Turning the Programming Off, a Moment of Breakthrough

A superficial statement has been sow in your head; a testament full of lies, prophecies spoken by false prophets, an ideology of self hate, infectious magnets attracting confusion and fear. You have been told the opposite of truth your hole life; by your parents and loved ones, by your professors, by your friends, by religious leaders, by politicians, by celebrities, by media, by social media, by everyone and everything. A structure of destruction; it came to you as words, images and sounds, it came to you and made your being its home. You have come a long way, and you have reached this point, the moment to breakthrough has arrived to you. A web created by a system for a system to sustain their ideals and plans; transformation of the mankind, it has all been their biggest lie. They live for it, and they have made you a slave of it as well. Is it today that you will burn all that has destroyed you for years as they shaped you to be as depraved as they are? It could be today, but yesterday was maybe already too late.

Horrific as their poisonous voice tones, the bite of the snake, the kick of the boot. Somewhere in the planet a child has born, cries so loud that all the city can hear the sound of new life. There are new males and females coming to Earth, they all are born as Natural Law says, each carrying the right genitalia between their legs. Just as the Creator and Creation has always said, no evil shall bother them… but, what if the evil has already doors open at their now human homes? The story always begins at home, as adults are the ones teaching what they think to be right and wrong. Radicalism may exist, prohibition will remain, technology will be handed, twisted messages will be sold. A Bible will be read, maybe a Quran, or even a Book of Mormon, you never know if the child was born in a home where the holy book is the Bhagavad-Gita; whichever book, whatever religion, a system of beliefs will be sow as a seed that will reach their heart. For children, religion can turn into a fantasy storyline to play, so keep your eyes open as you never know how your teenager will water the seed later on. The great movement of fear exchange, that is how we have been raised, an enormous amount of fearful energy has always moved around us. First, religion and then, yes, all the technicolors of media. The enchanted black box, the speaker through the black mirror, the imagery through the screen of fake dreams, the innovation that has stopped humans from evolving into better and more conscious beings. How consistent this has been, subliminal but not sublime. There is no essence in anything, and no matter how much they try to make it look pretty and innocent, it will always be demonic and scary to the soul.

Characters are created with traits that give them personality, it’s what we will later call characteristics as we realize who they really and what inspire each. The seven deadly sins are represented in every cartoon ever presented in television or streaming applications, both significantly keeping you trapped in slavery. Even the most innocent cartoon has a damaging message that will trigger different kinds of things in the brain; from turning you homosexual to shaping you into a serial killer. Yes, this is serious. No one is born a killer, no one comes to Earth in the wrong body. Love comes in different forms, but Natural Human Law knows how real love works, and divine love is a sacred energy, the highest frequency; and it exists to procreate. However, the message that is sold for children is different, and very superficial and depraved. They show us sex since we come out of the womb, and I am not saying sex is bad, but the way it’s being sold and shown is wrong. How twisted are most creators of children books and cartoons; the most famous ones are always in trouble between being pedophiles and liking to practice other type of disgusting things through what is meant to be sacred since the beginning. As time goes by, children are more exposed to new mindsets believing that body modification is a good thing; change your breast size, change your butt size, inject your lips, spend stupid hours in the gym building a six pack, change your body look from male to female or from female to male, it is okay the box says so. And that is how we have been caught in an illusion, the grid of lies that trapped us, the system that has turned us humans into soulless beings like them. Because in the end, are they even humans?

It was first sold as something that could be fun, campaigns inviting people to break the rules they made, contradicting themselves from a billboard to the other. Propaganda, lies, corruption, twisting your being, creating knots cutting your connection to the Main Source of Life; their fun game. A game that has been going on for decades and continue to sharpen every second that goes by, a game that has replaced the Monopoly board in so many levels. They have turned humans into who they are, slaves of an evil energy that produces anxiety and depression, insecurities, and of course doubt and self rejection, along with many other things. Teaching you how to become a sex addict turning you promiscuous, little by little through the entertainment industry; it is in every movie and show, it is in every song. They use the imagery that will trigger different parts of you, they use the sounds that will break the line of your alignment to light. It is all a sick dirty game in which darkness keeps pushing and fighting to prevail. Dark entities in churches and spiritual movements, they come along to change the narrative so that you get infected with depravation; dark entities that know your struggles and present to you the things you have been trying to set free from, they plan perfect traps, and light ends up using them to see if you are ready to pass through it to leave unaffected. It could turn to be a cycle, until you open your three eyes and understand what is going on and what is about to happen in your life.

The feeling of regret may come; questioning yourself how did you allowed your parents, the priest or pastor, the governor or president, your friends, your professors and media lie to you so badly. Anger? Yes, why not? You should be upset about growing up surrounded by propaganda that maybe made you modificate your body more than once, and the ways you were taught to dislike or even hate your neighbor for having a different skin color or having a different belief, and how you stopped talking to many for not having the same political ideology. How did you let it all flow through you and never fixed it before? Why did you raised your child the same way you were instead of changing the ways to a better place? Or is that because you made horrific mistakes you think your offspring deserves to walk the same path you did? At this point in life, are you even sure the superficial statement that is much more than a mindset is beautiful? All the ways you have been lied to, and manipulated. People’s egos, the selfishness of everyone else, keeping your programming untouched as the ones around you have been like you. Do you think the pedophile transgender in the kindergarten who dresses as a teacher is someone to trust leaving your children with? Do you think teen females entering a male bathroom is safe, or that teen males in a female changing room is okay, excusing themselves as that day they woke up feeling that sex? Or do you think that an adult with assault or sex abuse charges is the right person to stand in a classroom to teach your children how communism, being a racist or practicing group sex is great? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself any of these questions before, or are you keeping up with materialism and fake self love, or too busy buying the lies news talk to you about? Maybe you spend money in false beauty magazines and those who tell you which sex position is good to try because you do as you are told? Probably the money you spend in the gym could pay off after you pick someone at the night club, you never know.

It is been them all this time; sowing putrid seeds into mankind. Your unconscious, subconscious and consciousness, every part of your heart, your spirit trapped and dragged to stay kneeling along with your body over dry grounds. The evilness behind the veils of entertainment; teaching how to turn your family disfuctional, showing you how to be unfaithful, telling you how single life could be better because you do not have to worry about raising children. Oh, how much have they destroyed society! False women’s rights; saying abortion is a health right, showing you how to kill a being that has a soul since the moment planted in the womb. The fake feminism, telling you empowerment is to step on men, to treat them like shit. And let’s talk about the preaching of telling men it is okay to have many partners, because two is better than one, and three is a charm, and the more the merrier. Explaining men how to treat women right, even when what is shown is totally wrong. Superficial men and women, forgetting about their feelings and emotions, poisoned by the opposite to what is sacred and divine. Your soul has been screaming to quit living a twisted putrid life, but your head is so attached to the old ways of devil, so in love with darkness; willingly giving up to your purest essence. The so called selfie, the so called challenges of the internet, the platforms that easily drive you into becoming everything you were not created for. You have been giving your light away, your will and dreams. Slowly becoming who they keep shaping you to be as they never rest sculping you into a demon, just like them.

All about the money, all about the false social class, all about the economy that has been broken for years. Designers clothing, expensive shoes, the bag that costed more than the bread scrubs you eat as they feed you like a stinky square’s pigeon. No matter how much you try, for them it will never be enough, because every day they come up with something new. And it may happen, that some famous people come out to speak, to complain about how sad they feel about the body shame they experience or how they have been mentally, emotionally, physically or sexually abused; no social movement will do a thing other than say a pretty speech and march for a day. They are paid actors and actresses, but you are not, and if any of those horrible things happen to you; not many will care to do a thing… the brainwash was already done and those are people’s daily strings. Puppets and rag dolls, broken hopes and dreams, they have turned you intolerant to anyone who stands for truth, light and love.

Master, Master. That is how they call it, and maybe you continue to call it. The great Machine who controls your thinking and feelings, the manipulation of the System. The ones who once said would never sell their soul to the devil now live slave to it, worshiping it through cartoons, television shows, movies, music, a self fake agenda, social media, pornography, homosexuality, depraved sex practices that were first practiced at lodges. Supporting the lies, everything for nothing, all for something, who knows… you live trapped in an illusion, the Matrix grid absorbing your purest energy. Where are the brave ones, those who will set themselves free, beings desiring a huge breakthrough because they are exhausted of living a false empowerment. Are you are a wild one willing to turn the programming off?

We, the brave and wild ones, we do not care how much crap they spread to try to silence us or eliminate us; because we are protected and anointed by the Gods who are connected to the Main Source of Life. We will fight until the end, we will repeat our messages as many times as we can, we will remark important topics no one talks about publicly because they are afraid to be rejected. We are unafraid, we are fearless and we will speak truth out loud, and we will write it everywhere we can. Until light reaches those who are ready like pouring rain, until real love hugs those who need it the most like savaltion, until truth is the only thing those who accept it start to share. We are not alone. We are together in the fight against the evil system, against the putrid machine. We are stronger, and we will win.

Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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