Swing to Hit the Ball

The weather changes quickly mixing all of the seasons, like an undesirable cocktail. Closing the ninth inning; you are on the mound and ready to hit, the bases are loaded, two outs have been called. The sun’s rays are pointing straight to your eyes, rain drops turn into hail, and soon hail turns into snow flakes just as they hit the field’s ground. You know, the game depends on you. The pitcher knows how to throw the ball, the trick is in the glove that is now holding the ball in. A hundred five miles per hour, the ball comes fast at you, maybe too fast for you to be able to hit it. All the distraction going on, from the weather to the crowd that surrounds you, and then to the billboards standing in the stadium. What is it going to be now?

Can you feel the pressure? The distractions coming and going, the way the crowds change pace falling quickly into different narratives. The role you play, the character you are. Pressure on top of pressure, yes, you are always under pressure. Look at the genital you have between your legs, your skin color; are you perfect? Look at your ancestors, your heritage; do you have the fault? Look at your orientation, your career; are you being enough? Look at your body shape, your diet; what is it going to be now? All superficial, so materialistic and unrealistic. Barbie dolls meeting Ken dolls, stereotypes have to be filled, because they say there is a slot for everyone, and you should be filling the spot to please everybody.

Television, internet, billboards, flyers, social media platforms, streaming applications, news outlets, radio, music, runaways; the entertainment industry surrounds you with their evil message until the poison you. Where do you draw the line? Double meaning messages, extreme sexism, false female empowerment, false male empowerment, homosexuality, depravation, pornography, transgender agenda, heavy drugs and alcohol, printed unworthy money; the never ending puppet show. How will you fight it? Fake pandemic, lockdowns, face masks, lockdowns, social distance, vaccination, an evil narrative to divide and set the people apart, another page of their agenda. When will it be enough to piss you off? Abortion, human trafficking, organs trafficking, drug trafficking, child abuse, caged minors, pizza and pasta parties, clown show activities; the soulless celebrations. What is going to take for you to speak out loud? Lie after lie, will you ever realize? Propaganda campaigns, politicians slicing society in different languages, so many cuts, how are we going to be brought together once more?

They sell you tempting things all the time, and after you buy their depraved ways, they begin to sell you the solutions for it. Seven deadly sins, what about seven daily dreams? Yes, their promise of pleasure and salvation, both in the same realization. How come? Become greedy for lust and forget about love? That has to be one of their favorite mottos, along with the very famous, “You Only Live Once,” and also the, “Live While You Are Young,” later matched with, “You Only Have This Life, So Life Like There’s No Tomorrow.” And everyone sticks to it, and blindly applaud to it, muted of course, because you have to pretend to be cool so your friends keep labeling you as awesome. It is how the youth has been perverted. As real as it is that we only have this life to live, they are not giving anyone ways to prevent dying too young. Instead, they give you all the tools you may need to kill yourself, and many dream to joint their idols in the ‘Twenty-Seven Club’, why not? How many celebrity legends are in there, right?

Evil laughter, they think they are our masters, they have done and continue to do whatever they can to avoid your awakening and breakthrough. They have made people forget politicians are their employees and not their bosses; just to set an easy example. And here we are today, wondering… How are you going to swing? Are you going to miss the ball, or are you going to hit it, or are you going to become a disgusting swinger? What is it going to be, fellow human being? Are you willing to save yourself from hell? Because as truth as it is that God saves you, if you are not willing to fight and save yourself, you are never going to be safe.

Allow me to advice you something…


Destroy the brainwash, break the programming, set free today, and hit a home run. Because the right and perfect moment is now.

Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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