Quick Guide to Perdition: The System’s Soulless Diary to Destroy Women’s Figure

A rib for a heart, from the ashes just like a phoenix. One of the most outstanding and beautiful creatures on planet Earth. Woman, your traits include divine light and overflowing love, the brightest features come from your soul; rich in mercy and kindness. You are everything and all, from the beginning until the end. Your essence is so pure, your scent so sweet. Beloved creation of God, you have been blessed with spectacular glow.

I write this as a woman myself; a female since the seed was sow in the womb. Born and raised surrounded by sexism messages all over the place. I have heard probably everything, from people related to me to people I never crossed path with again. I never understood why words towards women were always so harsh, but I always knew within me, something was wrong in the way the Machine presents the female figure. How come we have been so dragged into a hole, and instead of fighting it we have complied to it. We are attacked daily, by men, but mostly by women. Yes, women attack women greatly, because the programming flows in different levels, and they have also found ways to divide us. By not being interested in the feminist movement, I have seen how I mistreated, just because I do not agree with the ways the false empowerment is presented to women at all ages. I see no competence in women neither in men, I see no obstacle with anyone of any sex. Yet, I see how I am seen as an issue to different circles of society.

See, this is all about how they use the Quick Guide to Perdition, a diary they once found and turned into their strict agenda to follow. It almost feels as if they are following someone’s steps to pollute people’s souls, and it is disgusting to see how hundreds fall into the trap, not knowing what it will bring to their lives, but surely making them feel somehow safe because they are walking the path of females that are portrayed as awesome. This is madness, and this is not okay. Applauding to all of these things is insane.

I have heard it is men’s fault for not giving enough space for women to freely move and have great job positions, but that is of course part of their plans. The confrontation between men and women is absurd, why would women want to be where men are at? Well, it must be because the programming is too strong, women being told they deserve to be the CEO of the world is opening the wound in society bigger. Women were not actually created to be the boss who gives orders, but since women have been taught to manipulate, they have grown to think they should step over everyone to find a place of fake recognition.

Feminism, a movement being sold as a way to empower women, and that has also being said to teach women about women’s rights; has turned females more promiscuous, lesbians, abortion practicers, and haters, than what it has taught them about self love and self care. It is all so twisted. The hatred women has grown against the masculine figure is stupid, they have been so brainwashed that they forgot that if it was not for a man, their mothers would have never got pregnant; and if it was not because their parents -especially the mother- decided not to abort, they would never be here today. The perfect puppets of every form of media has been pulling the strings of women badly. It is not a joke, and it is a horrible game.

Who are the ones to blame on all of this? Is it really men we should be pointing our fingers at, or is it to our own selves? Because after all this time, I have realized that many things would not be happening if it was not for women complying to it all. Yes, women, you all have been the ones allowing the worst to happen. Should I set some examples on the table? Even if your answer is no, I will do it.

First, women’s right are not really rights. These so-called rights are just excuses to take adventage of men. If a woman gives birth to child, she can easily get a monthly check from the father of the child, the law decides how much she is getting, and that could take more than eighteen years. So, imagine how much a woman does only by receiving a check, this has turned many promiscuous; having children only for that money. Then, we have the women’s health lie about abortion, and women deciding to abort whether the father of the child agrees or not, and they get a cash for it at certain times. Becoming murderers for money. Another case that makes noise in my head is, when women criticize men for cheating, forgetting that a man will not cheat if a woman is not willing to be with him, and in most cases the woman knows that man is in a relationship. So women point the finger at men, and forget about the other woman involved. Funny, right? Here is another example, how media has sold this false empowerment of the female figure. Showing that if they openly present their sexual energy, they are proving how divine they are. Twisting the divine feminine energy honest concept to justify their perverted actions. Also, the hatred to patriarchy, which is stupid since the real meaning of patriarchy and matriarchy is referred to the father and mother figure. The lack of balance in society is so huge that people cannot see beyond what they are told through television.

I am honestly tired of seeing how sexualized the woman figure is, I am disgusted by it. I think it is so gross the way women has allowed the System to turn them into sexual objects. If it was not for women accepting this, men would not be continuing to try to see women as an object of pleasure. But the programming is so deep, that women think being desired by both sexes makes them holier. The way sensual and delicate is no longer there, the way they have turned women into porn stars is ridiculous. The fact that women has allowed all of this is pathetic.

Yes, you can have your own business, but it will only be successful if you understand that you are not a victim and you are not less. You can have your happy life, only if you are willing to accept that you are not a victim and you are not a slave. You can be beautiful and sexy, you do not need to sell yourself cheap posting photos and videos in lingerie or naked. You are much more than what they have told you to be, and men are not the evil they have told you to believe he is.

In silence, you can listen to your heart beat, and within your being you can seek for the answers you need. It is in you, it is in me, it is in everyone; both men and women. Discernment, it was given to each and all of us with the purpose of helping us take decisions and showing us truths, it is what we call the feeling in out gut. You do not need to be approved by a fake society that has been lied to for so long. Men and women were created to be together and become one, each have a place on Earth and it has nothing to do with what they have said. We are supposed to support each other, to be in balance and harmony with one another. No one is superior to the other, and only together we will achieve so much. Women are the compliment of men, and men are the compliment of women.

They took women outside of the house only to break the family union and the real meaning of love. If you know how beautiful it can be to accept and respect one another, then you understand how important it is for a woman and a man to be equals. Women are much more powerful when they see men as their connection to higher energies, and vice versa. Men were brainwashed too against women at certain levels, but the brainwash is stronger in women.

Seek today within yourself, and break free from all the lies you were told. Women and Men are not sexual objects like pornography shows. Women and Men are not enemies of one another. Women and Men are not superior than anyone. Women and Men are not competition. Know that Women and Men ARE amazing creatures, created by the Creator for one another. Find your one, become one, and live love as one.

Published by vthakira

Warrior & Queen. Mindful, Heartful, Soulful. Art creator, Writer of words.

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