Devices vs. Human Contact

Did you know that children get electronic devices when they have not even come out of the womb yet? Parents say it is okay, because that way they have their own device to watch their cartoons and movies. And they get them smartphones at a very young age. Also, did you know that there are parents who get sex toys for their children starting by the age of seven? They use as an excuse that girls begin to masturbate at a young age, and it is better if they do it with a toy. There are doctors who back this action up, by saying that it is okay, as long as children are taught about hygiene and how to properly use the toy. Interesting, right?

Well, I did a quick research before writing this post, and the more I read articles, the wider my eyes got and my concern about the youth grew bigger as well. I did not checked more than five articles, and I did not even finished reading the last one because I felt like throwing up. My heart felt hurt, and my mind could not take it anymore. It is terrible how these things are being sold as normal and totally okay, and how these things are becoming a good thing. I am sad to see how are parents nowadays, and also concerned about future generations.

The craziness above the craziness, the selfishness on top of more selfishness, the misinformation misleading parents is beyond the borders of this planet where we live. Technology is eating people alive; and it will continue to have a feast if we keep allowing madness to run the show. I have known for so long that parents get smartphones and tablets for their children to watch different types of content that is labeled as safe for children, while we know the deep meaning behind the messages they sell to the newest generations. Although, it used to be more subliminal decades ago, now they just simply show the horrifying images and sounds to brainwash our children. However, what is even more concerning is how parents allow their children to own a sex toy. I am truly shocked about it, and to many it may seem normal and okay, or even as an old new; but to me this will never be normal nor okay, and I don’t care for how long it’s been happening. Just knowing that it happens terrifies me.

When I wrote the title I thought of doing a little bit of research, it never crossed my mind what I found. I just thought, “Devices vs. Human Contact,” was a good title to represent talking about how sex toys have been taking over humans being together. Because everyday it gets more and more pushed to the youth; both women and men, to own a sex toy, because it is supposed to give more pleasure. It’s been also been sold as a great thing to add during intercourse between a loving couple. They obviously think a man and a woman are not good enough to give each other pure pleasure through their divine connection in blissful harmony. And that of course comes from all the pornography they have sold for decades, and also all those messages sold in television shows and movies. You know, more of the same putrid things they offer us as chocolate chip cookies.

You may wonder why I am so against sex toys, and truth is: I have always thought of them as a disgusting waste of materials. To me sex toys mean; replacing a human figure to feed your ego. Yes, it is all you do by masturbating or using a sex toy. The waste of your sacred energy. They sell it to you as a way to know yourself and find what things you may like or not, but the truth is, those devices only exist to prevent you from having human contact. Why do I believe this? Simple: they tell you it’s promised to have multiple orgasms with it, they tell you it helps you avoid infections or undesired pregnancy, among many other things. Sex toys are more popular than they ever were, and even men are now super into them. Because, why not telling men to use a sex toy instead of being with someone?

They have used the plandemic season as an excuse to sell sex toys, you know lockdowns and all of that. It is ideal to own a sex toy, they have made millions these past years, just as the people selling their content on that “OF” platform. Easy come, easy go. The money, of course. People spend hundreds and even thousands on these things made of different materials, there are even influencers who make reviews about them, (GROSS!). And well, we obviously have all of these minors being exposed to this content. There are celebrities even talking about that stuff, so no wonder why a eleven or twelve year old is asking to own one. Parents do consent to get them the thing, and they later wonder why their children are so desperate to have intercourse, or even why they ger pregnant before turning eighteen.

Again, this is something I have been against to my whole entire life. I will never understand how can people accept a fake thing to give them “pleasure.” It is all about that false empowerment, especially in women. The fake self-love and self-care message. Masturbation is not even something you should be practicing, it is an act that makes you waste your energy, the sacred energy. And no, I am not judging you, I am reminding you that the Source gave you sexual energy in order to share it with one person only for life. You are supposed to be intertwining your energy with your partner, your lover, your spouse; not to be giving it away through an act of selfishness, neither to be using a device in which you wasted your money on.

Human contact is so important, and wish those parents buying tablets, smartphones and sex toys to their children could understand this. I wish parents could teach their children from the heart and not from the superficial things they were taught and grew with. I wish parents could explain to their children why do they feel the need of touching themselves instead of buying them a piece of plastic and a lubricant. And even more, I wish parents asked their children why are they touching, since masturbation at an age of seven to nine years old usually happens after the child has been exposed to assault/abuse. I wish doctors wouldn’t recommend parents to say yes and teach their children about sex toys.

The fact that women say to feel empowered by the fact that they own sex toys and know how to “rock them,” (as I’ve read), is truly disgusting. The fact that men are now also bragging about making use of sex toys is truly disgusting, (and I’m talking about straight males). I honestly don’t know when this became such a great trend to follow, people don’t even hide it anymore, I suppose they feel exquisite about this. I found crazy to read in one of the articles that around 60% of couples bring sex toys to be part of their intercourse, and even now it is somehow normal for women to wear strap-on to be with her male partner. I seriously cannot take that as something “normal,” because that is not normal, and it obviously has to come from consuming too much pornography. I believe all of this madness about sex toys and being so open about it comes from the amount of pornography people has been brainwashed with. I doubt a healthy couple who understands how the act of sex truly works would want to bring sex toys into their intimate session.

True love understands the importance of human contact, a couple involved in the energy of light and real love practices things as Source made it for. The natural ways; skin to skin, love to love. Which is exactly what they want to avoid the beautiful human creation from practicing.

What are we going to teach future generations? Are we going to continue to follow the wrong footsteps? Or are we going to break the pattern of lies and evilness of the Machine? Our children need guidance; they need to be heard and understood, they need to receive love. Children need their parents to be kind and loving, and to help them grow in the light of our Main Source of Life, the Creator, God…

The moment you accept their putrid narratives, is the moment their poison begins to take over your life. Do not let them fool you, and use you as their tool. Instead, become light and love, be courageous and have kindness in you.

Stop this madness before it is too late…

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