Christmas Cancelled as Krampus Plans To Deliver Mandatory Gene Therapy to Australians, Austrians and European Union.

Ho, ho, ho, the protein goes, into your DNA! Sing it loud and sing it proud as the unholy sacks of filth in the E.U. prepare to militarize their brain dead ranks against the dreaded anti-vaxers. Or those who should more rationally be called, people who aren’t buying their shit.

Ah, that’s crazy talk. You’re a conspiracy theorist. Those F.D.A stats aren’t real. Those studies aren’t real. That’s not true. Fauci didn’t murder babies with HIV drugs and bury them in a mass grave in New York. That’s CRAZY. He never ordered that puppies have their vocal cords removed before being devoured by flesh eating flies. That’s INSANE! He didn’t fund gain of function research in North Carolina and then transfer the research to Wuhan, China. That’s a CONSPIRACY THEORY! Covid-19 wasn’t game planned as “Event 201” under the direction of Bill Gates. HE MADE COMPUTERS! Our response to this pandemic hasn’t been engineered and projected by ELITE SCUM like the David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Klaus Schwab for years in literature, in media, in education, in government, NO! THAT NEVER HAPPENED! THIS ISN’T REAL! EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN TOLD IS TRUE!!!

Fast forward, now YOU are the puppy with its voice cut and its life being slowly devoured by thousands of tiny bites. Banned from social media? Forced to wear a mask? Forced to submit to a medical treatment? Coerced? Threatened? Ridiculed? Yep, this is the new religion. And it’s metaphysical poison.

Smug Level: Supreme Emperor

The unelected skag who oversees the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, (above) announced last week that it is time for the E.U. to consider ‘mandatory vaccination‘ for each and every citizen, sparing only those in special places of power. Austria has announced that as of February 1st vaccination will become mandatory for everyone. German Fuhrer, Angela Merkel, has spoken out in support of compulsory vaccinations as well. It appears Western Europe is sliding back into the classic authoritarianism they know so well. Many are predicting an exodus of unvaccinated ‘refugees’ into UK, but Bobo Johnson has already begun posturing for a jab mandate and proof of submission to medical tyranny is required to enter many public venues. There will be no running away from vaccine mandates, they only way to overcome unjust dictations is to engage them head on.

Federal judges having been slapping down the Biden Administrations business vaccination mandates one after another, the final one on Tuesday December 7th. Unfortunately, it is hard to imagine it will end in such a flat tone. The rhetorical ramp up by Oberstgruppenführer, Fauci and others suggests that the push for mandated inoculations, forever, is inevitable. The only questions are, how and when will it appear? They didn’t create this world ID, social credit, climate tax, vaccine passport system to not implement it.

In an interview with NZHerald Focus, New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern, admits she is implementing a system designed to create two classes of people via the mandatory vaccination program and vaccine passport system. Essentially, a smiling admission of Jim Crow style segregation, where those deemed to be unclean by the State are no longer permitted to take part in society. Hear it from the witch’s own mouth:

PM Jacinda Ardern details GASLIGHT System

All smiles and psychopathy as this globalist butt plug unfailingly commits to coercing and intimidating her citizens into receiving a medical procedure. Just because Bill Gates smiles looks giddy as he tells you about a “bioterror attack, nightmare scenario,” involving smallpox, doesn’t mean he isn’t holding a weapon to our heads. New Zealand and Australia have experienced some the strictest lockdown measures and been subjected to harsh penalties for civil disobedience. Australia has recently been running into issues maintaining their ‘new normal’ as three teenagers escaped from a Covid quarantine facility as covered by The Guardian. Have no fear, the teens were arrested and returned to their cells. You must be saying to yourself, Wow, they must have a really serious outbreak for these types of measures to be necessary. WRONG. Buried at the bottom of that article from The Guardian it is revealed that “As of Tuesday, there were 58 cases of Covid-19 in the NT. “Fifty eight. 5 – 8. Australia is using quarantine camps over fifty eight Covid-1984 cases. (5+8=13, just saying.)

An inside look at Australia’s comfy, Covid quarantine camp.

Well, I don’t see any ovens, but I do see goose-steeping fascists. Sixty years ago the United States may have intervened and denounced such radical mistreatment of allegedly free humans, but in 2021 we are preparing to model ourselves after our friends down under. The United States has plenty of prisons and F.E.M.A. camps, so the infrastructure certainly exists and there has been a litany of nefarious organizations and agendas that have sprouted up post WWII, after the Nazi’s (their scientists anyway) weren’t really defeated as much as they were absorbed in the United States public and private sectors. Thus broadening the preexisting eugenics agenda and creating a policy of ethically questionable scientific research, much of it lying in rocketry, chemical weapons, chemical reaction technology and medicine.

Those at the very top of the Covid-1984 pyramid know that large numbers of people are not going to reject not only their ideological preferences, but also their incorporated systems of control. That’s why those power structures have weaponized the mainstream media, our medical and educational agencies, as well as the rank and file of Washington D.C. against the people, to control the narrative and move the agenda forward without alerting the smooth brained consumers of trained propagandists like Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon and Joy Reid. Who, at this point, have been foaming at the mouth about Trump and Covid for six years now. They’re committed. The cognitive dissonance it would cause for them to turn back now is more than they can take, so they won’t. They will dig a whole, climb inside and shoot themselves in the head.

This holiday season it is more important than ever to bring up the uncomfortable subjects and lovingly try to express the severity of our global situation while you drink eggnog and unwrap your gifts that were made in China and almost certainly ordered from Amazon. It’s okay! Tell them what is happening overseas and make them understand that we can never allow that to happen here. Humanity can still recover and bring these bastards to justice, while saving our souls at the same time, but in order to do that, we must to commit to the truth, to God and to each other that we are NEVER going to accept the forced inoculation of ourselves or our children, ever.

A virus was the perfect lever to pry freedom from the hands of those who never knew how to wield it.” – Spencer Thurston

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