Drug Addict, Let It Go

Racing at the speed of light, you can hear the sound of gravity hitting hard, the motors glorifying the simulation, feeding with their stimulation. Come here quickly, make noise, it is an uncontrollable party. Crash with all of your cash, collide with the ecstasy of this fast engine in life. Listen to your heartbeat in your head, the drum that matches the heaviest rock song. Playing techno music out loud, the popular lyrics of living life to the extreme, sing along and conquer the risky message. Tomorrow might be already gone, so move, run with the rush of the crowd, float around with the smoke pollution, and do not forget to flow with the poisoned river next to the road. We are going up, highway to nowhere, because if you happen to die tonight… you do not know what awaits you.

It comes at you like an insane desire, sold to you as sanity and liberty. Consuming every bit of your spirit as you consume every crumb thrown to you. Try this, try that, have some more. It is never enough, it will never be enough. Risk your life for the sake of the thousand likes, go viral like the ‘rona; because it is all fake in the end. Twisting your wrists, slicing your dreams, destroying your will, this is all about the reality they have sold you to believe. Vroom, vroom; close the door, push the accelerator, feel the venom filling your lungs. Speeding faster than all the ones who left you once behind, you want more, you want to pass through them and prove you are cooler than them all. Collecting faces, embracing strangers touch, sleeping with everyone and probably all. It is all about this mad show they have told you is good. They promised you fame, so it is okay.

Creating content for the lost, because you are already lost. Money, money to your account, followers and likes, dance naked in front of your webcam. Social media platforms, prostituting for some new pair of shoes. Line after line, traveling from your nostrils until your brain goes boom, beating louder than your heart. L to S, S to D, it is all about the party going on in the living room of your new house. The crib where everyone grinds, standing there, sitting next to them, laying in your neighbor’s bed. Swinging, strangers, addicted to the monster now living inside of yourself. Corruption, they are way older than you, but you lied to your body saying it feels good. Pedo, excuse me, Pedro, how many kilograms did you bring? King of Narco, just like Pablo, pouring pills like it ain’t a big deal. Boys and girls, they all come to you, thinking this makes them so cool.

Countertop, check the kitchen, all the bills above. How much money did you make this week? Is it enough to get you the living you deserve, or are you too busy becoming someone else? Allowing them to destroy nature, you thought it was nice to receive a check in the building of death. Abortion after abortion, it does not causes you any type of emotion. Addicted to work, alcohol is not even enough anymore. Absolutely absorbed by the mob, crowds of people as lost as you are. No clue of where you are going, but they said it is the way to be. Spent so many years receiving education by perverted people. The crossdressed professor, the drag queen story teller, the pedophile principal, the mature gym teacher, the one teacher who grabbed your butt while looking at your breasts, the teacher who squeezed your nuts; and all the classmates who opened the doors to perverting you too. Leave alone the story of how you graduated college, your parents will never be ready to know you slept with many. Do not tell mom and dad how you got promoted at work, they already saw your knees. Today we are going to see how much they turned you to be like if you were in one television show or movie they have presented to you; but this is so real, you do not know when you became so attached to their films.

How many braincells do you have left? After all the brainwash you have been consuming. Dopamine levels that fade away so quickly, moving faster than adrenaline, and the serotonin crawling heavily. Your lungs filled with dust, pain, ashes and illnesses you are yet to know. MK like MJ, poor Michael knew how Ultra stole his being, but it was too late to rescue himself… Are you going to wait until is too late for you as well? All this main points of attraction, mainstream media, boutiques of sorrow, lustful distractions. Manipulated like a rag doll, pulling your strings like a hopeless puppet. Fly, mornach, spread your wings and fly, unless you are too stuck in the state of mind. Purring, kitten programmed, the furless submitted to the commander. Do you like going fast, traveling in the yacht that you do not know if will ever go back? Elderly, but too deep into consuming the magic pill, poles in the middle of the room, if you dance on him, he will pay you more.

Furious, euphoria, screaming so loud and breathing so hard. Tomorrow you will not remember about today, you do not know what the future has in store. Lifestyle of the rich, the famous, the elitist, the twisted, the perverted. You said all in at the poker game, but your hand was too far and away. Be afraid, the cartel knows where you stay. Planning a romantic end, Titanic storyline in the palm of your hand. Romeo, Romeo! Where have you left your head? Traps, trapped in a spider web, black widows gossiping about the feast they are going to have later today. Lions stomachs are empty, the System took their food away so they could obey at the zoo in the heart of the city. The story says that if you are not afraid and you trust God, the lions will not open their mouths… but at this point, I do not think the Gods will hear your prayers.

Bottles broken on the floor, minors running naked in the garden trying to set free. Can you believe it? Just as they movie they showed you on the streaming application, what a coincidence! This is like a movie, isn’t it? Virgins are not longer trending, sell yourself cheap, let the line in through your nostrils, put that acid on your tongue, smoke the cigarette and hold the cocktail with your other hand, record yourself and post the video, share the photos and become viral. Go for it, do it now, extreme and tell yourself about how righteous you feel to be. May your grandma pray for you, may the priest feel for you, may the pastor shout out a word, may the nun sacrifice the dove for you, and all the satanists may rejoice at your loss.

Nine-one-one, emergency, the towers falling down. That was so long ago, you do not recall, but the ambulance is coming, do not worry. Rehab, baby, rehabilitation center, trying to help you survive. Cleaning you will take longer than the moon meeting the sun in our planet’s sky. Drugged from the moment you came out of the womb. Poisoned to the bones, your heart drops a different beat, the rhythm of evil, come and check this out… your vital organs dying slowly to the dance of devil’s songs. Oh my dear, breathe again, fight once more. Survive, become a warrior, or is it already too late?

This is their agenda, this has always been their plan. A brave new world, an animal farm, a nineteen eighty four, a never ending war. Battlefields are always built right in front of us. The chasm never closes. If you are courageous, you will break the programming and set free before is too late. Suicidal thoughts may come at you, but the force of light with be stronger. Within you lives and vibrates the highest frequency, open yourself to embrace it. Love is greater than any mindsets ever constructed in your being. Take it as a healing weapon, take it as the only weapon to defeat them. Love will always conquer it all.

Love is not what they have said to be, love is much more and it is our essence of life.

Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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