Devices vs. Human Contact

Did you know that children get electronic devices when they have not even come out of the womb yet? Parents say it is okay, because that way they have their own device to watch their cartoons and movies. And they get them smartphones at a very young age. Also, did you know that there are parents who get sex toys for their children starting by the age of seven? They use as an excuse that girls begin to masturbate at a young age, and it is better if they do it with a toy. There are doctors who back this action up, by saying that it is okay, as long as children are taught about hygiene and how to properly use the toy. Interesting, right?

Well, I did a quick research before writing this post, and the more I read articles, the wider my eyes got and my concern about the youth grew bigger as well. I did not checked more than five articles, and I did not even finished reading the last one because I felt like throwing up. My heart felt hurt, and my mind could not take it anymore. It is terrible how these things are being sold as normal and totally okay, and how these things are becoming a good thing. I am sad to see how are parents nowadays, and also concerned about future generations.

The craziness above the craziness, the selfishness on top of more selfishness, the misinformation misleading parents is beyond the borders of this planet where we live. Technology is eating people alive; and it will continue to have a feast if we keep allowing madness to run the show. I have known for so long that parents get smartphones and tablets for their children to watch different types of content that is labeled as safe for children, while we know the deep meaning behind the messages they sell to the newest generations. Although, it used to be more subliminal decades ago, now they just simply show the horrifying images and sounds to brainwash our children. However, what is even more concerning is how parents allow their children to own a sex toy. I am truly shocked about it, and to many it may seem normal and okay, or even as an old new; but to me this will never be normal nor okay, and I don’t care for how long it’s been happening. Just knowing that it happens terrifies me.

When I wrote the title I thought of doing a little bit of research, it never crossed my mind what I found. I just thought, “Devices vs. Human Contact,” was a good title to represent talking about how sex toys have been taking over humans being together. Because everyday it gets more and more pushed to the youth; both women and men, to own a sex toy, because it is supposed to give more pleasure. It’s been also been sold as a great thing to add during intercourse between a loving couple. They obviously think a man and a woman are not good enough to give each other pure pleasure through their divine connection in blissful harmony. And that of course comes from all the pornography they have sold for decades, and also all those messages sold in television shows and movies. You know, more of the same putrid things they offer us as chocolate chip cookies.

You may wonder why I am so against sex toys, and truth is: I have always thought of them as a disgusting waste of materials. To me sex toys mean; replacing a human figure to feed your ego. Yes, it is all you do by masturbating or using a sex toy. The waste of your sacred energy. They sell it to you as a way to know yourself and find what things you may like or not, but the truth is, those devices only exist to prevent you from having human contact. Why do I believe this? Simple: they tell you it’s promised to have multiple orgasms with it, they tell you it helps you avoid infections or undesired pregnancy, among many other things. Sex toys are more popular than they ever were, and even men are now super into them. Because, why not telling men to use a sex toy instead of being with someone?

They have used the plandemic season as an excuse to sell sex toys, you know lockdowns and all of that. It is ideal to own a sex toy, they have made millions these past years, just as the people selling their content on that “OF” platform. Easy come, easy go. The money, of course. People spend hundreds and even thousands on these things made of different materials, there are even influencers who make reviews about them, (GROSS!). And well, we obviously have all of these minors being exposed to this content. There are celebrities even talking about that stuff, so no wonder why a eleven or twelve year old is asking to own one. Parents do consent to get them the thing, and they later wonder why their children are so desperate to have intercourse, or even why they ger pregnant before turning eighteen.

Again, this is something I have been against to my whole entire life. I will never understand how can people accept a fake thing to give them “pleasure.” It is all about that false empowerment, especially in women. The fake self-love and self-care message. Masturbation is not even something you should be practicing, it is an act that makes you waste your energy, the sacred energy. And no, I am not judging you, I am reminding you that the Source gave you sexual energy in order to share it with one person only for life. You are supposed to be intertwining your energy with your partner, your lover, your spouse; not to be giving it away through an act of selfishness, neither to be using a device in which you wasted your money on.

Human contact is so important, and wish those parents buying tablets, smartphones and sex toys to their children could understand this. I wish parents could teach their children from the heart and not from the superficial things they were taught and grew with. I wish parents could explain to their children why do they feel the need of touching themselves instead of buying them a piece of plastic and a lubricant. And even more, I wish parents asked their children why are they touching, since masturbation at an age of seven to nine years old usually happens after the child has been exposed to assault/abuse. I wish doctors wouldn’t recommend parents to say yes and teach their children about sex toys.

The fact that women say to feel empowered by the fact that they own sex toys and know how to “rock them,” (as I’ve read), is truly disgusting. The fact that men are now also bragging about making use of sex toys is truly disgusting, (and I’m talking about straight males). I honestly don’t know when this became such a great trend to follow, people don’t even hide it anymore, I suppose they feel exquisite about this. I found crazy to read in one of the articles that around 60% of couples bring sex toys to be part of their intercourse, and even now it is somehow normal for women to wear strap-on to be with her male partner. I seriously cannot take that as something “normal,” because that is not normal, and it obviously has to come from consuming too much pornography. I believe all of this madness about sex toys and being so open about it comes from the amount of pornography people has been brainwashed with. I doubt a healthy couple who understands how the act of sex truly works would want to bring sex toys into their intimate session.

True love understands the importance of human contact, a couple involved in the energy of light and real love practices things as Source made it for. The natural ways; skin to skin, love to love. Which is exactly what they want to avoid the beautiful human creation from practicing.

What are we going to teach future generations? Are we going to continue to follow the wrong footsteps? Or are we going to break the pattern of lies and evilness of the Machine? Our children need guidance; they need to be heard and understood, they need to receive love. Children need their parents to be kind and loving, and to help them grow in the light of our Main Source of Life, the Creator, God…

The moment you accept their putrid narratives, is the moment their poison begins to take over your life. Do not let them fool you, and use you as their tool. Instead, become light and love, be courageous and have kindness in you.

Stop this madness before it is too late…

Breaking Point: How the Machine Wants to Prevent Us from Love. Their Plan, Against God’s Plan. Real Everlasting Love vs. One Night Stand

When did we let division and confusion become part of us? How did we let dark mindsets control us? When did we let social pressure manipulate us? Why have we not done something to stop this madness? Have we been so misled that somehow we have accepted the corrupted narrative that takes over our lives? Are we ready to jump out the train to set free as we see it vanishing away? Oh, dear Lord, what do we have to do to take the lead back? Can our ancestors come to offer us a helping hand? Because we are clearly away from where we are supposed to be.

To anyone, growing up always brings thousands of questions, especially when you are developing different things in your body. For example: Males grow facial hair, their voice tone changes, they get hair on their chest, and other things begin to happen more often between their legs. Females see their breasts growing, they get their first period, and other things begin to happen more often between their legs as well. Both share the hair growing in the private parts, and of course, the hormones attack. This hormone attack is clearly fueled by the entertainment industry through music, series and movies; in which we are shown ways to do things. The so-called “PG-13” motions, introductory imagery and sounds that prevent us from growing in a more unique way. It is no secret, they want us all to become crazy to be french kissed, touched, undressed, and hooking up with as many as possible from a young age. So whether you are careful in giving your children home education and values, they are always exposed to things you don’t think they should be practicing.

Let’s face it, most of us met someone back in the day; who was either our age, two years younger or three years older, who knew more than us. They introduced us to things we had no idea about, what could have been? Kissing, or the hot photographs of an adult magazine, a television show we were not allowed to watch at home, the porno movie someone left thrown around in the house, touching your private parts, listening to words you never heard about before, or who knows what else. The thing is, we were exposed to things through someone else, and those people were exposed to it before us as well. Meaning that assault has been passing down through generations, and we should be the ones now to stop this madness.

“Our souls, they want us to set free. Our spirits want to be like the bees, and our hearts want to beat with the trees. Our minds want to shine like tulip’s petals, and of course… Our minds want to be wide like nature. Intertwining beautifully with the one who was chosen to be with you forever and much more. Yes, tangling in harmonious ways, to become one in perfect union with the Main Source of life. Just as it is supposed to be, a song written with the most outstanding poetry, creating a majestic masterpiece. Procreating along with the Creator and Creation, breeding with the purest energy of light, reproducing like an endless symphony of everlasting love.”

For decades, the teaching has been to divide men from women, and that is how they have won so much ground in society. The teachings of being single is better because everyone cheats, or to become a workaholic so that you can get all the expensive things they sell you, giving you easy access to birth control pills while at the same time selling you the idea of getting pregnant to later abort and get some cash -or just to later ask for a monthly check on court by the father of your newborn. The teachings of two are better than one, the group circle who shares this one and later that one, the wear a condom but wait have you tried without it they say to feel better. The teachings of go out to party hard, find someone at the bar, hook up with just anyone, one night stands, the single wild life is better than commiting to just one. See, they want to prevent us from finding our one and only, from being with just one partner forever in harmony and love, from procreating and having a beautiful family. They say that is too old school and even boring, but it is because they have been saying the planet is overpopulated and they want to stop reproduction from happening. That is also why they are pushing the twisted agenda of LGTB and transgenders so badly, but that is another topic. Although, we can totally point out how the continue to push the pedophile lifestyle as if it was good and okay, selling it in weird ways. Like, they say that if an underaged teen consents to have sex with an older person it is okay.

Talking about having sex with older people, even when you are on legal age. Have it ever crossed your mind that someone ten or plus years older will always take advantage of the youngest??? Because it is like that. Even when you are still on your teens or first years of your twenties, someone two or plus years older than you can take advantage of you, easily. That is where dark times happen, and could also bring trauma, a mark in your life that you have to later deal with until you fully heal.

However, this topic has many ways to be approached, mostly because it has many things to be talked about. Now, I am about to point out something in a deep way. Your mind has to be open, and your heart will speak to you wisdom.

Sex is the most sacred action, and only a straight man and a straight woman can fully experience this action in alignment and connection with the highest existing energies. I once read that the energy produced when a couple reach climax in harmony is stronger than a nuclear explosion. Just imagine how spectacular and amazing that is, how human beings were created with such a detail that we can overcome and pass through anything the Machine has done to destroy us. The sacredness that exists in the moment of intercourse is beyond anything we have seen in our lives. How two people who love each other can come together to unite, exchanging their purest energies, giving and receiving in great balance; how two people can tangle and be there, intertwined by heart, spirit, mind, body and soul. The simple fact of love energy exchange naturally effects everything else in the moment, and that is where pleasure actually comes from. It is not only for the obvious reasons, it is more about the love energy that is created between the two involved. How the Creator and the Creation become one within us so that we can become one with the person we love the most. And this action which is filled with divinity and pureness is exactly what they have been against of for so long.

They fear us finding out how connecting with your partner for life is better than all the superficial and material things they sell us. They do not want us to find love, they do not want us to reproduce. They want us to be their slaves. This is what we must fight, because the Main Source of Life want us to be free, to be love and be in love, to spend our lives with the one who was created for us, to reproduce, to have a family, to live in peace and harmony. If you are brave enough, you can take away from your life all the wrong messages and understand it’s been all about them this whole time, because they do not care about you. Unfaithful people exist because of the message that has been told for decades, both men and women are being manipulated to set apart from what is the real plan of life, light and love. We need to be able to set free and to go to where our souls and hearts feel the happiest and more blessed at.

Love is the highest frequency, and that is where we should vibrate always. Find your path home, because someone is waiting for you as much as you have been waiting for that person. The time to break their pattern has come. Find love, and love fearlessly, understand the sacredness of sex, be mindful and soulful, become grateful and you will receive the most outstanding blessings ever. One night stands may be sell as fun, but every night with your one and only is more than fun, and it is a great gift from God. Set free, and become one with your one. There is a wonderful blessing waiting for you.

“I know, the road may not be easy at times, but once you find your one, life becomes brighter. Strength is found in respect and love. Love is where your heart feels like home. Home is where you are with the one who loves you as you love back. Life is about light and love, and you are everlasting, just as your love for lives. Do not be afraid, and set yourself to be with your forever.”

The time to defeat the Evil System is NOW. Stop letting them trying to replace us with fake babies, fake humans. Transhumanism is not a joke, and they are using all of their putrid power to eliminate us so that they can turn society into robot slaves for them. This is our planet, and this is our home. We need to take a stand and stop following their corrupted twisted agenda. Stop spreading your energy everywhere, there is one for one to become a brightful one.

Go against their teachings. Fall in love, get married, have children, and grow.

SHOCKING: Evidence Found That US Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccine.

Greg Reese delivers another enlightening report at

Perhaps of the most underrated reporters in our time, Greg Reese, of the oft demonized Infowars staff, has released another bombshell video (above). His video explains how former Pfizer Vice President, Dr. Michael Yeadon, discovered through reverse-engineering VAERs data that some batches of the COVID vaccine are far deadlier than others. About 0.5% of the vaccines were found to be “highly toxic”, and result in hospitalization, disabilities, and even death within days or weeks of the injection. However, many of the batches appear to be harmless placebos.

But the data reveals something more disturbing: coordinated deployments of the harmless and toxic batches by Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen to monitor the vaccine’s effects on the public in an experimental setting. This mode of deployment allows governments the ability to direct deadly batches of the vaccine into specific populations — such as red states, you know, the Patriot, Pro-America homeland.

In fact, the VAERs data reveals that red states have seen a much higher number of vaccine deaths per capita than blue states. Researcher Craig Paardekooper, found the reason for this discrepancy is that red states have been delivered double the amount of lethal batches that blue states received. This is nothing short of a Nazi social engineering test carried out by globalist totalitarians to measure the mRNA vaccine’s “maximum tolerated dose” among the populace while simultaneously killing off the Lefts political opposition.

I’m not sure that Biden personally has anything to do with it, he seems pretty far gone, but this is no doubt a coordinated effort by the US Government, Pfizer, Moderna, etc., to research toxicity effects of an experimental therapy in real time on an unknowing population, specifically targeting conservative states. The greatest crime in human history is taking place in the light of day and it’s time for the People to wake up and hold the responsible parties accountable. .5 percent of the Americans who took this shot were given deaths sentences, the rest were either given a less toxic lot, which certainly has created severe side effects, or given nothing but saline solution. Not medicine. Not a vaccine. Crimes against humanity.

Sex Wars in the City

The history of the world has been built around thousands of happenings, that are yet to be proven truth or not, becausr knowing how they have managed information we should recognize how misinformed we have been hundreds of times; especially those who are too lazy to research, digging into different topics. Now, let’s focus our attention on something that no one can deny; and it is the fact that society has been divided through sex for ages, probably even before Jesus even thought of existing. Time after time, we have seen how religions and politics uses this branch of division for their benefit, it is a smart tool, one that its been the weapon of propaganda, and media has a very easy way to push certain campaigns serving to brainwash people of all ages.

Sexism is the tool of the broken, the insecure, the evil and soulless, it is the speech of major division in humans. The false waves of female empowerment, better known as feminism; fighting against the false male empowerment, better known as masculinism. These are nothing more that propaganda and lies, a never ending web of distraction to keep people trapped in the system. Campaigns of women’s rights are horribly mislead as a platform for hate speech, the normalization of misandry; using the silent campaign of men’s rights that have used their hate speech, normalizing misogyny. All of these verbal exchange has brought up waves of violent actions in which both, women and men, are reacting to each other in a negative way. This is a war that is been happening for so many decades, and the battlefield is in your mind and heart. And it has been taken to physical action as well.

Extremes are bad, we have always hear that, and it is very obvious why. Balance is required to be able to conquer things in a harmonious and positive way. By creating this division, they have been able to sell the LGTB agenda, causing confusion in people’s minds, destroying the natural human ways, and also smashing the beautiful idea of the family. I have heard before, that if it was not for the first wave of feminism I would not be able to do many things in my life; and people seem to forget that by allowing women to get jobs the family system cracked. This crack gave women a sense of false empowerment, and nowadays thus crack is even wider and women are more manipulated to step even farther from men. All while, men are being shown ways to become more independent and are also told why would you have children if the hook life is more fun; and this obviously connects to the wrong message being sold to women. It is all about a fake successful life; work to get your clothes, sell yourself to get new shoes, explode your body in a clinic or the gym to get more attention, among many other things. Superficial and materialistic. Interesting how all of these messages being shown through media always takes us back to sex, right? It is a circle, more like a roulette, where you throw a little ball and will do whatever it may fall. Do as they say.

Setting apart from universal truth, cutting the cords with your higher self, breaking up with your inner self, walking a path with no light and no love. It is all about the spider who lives because your energy is being drained every day. Successful people understand the importance of balance, and the beauty of human union. The moment anyone accepts their road to success speech, they are giving up to their most real and purest success. These false empowerments are the reason why men and women keep on fighting instead of unifying. The family unit depends on the union of a straight male and a straight female, and reproduction is being threaten every day, anytime a woman takes a birth control pill, and anytime a man wastes his seed by masturbating. Following the instructions of the false prophets of the media, the gurus who continue to sell wrong messages.

Religions have been fueling this, by mistreating women, and no religion is safe from being pointed on this. Politicians use this as their great weapon, by telling women to step on men giving them big spots in the government. And those are two extreme examples to be given, of the million of examples I could give. Like this one coming up…

The New Age movement, from which people label themselves as spiritual and awake, and many other silly things; have been earning a bigger platform every day on social media and other places. These people continue to preach about divine feminine and divine masculine energies, twisting it by adapting each to feminism and masculinism, excusing their speeches by the very famous soul contracts and also the fact that both should be empowered by… Using the same messages the machine uses. Funny, right?! Let me move further on this. Truth is, divine feminine and divine masculine energies do exist, and guess what? They are energies, let me say it again, energies. You cannot see the energies, but you can totally sense them. These energies have absolutely nothing to do with the way you dress, or how you speak, because they are energies. So if you are a woman and decided to wear lingerie, that has nothing to do with the divine feminine energy, because what you decide to wear is not fully defined by it. Also, if you are a man and decided to go lift heavy weights, that has nothing to do with the divine masculine energy, because what you decide to do with your body is not fully defined by it. Is this being understood? I hope so, because we are about to scale this quickly now.

The Machine, this system that has been fighting for years to control and manipulate us all, are the greatest liars ever existed on planet Earth. These people are totally twisted, crazy, and freaking insane. They have no limit to their plans, and they love a good speech or campaign to keep you handled and trapped. They also are great experts on spiritual topic, which is no surprise, they control churches as they control everything else. So, they have been intelligent enough to grab the divine feminine and divine masculine definitions by using it through the entertainment industry. How fun! They spend millions of money investing in movies, television shows, cartoons, music, among other things to sell you this. Female empowerment has become the trend of going from flirty to sexual in the blink of the eyes, and now women think pornography is okay so let’s watch it… or even “better,” make it. Male empowerment is not behind, it is also the trend of going from flirty to sexual in a second, and obviously men think pornography is a yes, yes… let’s sell this together! Promoting not only sleeping with as many as you can and also going viral if possible, but also sending the message of homosexuality and lesbianism as a to-go thing, because “you have to try everything.” The practices turning as twisted as the ones who pull the strings outside.

Sex Wars have so many sides, so many ways, and so many things. The war against the mind and heart, the war against your soul, the war against your values, the war against self-respect, the war against self-love, the war… Oh, the wars!

People are born into a society full of confusion and disfuctional, and this is fueled more by the second, and it seems to be the brand new fashion. Their plan is to keep everyone single, to make people go crazy, to separate women from men, to end with reproduction, to kill love and the beauty of growing with someone to expand generations and live a life in freedom and peace with nature. They destroy to tell you how not to destroy, the kill to tell you how not to kill, they divide you to prevent you from evolving as our ancestors did.

The truth is females would not exist if there were no males around; just as males would not exist if there were no females around. Women empowerment is absolutely nothing without men; men empowerment is absolutely nothing without women.

Is this war going to continue? Or are we brave enough to recognize our places on Earth? Knowing that no one is superior to anyone. Men are not more and women are not less; women are not more and men are not less. That has always been part of their plan. Truth is right in front of us, and that is the clear need of the family unit where a man and a woman can live and grow together in harmony and love, in balance and peace. That has always been the plan of the Creator, the Main Source of Life, the God is Father and Mother, and we should stick to it. By doing it, we defeat our common enemy. Fall in love fearlessly, marry the love of your life, have children, and success together as one.

Fun fact: their twisted agenda focus a lot on destroying straight people, and the union of a man and a woman. They fear us more than they would ever fear climate change or COVID.

Note: I find important to point out that the act of sex is not bad, what is bad and totally wrong are the ways they have been selling it. They have been giving the terrible message of showing women as if they are empowered by having sex with just anyone, just as they have been showing it on men for a longer time. It is not okay to sell this message, especially to the youth. The act of sex is more than what they have sold it or shown it to be through all the branches of the entertainment industry.

Escaping The Mental Matrix

Every failure, every success, every choice we make, right down to the most mundane, is crafting our experience on this planet and forming our interpretation of reality. This is how two people look at the same situation and perceive it differently, despite inarguable facts. I’ve heard people refer to this phenomenon as being “their truth” or “their reality” which, to me, is a denial of reality and an admission of psychosis.

The majority of individuals on this planet live a reactionary life, something happens and they react to it. This concept seems pretty normal, but it’s not ideal. A better method would be to respond rather than react. The major difference between the two methods being that a response requires forethought and at least some mild calculation, where as a reaction is simply a conditioned or subconscious response that one makes instinctively. I believe this engrained condition stems from our hunter gatherer roots when we needed to make snap decisions in an instant and our only focus was survival.

Another consideration for conditioned responses is learned stereotypes. Stereotypes in general have a negative air surrounding them, but really that’s just a term for how our brains catalogue things due to the amount of information we are constantly absorbing. Our minds use stereotypes to quickly assess and store information so that we are easily able to recall it later. Again, a normal function of the brain, but in this case, one that makes us more comfortable in a high stimulus world.

The modern human mind functions at a higher level than our ancient ancestors, but there has been a concerted effort to return humanity to the former. Depending on your lifestyle, you are likely being bombarded by low vibration stimuli day in and day out. Constant exposure to this stimuli, whether you realize it or not, will eventually skew your perception and alter your minds natural understanding of reality and therefore, your preconditioned responses.

White leftist plebs leading signaling to save the poor helpless black people.

Unfortunately, since the days of Mad Men, the media married marketing and marketing at it’s core is manipulation. You as an individual are lumped into a demographic that’s based on marketing data so that you can be sold one thing or another. The psychological tactics employed are as ancient and simplistic as what Aristotle explained in Ethos, Pathos, Logos, which tells us Ethics, Emotion and Logic are the pressure points for persuasion. Trust me, the modern methods of persuasion would make Aristotle kick off his sandals, hike up his toga and dance a jig.

The hysteria surrounding Covid-19 is a perfect example of utilizing all three of Aristotles approaches of persuasion, with a side order of Edward Bernays and Sidney Gottlieb. The British government admitted they used “military-level” psychological operations against the public to scare people into “doing the right thing”. They call it nudging or some whitewashed term, but it is coercion through behavioral science. It is safe to assume that the same tactics were utilized here in the United States and anyone paying attention can see that hyping up the plandemic was a success, as half of America is double or triple injected, still wearing a mask and still getting sick. Ah, the power of suggestion.

Have you ever been driving a long distance and sort of went on autopilot and allowed your subconscious mind to take over? A lot of people are living their lives in this same manner, unaware that they are simply going through the motions of their programming. Sure, they have normal lives and personal interactions for the most part, but they are trapped in a thought matrix, just like those of us who have awoken are still trapped in the banking matrix.

The way out is a personal process. No amount of information will open a persons mind without their willingness open it and some people grow comfortable in the matrix. Much like the character, Cypher, who betrayed Neo and the other freed humans in the 1999 film, The Matrix, some of us can’t handle the prospect of reality, especially when, on the surface level, it appears so very dark.

For myself, understanding the nature of reality came in stages over a long period of time, but it began with a simple curiosity about life. The more questions I asked, the more I wanted to know and the more I started digging. I always had an interest in the paranormal and unexplainable events that occur around the world, so when I came across material that would be called conspiracy theories, I approached them with interest and skepticism, due to the sheer amount of nonsense evidence surrounding UFO’s, Bigfoot and other would be urban legends. One of the first conspiracies that intrigued me was the JFK assassination and deep diving that blew the facade of history, society and culture to pieces. From then on I questioned everything and I found there were a lot of other people seeking answers and others still, who, in hindsight, had them.

The largest part of reconnecting to your true and higher self, is connecting with God and creation in the most energized way you can. By opening yourself up to the flow of your life plan and actively participating in the animated contest of life, you engage in the next level of awakening. You go beyond recognizing the problem and begin taking part in changing not only your world, but also the world around you. Your power is unimaginable if you only embrace it.

“America’s Food Supply Fertilized With Human Remains And Coated With Nanoparticles” via Alkaline Hydrolysis.

Greg Reese delivers another excellent report via

Buckle up. They do not have our best interests at heart.

Video via Greg Reese.



Formerly divine.

Now a reusable source of energy.

Metaphysical cattle.

Dissolved with lye.

Dumped into the sewer.

Used as fertilizer in mega farms.

Fed to other humans.


Will we fight back?

Or will we just keep eating ourselves?

Tear the Veil, Breakthrough is Calling

Here comes the storm. Post after post, living for the temporary high dopamine levels, adrenaline of false hopes, a fame that will soon be under the carpet of the living room; roaches follow into it very quick, they love to keep misery company. False feminism empowerment leads to fake pretty much everything. You alter your body with so much anxiety; plastic surgeries for your breasts and also for your butt, some filling on your face and the botox cannot be ignored, eyelashes to the extreme of brushing your eyebrows, and do not forget the hair extensions that will make you look so unique, before changing the topic show your fake nails with pride imitating the look of demon’s claws. How you came to this point of believing this is all about enhancing your beauty? When you gave up to your natural essence long ago, excusing your actions to avoid depression somehow, but after all this time… What would happen if you were not able to post on social media anymore? Who would you be if you never crossed with the brainwash of the machine that has made you believe you are better if you give up to your natural being? Where would you be today if you were not following trends from television shows and fashion magazines? Oh, how much they have destroyed you.

Here comes the pain. Like after like, a slave of the dopamine release, yes you are also part of it. The very false male empowerment of a fitness strange status. Heavy weights lifter, the one who is supposed to look like Hercules, the lost member of the three hundred cast, the same one who thinks stripper looks are healthy and a to-go thing. Walk around the gym, pretending to be building muscles, showing your fake smile off. Media came and smashed your real dreams, you should look more like the photoshopped man of the health magazine cover, a person who lives on steroids and does not even recall what spending time with real friends is like. Go to the internet and present yourself as a healthy and fit role model, instant likes from thousands of women; hundreds falling at your feet offering you sweet nothings… Those are probably the same ones who lifted their breasts in a clinic and then tattooed freckles on their faces. The ones who take photos of their butt cheeks to send to you privately, hoping they get lucky and win a date with the man who fights anxiety daily while lifting many weights. Man of steel, they have shown you to be a comic book character; eight pack and round butt cheeks, just like the peach emoji you are hoping to have later tonight. Because they have told you that is what women like. And so goes on, the brainwash, the anti-depressive antidote the machine has sold to you as they have sold it to your neighbor too. What happened to the child who wanted to save the world from evil and wrongs? Where are your dreams being destroyed at? Have you lost your heart in the run to compete against the one who lifts next to you? Who are you going to be the day the nice looks do not work anymore? Oh, they have been eating you alive.

Here comes the thunder. Follow after follow, “Come to me, come to me!” That is what they say, desperate, a drug that leads to harder drugs. The world wide web, the big tech, the media that replaced social life, the artificial intelligence, the machine that pulls your strings. No matter how many good things you could find through the black entertaining mirror, darkness will always come to vanish it. How can you fight it? You might say, and truth is, the fight never ends… Day after day, you are being attacked by the enemy who opposes truth, light, life and love; the great master of the daily bread: your brain filled with confusion and sometimes it drives you to pain. How easy it has been for the system to divide us instantly, if you do not follow the trend or you do not share the lies mainstream media says; you are not good enough. If you do not want to modify your body shape or fill your body with strange liquids, you are not cool. You are labeled as a weirdo or misfit if you are not spending money in unnecessary things, or if you are not into pornography; you are called an idiot if you are not masturbating in front of a mirror and sending the video out to be seen by millions. How come everyone has fallen into it so easily? What is going on in your brain, besides the dopamine fading away? Since when is mental and emotional assault fine? When did physically and sexually assaulting someone is fun? Why have you let society tell you stealing kisses and touching anyone’s private parts is a sign of love interest? Do you want to eat meat? Then go get a piece in the grocery, instead of forcing someone to be sexually involved with you. It is common sense, it is part of self respect. Your brain has been filled with the famous phrase, “Single and ready to mingle,” so much that you have forgotten the meaning of real love. Friends with benefits movies, no strings attached series, sex mixed messages songs. Sell your body, sell your mind, sell your heart, and soon after run to sell your soul.

Can anyone please open their eyes and see?! They have been turning everyone into monsters, turning each into slaves of a fake physical with spiritual alignment. It is not what they say it is, you are not becoming more who you are supposed to be. You are obsessed with the way you look, superficial and materialistic lifestyle. How much longer your soul have to scream? Why is your spirit feeling in such a need to be set free? Porn stars are everywhere, the youth turning into zombies, energy vampires and the workers of darkness. Technology has told you that is okay, society has told you it is fine, your friends have said it is fun, your family have said it is approved. Deep within, I know you can see how you compare yourself every hour of every day. Who has bigger breasts, whose booty looks best, who has better muscles, who got the best Rolex on the wrist. And what about tomorrow, when you wake up? Are you going to be satisfied to wake up with a couple of females on your bed, will the cigarette you light up with those men taste better? Dating anyone, maybe trying luck, spreading all of your holy energy around, not caring too much; not wearing a condom sounds so tempting and abortion is supposed to be women’s health. They have told you love hurts and forget about it, do not even try it… In the end, it is all a trap; that is what they say. Sending pictures back and forward with everyone, figuring it out who likes what, who deserves the video no one has seen yet, but pay before receiving it, do not forget. Because self care and self love has been sold as cheap as some dollars added in your bank account, while you show your most precious intimate ways to everyone around. It is a cycle of anxious depression living for the moment with certain pressure. New age slavery, the savior is behind the screen sending verses to see if you find something better. But no, you are too deep in the dense energy that flows underground.

Misunderstood, those are the ones who do not care about the trends. Following only what leads to light, posting only what opens the third eye, liking only what obligates self to stay awake and aware. The weirdos, the misfits, the nerds, the stupid ones of the group, the mystical, the sheep who shaved their wool to give it to someone in need, the same who grew sheepdog hair after that, the rebel, the ones with high hopes and bright dreams, those are who become the brave ones. Always the judged and rejected, just because she did not want to get a breasts surgery and he did not want to become muscle buildier. Often seeing fingers pointed at, and guess what? Those are the same ones who grow so wild and unafraid of breaking through to find freedom, the ones who cut the system’s strings and cannot longer be controlled or manipulated.

No more fear, you are ready, take the chance and jump out and away from the misery’s train. It is time to wake up, to reconcile with your most natural essence of light, love and life.

Here comes the one who was once broken, hopeless and lost. Speaking their mind out, sharing their thoughts. Because at the end of the road light meets love, and life becomes meaningful. It is the cycle of wisdom showing truth within silence, understanding knowledge in higher levels. Mindful and soulful, an unstoppable love revolution. From inside out, turning the world upside down. Untie the knots, break the chains, do not compare yourself to anyone else. Social media is a battlefield, and so is the internet. Stand on strong grounds, turn them fertile, sow seeds of all the good that comes from the Main Source of Life, and see how your fruits are the most outstanding blessings you were always dreaming about. Shine your light brighter, fearless and freely, become one with your inner and higher selves. Tell demons to go away. Your time to become who you are really meant to be is… NOW.

And so blessings will fall like pouring rain, holier than ever before. A sense of spectacular divine love overflowing from your own. A feeling of sacredness that is born in your majestic heart. An everlasting experience of freedom, salvation among creation leading to procreation. And so you will recall harmonious peace, and beautiful bliss.

Powerful like Truth, Everlasting as One

Who stands inside of the fire and walks barefoot on a spiked path? No other than someone who is unafraid of facing the demons spinning around like triumphant smokey clouds, until the brave one becomes a fighter, the one who masters light and turns into a fearless warrior. Powerful like truth, righteous like the Gods, and pure like Source. That is the definition of those who stand inside fires and walk on spiked paths; because this being knows that no matter the circumstance, the battle against evil is already won. That who swims the deepest oceans and holds love within will never suffer sorrow nor will experience betrayal once the perfect match comes to merge in the path; to overcome and break free together.

I see you reflecting the most epic light my eye have ever seen, the aurora borealis coming from within your being. Your spiritual light body made out of the strongest wood of the forest, spreading the freshest smell of pine and mint. I sense you evolving into the most powerful version of yourself, the most outstanding feeling my heart has ever caught. You stand still, looking at the great horizon and your eyes mirror the perfection of the sunset, the colors of courage, purity, freedom, power and love. I come to you as I am, and you take my hands never questioning anything, just allowing me into your being.

“Have you ever been in love?” I curiously ask you, to which you reply with a thin smile on your face, “Yes, I have and I am.” I look around trying to find the one you have been in love with and you tenderly put your hand on my face, “She is the most beautiful, powerful and spectacular woman I have ever seen and met in my life. Her light shines so bright, and I wish for her to embrace every part of her.” You look into my eyes, the deepest sacred energy touches my being swimming in my veins, and I wonder what this energy might be. “That is the feeling of love, sweet angel. You are the woman I have been in love with, the one I will always love unconditionally.” You say to me, sweet voice coming from your being, giving me peace and making me feel safe; a feeling I once thought I would never feel, but here I am overflowing with you. “So now, you tell me, have you ever been in love?” You ask me seeing how the sun goes down reflecting on top of the lake waters its last rays of the day. “Me? Well…” I stop for a moment, “Truth is, sweet soul, I have only been in love with one man in this life, and surprisingly to many; he is the same man I have been in love with in other lives,” I reply to you with a smile on my face. “He is the strongest warrior, the kindest King, a man whose heart beats so amazingly, courageous, divine, full of power and the most loving ever.” I put my hand on top of yours holding my face, placing the other on your face, “You are the man I have always been in love with, and the only one I will ever love in this life and all the others to come.” The wind blows softly touching our skins, as the sun says good night and leaves to sleep.

“Can you see the future standing in front of me?” You ask me while you looks into my eyes, light overflowing. I smile at you holding you close to my body, “I can feel the future as I wrap him with my arms as tight as I can. My future is bright, pure, divine, sacred, majestic, caring, protective, loving. He is amazing bliss, powerful like truth, sweet wildness, tender love, treasure and overflowing blessings.” I reply to you kissing your lips softly, and you smile at me with your hands on my hips. “Now, tell me, sweetheart, can you see the future standing in front of me?” I ask you and laugh with you as you brush my hair with your fingers. “My future? I love my future! She is the most amazing woman alive, her pureness and innocence drives me crazy, the way she expresses herself and how she has no fear.” You pause for a moment and kiss my forehead, “She is the kindest and most caring, loving and protective. The strongest warrior, powerful like truth, a shield maiden at heart, everlasting tender love. I see her, wearing the rings I gave her, and using the necklace I put around her neck, and she dances even under the rain showing me how beautiful the sundress fits her.” I smile the biggest smile my face can fit as I listen to you lovingly speaking. “My best friend, my girlfriend, my partner in everything, my ride or die, my light, my woman, my Queen. You are my future, and I love you endlessly.” You kiss my lips so sweet and lovingly, and we dive into each other easily. Knowing that we will always have each other, forever.

“Isn’t our present as magical as the first time we met lives ago?” I ask you, and you quickly reply, “Our present is brighter and even more magical, as in this life we are able to fulfill so much we could not before. And even more amazing, we are tangled in every realm beautifully.” You hold me close to you, and I look up to your face meeting your eyes, locking in divinity. “Our present, at this moment says; we are infinity and majesty, and also that we will never set apart.” You pick me up and wrap my legs around your waist, you hold me and we sense as our energies dance in balance, perfectly drawing lines of light in our frequency. We close our eyes and let our romance overflow in sacred union with the geometry of creation.

You see me reflecting the most epic light your eye have ever seen, the aurora borealis coming from within my being. My spiritual light body made out of the softest stem of the forest, spreading the sweetest smell of cinnamon and honey. You sense me evolving into the most powerful version of myself, the most outstanding feeling your heart has ever caught. I stand still, looking at the great horizon and my eyes mirror the perfection of the starry night, the colors of courage, purity, freedom, power and love. You come to me as You are, and I take your hands never questioning anything, just allowing you into my being.

Only the brave ones, those who hold courage and kindness in their hearts, are able to find their soul match; the heart of their heart, their everything and all. Everlasting as one, just as the symphony plays, the song of a man and a woman, the chorus of colorful melodies, the immense pleasure of sacred and divine love. Just like You and I; brave warriors and strong lovers, always placed to be together, for lifetimes and much more.

Whispers of Procreation, a Poem of Natural Law

At the center of the chest exists the vibration of the highest frequency, the harmonious sound of a peaceful drum, companied by the brightest and purest energy. It dances along with the toroidal light mesh which holds the most vital organ in place, an outstanding rhythm, unique as the palettes of color both Creator and Creation have made special for each creature. Surrounded by the most spectacular witnesses, sparkling drops of the purest light there is among the wide and endless Universe, protected by the wings of special guardians.

The story of the birds and bees that pose and kiss flowers beautifully, along with the story of a man and a woman who hold and kiss amazingly, these make a perfect balance of how nature shows its greatness through different forms of creation. Naturally flowing under the same sun during daylight and under the same moon during night time, spontaneous yet righteous, majestic and divine. Just as natural law is written on Source’s life book; male and female union is the embrace of the sacred movement of light, an action that leads lovers to combine themselves in order to procreate.

Some call it a blessing, and others have called it a curse, but either way it maybe called; it is still the most powerful and incredible that could happen in any lifetime. Songs are yet to be written, about how extraordinary this is always going to be. Sacred and even holy, a trace of symmetrical geometry enhanced by the feeling of extreme bliss.

They come to love each other, burning desire of connecting their light bodies in the physical realm, to proceed to become one flawless light. As they grow closer they get stronger together, they come to understand more about their purpose as whole in life, knowing they will leave a legacy with love any time they decide to consume their fires uniting the streams of their magical fluids. Evaporating any low vibrational energy so that they can conquer fearlessly the goal of natural law through their lives.

Time becomes timeless when they touch their physical beings with complete alignment with their hearts, showing their most real selves through their spirits, and soon intertwining their souls in a total state of blessed bliss and tender love. Experiencing every part of themselves, just as they have been doing it in higher realms. An exquisite intimacy, only known and practiced by them, the elixir of the highest Gods overflowing from each of their pores, covering their skins naturally as they dance to their personal symphony. Delicious taste of freedom and everlasting love, shining from within their beings, a movement of sweet melodies.

That is how marvelous their union is.

Their bodies embrace their natural instincts, a calling of each of their hearts, the delicate desire of human nature. Powering power with their power, fueling love with their love, the noise of thunders filling the whole space while outstanding clouds spin around covering their bare bodies. Joyful lust in the rightful movement of affection, divinity and love. They make an explosion, the greatest light sphere; making thunders go quiet and clouds vanish.

Fertilized fertile seed being planted on fertile soil. His spectacular liquid fills her spectacular hole; they are becoming legends of humanity’s salvation as they reproduce. His seed belongs to her ground, just as her ground belongs to his seed; both so precious, their fertility is their treasure. Created for each other, the most perfect match, made for one another. Finding themselves over and over again, to unite and become one. The offspring of royalty; King and Queen of their incomparable and undeniable kingdom, an extraordinary breed. Adorable and loveable descendants of the most majestic lady and gentleman, blessed by the highest energies of the main Source of Life.

You and I, yes, Me and You. We are the most powerful and blessed, forever One.

Silver Sealing Twenty Twenty-one

Time has a weird work flow, sometimes you feel as it goes faster than a racing car and other times you feel it goes slower than a turtle in the middle of a rush. However it may feel, there is an undeniable truth; we are constantly learning minute by minute. As time goes and we learn, things happen to us and in our environment. How many blessings can you count in three hundred sixty five days?

When we first met our connection was so true, so pure and so real, something many could sense. The feeling of breakthrough, freedom, healing, happiness, kindness, acceptance, patience, respect, unstoppable daydreaming, tickle in the stomach, the body warmth, tingle in other zones of the body, the precious energy around and within; the lust for spiritual freedom and setting hanity free, the stimulation of the consciousness, and obviously the most outstanding unconditional love. Just as dreamed once, just as wanted once. All the brightest and purest feels vibrating together, surrounding each of us. Something some people may have wished we never found, and some people may have worked low frequencies towards for a reason or another; but it is something no one will ever be able to take from us.

As warriors and fighters, as builders and creators, as intellectuals and lovers; we started to defeat evil together once more. Another chance to meet, a new and better chance to love. Renewing the energy of natural human law, putting the message out there for everyone to see, for everyone to wake up. Let’s go back to the ways of our ancestors, living all in harmonious balance and peace, helping one another, and most importantly loving each other. Just as it should be, a man and a woman should come together; to make a life together, have a family with wonderful children, sow seeds of what you can harvest later for you and your neighbor, among so many other wonderful things. And there is truly no one else I would like to work to lift the frequency of light and love on Earth, because You are everything no one else could ever be.

This year revealed more about who we are as human beings, even exposing the division among the people of this planet; we continue to see how the machine wants us to divide and die, but as they work hard on their twisted agenda… We work harder on exposing them and telling people to wake up to the universal truth. We will never rest on doing good, and we will never give up our hopes of seeing humanity setting free from the chains of mental and emotional slavery. Chains that are soon to be broken one by one, as people begin to realize they were created for much more than a nine to five to try to stay alive. We are more than the rainbow movement, and more than the transhumanism plans; we are more than politics, and more than the movement of women trying to step on men. We are more than the pedophilies movement that hides behind a thin veil, and more than the racial division fence. We are more than any of the system’s lies, and we will always be more than any dark entity. We are more, and we are the brave ones who stand up and fight, who speak up their minds and tell truth all the time.

Fears have no place, insecurities are running away, doubts are vanishing, once and forever.

I am posting this as a short open letter, as a message to inspire positively whoever reads it, and a reminder to the man I love more and the most. Thank you for teaching me so much, for reminding me how amazing is to live, and for never giving up on me. My partner in everything, and the warrior I will always go to battles with. I am blessed to have you, and I bless you and the day you were born forever. We will win this battle to help humanity seek for light and love. I love you, always and forever.

If twenty twenty-one taught me something is to love fearlessly and endlessly, to share my thoughts freely, and to never give up on who you love and on the goal of helping others find all the greatness of the Creator and Creation within self and around. Every second is a blessing, be grateful in your heart, and your blessings will beautifully multiply.

Be Bright and Be Blessed, V.