Break the Programming Installed in Your Brain. Replace it with Truth, Love and Freedom

Questioning things about life and how society works, I have come to conclude that we have been so conditioned to normalize certain things; and among those things exists the possibilities that pedophilia could turn out to be more than what we have been taught it to be. This is again, one of my very own thoughts, and a controversial thing to share, that us for sure.

We have learned that pedophilia has been going on for decades, ages, and who knows that if it was even practiced before Jesus came to Earth. But truly, pedophilia has come to be a thing that the Machine has been slowly normalizing. Let’s remember that in some cultures, it is normal for men to pay parents to get married to underaged girls, as young as eight years old; which is very horrible to know and see it continues to happen. And it is incredible how some people justify that act of assault to the mind and heart, and the fact of the physical and sexual abuse; saying it is normal because it is part of that culture. Which is pretty much accepting pedophilia. We also have doctors who say pedophilia cannot be fixed because it’s a mental illness, and well, it is hard for people to let that go… Horrible, isn’t it? But now, let’s be more open about this. Have you ever asked yourself if it is actually okay for an eighteen years old to be dating a twenty-five or more years old? Isn’t it similar to pedophilia? To me, it is.

Yes, I believe that it is an act of abuse to have someone young dating someone who is ten or more years older. Why do I have this way of thinking? It’s simple. I think someone who is older will always take advantage of the youngest of the relationship, the older the worst. There is no way to fit something like this as normal in my brain. The fact that I have heard and seen people talking about being with someone younger because they find it extremely arousing to be with someone who knows little, is just ad depraved as the mindset pedophiles have. And to me, being on legal age does not mean knowing where you are standing at the moment. If it takes us years to find out what we want to do with our lives, and to understand ourselves, imagine knowing who you want to truly date and share you body with. No matter if it’s a man or a woman, when it’s too older than the other person, they know better, especially when they have experimented and experienced more than the youngest.

How the System has normalized this actions is truly disgusting. They show us celebrities who are fifteen or more years older than the partner dating, they sell their relationship as real love, when the truly do not even know what brightful love is. For obvious reasons; becoming a celebrity takes a lot of their natural essence away. So, people grow up thinking this type of relationships are okay, and they teach the youth about sleeping with anyone -not even caring how many years of difference there are between one another. These type of teachings are also what open doors to other depraved things, like giving in into pornographic fantasies and using sex toys, selling themselves through internet’s platforms and many other things. The new generations are being taught terrible things, even worse than what we were exposed to when we were teenagers. It is not as much as drugs and alcohol as it is about selling their most sacred energy, to sleep with someone for one night, and then cash some money at the end of the hour. It’s the newest way to enter prostitution and it’s been sold as something normal.

I was never an extrovert, and I have been told that is why I do not find this kind of behavior normal. But honestly, I think it has absolutely nothing to do with that, I think it is more about me understanding how assault and abuse really work. It comes from me breaking free from the so called cultural and social mindsets in which we are pushed to accept things are clearly not normal. As we all know, the System always finds the way to make their twisted and putrid things a to-do trend.

We have been told that when people come to a legal age they are free of choosing whatever they want to do with their lives and bodies; and even when that is true, becoming eighteen does not mean we know anything at all. Truth is, we know too little about life, whether we went through hardships before reaching legal age or not. We can be affected by different things; depending on how we were raised, what we were taught, what we used to see or hear growing up. All of that mixed with the content we were exposed to while going through our childhood and teenage years.

Let’s be total and completely honest, most of us were exposed to bad things such as porno, whether it was soft or not for our eyes, our brains took it differently. And guess what? Porno does not only comes from seeing images or listening to it, it also comes from someone assaulting us. If someone forced a kiss or a touch, if someone forced you to be involved in any type of sexual activity, if someone talked to you about topics like masturbation or intercourse; know that is being assaulted and therefore being exposed to pornography somehow. Sexual abuse usually comes from someone who experienced it; and it can be done through words and actions. This has a lot to do with their horrible programming.

The fact that they have normalized relationships between people who have ten years or more of difference is terrible, that has been their first step to normalize pedophilia. Thinking about it, probably not even at sixteen to twenty you are really consenting having sex with anyone, much of it happening comes from social pressure. Men feel the pressure of being manly through what they have been taught; listening to people saying that, “A real man has sex with many, it is okay if you have sex when you are between fourteen to nineteen, because that makes you a real man.” And that honestly is a lie. Same lies are told to women, when people say things like, “Become empowered, having sex is natural, so it is okay if you begin to have sex after you got your first period. You will turn to be a real woman after you have sex.” It is all so twisted, because sex is supposed to be practiced when you are actually ready for it, not when your hormones are yelling at you. It is supposed to happen when you fall in love deeply, and you know you are ready to be with that person. They have told us that virginity is a social and religious mindset, and that virginity should not be as important. And that is very wrong to say, because the purest you are the better. But as always, social pressure comes to pop-up.

We are living in a world in which women feel empowered and truly proud about watching pornography and masturbating, is not about men being this way anymore. They have turned people to be sexual objects, using each other for a temporal pleasure instead of being patient and wait until either find their love partner who they will spend their lives with. People have turned their backs to real love, to what is natural and beautiful; they have exchanged it to collect people in a journal and experiences they somehow feel proud of later in life. They seem to never regret knowing they wasted so much of their sacred energy, and opened holes in their spiritual selves, just for a moment that they will not have back, just to feel cooler than someone else.

The normalization of relationships between people very young with someone very old has been a depravation they have sold as something good, as something that makes you better, and something to brag about. What is it going to be tomorrow? The normalization of pedophilia by saying it is okay to have a relationship with a minor because well, “Love is love.” I will never accept this, and will never support these actions. I will never say yes to people to become into a relationship with someone who is ten years or more older than the other, because the cracks that can be caused mentally and emotionally could probably be never fixed.

Your inner child must heal, your inner teen must heal, your inner young adult must heal; if you were ever exposed to assault of the mind and the heart, if you were ever exposed to sexual abuse. Because truth is, when someone takes advantage of you, the one who knows more and thinks knows better is going to always be older than you. Whether if there were not so many years of difference between you and that person, they knew what they were doing by breaking a part of you. If we want to fix this world, we need to begin by accepting facts and understanding what is normal and what will never be.

Note: I do know there are relationships that work when people are together and one is older than the other, when there is no poison within either involved, it works. But funny enough, I have never seen a relationship working when one is ten or more years older than the other. So, keep that in mind.

Break free from lies, learn, heal, grow.

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