Is Putin Planning To Expose And Destroy The Biden Family?

Earlier this week Wayne Root made the following post on the social media platform Gettr:

While I have trouble believing that destroying the Biden family is the sole purpose for Russia’s invasion, this tactically makes a lot of sense. Wayne Root has been around for a long time and has presented reliable information in the past, which lends credibility to the accuracy of his sources.

The further implication is that in exposing the Biden crime family’s dirt in Ukraine, he will inevitably expose other politicians with ties to Ukrainian gas companies like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Yes, the people constantly railing against Russian collusion and hacking and disinformation, are the very ones involved in criminal corruption. What an opportunity to show what hypocrites our ‘elected’ officials are.

Since the sitting President’s influence on Ukraine has been going on since at least as long ago as when Obama was in office, his administrations championing of Ukraine and widespread war drumming towards Russia makes perfect sense. And now Joe Biden wants to send your kids to war to conceal the criminal activity he and others committed for years and years.

It’s hard not to think of this angle as more wishful thinking with all the let downs we’ve seen over the last two years, but for whatever reason this feels possible. The big question is: What measures will Biden be willing to take in order to protect himself and the other criminals in Washington.

I oppose violent conflict for the sake of conquest and control, but Russia retaking the birthplace of Slavic culture, digging out the political gangsterism and pushing NATO further from his from front door, makes this feel less like a land grab and more like a cultural reunion and a purge of globalist forces and Western corruption. Obviously, the Russian government has its issues, but planting a stake in heart of a globalist stronghold would earn them some renewed credit in a lot of peoples eyes.

We also have to remember that Vladimir Putin is former KGB and has attended Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum, so his actions may be part of a larger coordination within The Great Reset agenda. On the surface level, Putin seems to largely motivated by national security and economic advantage, rather than transhumanism and corporate enslavement, but I wouldn’t rule out anything. Pitting Biden, Putin and Jinping against each other would create the global disaster and collapse of society required for Schwab, or perhaps an even more nefarious actor, to step in and unite the world under a mark of the beast slave system.

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