Unplugging from Darkness; the Trick the Machine Uses to Steal People’s Energy

What distracts you is what controls you.

I have posted ‘Slicing the Twisted Agenda’, hoping that whoever reads each post is able to identify what trap they have fallen into. We, the real awakened people, have learned how to identify what the Machine loves to use in order to control society in mass; the ones often identified as ‘conspiracy theorist’ are the real threat they have, and will have for the decades to come. During the past days, I have encounter myself in a situation from which I learned to grow from; I identified things that used to trigger negative emotions in me, and luckily understood why and saw the root from which this putrid plant was growing from. I decided to open this post by sharing my own experience on how I stepped forward after discovering what was triggering me, because one thing is very clear: what distracts you is what controls you, and what controls you is what unconsciously hurts you. You may wonder what this was, and I am going to tell you: comments from someone related to depravated things, and the beauty of the mask of photoshopped celebrities that seem to be prettier than any natural woman who feels good in her own skin; because this person is trapped in the web of lies social media knitted.

We all were introduced to social media around two decades ago, and it is obvious that opened doors to two sides; light side and dark side. Platforms that were created in order to condition us however they may please, an easier way to brainwash us. We are exposed to so many bad things in social media, and the thing that wins in each existing one is; the presence of pornography. The disgusting industry of loss of self-control, self-care, and especially self-love. Yes, they promote it as something labeled as ‘normal’ and ‘okay’, to watch something depraved as that, to support it, and now also to sell it freely as if it was something to feel proud of. We are seeing how the youth is invited to social media challenges in which a sensual to sexual body language is taught to children and teens who does not even understand yet what they are doing, but as they dive into it, they learn what they are swimming in and parents do not have the courage to teach what they are supposed to. And it is not only about social media, it is also by streaming shows in which they are introduced to sex by some type of soft pornography images, inviting everyone to express their need or like at a very young age. Truth is, this is assault to the purity of every human being exposed to imagery or sounds of this category. They cut your spiritual connection in such an easy way, and you accept it and allow it because you have been told that is normal and okay; when it is actually the opposite.

What keeps you from growing is what keeps you from finding your purest natural essence.

I have seen how people come from having friends or family gatherings in which everyone spends time together, to seeing how everyone holds a smartphone or tablet in their hands, hoping to find something more entertaining than enjoying quality time with loved ones. Videos that automatically reproduce, one after the other, the photos of the people you follow and do not even know if that is their real life, the constant questioning of whether you are doing something right or wrong in your life comparing your being to someone else, the raise of envy and jealousy, the moment of confrontation with someone else’s opinion over a celebrity, the confusion about how to speak or refer to someone to, among so many other things. The destruction of your heart and soul, the bitterness they feed you with, the bridge between you and Source being burned. The more hours you spend in social media, the more you waste your energy. It is not like they want you safe, the total opposite; they want you anxious, depressed and desperate to become one of those many who have millions of followers and sell themselves to darkness willingly because they bought the whole combo of ‘lose myself to get some extra cent’. The obvious empty satisfaction thousands among millions have signed up for, just to have a little bit of excitement in their lives, even if it just lasts for a minute, they wanted it all by not having anything at all. It is a dark evil twisted plan, and they do not openly tell you, but their slogan is almost like: what keeps you from growing is what keeps you from finding you purest natural essence, you cannot glow if you do not do what we tell you, the Master of Creation takes what we sell you as fun. And so life goes on, and tutorials may pop-up, but in reality what does not teach you something good is what sells the most.

How are we going to help the zombies? How are we going to help the sheep that never left Animal Farm? How are we going to impact those that seem to enjoy getting lost in the empty illusion they have been sold? Well, let me tell you, we keep pushing forward. We keep showing them truths, we keep telling them how we have been tricked. We continue to move on. Souls listen and hearts beat, and if the moment is right, your message will hopefully help someone come back to life. Do not fear those who live in fear, because they are the ones projecting their atrocities into us working hard into shaping us like them, so tomorrow their depravation and pervertion cannot be pointed at because they made you willingly practice what they do behind closed doors. Stop buying their lies to later sell yours. Remember how our ancestors loved freedom, find yourself and then to tribe. Rebuild from nature what will become a great tool to reconcile with Source and the beauty of light, love, harmony and truth.

Do not fear those who live in fear.

P.S.: Not long ago I learned that platforms such as TikTok had sex challenges, that were shown into people’s feeds even if they did not followed the ‘creators’ of that content, which means that underaged beings are exposed to it. I also learned that one some famous users are step-siblings and are promoting their “amorous” relationship. In addition, I learned that some biological siblings help each other record videos and take photos for 18+ users in the platform called Only Fans, and the idea of it is being sold as something so ‘beautiful’ to see siblings supporting (?) each other this way. This is translated in a few words as: depravation, pervertion, incest, assault and abuse. We do not know yet where society will draw the line to this. We come from ages of calling people who work by selling sex ‘prostitutes’, to call them ‘sex workers’ so that it sounds more accepted.

We need to wake up and understand that the Natural Law is being destroyed at every level, real Spiritual connection is being smashed. They are controlling every single thing, including any system of beliefs. It is time we raise our voices and start to teach what they do not or just twist to continue to steal our energy.

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