They Make You Believe You Are Their Slave, When in Reality They Are The Real Slaves

Warning: this post contents words that may [greatly] trigger you.

This might be the millionth time I have said, “It is time to break the programming,” and I sincerely mean it any time I say it. Even when I know, I still have to break free from several things I was brainwashed with since I was a child. And let’s be honest, who has not?! We all have been corrupted, programmed, manipulated, mistreated, humiliated, misled, brainwashed, and lied to. Our planet is controlled by the energy of evil, and is led by the orders of the devil. Yet, it seems like every day it gets harder for the common crowd to realize this, and even after two years of a (planned) pandemic people have not been able to see through their lies… at least not the majority of the world wide population. But as I have commented at times before, as long as one person is able to wake up per day, there is hope.

Are you ready to dive into an ocean you have been avoiding to swim in?

«In silence, close your eyes, my beloved child. It is time to go back to your inner roots. Yes, the ones you left forgotten and behind so long ago. Because their clock keeps ticking, and as it does, your essence is being stolen; and as the days go by in their calendar, your purity is being taken away. I know, you have been filled by fear, confusion and desperation. You have been trapped in the system web of lies, you have been tied up to their unseen bones that hang from the ceiling at their mansions. I know, you feel tired and often wander at your own steps at home, trying to figure what tomorrow will bring. And you have forgotten about the greatness of the Main Source of Life… which of course is, where every living being comes from. If you are able to seek within yourself now, know that you are not alone. Everything will turn the way it is supposed to be, only if you are willing to step out of the false comfort zone they have placed you to believe you should be in.»

Everyone has been taught to believe and trust the savior, all while they never tell you the real story about this figure who they turned famous. They talk about him, they write about him, they draw him, they paint him, and they use his name that for centuries has been known to be holy. It is truly interesting, how many religions there exist that mention his name, and preach about him; but never tell you the truth about him. How many names does he have? How many ways has he been called? How often do you question all of this? Why are you feeling upset in your stomach as you read this? I know, I have not written his name, but you know who I am talking about. After all this time, I believe this is all about an absurd and disgusting mockery. Their most valuable weapon to make fun of all of us. Dividing us through hundreds of religions, teaching everyone how to raise their hands to point fingers, telling people to yell nonsense to those who do not share their same belief. It has been a never ending cycle, making you think their circle is armored by some force that until now seems to be stronger than us.

To understand their game we need to go back in time.

Prostitution is said to be the oldest profession, but what if I tell you that it is as old as Preaching is? Because they both are practiced since before the man who was crucified was born. Which is very interesting. The board game was made in ancient times; everyone is involuntarily introduced to it, and nobody realizes it. We are forced to be slaves; mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Slowly losing our free will, and we may say, “Oh, come on! I am not dumb!” But here we are, trying to put the pieces of a huge puzzle together, seeking for ways to figure all this mess out. And the more we dig into different things we decide to know further about, the more we tend to wonder… what is truth? Some may say, truth is what the book their religion holds says. Is it really the truth? Because then, there are thousands of truths, but yet we do not have full access to the greatest truth.

Maybe we do have access to it, but we have not discovered it yet.

Talking about truth, let’s go farther, shall we? So, why is it that every existing religion claims to hold the truth? They never really tell us the truth, they keep the highest wisdom and righteous knowledge for themselves, because they do not want people to find the truth. How does it sound, funny or upsetting? Because you may be a Christian, or a Muslim, probably a Catholic, or even a Satanist; and you happened to click on this post, and now you feel I am being either disrespectful or judgemental of your beliefs. And if I sound like any of those things, I am not sorry because I am writing this to shake you out of the spell you have been living under. At the end of the day… who owns the truth? Which is the real religion? What is the path to follow? How do you know if what you have been believing in are facts and not made up stories? Is your faith where it should be? Are you willing to save yourself?

Read the last question again.

«Do you remember when you were a child? I know you do, because you go back to memories… but when you do, you never seek for the ones that make you smile. Why do you like to torture yourself with negativity? It is true, you walked a path you probably wished you did not, but today is a new day. You have to believe that everything will change for the better, even if the world you have been part of is falling apart. As you can see, my beloved child, perfection is lost among all the flaws society has pointed out to you. They keep distracting you with all of those lies that are only there to prevent you from evolving to become your truest and most real self. I know you desperately breathe, anxiety whispering in your ears, surrounding you with fake bright hopes you read somewhere between technology and printed pages. You think you are ruined, but the truth is that you are not. Look at your reflection, no one is lost until they accept being defeated by an inexistent enemy.»

Enlighten me, preacher. Enlight me the way people feel enlighten by social media prostitutes. That light you preach about every Saturday or Sunday to your crowd, I want to know how you truly found it. Was it fasting and praying, or was it sacrificing a baby? Tell us the secrets of Babylon, so that we can know whether you are connected to the highest light or the one that pretends to be light. How come you can afford mansions and sports cars, when all you do is preaching at church? What was that accusation the child said pointing at you? Look at us in the eyes, tell us all the truth about what happens behind the veils covering your churches as you all hide behind your gods. Is the god you pray to holy, or is your god as unholy as the thoughts crossing your mind? Where did you leave your heart? Why did you sell your soul? You have made your god everything but the Main Source of Life.

Let’s unknot all the knots done to the string that connect us to the Most High. Because the time to do it is now… you know what people say, tomorrow might be too late.

Drugs, alcohol, sex, money, power and fame. It is all being sold by them, it is all being shown to you daily. You cannot run from it, you cannot hide from them. They are here, they are there, they are everywhere. Corrupting and perverting every and each of us. It is their way of justifying themselves, it is how they have always done it. Twisting everything we see and hear, stealing all the good things to make them bad things. Every single thing they touch turns into ashes and dust. They know how to do it, they have been doing it for years, better said decades, honestly it is more like centuries… well okay, it has been like this for ages. They give to you the cocaine, they hand you the bottle, they send you the pornography; they make you an addict. They enjoy destroying you, they enjoy it as much as they love to sell you the redemption gift. After they break your heart, steal your light, disconnect you from your soul, make you poor; they tell you church is a good option to help you recover from the life you have been living. And there you go, walk into this building which was done the way they wanted it. The shape, the colors, the decor, the smell, the people, the fashion, the fake smiles, the messages… now you think, all of your struggles are suddenly gone. Before you can realize it, you are becoming addicted to church. They did not warn you about it, but you will for sure hear the preacher say, “This is not a religion, this is a lifestyle. A lifestyle for the brave,” more than once. You will believe it and hold that thought very close. You will not see how you are stimulating your brain the same way you used to do it when you were trapped in drugs, alcohol, and deprivation. Clicking the same emotions with different messages. And as much as religion can help people to some point, religion can destroy you as well.

All your hard work and money should be given to your church, because if you do not, you may not be able to have the promised afterlife castle they preached about.

Do you know where your money goes? Do you know what makes them powerful? Do you know how they became famous? It is all part of the same cult, they are like an octopus. Well, more like a kraken, with hundreds of tentacles. We still do not know who the real heads are, because they are like a hydra. They are all serving the same god, and no, it is not the one they try to teach you about. How come you carry the book everywhere you go, holding tight to it, not even questioning which version is the purest one? After all, every religious book has been translated and edited several times. Even though the Bible continues to be the book they want everyone to read and tie themselves to, we really do not know until what point it was manipulated for people to seek for it and take it as the absolute truth. Just see how they calculate each of their moves so that it seems like everything is coming true. Yes, look at how the prophecies are happening… although, those prophecies have been happening for decades. Keeping people attached to the idea of the end of times, the second come of Jesus, the end of mankind and the world.

Constantly trapped in fear.

«The monster in the closet, the monster under the bed. You still think demons follow you anytime your time to sleep is coming, and you cover your face so that you can fall asleep. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and scream. You have been blaming it on the medical prescription your doctor gave you, telling you those pills will make you feel better. One pill for anxiety, one pill for depression, one pill for sleep, one pill for this and one pill for that. Drugged to the bones, thinking that will save you from your own thoughts, believing that will keep you away from all of your fears and the hatred you have not healed. The sound of your heart beating goes louder when you enter the medical trip, but it does not give you the effect you wished for. You ask yourself why you cannot feel any type of bliss. You have asked your friends if the cannabis they sow, grow and consume makes them feel what you feel after the tenth pill. And they have honestly told you more than once, cannabis is the tree of life, and it offers more than what people may think of it; because cannabis is sacred and it has helped them see their real selves… as they have been able to unlock Universal truths religious people are prevented from finding.»

What is the order of control kept to this amazing planet’s population? If I type a list out, will you be able to organize it the way it goes? Let’s see…

Economy, religion, politics, entertainment, social movements, science, technology, among so many other things they use. Anything you name shares one thing in common: dividing the population, setting everyone apart from natural law, dehumanizing human beings, confusing people; and their favorite, destroying us until we reach death. It is a mystery how their plans have been able to survive after all this time. We can say that they know how to use their tools well against each of us, but truly, what gives them power over us? You may think the system is impossible to figure out, and it will never be defeated, but the thought comes from what they have made us believe.

See, today is easier to figure them out. They are starving and so thirsty, very desperate. They are showing their real intentions, and with it their true faces and shapes, the colors they worked so hard to hide are now being shown. I know, I started by pointing religions out, forcing you to question your beliefs. Now, I am taking you here, pointing out some more of their very putrid and twisted agenda, the diary of darkness. That is the answer to questioning the religion you have been practicing and dedicating time for so long. It has always been about them, it has always been about stealing your energy and purest essence, it has always been about breaking your connection to your heart, spirit, and soul… it has always been about dragging you away from the Main Source of Life, the Most High, the Creator and Creation; Father and Mother God, the balance of Light and Love, the Divine and Main Purpose of coming to Earth. They have manipulated us all through religions, establishing their imposters in each to be able to corrupt everything. Because everything they touch turns into darkness. They play with us, as if we were dolls; the simulation that keeps us away from the infinite tree of life. They control everything and everyone, and even when I feel free writing this and you feel free reading it; their poison is watching over us… they fear us finding the truth out. Yes, the most valuable truth, which is the Universal Truth.

My truth is not your truth; your truth is not my truth… our truth is the absolute truth.

«The purity that still lives within you can break the chains they have attached you to. Are you willing to take the step? It is your decision, my beloved child. I give you the instructions, hand you the tools, and if it is needed I can give you weapons too. Only if you are willing to set free, only if you are willing to leave your past where it should be, only if you want to live in peace and harmonious balance. Yes, only if you want to give everything they have given you up. I can only guide you and assist you if you want to save yourself from pain, confusion, depression, sorrow, putrid mindsets, anxiety, insomnia, and all of those things that torment you. You have the final word, and you should be the one willingly taking the step. If today you feel like forgiving and healing, then today we will purify your perfectly created and made self. If in silence you can close your eyes, and listen to my voice… then that means you are aware of your connection with your inner self, and soon with your higher self. Let your tears clean the pores of your face, it is okay to feel this. I know you thought you trusted good beings, but now that you are about to know the Universal Truth, you will feel better about everything and all.»

God and Goddess. Yes, the most amazing and perfect balance. Energies that connect to become One, just like the Highest Source, who is Everlasting. Within you, there is a light so pure and divine, it is what most call heart, but it truly is the connector between you and the Most High Energy that creates each of us. Life, it creates life. Light, it creates through light. Love, it creates full of love. A man for a woman, a woman for a man; that is the plan of natural human law. You need no Holy Prophet to understand that the Enlightenment they have told us they found, we can find inside of us as well. We were made to be Light, we were created to be Love.

«Say it out loud, that you are setting free. Let the common enemy humankind has that you are setting free. No more dark agendas to follow; no more false prophets, no more false empowerment. Nature as whole: plants, trees, flowers, mountains, oceans, sand, animals, human beings; all living in harmony and peace just as Creator and Creation said it to be. No more believing in the darkness, because all the lies you heard kept you in fear, but now you are setting free! Embrace pure, divine, sacred everlasting love; feel it vibrating in your heart beat, sense it spreading all over your majestic being. You are evolving, my beloved child, you are becoming Love. And love is who you are meant to be.»

Know that you need no religion to hold to, because the preachings that you truly need are talking to you within your being. Do not give power to the madness, do not give money to their madness. Humans should not be assaulted, therefore we need to claim our divine power, to come together in respect, to become light and love in unity. Do not continue to fear their inversions, because they are the ones living in hatred and fear. You and I, and everyone, were born to live in love and peace. Do not let them fool you in their games, because in the end, they are the real slaves.

Note: I hope you find light, peace, harmony, balance, love and truth within yourself. As you set free by breaking their programming, you will find out that the Most High lives in you. Love will always hold you, the Creator and Creation will never leave you.

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