Operation Warp Speed: Trump’s Tainted Legacy

Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Berkshire-Hathaway, Apple, Google, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, to name a few. How are these companies and multi-national conglomerates connected? They all made a fortune after Donald Trump took office in 2016 and many are intricately connected to Operation Warp Speed and the response to Covid-19. Guess who has millions invested in them all? You favorite stable genius, Donald J. Trump.

There is no debate that Trump, who apparently ran this country for a brief period between Barack Obama and Anthony Fauci, holds a hefty stock portfolio. This is often why he always equated the strength of the economy to the strength of the stock market, not conceptualizing that waitresses and dish washers and a lot of other average people, probably aren’t invested in the Fortune 500. They are invested in staying alive and, in many cares, are living paycheck to paycheck. Average people are invested in a small, community economy where patronage often determines livelihoods and Trump destroyed many of those lives with the lockdowns he allowed to happen. In my opinion, that was Trumps first obvious disconnect from reality and the will of the people.

Despite campaigning to take on big business and Wall Street, Trump remained heavily invested in both throughout his time in office, often attacking corporations or individuals verbally, while maintaining investments in their company and even courting them to his cabinet. Famously, Trump called on all of us to boycott Apple after they refused to assist the FBI’s investigation of the Terror Attack that occurred in San Bernardino, CA, in 2016, even though his millions of dollars remained firmly rooted in the Communist Chinese partnered company.

But it’s not all about Trump’s investments, it also about his debts. In 2016, he had amassed multiple nine figure debts owed to both German lender Deutsche Bank and China’s state-controlled Bank of China, which probably explains part of the reason Trump was so standoffish with countries he was obviously in debt to personally. Not because he cared what they were doing to the average American, it feels more likely he was doing it out personal spite after he got hustled by the respective parties. Granted his policies and stance towards China are valid and who didn’t enjoy watching him smugly dismiss Angela Merkel and the other Euro-Fascists during numerous interactions oversees. Very entertaining and moderately effective at producing results, but it’s not Trumps personal affairs or boisterous speeches or even his financial agendas and connections that concern me, it’s Operation Warp Speed.

Trump measures everything in dollars, cents and popularity. He believes Operation Warp Speed; aka the fake vaccines, are successful and good because: A. Initially, a lot of people wanted a vaccine after being terrified by Fauci’s media for a year. B. The vaccine would “open up the country”, which never should have been closed to begin with. C. Now that Trump is out of office, ie. the spotlight, and the news media is pushing vaccines like they were pushing Russiagate, he has clung to Warp Speed like a man floating in the ocean clings to a piece of driftwood so that Orange Man can stay at the center of attention. But in reality, these particular vaccines do MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD and even the CDC admits in VAERS reports that Trumps vaccines killed over 10,000 people in the first year of use and that’s just what they cypher out of the numerous qualifiers for what they call a “fully vaccinated” death. The numbers are far higher, I’m afraid.

We know Trump understands business, marketing and money. We have learned that he does not understand the larger geopolitical structure, tech or pharma. He has often compared Operation Warp Speed to the Manhattan Project, which is a fair comparison because both of them have caused or will cause mass death and long term side effects. So, I can’t help but to try and understand his rationale in continuing to promote the jabs and even boosters now. And then I thought of Trumps love for Big Macs. Why would anyone with any sense have such a love for Big Macs and McDonalds period? Trump sees McDonalds as hugely successful, which it is. He also sees the Big Mac as a great deal, because Big Macs are cheap and, I admit, Big Macs do sort of taste good. Most importantly, the Big Mac has an image. It’s iconic. It’s the original American burger. So Trump loves it, despite the fact that that the consumption of red slime and sodium is neither wise nor healthy. The situation with the vaccines is no different and whether he understands it or not, Donald Trump has performed like a low end stakeholder in the Great Reset and has acted as the catalyst for fast tracking deadly mRNA treatments, which only qualified as a vaccine after the CDC literally REDEFINED the term.

Tinglong Dai, an associate professor of Operations Management and Business Analytics at Johns Hopkins University, said, “Without Operation Warp Speed, there would be no Moderna vaccine”. Why is that significant? Because Moderna, like Facebook, Twitter and numerous other upstarts, has been juiced up by DARPA. Yes, the military industrial complex itself. Gracias, El’ Presidente Trump! Another marvelously ignorant choice or precise calculation, it’s hard to say really. But how does the sausage get made? Surely, there’s a paper trail?

Operation Warp Speed issued billions of dollars’ worth of coronavirus vaccine contracts to companies through a nongovernment intermediary, bypassing the regulatory oversight and transparency of traditional federal contracting mechanisms. Instead of entering into contracts directly with vaccine makers, more than $6 billion in Operation Warp Speed funding has been routed through a defense contract management firm called Advanced Technologies International, Inc.  ATI then awarded contracts to companies working on COVID-19 vaccines. As a result, the contracts between the pharmaceutical companies and ATI will not be available through public records requests, and additional documents are exempt from public disclosure for five years.

Most government contracts are governed by a set of rules called the Federal Acquisition Regulation, or FAR. Recently, the government has been turning to an alternative mechanism, called an Other Transaction Agreement, or OTA. These agreements got their start in the late 1950s, when NASA was created. (See Operation Paperclip) The goal was to “streamline” the contracting process and attract newer, smaller companies and inventors to work with the government that otherwise might not have the resources or willingness to do so. In other words, groups like DARPA invest heavily in small firms or companies, fund their research and expand their reach until they inevitably take complete control as a majority stakeholder.

Analysts warn that along with the potential benefits come significant risks, including potentially diminished oversight and exemption from laws and regulations designed to protect government and taxpayer interests,” the Congressional Research Service wrote in a 2019 report about the rising use of OTAs by the Department of Defense. The report also noted that it was unclear whether OTAs are faster than traditional government contracts, because the Department of Defense hasn’t tracked that information. Furthermore, the contracts appear to be largely unobtainable by the general public, even under the Freedom of Information Act. This is how DOD deep state operatives have been doing business without public oversight or accountability for years.

Who is ATI? ATI is a nonprofit company that organizes a consortium of public, private, and academic organizations that perform research and development (R&D) on behalf of the US government. ATI mostly manages R&D consortia for the DOD for things like weapons manufacturing, metal casting and forging, ship production, and technology aimed at countering so-called weapons of mass destruction. ATI currently manages two consortia that have any relationship to health care, the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium and the Medical CBRN Defense Consortium. The MTEC, operating on behalf of the US Army Medical Research and Development Command, aims to “accelerate the development of revolutionary medical solutions,” which include gene editing, nanotechnology and ‘telehealth solutions’. So lovely that we would turn to the cutting edge of the transhumanism agenda for our vaccine development.

Operation Warp Speed was a miscarriage of medical and governmental policy and will no doubt lead to public backlash and hopefully an investigation into Warp Speed and all those who took park in manufacturing the virus and the fake vaccines, including Donald Trump.

Whatever his motivations, the Donald has seemingly turned his back on a large percent of his base, joining establishment clowns like Bill O’Reilly instead of the hundreds of medical professionals, physicians, scientists and even the inventor of mRNA technology, speaking out about the dangers of using the Moderna and Pfizer injections. With forced inoculations kicking off in Europe this February and hundreds of millions of doses on hand, who’s to say Operation Warp Speed won’t usher the same fate to our doors. If that day comes and it’s explained to the people, that dear old, uncle Trump signed away our right to choose, the reaction is going to be yuge. Sometimes I feel like he was just listening to this guy too much:

I am writing this as one of Donald Trumps most ardent supporters, formerly, it seems. And I admit since it’s conception, Operation Warp Speed has been concerning. I should have said more sooner, but I really didn’t care about the vaccine, so long as there was no mandate for me to take it. But now that we have seen the results of rushing a largely untested, spike protein producing nanotech injection past safety trials and distributing it to not only adults, but children, in the name of a manufactured emergency, is not only criminal, it’s categorically evil. The only way for any of these people to even begin to redeem themselves, is to confess everything and expose everyone and even then, they may never find true redemption.

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