Escaping The Mental Matrix

Every failure, every success, every choice we make, right down to the most mundane, is crafting our experience on this planet and forming our interpretation of reality. This is how two people look at the same situation and perceive it differently, despite inarguable facts. I’ve heard people refer to this phenomenon as being “their truth” or “their reality” which, to me, is a denial of reality and an admission of psychosis.

The majority of individuals on this planet live a reactionary life, something happens and they react to it. This concept seems pretty normal, but it’s not ideal. A better method would be to respond rather than react. The major difference between the two methods being that a response requires forethought and at least some mild calculation, where as a reaction is simply a conditioned or subconscious response that one makes instinctively. I believe this engrained condition stems from our hunter gatherer roots when we needed to make snap decisions in an instant and our only focus was survival.

Another consideration for conditioned responses is learned stereotypes. Stereotypes in general have a negative air surrounding them, but really that’s just a term for how our brains catalogue things due to the amount of information we are constantly absorbing. Our minds use stereotypes to quickly assess and store information so that we are easily able to recall it later. Again, a normal function of the brain, but in this case, one that makes us more comfortable in a high stimulus world.

The modern human mind functions at a higher level than our ancient ancestors, but there has been a concerted effort to return humanity to the former. Depending on your lifestyle, you are likely being bombarded by low vibration stimuli day in and day out. Constant exposure to this stimuli, whether you realize it or not, will eventually skew your perception and alter your minds natural understanding of reality and therefore, your preconditioned responses.

White leftist plebs leading signaling to save the poor helpless black people.

Unfortunately, since the days of Mad Men, the media married marketing and marketing at it’s core is manipulation. You as an individual are lumped into a demographic that’s based on marketing data so that you can be sold one thing or another. The psychological tactics employed are as ancient and simplistic as what Aristotle explained in Ethos, Pathos, Logos, which tells us Ethics, Emotion and Logic are the pressure points for persuasion. Trust me, the modern methods of persuasion would make Aristotle kick off his sandals, hike up his toga and dance a jig.

The hysteria surrounding Covid-19 is a perfect example of utilizing all three of Aristotles approaches of persuasion, with a side order of Edward Bernays and Sidney Gottlieb. The British government admitted they used “military-level” psychological operations against the public to scare people into “doing the right thing”. They call it nudging or some whitewashed term, but it is coercion through behavioral science. It is safe to assume that the same tactics were utilized here in the United States and anyone paying attention can see that hyping up the plandemic was a success, as half of America is double or triple injected, still wearing a mask and still getting sick. Ah, the power of suggestion.

Have you ever been driving a long distance and sort of went on autopilot and allowed your subconscious mind to take over? A lot of people are living their lives in this same manner, unaware that they are simply going through the motions of their programming. Sure, they have normal lives and personal interactions for the most part, but they are trapped in a thought matrix, just like those of us who have awoken are still trapped in the banking matrix.

The way out is a personal process. No amount of information will open a persons mind without their willingness open it and some people grow comfortable in the matrix. Much like the character, Cypher, who betrayed Neo and the other freed humans in the 1999 film, The Matrix, some of us can’t handle the prospect of reality, especially when, on the surface level, it appears so very dark.

For myself, understanding the nature of reality came in stages over a long period of time, but it began with a simple curiosity about life. The more questions I asked, the more I wanted to know and the more I started digging. I always had an interest in the paranormal and unexplainable events that occur around the world, so when I came across material that would be called conspiracy theories, I approached them with interest and skepticism, due to the sheer amount of nonsense evidence surrounding UFO’s, Bigfoot and other would be urban legends. One of the first conspiracies that intrigued me was the JFK assassination and deep diving that blew the facade of history, society and culture to pieces. From then on I questioned everything and I found there were a lot of other people seeking answers and others still, who, in hindsight, had them.

The largest part of reconnecting to your true and higher self, is connecting with God and creation in the most energized way you can. By opening yourself up to the flow of your life plan and actively participating in the animated contest of life, you engage in the next level of awakening. You go beyond recognizing the problem and begin taking part in changing not only your world, but also the world around you. Your power is unimaginable if you only embrace it.

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