Breaking Point: How the Machine Wants to Prevent Us from Love. Their Plan, Against God’s Plan. Real Everlasting Love vs. One Night Stand

When did we let division and confusion become part of us? How did we let dark mindsets control us? When did we let social pressure manipulate us? Why have we not done something to stop this madness? Have we been so misled that somehow we have accepted the corrupted narrative that takes over our lives? Are we ready to jump out the train to set free as we see it vanishing away? Oh, dear Lord, what do we have to do to take the lead back? Can our ancestors come to offer us a helping hand? Because we are clearly away from where we are supposed to be.

To anyone, growing up always brings thousands of questions, especially when you are developing different things in your body. For example: Males grow facial hair, their voice tone changes, they get hair on their chest, and other things begin to happen more often between their legs. Females see their breasts growing, they get their first period, and other things begin to happen more often between their legs as well. Both share the hair growing in the private parts, and of course, the hormones attack. This hormone attack is clearly fueled by the entertainment industry through music, series and movies; in which we are shown ways to do things. The so-called “PG-13” motions, introductory imagery and sounds that prevent us from growing in a more unique way. It is no secret, they want us all to become crazy to be french kissed, touched, undressed, and hooking up with as many as possible from a young age. So whether you are careful in giving your children home education and values, they are always exposed to things you don’t think they should be practicing.

Let’s face it, most of us met someone back in the day; who was either our age, two years younger or three years older, who knew more than us. They introduced us to things we had no idea about, what could have been? Kissing, or the hot photographs of an adult magazine, a television show we were not allowed to watch at home, the porno movie someone left thrown around in the house, touching your private parts, listening to words you never heard about before, or who knows what else. The thing is, we were exposed to things through someone else, and those people were exposed to it before us as well. Meaning that assault has been passing down through generations, and we should be the ones now to stop this madness.

“Our souls, they want us to set free. Our spirits want to be like the bees, and our hearts want to beat with the trees. Our minds want to shine like tulip’s petals, and of course… Our minds want to be wide like nature. Intertwining beautifully with the one who was chosen to be with you forever and much more. Yes, tangling in harmonious ways, to become one in perfect union with the Main Source of life. Just as it is supposed to be, a song written with the most outstanding poetry, creating a majestic masterpiece. Procreating along with the Creator and Creation, breeding with the purest energy of light, reproducing like an endless symphony of everlasting love.”

For decades, the teaching has been to divide men from women, and that is how they have won so much ground in society. The teachings of being single is better because everyone cheats, or to become a workaholic so that you can get all the expensive things they sell you, giving you easy access to birth control pills while at the same time selling you the idea of getting pregnant to later abort and get some cash -or just to later ask for a monthly check on court by the father of your newborn. The teachings of two are better than one, the group circle who shares this one and later that one, the wear a condom but wait have you tried without it they say to feel better. The teachings of go out to party hard, find someone at the bar, hook up with just anyone, one night stands, the single wild life is better than commiting to just one. See, they want to prevent us from finding our one and only, from being with just one partner forever in harmony and love, from procreating and having a beautiful family. They say that is too old school and even boring, but it is because they have been saying the planet is overpopulated and they want to stop reproduction from happening. That is also why they are pushing the twisted agenda of LGTB and transgenders so badly, but that is another topic. Although, we can totally point out how the continue to push the pedophile lifestyle as if it was good and okay, selling it in weird ways. Like, they say that if an underaged teen consents to have sex with an older person it is okay.

Talking about having sex with older people, even when you are on legal age. Have it ever crossed your mind that someone ten or plus years older will always take advantage of the youngest??? Because it is like that. Even when you are still on your teens or first years of your twenties, someone two or plus years older than you can take advantage of you, easily. That is where dark times happen, and could also bring trauma, a mark in your life that you have to later deal with until you fully heal.

However, this topic has many ways to be approached, mostly because it has many things to be talked about. Now, I am about to point out something in a deep way. Your mind has to be open, and your heart will speak to you wisdom.

Sex is the most sacred action, and only a straight man and a straight woman can fully experience this action in alignment and connection with the highest existing energies. I once read that the energy produced when a couple reach climax in harmony is stronger than a nuclear explosion. Just imagine how spectacular and amazing that is, how human beings were created with such a detail that we can overcome and pass through anything the Machine has done to destroy us. The sacredness that exists in the moment of intercourse is beyond anything we have seen in our lives. How two people who love each other can come together to unite, exchanging their purest energies, giving and receiving in great balance; how two people can tangle and be there, intertwined by heart, spirit, mind, body and soul. The simple fact of love energy exchange naturally effects everything else in the moment, and that is where pleasure actually comes from. It is not only for the obvious reasons, it is more about the love energy that is created between the two involved. How the Creator and the Creation become one within us so that we can become one with the person we love the most. And this action which is filled with divinity and pureness is exactly what they have been against of for so long.

They fear us finding out how connecting with your partner for life is better than all the superficial and material things they sell us. They do not want us to find love, they do not want us to reproduce. They want us to be their slaves. This is what we must fight, because the Main Source of Life want us to be free, to be love and be in love, to spend our lives with the one who was created for us, to reproduce, to have a family, to live in peace and harmony. If you are brave enough, you can take away from your life all the wrong messages and understand it’s been all about them this whole time, because they do not care about you. Unfaithful people exist because of the message that has been told for decades, both men and women are being manipulated to set apart from what is the real plan of life, light and love. We need to be able to set free and to go to where our souls and hearts feel the happiest and more blessed at.

Love is the highest frequency, and that is where we should vibrate always. Find your path home, because someone is waiting for you as much as you have been waiting for that person. The time to break their pattern has come. Find love, and love fearlessly, understand the sacredness of sex, be mindful and soulful, become grateful and you will receive the most outstanding blessings ever. One night stands may be sell as fun, but every night with your one and only is more than fun, and it is a great gift from God. Set free, and become one with your one. There is a wonderful blessing waiting for you.

“I know, the road may not be easy at times, but once you find your one, life becomes brighter. Strength is found in respect and love. Love is where your heart feels like home. Home is where you are with the one who loves you as you love back. Life is about light and love, and you are everlasting, just as your love for lives. Do not be afraid, and set yourself to be with your forever.”

The time to defeat the Evil System is NOW. Stop letting them trying to replace us with fake babies, fake humans. Transhumanism is not a joke, and they are using all of their putrid power to eliminate us so that they can turn society into robot slaves for them. This is our planet, and this is our home. We need to take a stand and stop following their corrupted twisted agenda. Stop spreading your energy everywhere, there is one for one to become a brightful one.

Go against their teachings. Fall in love, get married, have children, and grow.

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Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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