Tear the Veil, Breakthrough is Calling

Here comes the storm. Post after post, living for the temporary high dopamine levels, adrenaline of false hopes, a fame that will soon be under the carpet of the living room; roaches follow into it very quick, they love to keep misery company. False feminism empowerment leads to fake pretty much everything. You alter your body with so much anxiety; plastic surgeries for your breasts and also for your butt, some filling on your face and the botox cannot be ignored, eyelashes to the extreme of brushing your eyebrows, and do not forget the hair extensions that will make you look so unique, before changing the topic show your fake nails with pride imitating the look of demon’s claws. How you came to this point of believing this is all about enhancing your beauty? When you gave up to your natural essence long ago, excusing your actions to avoid depression somehow, but after all this time… What would happen if you were not able to post on social media anymore? Who would you be if you never crossed with the brainwash of the machine that has made you believe you are better if you give up to your natural being? Where would you be today if you were not following trends from television shows and fashion magazines? Oh, how much they have destroyed you.

Here comes the pain. Like after like, a slave of the dopamine release, yes you are also part of it. The very false male empowerment of a fitness strange status. Heavy weights lifter, the one who is supposed to look like Hercules, the lost member of the three hundred cast, the same one who thinks stripper looks are healthy and a to-go thing. Walk around the gym, pretending to be building muscles, showing your fake smile off. Media came and smashed your real dreams, you should look more like the photoshopped man of the health magazine cover, a person who lives on steroids and does not even recall what spending time with real friends is like. Go to the internet and present yourself as a healthy and fit role model, instant likes from thousands of women; hundreds falling at your feet offering you sweet nothings… Those are probably the same ones who lifted their breasts in a clinic and then tattooed freckles on their faces. The ones who take photos of their butt cheeks to send to you privately, hoping they get lucky and win a date with the man who fights anxiety daily while lifting many weights. Man of steel, they have shown you to be a comic book character; eight pack and round butt cheeks, just like the peach emoji you are hoping to have later tonight. Because they have told you that is what women like. And so goes on, the brainwash, the anti-depressive antidote the machine has sold to you as they have sold it to your neighbor too. What happened to the child who wanted to save the world from evil and wrongs? Where are your dreams being destroyed at? Have you lost your heart in the run to compete against the one who lifts next to you? Who are you going to be the day the nice looks do not work anymore? Oh, they have been eating you alive.

Here comes the thunder. Follow after follow, “Come to me, come to me!” That is what they say, desperate, a drug that leads to harder drugs. The world wide web, the big tech, the media that replaced social life, the artificial intelligence, the machine that pulls your strings. No matter how many good things you could find through the black entertaining mirror, darkness will always come to vanish it. How can you fight it? You might say, and truth is, the fight never ends… Day after day, you are being attacked by the enemy who opposes truth, light, life and love; the great master of the daily bread: your brain filled with confusion and sometimes it drives you to pain. How easy it has been for the system to divide us instantly, if you do not follow the trend or you do not share the lies mainstream media says; you are not good enough. If you do not want to modify your body shape or fill your body with strange liquids, you are not cool. You are labeled as a weirdo or misfit if you are not spending money in unnecessary things, or if you are not into pornography; you are called an idiot if you are not masturbating in front of a mirror and sending the video out to be seen by millions. How come everyone has fallen into it so easily? What is going on in your brain, besides the dopamine fading away? Since when is mental and emotional assault fine? When did physically and sexually assaulting someone is fun? Why have you let society tell you stealing kisses and touching anyone’s private parts is a sign of love interest? Do you want to eat meat? Then go get a piece in the grocery, instead of forcing someone to be sexually involved with you. It is common sense, it is part of self respect. Your brain has been filled with the famous phrase, “Single and ready to mingle,” so much that you have forgotten the meaning of real love. Friends with benefits movies, no strings attached series, sex mixed messages songs. Sell your body, sell your mind, sell your heart, and soon after run to sell your soul.

Can anyone please open their eyes and see?! They have been turning everyone into monsters, turning each into slaves of a fake physical with spiritual alignment. It is not what they say it is, you are not becoming more who you are supposed to be. You are obsessed with the way you look, superficial and materialistic lifestyle. How much longer your soul have to scream? Why is your spirit feeling in such a need to be set free? Porn stars are everywhere, the youth turning into zombies, energy vampires and the workers of darkness. Technology has told you that is okay, society has told you it is fine, your friends have said it is fun, your family have said it is approved. Deep within, I know you can see how you compare yourself every hour of every day. Who has bigger breasts, whose booty looks best, who has better muscles, who got the best Rolex on the wrist. And what about tomorrow, when you wake up? Are you going to be satisfied to wake up with a couple of females on your bed, will the cigarette you light up with those men taste better? Dating anyone, maybe trying luck, spreading all of your holy energy around, not caring too much; not wearing a condom sounds so tempting and abortion is supposed to be women’s health. They have told you love hurts and forget about it, do not even try it… In the end, it is all a trap; that is what they say. Sending pictures back and forward with everyone, figuring it out who likes what, who deserves the video no one has seen yet, but pay before receiving it, do not forget. Because self care and self love has been sold as cheap as some dollars added in your bank account, while you show your most precious intimate ways to everyone around. It is a cycle of anxious depression living for the moment with certain pressure. New age slavery, the savior is behind the screen sending verses to see if you find something better. But no, you are too deep in the dense energy that flows underground.

Misunderstood, those are the ones who do not care about the trends. Following only what leads to light, posting only what opens the third eye, liking only what obligates self to stay awake and aware. The weirdos, the misfits, the nerds, the stupid ones of the group, the mystical, the sheep who shaved their wool to give it to someone in need, the same who grew sheepdog hair after that, the rebel, the ones with high hopes and bright dreams, those are who become the brave ones. Always the judged and rejected, just because she did not want to get a breasts surgery and he did not want to become muscle buildier. Often seeing fingers pointed at, and guess what? Those are the same ones who grow so wild and unafraid of breaking through to find freedom, the ones who cut the system’s strings and cannot longer be controlled or manipulated.

No more fear, you are ready, take the chance and jump out and away from the misery’s train. It is time to wake up, to reconcile with your most natural essence of light, love and life.

Here comes the one who was once broken, hopeless and lost. Speaking their mind out, sharing their thoughts. Because at the end of the road light meets love, and life becomes meaningful. It is the cycle of wisdom showing truth within silence, understanding knowledge in higher levels. Mindful and soulful, an unstoppable love revolution. From inside out, turning the world upside down. Untie the knots, break the chains, do not compare yourself to anyone else. Social media is a battlefield, and so is the internet. Stand on strong grounds, turn them fertile, sow seeds of all the good that comes from the Main Source of Life, and see how your fruits are the most outstanding blessings you were always dreaming about. Shine your light brighter, fearless and freely, become one with your inner and higher selves. Tell demons to go away. Your time to become who you are really meant to be is… NOW.

And so blessings will fall like pouring rain, holier than ever before. A sense of spectacular divine love overflowing from your own. A feeling of sacredness that is born in your majestic heart. An everlasting experience of freedom, salvation among creation leading to procreation. And so you will recall harmonious peace, and beautiful bliss.

Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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