Balanced Empowerment

What is that they have told you? Men are better than women, or women and better than men? Talk to me about it, spit their lies while having your expensive coffee, and do not worry, it was brewed by the hands of the Machine that pulls your strings. It is sad to see, and dramatic to walk through it. Sex wars in the city, sex wars in the suburbs, sex wars at the building, sex wars in the farm. All about that hair salon new shampoo that promises you to help your scalp hydrate, but in reality they are brainwashing. Pay with your credit card, money that has no backup in the bank, more fictional than Batman, and worse than any villain ever portrayed in your favorite shows.

Welcome to the club of false empowerment, where you will lose your soul, where your heart will go bankrupt, where your spirit will not feel anymore.

If you ask me, there are no more gracious creatures than men. Yes, they are full of life and strength. What men have to offer humanity is way beyond what they sell as outstanding. Men who are born with male genitalia between their legs, I have to clarify, just in case. They are the only ones who carry the seed of life within themselves. Created by the hands of God, shaping each and every man with great traits, divine characteristics that can only define them. Their will to overcome hard times, their strength to lift any weights, their knowledge and strategies to solve different issues, their kind hearted ways to help others, their efforts to succeed, their ways of caring for their families, their seed they are able to sow in the woman’s womb, among so many other great things.

Men have been mistreated by the System in so many ways, the fact that they live having to fit expectations to please society. Men are told they cannot be empathetic, and they are also taught to become promiscuous at a very young age. Men are told that, “A real man has many women, and can have a relationship with more than one at once,” and they are also told, “You become a man the day you have sex for the first time,” forcing them to lose their virginity at an early age. Men have to face society showing themselves strong at all times, as if they do not have feelings, and they begin to destroy their inner selves little by little to the point all sexism preached to them become their mindsets. Men are introduced to pornography at an early stage of their lives, because older people think it is normal for a male to be exposed to it, since it is “men’s nature” to be focused in sex. Men are set apart from their spiritual side, being shaped to be a rough person as if spirituality and feelings were bad; they get blocked from developing an open inner vibration connected to the Main Source of Life. Men are choked almost all the time, it has become harder for them to freely breathe. They live in anxiety about what is going to happen next, not knowing if they are doing enough to please society’s expectations, they are always under pressure.

All while men are being sold as evil beings who just exist to continue to oppress women, we truly do not realize how painful it could be to many men to be able to find their voices and stand up for themselves. If a man is physically or sexually abused, the moment he speaks about it, he is mocked by others; making it hard for men to express many things. The saddest part is that usually there is no justice done, because men’s rights are nowhere to be seen in most of life’s situations. This obviously breaks the whole “Equal Rights” narrative, which produces me so much disgust, since women’s rights seem to be way more decorated and dedicated to.

A total lack of balance, and of course, false empowerment lines. Women are not as mocked when they express that they were physically or sexually abused, instead, courts blindly believe them even if it is a lie just to destroy the man who apparently did what she said. Justice is forced greatly, and there are no further investigations over the case. It seems that most people have not realized how the boot of the System oppress men more than they have oppressed women in so many things.

Women have been mistreated by the System in so many ways, so lied to and manipulated too. Women have to please society’s expectations, and they are deep in the oceanic swamp, thirsty for approval. Women are told that, “All men are cheaters, and in order to keep them at home you have to cook for him and do everything for him,” they are also told, “You have to accept anything and everything your man says, never express yourself, just follow his lead,” and nowadays they have been told, “Woman, free yourself, you are beautiful and worthy,” as a message of self-care and self-love, yet the message focuses on sexualizing females. Women are being spiritually mislead, in religions and any other spiritual organization, they are being told the wrong messages about embracing their spiritual side, turning it into a sexual narrative. Sexism speeches are the trending propaganda, and women are falling quickly. Being taught to set apart from men, developing hatred towards the male figure. Women are being exposed to pornography in a way that now you do not know which sex consumes more of it, they are also being pressured to get sex toys, since the message is to stop physical contact, a way to excuse that “women’s nature” is to touch themselves at any time of the day from an early age. This has been becoming what is to be in vogue, the false prophets selling this fashion of being a grown independent woman who has lost all senses of how amazing it is to have a partner, (and men fall into this game as well). Terrible, isn’t it?

If you ask me, there are no more majestic creatures than women. Yes, they are full of light and will. What women have to offer to humanity is way beyond what they sell as wonderful. Women who are born with female genitalia between their legs, just to clarify this as well. Women are the only ones who carry the egg for the seed to be sow inside of their wombs. Created by the hands of God, with great care and kindness, filled with amazing traits, such a divine characteristics that can only define them. Their will to be there during hard times, their support when any weight have to be lifted, their kindness and wisdom to add during the solving of any issue, their compassionate ways to help others, their efforts to become better, their ways of caring for their families, their egg they are able to receive man’s seed in the womb, among so many other great things.

Welcome to the club of real balance, where you will find your soul, where your heart will go brighter, where your spirit will overflow in beautiful feelings.

What is that dream you have been protecting? Peace between men and women, daily equal support between men and women? Talk to me about it, spit your points of view while you drink some ginger infusion, and do not worry, it was carefully boiled in Your kitchen. It is joyful to break free, and romantic to find your life match. Harmony will raise between sexes; in the city, in the suburbs, in the building, in the farm. All that about getting rid from all wrong and dark mindsets, to set free from all the lies that were once put within your being. Let them destroy themselves as they have no more lies to tell you, let them see you finding out real love exists, and understanding that men and women can coexist is balanced peace. This is all about men and women empowering each other, living in everlasting love.

“We need to seek within, to set free, to find Universal truth. Men and women are meant to be One fulfilling energy of light and love.”

*Note: ‘Balanced Empowerment’ design will be available as a printable coloring page soon!*

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