or he thinks the people are too stupid to handle the truth. Either way, he is no longer of any use to us. Only those who will sacrifice everything to wake the masses can be trusted. WE CANNOT RELY ON OUR REPRESENTATIVES TO REPRESENT US.

At least we know where we stand. Our best men and women in Washington either won’t or can’t do a thing. Our voting system is, and has been, compromised. Every institution we have constructed has been infiltrated by ideological tyrants. The Federal Reserve has devalued our (U.S) currency by 98% since it was created. Every major political effort since 1776 has been programmed the Anglo-American establishment to guide the rouge American colonies, into collapse and eventual submission. Yet, we resist.

As shocked as I am by Rand Paul calling for new vaccines, it’s only as shocked as I was when President Trump called for Operation Warp Speed. The somewhat out of character reactions from both men made me see they valued their own lives and the lives of their family, over the lives of humanity at large. The sad truth is, in the end, they will burn upon the very coals of the men and women they led to slaughter. A fitting end for those anxious enough to submit, and a bitter, grisly end for those who thought to resist. No matter, I know what side I am on and I sleep well.

Stay strong, Pureblood. Ours is a seed that will sow a new world and reap a harvest of great bounty. All truths will be revealed and we will know the face of our creator and therein rejoice within its warmth. This existence is but a bridge to the next and those that have awoken will be curators of the old, but not forgotten wisdom. The source will reclaim us.

I believe in You. I believe in Us.

We must ALL believe in ourselves.

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Writer, fighter, freedom igniter.

One thought on “In Wake Of Moronic, ‘Omicron’ Strain, Rand Paul Calls For New Vaccines.

  1. Thank you and God bless you for standing for truth….I can’t tell you how much I appreciate godly men who aren’t afraid to stand at the forefront as true servants and warriors for God. The Lord only knows how very few there have gotten to be in these last days.

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