Purifying, Crystalline, Everlasting

I love how we do not rush time, when we hush and listen to our hearts beating, like when we are asleep and awake at the same time. I love how we stop time, when we breathe the same air kissing slowly, like when we are dreaming and living at the same time. I love how we move with our perfect time, when we share harmonious passion pleasing our hearts desire, like when we are dancing and creating at the same time.

We flow intensely into each other, swimming slowly into our oceans, united as one channel of light, perfectly balancing one another. We grow strongly with each other, purifying softly our beings, sharing the same space in harmony, incredibly connected to one another. We evolve beautifully next to each other, breathing and living together under the same roof, raising higher than the sun, our energies intertwined with one another.

We teach and learn, equally, as we walk barefoot in a land of our own, just as it used to be in lives before. We dance and spin, carefully, as we shower in the waterfall at the end of the road, just as it used to be in higher realms. We embrace and kiss, tenderly, as we connect our naked skins, just as it used to be in our dreams.

You hold me so sweet and passionate, lovingly, rough and wild. I hug you so softly and passionate, lovingly, erotic and wild. We keep each other warm and calm, lovingly, romantic and divine.

As we walk, we grow; as we float, we glow; as we swim, we flow. I tell you all of my secrets, you tell me all of your secrets. We know everything, we share anything. As we pour drops of water on each other, watering our everlasting love; the fire within keeps us warm, purifying every part; the air we breathe is so fresh, and sweet as the love we share. Sowing seeds on our perfect piece of earth; as fertile as your seed which is sow in my fertile ground.

You love how we do not run, when we hold each other’s hands, like when we explore very far away. You love how we do not scream, when we are playing hide and seek, like when we let our inner children glow. You love how we do not turn around, when we are talking silently loud, like when we go in a mission to fight evil.

You and I, my beloved, we are not just lucky. You and I, my sweetness, we are beyond blessed. How purifying our love is, crystalline as the cave of quartz where we have been at, everlasting as Source’s energy flowing within us keeping our peaceful luminous union.

Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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