Whispers of Procreation, a Poem of Natural Law

At the center of the chest exists the vibration of the highest frequency, the harmonious sound of a peaceful drum, companied by the brightest and purest energy. It dances along with the toroidal light mesh which holds the most vital organ in place, an outstanding rhythm, unique as the palettes of color both Creator and Creation have made special for each creature. Surrounded by the most spectacular witnesses, sparkling drops of the purest light there is among the wide and endless Universe, protected by the wings of special guardians.

The story of the birds and bees that pose and kiss flowers beautifully, along with the story of a man and a woman who hold and kiss amazingly, these make a perfect balance of how nature shows its greatness through different forms of creation. Naturally flowing under the same sun during daylight and under the same moon during night time, spontaneous yet righteous, majestic and divine. Just as natural law is written on Source’s life book; male and female union is the embrace of the sacred movement of light, an action that leads lovers to combine themselves in order to procreate.

Some call it a blessing, and others have called it a curse, but either way it maybe called; it is still the most powerful and incredible that could happen in any lifetime. Songs are yet to be written, about how extraordinary this is always going to be. Sacred and even holy, a trace of symmetrical geometry enhanced by the feeling of extreme bliss.

They come to love each other, burning desire of connecting their light bodies in the physical realm, to proceed to become one flawless light. As they grow closer they get stronger together, they come to understand more about their purpose as whole in life, knowing they will leave a legacy with love any time they decide to consume their fires uniting the streams of their magical fluids. Evaporating any low vibrational energy so that they can conquer fearlessly the goal of natural law through their lives.

Time becomes timeless when they touch their physical beings with complete alignment with their hearts, showing their most real selves through their spirits, and soon intertwining their souls in a total state of blessed bliss and tender love. Experiencing every part of themselves, just as they have been doing it in higher realms. An exquisite intimacy, only known and practiced by them, the elixir of the highest Gods overflowing from each of their pores, covering their skins naturally as they dance to their personal symphony. Delicious taste of freedom and everlasting love, shining from within their beings, a movement of sweet melodies.

That is how marvelous their union is.

Their bodies embrace their natural instincts, a calling of each of their hearts, the delicate desire of human nature. Powering power with their power, fueling love with their love, the noise of thunders filling the whole space while outstanding clouds spin around covering their bare bodies. Joyful lust in the rightful movement of affection, divinity and love. They make an explosion, the greatest light sphere; making thunders go quiet and clouds vanish.

Fertilized fertile seed being planted on fertile soil. His spectacular liquid fills her spectacular hole; they are becoming legends of humanity’s salvation as they reproduce. His seed belongs to her ground, just as her ground belongs to his seed; both so precious, their fertility is their treasure. Created for each other, the most perfect match, made for one another. Finding themselves over and over again, to unite and become one. The offspring of royalty; King and Queen of their incomparable and undeniable kingdom, an extraordinary breed. Adorable and loveable descendants of the most majestic lady and gentleman, blessed by the highest energies of the main Source of Life.

You and I, yes, Me and You. We are the most powerful and blessed, forever One.

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Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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