Operation Warp Speed: Trump’s Tainted Legacy

Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Berkshire-Hathaway, Apple, Google, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, to name a few. How are these companies and multi-national conglomerates connected? They all made a fortune after Donald Trump took office in 2016 and many are intricately connected to Operation Warp Speed and the response to Covid-19. Guess who has millions invested in them all? You favorite stable genius, Donald J. Trump.

There is no debate that Trump, who apparently ran this country for a brief period between Barack Obama and Anthony Fauci, holds a hefty stock portfolio. This is often why he always equated the strength of the economy to the strength of the stock market, not conceptualizing that waitresses and dish washers and a lot of other average people, probably aren’t invested in the Fortune 500. They are invested in staying alive and, in many cares, are living paycheck to paycheck. Average people are invested in a small, community economy where patronage often determines livelihoods and Trump destroyed many of those lives with the lockdowns he allowed to happen. In my opinion, that was Trumps first obvious disconnect from reality and the will of the people.

Despite campaigning to take on big business and Wall Street, Trump remained heavily invested in both throughout his time in office, often attacking corporations or individuals verbally, while maintaining investments in their company and even courting them to his cabinet. Famously, Trump called on all of us to boycott Apple after they refused to assist the FBI’s investigation of the Terror Attack that occurred in San Bernardino, CA, in 2016, even though his millions of dollars remained firmly rooted in the Communist Chinese partnered company.

But it’s not all about Trump’s investments, it also about his debts. In 2016, he had amassed multiple nine figure debts owed to both German lender Deutsche Bank and China’s state-controlled Bank of China, which probably explains part of the reason Trump was so standoffish with countries he was obviously in debt to personally. Not because he cared what they were doing to the average American, it feels more likely he was doing it out personal spite after he got hustled by the respective parties. Granted his policies and stance towards China are valid and who didn’t enjoy watching him smugly dismiss Angela Merkel and the other Euro-Fascists during numerous interactions oversees. Very entertaining and moderately effective at producing results, but it’s not Trumps personal affairs or boisterous speeches or even his financial agendas and connections that concern me, it’s Operation Warp Speed.

Trump measures everything in dollars, cents and popularity. He believes Operation Warp Speed; aka the fake vaccines, are successful and good because: A. Initially, a lot of people wanted a vaccine after being terrified by Fauci’s media for a year. B. The vaccine would “open up the country”, which never should have been closed to begin with. C. Now that Trump is out of office, ie. the spotlight, and the news media is pushing vaccines like they were pushing Russiagate, he has clung to Warp Speed like a man floating in the ocean clings to a piece of driftwood so that Orange Man can stay at the center of attention. But in reality, these particular vaccines do MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD and even the CDC admits in VAERS reports that Trumps vaccines killed over 10,000 people in the first year of use and that’s just what they cypher out of the numerous qualifiers for what they call a “fully vaccinated” death. The numbers are far higher, I’m afraid.

We know Trump understands business, marketing and money. We have learned that he does not understand the larger geopolitical structure, tech or pharma. He has often compared Operation Warp Speed to the Manhattan Project, which is a fair comparison because both of them have caused or will cause mass death and long term side effects. So, I can’t help but to try and understand his rationale in continuing to promote the jabs and even boosters now. And then I thought of Trumps love for Big Macs. Why would anyone with any sense have such a love for Big Macs and McDonalds period? Trump sees McDonalds as hugely successful, which it is. He also sees the Big Mac as a great deal, because Big Macs are cheap and, I admit, Big Macs do sort of taste good. Most importantly, the Big Mac has an image. It’s iconic. It’s the original American burger. So Trump loves it, despite the fact that that the consumption of red slime and sodium is neither wise nor healthy. The situation with the vaccines is no different and whether he understands it or not, Donald Trump has performed like a low end stakeholder in the Great Reset and has acted as the catalyst for fast tracking deadly mRNA treatments, which only qualified as a vaccine after the CDC literally REDEFINED the term.

Tinglong Dai, an associate professor of Operations Management and Business Analytics at Johns Hopkins University, said, “Without Operation Warp Speed, there would be no Moderna vaccine”. Why is that significant? Because Moderna, like Facebook, Twitter and numerous other upstarts, has been juiced up by DARPA. Yes, the military industrial complex itself. Gracias, El’ Presidente Trump! Another marvelously ignorant choice or precise calculation, it’s hard to say really. But how does the sausage get made? Surely, there’s a paper trail?

Operation Warp Speed issued billions of dollars’ worth of coronavirus vaccine contracts to companies through a nongovernment intermediary, bypassing the regulatory oversight and transparency of traditional federal contracting mechanisms. Instead of entering into contracts directly with vaccine makers, more than $6 billion in Operation Warp Speed funding has been routed through a defense contract management firm called Advanced Technologies International, Inc.  ATI then awarded contracts to companies working on COVID-19 vaccines. As a result, the contracts between the pharmaceutical companies and ATI will not be available through public records requests, and additional documents are exempt from public disclosure for five years.

Most government contracts are governed by a set of rules called the Federal Acquisition Regulation, or FAR. Recently, the government has been turning to an alternative mechanism, called an Other Transaction Agreement, or OTA. These agreements got their start in the late 1950s, when NASA was created. (See Operation Paperclip) The goal was to “streamline” the contracting process and attract newer, smaller companies and inventors to work with the government that otherwise might not have the resources or willingness to do so. In other words, groups like DARPA invest heavily in small firms or companies, fund their research and expand their reach until they inevitably take complete control as a majority stakeholder.

Analysts warn that along with the potential benefits come significant risks, including potentially diminished oversight and exemption from laws and regulations designed to protect government and taxpayer interests,” the Congressional Research Service wrote in a 2019 report about the rising use of OTAs by the Department of Defense. The report also noted that it was unclear whether OTAs are faster than traditional government contracts, because the Department of Defense hasn’t tracked that information. Furthermore, the contracts appear to be largely unobtainable by the general public, even under the Freedom of Information Act. This is how DOD deep state operatives have been doing business without public oversight or accountability for years.

Who is ATI? ATI is a nonprofit company that organizes a consortium of public, private, and academic organizations that perform research and development (R&D) on behalf of the US government. ATI mostly manages R&D consortia for the DOD for things like weapons manufacturing, metal casting and forging, ship production, and technology aimed at countering so-called weapons of mass destruction. ATI currently manages two consortia that have any relationship to health care, the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium and the Medical CBRN Defense Consortium. The MTEC, operating on behalf of the US Army Medical Research and Development Command, aims to “accelerate the development of revolutionary medical solutions,” which include gene editing, nanotechnology and ‘telehealth solutions’. So lovely that we would turn to the cutting edge of the transhumanism agenda for our vaccine development.

Operation Warp Speed was a miscarriage of medical and governmental policy and will no doubt lead to public backlash and hopefully an investigation into Warp Speed and all those who took park in manufacturing the virus and the fake vaccines, including Donald Trump.

Whatever his motivations, the Donald has seemingly turned his back on a large percent of his base, joining establishment clowns like Bill O’Reilly instead of the hundreds of medical professionals, physicians, scientists and even the inventor of mRNA technology, speaking out about the dangers of using the Moderna and Pfizer injections. With forced inoculations kicking off in Europe this February and hundreds of millions of doses on hand, who’s to say Operation Warp Speed won’t usher the same fate to our doors. If that day comes and it’s explained to the people, that dear old, uncle Trump signed away our right to choose, the reaction is going to be yuge. Sometimes I feel like he was just listening to this guy too much:

I am writing this as one of Donald Trumps most ardent supporters, formerly, it seems. And I admit since it’s conception, Operation Warp Speed has been concerning. I should have said more sooner, but I really didn’t care about the vaccine, so long as there was no mandate for me to take it. But now that we have seen the results of rushing a largely untested, spike protein producing nanotech injection past safety trials and distributing it to not only adults, but children, in the name of a manufactured emergency, is not only criminal, it’s categorically evil. The only way for any of these people to even begin to redeem themselves, is to confess everything and expose everyone and even then, they may never find true redemption.

Healing Trauma 101

… when you close your eyes, what do you see?

For the past decade or so, people have been turning around to have a more spiritual life, searching for truth and also to set free. It has caught my attention that many call themselves “Spiritual Coach” or “Life Coach” at such a young age, when clearly at your twenties you are pretty much still figuring out who you really are. And do not take me wrong, I am not saying that a young person cannot know about life, especially when the person has gone through hardships and have lived rough experiences; but from a life lesson to call yourself a coach there is a huge difference. We cannot expect ourselves to be helpful when we are in the middle of the process of helping our own selves to heal and grow from something.

… when you look back to your past, what do you think?

Religions and other spiritual movements or beliefs teach people to think their trauma was something God, Source, the Creator (however you may call it) used for you to go through so that you can achieve your life purpose, or that you signed for it on your soul contract before coming to planet Earth. How come the greatest energy where the purest love is born from, the one who is supposed to take care of us the most allows horrible things to happen to us? Religions and cults say; Satan thinks is destroying our lives, but in reality God is using it to shape us. The “turning curse into blessing” kind of weird belief. Yes, it is weird, and somehow, pretty twisted too. Which is not surprising, to know this teaching can be twisted, as the evil hands of the so called elites touches everything that is meant to be good, bright and even holy. So, people create this mindset of accepting the traumatic experience justifying it by, “God used this so that I could become better and help others,” or the nowadays trendy phrase, “It was on my soul contract.” I need someone to explain to me as if I was five years old, how is it possible that anyone signed to be sexually abused by a family member or a very close friend of the family, or how anyone signed to be sacrificed in a blood ritual in a lodge when not even reaching one year old. How is it possible that anyone signed to be kidnapped and trafficked before turning nine years old, or how come anyone signed to die in the hands of a gangster at seven years old while playing in the front yard of their house? I would like someone to explain to me how does this makes sense, but I have already heard all type of explanations and the logic of everyone seems to be the se exact thing the preacher said at church on Sunday service, and what the spiritual influencer said on the video: God used that moment to help you grow from it, it was on your soul contract.

… when you are in silence, what can you hear?

A therapist will ask you many times the same question in different ways, just to see how to use reverse psychology; and that only could work if you are unsure of yourself. When it comes to healing trauma, you are unsure about many things, and you are the one who wants to ask the questions. Let’s begin with, why me and why that thing? It probably was not written before you came to Earth, and the Creator surely did not wanted that to happen to you; but someone else knew better than you did, and that person took advantage of your being and… yes, what happened was bad, but now it is time to grow from it. Does that sounds like a more helpful answer? Because we all have experienced trauma of some kind; mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, those are the more common and could happen at any time of your life after you leave the womb.

I understand, people searching for answers by joining a religion or spiritual group, or by going to a psychologist. It is of the first things that come into someone’s mind when needing help to heal from something, whatever it may be, and it tends to be a good tool at the beginning. But if you are too weak in your mind or heart, it could turn to be worse than it used to be before you stepped foot in whatever building you go to. The fact is this, most of these people take adventage of those who are going through a hard time; when thoughts and emotions are at risk, the ones who say to want to help you think it is a good time for you to give your essence away… and your money too. Which ends up by either the person becoming full time obsessed with the belief or upset about not finding what was being looked for.

… when you put your hands on your heart, what does your beat says to you?

I often wonder, why is it so hard for people to willingly help without asking for anything in exchange? I love to be a helping hand to humans, to give tools that have worked for me in the past and continue to be of great use. Because that is what humanity is, to give light energies to your fellow humans. How come healing trauma has become such a business to many? I wish everyone to set free from their traumas, to breakthrough, to finally heal those things tormenting the mind and turturing the heart. We all were created by the greatest and purest energy of the highest frequency that exists, which we call love, and the Most High only want us to be free spirits living in peaceful harmony, joy and gracious love.

Seeing people taking advantage of others while they struggling to heal life’s wounds is disgusting, and I wish people were able to help without expecting anything in exchange. Life is about showing others it is worth living, it is worth fighting, and it is definitely worth healing to live what we have been made for: divine sacred love.

… when you inhale and exhale slowly, what do you feel?

The XXX Era: part three

The cycle of the enemy, recycling beings from one to a hundred times; only to keep absorbing energy and stealing the natural essence. Vampires, that is who they are, and they may not be drinking your blood, but they are slowly vanishing you away. Distracted to cause distraction, twisting brains to cause damage, medicating to destroy every body’s system. They love to turture you, it is their favorite sport, to pervert you, to make you a piece that destroys everything.

Parental control, a tool they created to help parents’ prevent children from not crossing content they freely allow in the internet, a tool that is apparently out of service today. The internet has websites where children and teens are taught how to “hack” parental control, showing them step-by-step tutorials on how to easily trick what their parents have blocked them from being exposed to. Isn’t it interesting? How come children and teens are looking in the internet how to kick their parents’ authority. I suppose they cannot deal with how their classmates or friends may bully them for not being allowed to see the same kind of content they freely look at, or maybe they feel the pressure to be “cool” and be part of something as everyone else. The influence some kids can have on your children which is only caused by the influencers they follow can take your teen to places filled with dark entities waiting to corrupt anyone coming. They are like the security guard at the door, just that they do not stop minors from entering websites full of bullshit. Because, in the end, you are using parental controls to prevent your children to find pornography or any type of sexual content. But you are not counting with your children or teens to search for tutorials on how to turn parental control off. So, what is the real issue? Is it you having authority or your kids feeling overprotected because everyone at school can search whatever they want?

The actual issue is in front of you right now, it is called technology, and it comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. The issue is called internet too, and is also called social media. These issues all lead to one thing in different ways, because at the end of the road they all connect and all they want is to lead your toddler with the tablet, your child with the smartphone, your teen with the computer, and yourself with the television, to the same place; the porno industry. As easy as clicking, putting the finger on the screen, and changing the channel.

Their main goal is to corrupt your mind, heart and soul. Where are demons found easily? Yes, pornography. The death of your natural sex thoughts, the poison of your natural sex feelings, the corruption of your natural sex interest. Taught to see sex as if it was just something to have with anyone else, not mentioning you how your energy and essence are being distributed any time someone connects sexually with you. Taught to understand sex as domination and humiliation, not mentioning you that sex should be shared only with someone you love dearly and loves you back. Taught to try to experiment having threesomes or group sex, not telling you that you are becoming as twisted as they are. Taught to determine what you like through the images and sounds you are exposed to on the screen with speakers, not telling you that all of it is based on horrifying lust, exploitation, abuse, and even rape. Yes, that is the gateway drug millions are exposed to every second of every day, sold as a normal thing, making you believe it is a normal behavior. Go to bed with anyone, have sex as many times as you want, share your body with one or two or even three and then four, give yourself away because that is normal. Got someone filling you? Do not worry, they say you can take the after day pill or you can abort later if you want. It is all going to be okay! Go full time on birth control, because condoms are for people who do not know how to have fun. You know better than the love of your parents or closest loved ones; so break the rules and hack the parental control.

Is it the solution to keep children and teens safe to use parental control? Or is it the solution to develop good communication skills with your children or teens? Or is it both things balanced? Well, you know, I think the solution begins by adults understanding that a baby, toddler, or child do not need a smartphone or tablet, and your teen should not own either until fifteen or plus. The less they are exposed to darkness the better. I know, it sounds too radical and their friends could show them things, but by having a good trust relationship you can achieve so much. It is not about over control or not control at all, is it about a balance where education and values can help your children understand what they are being told is the best for them. Rebellion comes when there is no balance nor trust.

So, is parental control out of service on this xxx era or not?

Purifying, Crystalline, Everlasting

I love how we do not rush time, when we hush and listen to our hearts beating, like when we are asleep and awake at the same time. I love how we stop time, when we breathe the same air kissing slowly, like when we are dreaming and living at the same time. I love how we move with our perfect time, when we share harmonious passion pleasing our hearts desire, like when we are dancing and creating at the same time.

We flow intensely into each other, swimming slowly into our oceans, united as one channel of light, perfectly balancing one another. We grow strongly with each other, purifying softly our beings, sharing the same space in harmony, incredibly connected to one another. We evolve beautifully next to each other, breathing and living together under the same roof, raising higher than the sun, our energies intertwined with one another.

We teach and learn, equally, as we walk barefoot in a land of our own, just as it used to be in lives before. We dance and spin, carefully, as we shower in the waterfall at the end of the road, just as it used to be in higher realms. We embrace and kiss, tenderly, as we connect our naked skins, just as it used to be in our dreams.

You hold me so sweet and passionate, lovingly, rough and wild. I hug you so softly and passionate, lovingly, erotic and wild. We keep each other warm and calm, lovingly, romantic and divine.

As we walk, we grow; as we float, we glow; as we swim, we flow. I tell you all of my secrets, you tell me all of your secrets. We know everything, we share anything. As we pour drops of water on each other, watering our everlasting love; the fire within keeps us warm, purifying every part; the air we breathe is so fresh, and sweet as the love we share. Sowing seeds on our perfect piece of earth; as fertile as your seed which is sow in my fertile ground.

You love how we do not run, when we hold each other’s hands, like when we explore very far away. You love how we do not scream, when we are playing hide and seek, like when we let our inner children glow. You love how we do not turn around, when we are talking silently loud, like when we go in a mission to fight evil.

You and I, my beloved, we are not just lucky. You and I, my sweetness, we are beyond blessed. How purifying our love is, crystalline as the cave of quartz where we have been at, everlasting as Source’s energy flowing within us keeping our peaceful luminous union.

The Persecution Of Julian Assange: A Blueprint For The Post-Truth Era.

Julian Assange is not a Saint. He is as imperfect as the rest of us, but what has been done to him over the last decade is just short of the persecution of Christ. I do not presume to equate Assange’s works to that of our great instructor, I would only indulge that the demonization and torture Assange has suffered at the hands of the State is as close to a modern crucifixion as you can get.

In early 2021 a British judge ruled that Assange, after nearly decade of being kept in isolation, should not face extradition to the United States on Espionage charges for his role in releasing classified military and diplomatic cables. U.S. authorities have recently succeeded in convincing two senior British judges to overturn the ruling and now Assange is again facing extradition to the United States.

According to court documents, the US won its appeal to extradite Assange due to “four assurances” sent in a Diplomatic Note dated February 5, 2021. These assurances were that Assange would not be made the subject of “special administrative measures”; nor would he be held at a maximum security prison before or after trial. In addition, the US would “consent” to an application by Assange to be transferred to Australia to serve his sentence, if convicted; and while in custody in the US, Assange would receive “appropriate clinical and psychological treatment.”

The judges ordered that the case should now be returned to Westminster Magistrates’ Court, with a direction that a district judge send the case to the UK Home Secretary, who will decide whether Assange should be extradited to the US. During an appeal hearing in October, Assange suffered a stroke and his family has often spoken out against the extradition, citing the journalists’ declining mental and physical health. So, there is still hope for Assange to remain where he is, but there is little hope for Assange’s condition.

Let’s back up a little. How Assange got to this point is almost more important than what he faces ahead. We will start at the beginning of his plight. In 2010, Wikileaks released video footage and written documentation that was exceptionally damning to the United States Military Industrial Complex. These leaks included the Baghdad airstrike Collateral Murder video, the Afghanistan war logs, the Iraq war logs, and Cablegate. After these leaks, the United States government launched a criminal investigation into WikiLeaks.

After the release of Cablegate, in November 2010, Sweden issued an international arrest warrant for Assange over allegations of sexual misconduct. Assange said the allegations were a pretext for his extradition from Sweden to the United States over his role in the publication of secret American documents. After losing his battle against extradition to Sweden, he breached bail and took refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in London in June 2012. He was then granted asylum by Ecuador in August 2012 on the grounds of political persecution, with the presumption that if he were extradited to Sweden, he would be eventually extradited to the US.  Swedish prosecutors dropped their investigation in 2019, saying their evidence had “weakened considerably due to the long period of time that has elapsed since the events in question.” The truth is, there never was any evidence. It was what Assange or Wikileaks did in 2016, that really pissed off those with secrets they would rather keep in the shadows.

During the 2016 U.S. election campaign, WikiLeaks published a litany of “confidential” Democratic Party emails, showing that the party’s national committee favored Hillary Clinton over her rival Bernie Sanders in the primaries. They also released John Podesta’s personal emails which held several creepy associations and revelations, including Hillary Clinton emailing Podesta that she would be “sacrificing a chicken”, and Podesta’s association with Satanic Representative Marina Abramovic. Hillary would probably blame this, in some part, on her loss in the 2016 Presidential Election to Donald Trump. And we all know what happens to people on that woman’s shit list.

On April 11th 2019, Assange’s asylum was withdrawn after a series of disputes with Ecuadorian authorities. The police were invited into the embassy and he was arrested. He was found guilty of breaching the Bail Act and sentenced to 50 weeks in prison. The United States government unsealed an indictment against Assange, related to the leaks provided by Manning. On 23 May 2019, the United States government further charged Assange with violating the Espionage Act of 1917. Assange has been confined in Belmarsh maximum-security prison in London since April 2019.

The real kicker of his story is Bradley Edward Manning. Manning is a former United States Army soldier who was convicted by court-martial in July 2013 of violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses, after disclosing to WikiLeaks nearly 750,000 classified, or unclassified but sensitive, military and diplomatic documents. It was also in 2013, that Bradley Manning declared he would now be called Chelsea Manning, which is sort of odd timing. Manning was imprisoned from 2010 until 2017 when the 35 year sentence was commuted by Barack Obama. In 2018, Manning ran for Senate in their home state of Maryland and received 5.8% of the vote.  From March 8, 2019, to March 12, 2020, Manning was jailed for contempt and fined $256,000 for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. She now makes a living from “paid speaking engagements”.

I will explain the hypocrisy in case you haven’t grasped it: The person who actually committed the crime, who stole the verboten information, was released four years into a 35 year sentence. They were then allowed to make a living doing speaking engagements, ran for Senate and were only imprisoned again, briefly, after refusing to testify about the journalist who published the information this person illegally obtained. Now she’s labeled a whistleblower by the media. Meanwhile, Julian Assange is being slowly executed.

It’s quite obvious that the United States Government is more interested in setting the pretext to destroy the life of a journalist who published a small glimpse of the evil truth about Iraq, the inner workings of Washington and the Democratic Party, than to punish the person who physically stole their data. This is not only shooting the messenger, this is shooting the First Amendment and humanity’s right to know the truth of this world. If Assange can be crucified for telling the truth, so can we.

Free Assange.

The XXX Era: part two

We are all corrupted. Yes, my dear, you read that right. We all have been corrupted, and corruption keeps us trapped until we decide to take the risk to break free from the corrupt’s black magic spells. Breakthrough is only for the brave, for the ones who are tired of lies, the ones who are tired of mental slavery, the ones who are tired of living as if they owed something to the ones sitting giving orders to keep society falling over and over again in the same trap hole to continue their corrupted status.

Trafficking drugs, humans, organs, golden and black gold; just to earn a little bit more of money, because for them it is never enough. But that is all you know about corruption, it is all they have allowed you to know and understand. So let me ask you something, do you know why we all are corrupt if we are not part of any of their “secret” businesses? What if I tell you that our corruption is not fully attached to any type of underground move, and that they have been working hard to keep everyone trapped in their hypnotizing black and white spiral? Because it is just like that, it is there and everywhere.

The corruption of our thoughts, the corruption of our hearts, the corruption of our souls. Our spirits are constantly under attack, the battle against mindsets that have been taught to us through the years from our closest family members to our closest friends, from the person you thought you could trust the most when you were a child to the person you thought to be your best friend when you were a teen; from the person who you trusted your dreams to and the person who you thought for a moment it was okay to date. But, in reality, who have been the ones who have not betrayed you, and the ones who never dared to say a word or show you a thing that could corrupt you? Because this is all about how we all have been assaulted somehow; through images and sounds, through radio and television, through your parent and the preacher at church, through news mediums and your boss, through your president and your lawyer, through the athlete selling a disgusting vaccine and the celebrity you thought to be so cool. Everyone has exposed you to some kind of deep horrible thing, whether the person did it knowingly or not, you have seen and heard things that have led you to do some other things. Are you proud of it, or are you regretting it? If I am not wrong, the last time you questioned yourself was before you were about to make the same mistake for a second or third time, or probably when you started to live with the consequences of your past wrong decisions. And what about it, did you learn something from asking yourself certain questions?

I hope you did get clarity, because now I am asking you to question if you are willing to set free. Yes, to break free. Because it is time for a breakthrough. Is your time of being a corrupted corrupt of a corruption ring over?

Propagandas, campaigns, speeches, commercials, marketing, fake agenda of empowerment, false prophets, twisted thoughts; and lies. Body modifications, social media popularity, reality shows, songs about sexual lust, sex orientation confusion, hundreds of sex genders; and lies. Gym addicts, false veganism, horrifying criticism, celebrities tearing minds apart, politicians selling fake hopes; and lies. Religions, division, cultures, divorce, threesomes, orgies, pedophilia, incest, wrong psychology application, false philosophy being sold; and lies. Fights, domestic abuse, transgenders teaching in school, drag queens reading books for five year old, sexual abuse, insults, humiliation; and lies. Music industry, movie industry, television industry, influencer industry, entertainment industry; and lies. Cheaters of elections, cheaters of games, cheaters of the Internet, cheaters in relationships; and lies. Feminism movements, racial movements, political movements, abortion movements, LGTB movements, equal rights movements; and lies. The magazine you read, the newspaper you read, the news you watch, the show you watch, the ‘NSFW’ content you watch, the song you listen to, the caption of the famous you read, the billboard you see; and lies. It is all about carefully built lies to corrupt you, to pervert you, to twist you, to damage you, to break you, to turn you into one of them. It has all been about the same scary idiology invented by soulless beings, lie after lie creating a pattern worse than any spider web. Can you see it?

They silence the ones who dare to speak, they suspend the ones who dare to communicate, the ban the ones who dare to challenge their narrative, the kill the ones who dare to expose their businesses; they tear society slowly turning each human into an artificial intelligence test. They explode us as if we were the bad ones; they are willing to destroy our planet, nature and humanity, because they cannot explore real emotions, and they cannot feel the highest frequency [love]…

As you read, can you listen to your inner voice telling you to wake up and help others to wake up? Your soul screaming, “Oh, my dear, please break free, breakthrough!” All while your consciousness connects dots, and the question comes up; is there a solution to this madness? Will we be able to go back to live in harmony and peace? We are already here, so why not trying to break the old dark patterns to stablish light again on Earth? Humankind needs more courageous people, and probably you just found out that you are a brave one too.

They fear us more than we would ever fear them. They fear parents caring for their children more than we would ever fear their plans. They fear children breaking free from their mental and emotional control more than children would ever fear the monster under the bed. They fear losing control over us, because they know in unity there is power.

Grand, Divine, Sublime

Light particles forming a sphere, as tiny as sand grains. Mystical yet majestic. Rays of a unique sun, sparkling of a brighter star, illuminating stronger than any moon. Frequencies unifying, creating a new form of life, a seed made out of the purest love energy, being sowed in a spectacular fertile soil.

You and I, we both know, we were chosen for being the strongest of them all. Right above, higher than where clouds stay on, solid as tree trunks and soft as petals glow. Creators who were created to create too, a righteous call as our souls. Shouting to the wind the most honest words, lyrics of a sacred secret song. You and I, we both were made for everlasting love.

A lust for freedom, a great desire of our spirits, how supernatural. Wizards, wisdom from the holy throne. Floating, feeling alive, fertilizing the seed of love. Tender rhythm, slow dance with the Source of our creation.

Fate, responding to our wants and needs. Blessings, opening our road, united as one. Odds, all in our favor, declaring endless love and life. When You and I touch, the smell of tulips and minty pine fill our lungs. Caressing softly our luminous crystalline bodies. You and I, we carefully lay on the grass of our silver cloud. Breathing our sweetness, in and out.

Explosions, sparks jump all around. Nuclear bombs envy us. You and I, we sing to the infinity, sweet melodies play as we pronounce our divine chorus. Your fertile seed planted in My fertile soil, proving the enemy wrong about every of their curses. We breakthrough, creating along with creation, believing our truth, trusting our call. Eternity holding us together, an embrace that will never end. Salvation comes from grace, our faithful extravagant dance. You and I, we know the beauty of our love, the connection of our souls. As we spin around tracing tender lines in outer space, elevating our evolutive vibration.

You and I; we are grand, incredible and divine, a sublime union, reaching heights farther than nirvana, perfect prana of life. You are my strength, and I am yours. Created to create along with creation a wonderful wholeness of procreation. Land of our own, a place we call home, where new souls are born.

Humans will have humanity once more, as our destiny is fulfilled with the Gods protection. It is written in the infinity of the sacred geometry we create, building harmony log by log. Wood and crystals decorate our door, and little footsteps walk their way inside our home. The bark of the protector and the song of the owl, all coming together to connect every dot.

You and I, we water the seed until it grows, becoming a new being wandering lands with us. The fighter, the warrior, the farmer, the dreamer, the righteous, the creative, the philosopher, the one who is sent to share knowledge as we teach some we already know. The new female and the new male, the new borns who will save this world. You and I, we were chosen for much more than sharing wisdom and love.

Evolving as one, creating as one, bringing life as one, watering seeds and plants as one, growing as one, shining as one, loving endlessly… as ONE.

The XXX Era: part one

Self introduction as a revolutionary sound of pride standing in front of a society that may or may not appreciate anyone, but still standing saluting the flag and a crowd of people soon to realize are a bunch of idiots; but idiots you will learn from while you also teach some. People who probably have been sold the same messages as you have, people who will want to break the rules given at home and also the ones taught at school, and yes, the ones governments make in order to keep track of you. However it may go for you, for your sibling, your neighbor, your classmate or friend, your professor, your boss; you have been eating the same bread you can get at the store, watching the same news, reading the same magazine in the waiting line to pay for the pills to ease your headache, sneaking to watch the same video your parents prohibited your to watch, listen to the same song about drugs and alcohol on the radio, and who knows what more. The battle of the mind, the battle of home values against what propaganda has been selling you. Whatever shoes you may choose to wear, the battlefield is constantly reproducing in your brain.

Decades ago, when technology was just a silly dream, families were shaped a little differently; lies were told by the printed newspaper and not everyone had access to it, so brainwashing occurred from mouth to mouth. You know, someone who read the news told another person, and that one went somewhere and repeated the news adding something else, when the new final got to you it had more words than the original headline and what the article said. Later on, the radio came, the electrical table piece people got to be able to listen to the news and some other things too, news was shared around and as always… words were added too. And as that old song says, ‘Video killed the radio star’, as television came to occupy unnecessary space in everyone’s homes; with the passing of years it turned to be the great companion of many. Some time after that, computers came out, and with them the internet began to pop up. Communication started to change, and obviously people adapted to the changes so quickly and easily. Rumors, propaganda, lies, double messages, social media platforms being installed on the web, and many other things.

As technology evolves, people create new habits. Back in the day, most parents taught their children great values, they took their time to educate their children at home; teaching them from basic communication manners to how to do basic things at home. It was important to raise children knowing how to be kind, polite, and to know a thing or two of survival skills; just in case something may happen. Time passed by, and children suddenly thought they are above their parents and rules are made by them, all while some parents allow this, (because there might still be parents who keep authority). However, when we look at how this is working, the psychological war of corrupted thoughts into parent’s minds crash with the subliminal messages children are exposed to daily when they watch television or listen to music, and mostly when they log in the internet. And how come children are allowed on the internet? Don’t they have some type of control on social media platforms where they state from which age people are allowed to make use of them? Well, yes, they do, but that is just for show. Children have been taught by their parents to lie on their ages so that they can have easy access to become either a bully or a false popular being around the internet, or a young person who will just spend stupid hours looking and liking content too. Wait, did I say parents teach children to lie?! Ah, yes! I did say it, because that is a fact. Parents do it after they spend probably seven years telling their children that lying is bad and wrong, but since it is easier to give the smartphone, computer or tablet to the boy or girl, just lie about your age… it will not be harmful, they say.

I wonder if these parents playing cool with their children forgot that time in which they lied to their parents and got their face slapped, or got grounded for days during the summer, or were told they would not play with their favorite toy or video game because they broke a rule at home… because I will never forget when that happened to me, and how upset and terrible I felt for the consequences of my words or actions, things that taught me something even when at the moment there was anger within. Silly, many would think. How school, to be thinking to teach your children like that or to keep track of what they follow, like or watch, right? Some think children need privacy, and I think children need to keep an eye on; teens are another thing. Two different stages of life require different ways of dealing with the person. Also, privacy does not mean complete and total freedom. To many, parental control sounds too radical and a bad thing to do, because that may make your children or teens feel you do not trust them. Well, trusting your children is not trusting the vulgar content they may be exposed to on the internet. Do not forget you allowed your children to lie on their age to enter social media, which means that they could be scrolling down a feed and suddenly find the photo or video of a couple being fully naked practicing intercourse; content that adults can see if they decide to, but your children or teens do not need that kind of assault. Not because you were exposed to it when you were a minor that means your kids are okay if exposed to it too.

Educate your children to know sex is not a bad thing, it is instead a beautiful thing to practice between a man and a woman in a balance of respect, kindness, and most importantly: love. Tell your children how sex is the act of procreation, and how divine and sacred it is, as the purest energies of both (man and woman) come together to connect their bodies and unify themselves in love. Teach them sex is supposed to happen when the brain is mature enough to understand the action, and the heart is ready to flow with someone else’s heart. Keep them on track of what it really is and what it actually means.

Reprehend if necessary, yes, do it. Your children may hang out with others who are not being raised the way you raise them, this has always happened. There is always going to be one who will sow the evil negative seed in your child, and surely you do not want your kid to be the one sowing that seed. At this point, when children are not under parental control when making use of their devices, they can be exposed to sexual content easily. The so called “models” wandering around every single social media platforms, the females posting photos or videos of their butts covering the hole with something, covering their breast’s nipples to make sure they are not censored, the males covering their members a little, same sex couples also showing off their so called attributes of how perverted they are, and… pedophiles pretending to be underaged teens, just as the children who tricked lying about their age to get into log in the internet social places. See, this is a war against purity, against what is natural human law, against innocence, against reproduction, and especially against love. You can repeat their popular phrase, ‘Love is Love’, as much as you want, but deep within you, you know real love brings desire of reproduction, not of promiscuity and sharing your body with as many as you can count with your two hands.

Mainstream media, magazines, television, streaming applications, radio, and any other thing you may use and allow your children or teens to have access to; all of it has been corrupted to corrupt you deeply too.

Turning the Programming Off, a Moment of Breakthrough

A superficial statement has been sow in your head; a testament full of lies, prophecies spoken by false prophets, an ideology of self hate, infectious magnets attracting confusion and fear. You have been told the opposite of truth your hole life; by your parents and loved ones, by your professors, by your friends, by religious leaders, by politicians, by celebrities, by media, by social media, by everyone and everything. A structure of destruction; it came to you as words, images and sounds, it came to you and made your being its home. You have come a long way, and you have reached this point, the moment to breakthrough has arrived to you. A web created by a system for a system to sustain their ideals and plans; transformation of the mankind, it has all been their biggest lie. They live for it, and they have made you a slave of it as well. Is it today that you will burn all that has destroyed you for years as they shaped you to be as depraved as they are? It could be today, but yesterday was maybe already too late.

Horrific as their poisonous voice tones, the bite of the snake, the kick of the boot. Somewhere in the planet a child has born, cries so loud that all the city can hear the sound of new life. There are new males and females coming to Earth, they all are born as Natural Law says, each carrying the right genitalia between their legs. Just as the Creator and Creation has always said, no evil shall bother them… but, what if the evil has already doors open at their now human homes? The story always begins at home, as adults are the ones teaching what they think to be right and wrong. Radicalism may exist, prohibition will remain, technology will be handed, twisted messages will be sold. A Bible will be read, maybe a Quran, or even a Book of Mormon, you never know if the child was born in a home where the holy book is the Bhagavad-Gita; whichever book, whatever religion, a system of beliefs will be sow as a seed that will reach their heart. For children, religion can turn into a fantasy storyline to play, so keep your eyes open as you never know how your teenager will water the seed later on. The great movement of fear exchange, that is how we have been raised, an enormous amount of fearful energy has always moved around us. First, religion and then, yes, all the technicolors of media. The enchanted black box, the speaker through the black mirror, the imagery through the screen of fake dreams, the innovation that has stopped humans from evolving into better and more conscious beings. How consistent this has been, subliminal but not sublime. There is no essence in anything, and no matter how much they try to make it look pretty and innocent, it will always be demonic and scary to the soul.

Characters are created with traits that give them personality, it’s what we will later call characteristics as we realize who they really and what inspire each. The seven deadly sins are represented in every cartoon ever presented in television or streaming applications, both significantly keeping you trapped in slavery. Even the most innocent cartoon has a damaging message that will trigger different kinds of things in the brain; from turning you homosexual to shaping you into a serial killer. Yes, this is serious. No one is born a killer, no one comes to Earth in the wrong body. Love comes in different forms, but Natural Human Law knows how real love works, and divine love is a sacred energy, the highest frequency; and it exists to procreate. However, the message that is sold for children is different, and very superficial and depraved. They show us sex since we come out of the womb, and I am not saying sex is bad, but the way it’s being sold and shown is wrong. How twisted are most creators of children books and cartoons; the most famous ones are always in trouble between being pedophiles and liking to practice other type of disgusting things through what is meant to be sacred since the beginning. As time goes by, children are more exposed to new mindsets believing that body modification is a good thing; change your breast size, change your butt size, inject your lips, spend stupid hours in the gym building a six pack, change your body look from male to female or from female to male, it is okay the box says so. And that is how we have been caught in an illusion, the grid of lies that trapped us, the system that has turned us humans into soulless beings like them. Because in the end, are they even humans?

It was first sold as something that could be fun, campaigns inviting people to break the rules they made, contradicting themselves from a billboard to the other. Propaganda, lies, corruption, twisting your being, creating knots cutting your connection to the Main Source of Life; their fun game. A game that has been going on for decades and continue to sharpen every second that goes by, a game that has replaced the Monopoly board in so many levels. They have turned humans into who they are, slaves of an evil energy that produces anxiety and depression, insecurities, and of course doubt and self rejection, along with many other things. Teaching you how to become a sex addict turning you promiscuous, little by little through the entertainment industry; it is in every movie and show, it is in every song. They use the imagery that will trigger different parts of you, they use the sounds that will break the line of your alignment to light. It is all a sick dirty game in which darkness keeps pushing and fighting to prevail. Dark entities in churches and spiritual movements, they come along to change the narrative so that you get infected with depravation; dark entities that know your struggles and present to you the things you have been trying to set free from, they plan perfect traps, and light ends up using them to see if you are ready to pass through it to leave unaffected. It could turn to be a cycle, until you open your three eyes and understand what is going on and what is about to happen in your life.

The feeling of regret may come; questioning yourself how did you allowed your parents, the priest or pastor, the governor or president, your friends, your professors and media lie to you so badly. Anger? Yes, why not? You should be upset about growing up surrounded by propaganda that maybe made you modificate your body more than once, and the ways you were taught to dislike or even hate your neighbor for having a different skin color or having a different belief, and how you stopped talking to many for not having the same political ideology. How did you let it all flow through you and never fixed it before? Why did you raised your child the same way you were instead of changing the ways to a better place? Or is that because you made horrific mistakes you think your offspring deserves to walk the same path you did? At this point in life, are you even sure the superficial statement that is much more than a mindset is beautiful? All the ways you have been lied to, and manipulated. People’s egos, the selfishness of everyone else, keeping your programming untouched as the ones around you have been like you. Do you think the pedophile transgender in the kindergarten who dresses as a teacher is someone to trust leaving your children with? Do you think teen females entering a male bathroom is safe, or that teen males in a female changing room is okay, excusing themselves as that day they woke up feeling that sex? Or do you think that an adult with assault or sex abuse charges is the right person to stand in a classroom to teach your children how communism, being a racist or practicing group sex is great? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself any of these questions before, or are you keeping up with materialism and fake self love, or too busy buying the lies news talk to you about? Maybe you spend money in false beauty magazines and those who tell you which sex position is good to try because you do as you are told? Probably the money you spend in the gym could pay off after you pick someone at the night club, you never know.

It is been them all this time; sowing putrid seeds into mankind. Your unconscious, subconscious and consciousness, every part of your heart, your spirit trapped and dragged to stay kneeling along with your body over dry grounds. The evilness behind the veils of entertainment; teaching how to turn your family disfuctional, showing you how to be unfaithful, telling you how single life could be better because you do not have to worry about raising children. Oh, how much have they destroyed society! False women’s rights; saying abortion is a health right, showing you how to kill a being that has a soul since the moment planted in the womb. The fake feminism, telling you empowerment is to step on men, to treat them like shit. And let’s talk about the preaching of telling men it is okay to have many partners, because two is better than one, and three is a charm, and the more the merrier. Explaining men how to treat women right, even when what is shown is totally wrong. Superficial men and women, forgetting about their feelings and emotions, poisoned by the opposite to what is sacred and divine. Your soul has been screaming to quit living a twisted putrid life, but your head is so attached to the old ways of devil, so in love with darkness; willingly giving up to your purest essence. The so called selfie, the so called challenges of the internet, the platforms that easily drive you into becoming everything you were not created for. You have been giving your light away, your will and dreams. Slowly becoming who they keep shaping you to be as they never rest sculping you into a demon, just like them.

All about the money, all about the false social class, all about the economy that has been broken for years. Designers clothing, expensive shoes, the bag that costed more than the bread scrubs you eat as they feed you like a stinky square’s pigeon. No matter how much you try, for them it will never be enough, because every day they come up with something new. And it may happen, that some famous people come out to speak, to complain about how sad they feel about the body shame they experience or how they have been mentally, emotionally, physically or sexually abused; no social movement will do a thing other than say a pretty speech and march for a day. They are paid actors and actresses, but you are not, and if any of those horrible things happen to you; not many will care to do a thing… the brainwash was already done and those are people’s daily strings. Puppets and rag dolls, broken hopes and dreams, they have turned you intolerant to anyone who stands for truth, light and love.

Master, Master. That is how they call it, and maybe you continue to call it. The great Machine who controls your thinking and feelings, the manipulation of the System. The ones who once said would never sell their soul to the devil now live slave to it, worshiping it through cartoons, television shows, movies, music, a self fake agenda, social media, pornography, homosexuality, depraved sex practices that were first practiced at lodges. Supporting the lies, everything for nothing, all for something, who knows… you live trapped in an illusion, the Matrix grid absorbing your purest energy. Where are the brave ones, those who will set themselves free, beings desiring a huge breakthrough because they are exhausted of living a false empowerment. Are you are a wild one willing to turn the programming off?

We, the brave and wild ones, we do not care how much crap they spread to try to silence us or eliminate us; because we are protected and anointed by the Gods who are connected to the Main Source of Life. We will fight until the end, we will repeat our messages as many times as we can, we will remark important topics no one talks about publicly because they are afraid to be rejected. We are unafraid, we are fearless and we will speak truth out loud, and we will write it everywhere we can. Until light reaches those who are ready like pouring rain, until real love hugs those who need it the most like savaltion, until truth is the only thing those who accept it start to share. We are not alone. We are together in the fight against the evil system, against the putrid machine. We are stronger, and we will win.

Christmas Cancelled as Krampus Plans To Deliver Mandatory Gene Therapy to Australians, Austrians and European Union.

Ho, ho, ho, the protein goes, into your DNA! Sing it loud and sing it proud as the unholy sacks of filth in the E.U. prepare to militarize their brain dead ranks against the dreaded anti-vaxers. Or those who should more rationally be called, people who aren’t buying their shit.

Ah, that’s crazy talk. You’re a conspiracy theorist. Those F.D.A stats aren’t real. Those studies aren’t real. That’s not true. Fauci didn’t murder babies with HIV drugs and bury them in a mass grave in New York. That’s CRAZY. He never ordered that puppies have their vocal cords removed before being devoured by flesh eating flies. That’s INSANE! He didn’t fund gain of function research in North Carolina and then transfer the research to Wuhan, China. That’s a CONSPIRACY THEORY! Covid-19 wasn’t game planned as “Event 201” under the direction of Bill Gates. HE MADE COMPUTERS! Our response to this pandemic hasn’t been engineered and projected by ELITE SCUM like the David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Klaus Schwab for years in literature, in media, in education, in government, NO! THAT NEVER HAPPENED! THIS ISN’T REAL! EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN TOLD IS TRUE!!!

Fast forward, now YOU are the puppy with its voice cut and its life being slowly devoured by thousands of tiny bites. Banned from social media? Forced to wear a mask? Forced to submit to a medical treatment? Coerced? Threatened? Ridiculed? Yep, this is the new religion. And it’s metaphysical poison.

Smug Level: Supreme Emperor

The unelected skag who oversees the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, (above) announced last week that it is time for the E.U. to consider ‘mandatory vaccination‘ for each and every citizen, sparing only those in special places of power. Austria has announced that as of February 1st vaccination will become mandatory for everyone. German Fuhrer, Angela Merkel, has spoken out in support of compulsory vaccinations as well. It appears Western Europe is sliding back into the classic authoritarianism they know so well. Many are predicting an exodus of unvaccinated ‘refugees’ into UK, but Bobo Johnson has already begun posturing for a jab mandate and proof of submission to medical tyranny is required to enter many public venues. There will be no running away from vaccine mandates, they only way to overcome unjust dictations is to engage them head on.

Federal judges having been slapping down the Biden Administrations business vaccination mandates one after another, the final one on Tuesday December 7th. Unfortunately, it is hard to imagine it will end in such a flat tone. The rhetorical ramp up by Oberstgruppenführer, Fauci and others suggests that the push for mandated inoculations, forever, is inevitable. The only questions are, how and when will it appear? They didn’t create this world ID, social credit, climate tax, vaccine passport system to not implement it.

In an interview with NZHerald Focus, New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern, admits she is implementing a system designed to create two classes of people via the mandatory vaccination program and vaccine passport system. Essentially, a smiling admission of Jim Crow style segregation, where those deemed to be unclean by the State are no longer permitted to take part in society. Hear it from the witch’s own mouth:

PM Jacinda Ardern details GASLIGHT System

All smiles and psychopathy as this globalist butt plug unfailingly commits to coercing and intimidating her citizens into receiving a medical procedure. Just because Bill Gates smiles looks giddy as he tells you about a “bioterror attack, nightmare scenario,” involving smallpox, doesn’t mean he isn’t holding a weapon to our heads. New Zealand and Australia have experienced some the strictest lockdown measures and been subjected to harsh penalties for civil disobedience. Australia has recently been running into issues maintaining their ‘new normal’ as three teenagers escaped from a Covid quarantine facility as covered by The Guardian. Have no fear, the teens were arrested and returned to their cells. You must be saying to yourself, Wow, they must have a really serious outbreak for these types of measures to be necessary. WRONG. Buried at the bottom of that article from The Guardian it is revealed that “As of Tuesday, there were 58 cases of Covid-19 in the NT. “Fifty eight. 5 – 8. Australia is using quarantine camps over fifty eight Covid-1984 cases. (5+8=13, just saying.)

An inside look at Australia’s comfy, Covid quarantine camp.

Well, I don’t see any ovens, but I do see goose-steeping fascists. Sixty years ago the United States may have intervened and denounced such radical mistreatment of allegedly free humans, but in 2021 we are preparing to model ourselves after our friends down under. The United States has plenty of prisons and F.E.M.A. camps, so the infrastructure certainly exists and there has been a litany of nefarious organizations and agendas that have sprouted up post WWII, after the Nazi’s (their scientists anyway) weren’t really defeated as much as they were absorbed in the United States public and private sectors. Thus broadening the preexisting eugenics agenda and creating a policy of ethically questionable scientific research, much of it lying in rocketry, chemical weapons, chemical reaction technology and medicine.

Those at the very top of the Covid-1984 pyramid know that large numbers of people are not going to reject not only their ideological preferences, but also their incorporated systems of control. That’s why those power structures have weaponized the mainstream media, our medical and educational agencies, as well as the rank and file of Washington D.C. against the people, to control the narrative and move the agenda forward without alerting the smooth brained consumers of trained propagandists like Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon and Joy Reid. Who, at this point, have been foaming at the mouth about Trump and Covid for six years now. They’re committed. The cognitive dissonance it would cause for them to turn back now is more than they can take, so they won’t. They will dig a whole, climb inside and shoot themselves in the head.

This holiday season it is more important than ever to bring up the uncomfortable subjects and lovingly try to express the severity of our global situation while you drink eggnog and unwrap your gifts that were made in China and almost certainly ordered from Amazon. It’s okay! Tell them what is happening overseas and make them understand that we can never allow that to happen here. Humanity can still recover and bring these bastards to justice, while saving our souls at the same time, but in order to do that, we must to commit to the truth, to God and to each other that we are NEVER going to accept the forced inoculation of ourselves or our children, ever.

A virus was the perfect lever to pry freedom from the hands of those who never knew how to wield it.” – Spencer Thurston