Welcome to the New World Journal

Throughout history there have been moments of great triumph and great tragedy. There have been times where mankind has faced insurmountable odds against incredible darkness and overcome. As the ages have passed, this test has been laid before our path over and over again. Each time, humanity has held its ground against every challenge that has come. We have weathered storms and faced down those who would seek to enslave and hold dominion over us. We have always prevailed. However, times change and humanity has changed along with it. We are not as strong as we once were.

At NWJ we are dedicated to renewing humanity’s strength, purpose, and direction. Our goal is to empower you as a human to think and act for yourself, as well as assisting you in creating a pathway for sustainability, self-reliance and independence. We are not experts, so to say, but rather we are individuals that are willing to exchange information with those who might be seeking it. As my dear friend, Julius, would say, “Steel sharpens steel.

You can expect a wide variety of content to be available at NWJ. Everything from DIY walkthroughs, to political commentary, to information on natural health and self-care. In an effort to encourage participation from members of our community, we will feature content (original articles, artwork, memes, and more) that is submitted to us by readers like you. Obviously, as time goes on we will add more and more features to enhance your experience.

Thanks for stopping in and be sure to check in for new content in the future. Cheers! – NWJ

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