Healing Trauma 101

… when you close your eyes, what do you see?

For the past decade or so, people have been turning around to have a more spiritual life, searching for truth and also to set free. It has caught my attention that many call themselves “Spiritual Coach” or “Life Coach” at such a young age, when clearly at your twenties you are pretty much still figuring out who you really are. And do not take me wrong, I am not saying that a young person cannot know about life, especially when the person has gone through hardships and have lived rough experiences; but from a life lesson to call yourself a coach there is a huge difference. We cannot expect ourselves to be helpful when we are in the middle of the process of helping our own selves to heal and grow from something.

… when you look back to your past, what do you think?

Religions and other spiritual movements or beliefs teach people to think their trauma was something God, Source, the Creator (however you may call it) used for you to go through so that you can achieve your life purpose, or that you signed for it on your soul contract before coming to planet Earth. How come the greatest energy where the purest love is born from, the one who is supposed to take care of us the most allows horrible things to happen to us? Religions and cults say; Satan thinks is destroying our lives, but in reality God is using it to shape us. The “turning curse into blessing” kind of weird belief. Yes, it is weird, and somehow, pretty twisted too. Which is not surprising, to know this teaching can be twisted, as the evil hands of the so called elites touches everything that is meant to be good, bright and even holy. So, people create this mindset of accepting the traumatic experience justifying it by, “God used this so that I could become better and help others,” or the nowadays trendy phrase, “It was on my soul contract.” I need someone to explain to me as if I was five years old, how is it possible that anyone signed to be sexually abused by a family member or a very close friend of the family, or how anyone signed to be sacrificed in a blood ritual in a lodge when not even reaching one year old. How is it possible that anyone signed to be kidnapped and trafficked before turning nine years old, or how come anyone signed to die in the hands of a gangster at seven years old while playing in the front yard of their house? I would like someone to explain to me how does this makes sense, but I have already heard all type of explanations and the logic of everyone seems to be the se exact thing the preacher said at church on Sunday service, and what the spiritual influencer said on the video: God used that moment to help you grow from it, it was on your soul contract.

… when you are in silence, what can you hear?

A therapist will ask you many times the same question in different ways, just to see how to use reverse psychology; and that only could work if you are unsure of yourself. When it comes to healing trauma, you are unsure about many things, and you are the one who wants to ask the questions. Let’s begin with, why me and why that thing? It probably was not written before you came to Earth, and the Creator surely did not wanted that to happen to you; but someone else knew better than you did, and that person took advantage of your being and… yes, what happened was bad, but now it is time to grow from it. Does that sounds like a more helpful answer? Because we all have experienced trauma of some kind; mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, those are the more common and could happen at any time of your life after you leave the womb.

I understand, people searching for answers by joining a religion or spiritual group, or by going to a psychologist. It is of the first things that come into someone’s mind when needing help to heal from something, whatever it may be, and it tends to be a good tool at the beginning. But if you are too weak in your mind or heart, it could turn to be worse than it used to be before you stepped foot in whatever building you go to. The fact is this, most of these people take adventage of those who are going through a hard time; when thoughts and emotions are at risk, the ones who say to want to help you think it is a good time for you to give your essence away… and your money too. Which ends up by either the person becoming full time obsessed with the belief or upset about not finding what was being looked for.

… when you put your hands on your heart, what does your beat says to you?

I often wonder, why is it so hard for people to willingly help without asking for anything in exchange? I love to be a helping hand to humans, to give tools that have worked for me in the past and continue to be of great use. Because that is what humanity is, to give light energies to your fellow humans. How come healing trauma has become such a business to many? I wish everyone to set free from their traumas, to breakthrough, to finally heal those things tormenting the mind and turturing the heart. We all were created by the greatest and purest energy of the highest frequency that exists, which we call love, and the Most High only want us to be free spirits living in peaceful harmony, joy and gracious love.

Seeing people taking advantage of others while they struggling to heal life’s wounds is disgusting, and I wish people were able to help without expecting anything in exchange. Life is about showing others it is worth living, it is worth fighting, and it is definitely worth healing to live what we have been made for: divine sacred love.

… when you inhale and exhale slowly, what do you feel?

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