Biden Paid MSM To Push Vaccines That FDA Data Shows Have 1,291 Adverse Effects

From Fox News to Newsmax, mainstream media outlets across America (and the world) are taking a sharp turn away from fear mongering Covid and shilling for vaccines, to pushing rhetoric that could have the world poised for the largest conflict since WWII, and they are doing it to cover up what can only be labeled as crimes against humanity.

C.R.T.: Critical disgRace Theory sweeps the country.

This article should have to be more than this: ‘Anyone who believes race determines an individuals worth in life, is only worthy of death.’ But, sadly, I need continue. Reverse racism has transgendered into a mutant monster they call CRT, or Critical Race Theory, which literally translates to, ‘Self-Victimizing Inverse Mandatory Primal-bigotry’, or S.I.M.P. S.I.M.P members are highly dedicated and easily provoked. S.I.M.P’s are also known for throwing feces and infecting you with AIDS.

Researchers find Quercetin Induces Autophagy against Protein Aggregations. May treat Alcoholic liver disease and Alzheimer’s.

Researchers from Osaka University in Japan, have recently discovered that quercetin, a component of the traditional Chinese herbal medicine tartary buckwheat extract, can induce autophagy and aggrephagy in skin and liver cells. These findings may have implications for the treatment of diseases associated with protein aggregation, such as alcoholic liver disease and Alzheimer’s.