Forecast: Water

Hush, hush. Stop and listen, do not rush. Knowledge and wise words, gentle sigh and rough call. Mythical creatures outflow naturally; an unknown dimension does overflow in our planet… How come you do not know?

Millions within billions of streams rapidly move tenderly touching the ground, cleansing the surface before you decide to explore the beauty of the waving oceans. There are rivers uniting sweet and salty waters; the lake of illusions and the seas of dreams. Somewhere between your consciousness and your heart mermaids swim, singing songs of everlasting devotion to the Gods who bless the water springs for you to be able to feel.

Drops fall from above; some call them thr tears of cherubs, but we will call them the blessings of angels. Droplets jump as they touch the stones as water falls and as waves hit the rocks. How lovely it is to be touched from head to toe by the grace of Creation.

Pirates sailed through wide waters not knowing what they might find, wild tides and dancing serenity. Looking at the tiniest fishes but also enormous ones, wondering what their names were, but experiencing it all… Just as you are today. In silence, you can hear the voices of magical beings living in perfect harmony, the way humans should live. Constantly swimming, the lesson of not getting stuck in one place; move forward and fear may end.

Thunders may announce rain, big waves may announce swells; but water tells you to flow and live in peace even when storms may cause discomfort. Today, your drops should be of gratefulness.

w a t e r

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Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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