Sex Wars in the City

The history of the world has been built around thousands of happenings, that are yet to be proven truth or not, becausr knowing how they have managed information we should recognize how misinformed we have been hundreds of times; especially those who are too lazy to research, digging into different topics. Now, let’s focus our attention on something that no one can deny; and it is the fact that society has been divided through sex for ages, probably even before Jesus even thought of existing. Time after time, we have seen how religions and politics uses this branch of division for their benefit, it is a smart tool, one that its been the weapon of propaganda, and media has a very easy way to push certain campaigns serving to brainwash people of all ages.

Sexism is the tool of the broken, the insecure, the evil and soulless, it is the speech of major division in humans. The false waves of female empowerment, better known as feminism; fighting against the false male empowerment, better known as masculinism. These are nothing more that propaganda and lies, a never ending web of distraction to keep people trapped in the system. Campaigns of women’s rights are horribly mislead as a platform for hate speech, the normalization of misandry; using the silent campaign of men’s rights that have used their hate speech, normalizing misogyny. All of these verbal exchange has brought up waves of violent actions in which both, women and men, are reacting to each other in a negative way. This is a war that is been happening for so many decades, and the battlefield is in your mind and heart. And it has been taken to physical action as well.

Extremes are bad, we have always hear that, and it is very obvious why. Balance is required to be able to conquer things in a harmonious and positive way. By creating this division, they have been able to sell the LGTB agenda, causing confusion in people’s minds, destroying the natural human ways, and also smashing the beautiful idea of the family. I have heard before, that if it was not for the first wave of feminism I would not be able to do many things in my life; and people seem to forget that by allowing women to get jobs the family system cracked. This crack gave women a sense of false empowerment, and nowadays thus crack is even wider and women are more manipulated to step even farther from men. All while, men are being shown ways to become more independent and are also told why would you have children if the hook life is more fun; and this obviously connects to the wrong message being sold to women. It is all about a fake successful life; work to get your clothes, sell yourself to get new shoes, explode your body in a clinic or the gym to get more attention, among many other things. Superficial and materialistic. Interesting how all of these messages being shown through media always takes us back to sex, right? It is a circle, more like a roulette, where you throw a little ball and will do whatever it may fall. Do as they say.

Setting apart from universal truth, cutting the cords with your higher self, breaking up with your inner self, walking a path with no light and no love. It is all about the spider who lives because your energy is being drained every day. Successful people understand the importance of balance, and the beauty of human union. The moment anyone accepts their road to success speech, they are giving up to their most real and purest success. These false empowerments are the reason why men and women keep on fighting instead of unifying. The family unit depends on the union of a straight male and a straight female, and reproduction is being threaten every day, anytime a woman takes a birth control pill, and anytime a man wastes his seed by masturbating. Following the instructions of the false prophets of the media, the gurus who continue to sell wrong messages.

Religions have been fueling this, by mistreating women, and no religion is safe from being pointed on this. Politicians use this as their great weapon, by telling women to step on men giving them big spots in the government. And those are two extreme examples to be given, of the million of examples I could give. Like this one coming up…

The New Age movement, from which people label themselves as spiritual and awake, and many other silly things; have been earning a bigger platform every day on social media and other places. These people continue to preach about divine feminine and divine masculine energies, twisting it by adapting each to feminism and masculinism, excusing their speeches by the very famous soul contracts and also the fact that both should be empowered by… Using the same messages the machine uses. Funny, right?! Let me move further on this. Truth is, divine feminine and divine masculine energies do exist, and guess what? They are energies, let me say it again, energies. You cannot see the energies, but you can totally sense them. These energies have absolutely nothing to do with the way you dress, or how you speak, because they are energies. So if you are a woman and decided to wear lingerie, that has nothing to do with the divine feminine energy, because what you decide to wear is not fully defined by it. Also, if you are a man and decided to go lift heavy weights, that has nothing to do with the divine masculine energy, because what you decide to do with your body is not fully defined by it. Is this being understood? I hope so, because we are about to scale this quickly now.

The Machine, this system that has been fighting for years to control and manipulate us all, are the greatest liars ever existed on planet Earth. These people are totally twisted, crazy, and freaking insane. They have no limit to their plans, and they love a good speech or campaign to keep you handled and trapped. They also are great experts on spiritual topic, which is no surprise, they control churches as they control everything else. So, they have been intelligent enough to grab the divine feminine and divine masculine definitions by using it through the entertainment industry. How fun! They spend millions of money investing in movies, television shows, cartoons, music, among other things to sell you this. Female empowerment has become the trend of going from flirty to sexual in the blink of the eyes, and now women think pornography is okay so let’s watch it… or even “better,” make it. Male empowerment is not behind, it is also the trend of going from flirty to sexual in a second, and obviously men think pornography is a yes, yes… let’s sell this together! Promoting not only sleeping with as many as you can and also going viral if possible, but also sending the message of homosexuality and lesbianism as a to-go thing, because “you have to try everything.” The practices turning as twisted as the ones who pull the strings outside.

Sex Wars have so many sides, so many ways, and so many things. The war against the mind and heart, the war against your soul, the war against your values, the war against self-respect, the war against self-love, the war… Oh, the wars!

People are born into a society full of confusion and disfuctional, and this is fueled more by the second, and it seems to be the brand new fashion. Their plan is to keep everyone single, to make people go crazy, to separate women from men, to end with reproduction, to kill love and the beauty of growing with someone to expand generations and live a life in freedom and peace with nature. They destroy to tell you how not to destroy, the kill to tell you how not to kill, they divide you to prevent you from evolving as our ancestors did.

The truth is females would not exist if there were no males around; just as males would not exist if there were no females around. Women empowerment is absolutely nothing without men; men empowerment is absolutely nothing without women.

Is this war going to continue? Or are we brave enough to recognize our places on Earth? Knowing that no one is superior to anyone. Men are not more and women are not less; women are not more and men are not less. That has always been part of their plan. Truth is right in front of us, and that is the clear need of the family unit where a man and a woman can live and grow together in harmony and love, in balance and peace. That has always been the plan of the Creator, the Main Source of Life, the God is Father and Mother, and we should stick to it. By doing it, we defeat our common enemy. Fall in love fearlessly, marry the love of your life, have children, and success together as one.

Fun fact: their twisted agenda focus a lot on destroying straight people, and the union of a man and a woman. They fear us more than they would ever fear climate change or COVID.

Note: I find important to point out that the act of sex is not bad, what is bad and totally wrong are the ways they have been selling it. They have been giving the terrible message of showing women as if they are empowered by having sex with just anyone, just as they have been showing it on men for a longer time. It is not okay to sell this message, especially to the youth. The act of sex is more than what they have sold it or shown it to be through all the branches of the entertainment industry.

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